The Morning Briefing: Trump Can Be a Social Media Kingmaker if Twitter Bans Him

Twitter Needs Trump More Than Trump Needs Twitter

Happy Thursday, my Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. I have never owned a bean bag chair.

We’re going to talk about Twitter and social media today, even though I haven’t been hanging around there much lately. I went and set a reading goal on Goodreads at the beginning of the year and I hit December a full four books behind. I’ve been doing a lot of reading to catch up. Why does every modern novelist think that each book he or she writes has to be 600 pages long?

When Donald Trump first ran for president I was immediately impressed by his deft use of social media, specifically Twitter. He was using it to bypass the always biased mainstream media to get his message directly to the people. Very early on in that campaign I said that political science departments would one day be teaching classes about Trump and Twitter.


President Trump’s Twitter escapades these past four years have consistently annoyed all of the right people, and have been a never ending delight to watch. My favorite thing, of course, has been watching the Democrat flying monkeys in the mainstream media lose it because they weren’t able to be full time gatekeepers of the narrative.

His presence on Twitter has been a constant source of irritation the liberals, including all of the Twitter brass. They can’t get rid of him because he’s the president. There has been a lot of speculation about what might happen when the day came that he wasn’t.

Matt had a post yesterday that explored the subject:

For years now, the anti-Trump mob has been calling on Twitter to ban him from their platform, which he has effectively used to communicate directly with voters, bypassing traditional media. Twitter has resisted those calls for Trump’s ouster but has now confirmed that after he leaves office his account could be banned if he continues to “spread conspiracy theories,” Forbes reports.

Twitter has been aggressively flagging tweets alleging voter fraud with the disclaimer: “This claim about election fraud is disputed.”

For example, a Wednesday morning tweet–highlighting his 12 million-vote increase in 2020 over 2016 compared to Obama’s reelection in 2012, despite losing 3 million votes–was flagged because his tweet also said “Rigged Election!!!”

The libs are all acting like it will be a sick burn if Twitter bans Citizen Trump. I’m fairly certain he will get over it rather quickly.

In fact, if Twitter spurns Trump, it would put him in a position to give an almost overnight boost to some of its competition.

After Twitter and Facebook decided in October to punish anyone who told the truth about Hunter Biden, conservatives on social media began moving to other platforms rather quickly. Facebook types have been moving to MeWe and Twitter folk have been moving to Parler in droves.

Parler’s record growth has been greatly helped by Mark Levin, who has been using his considerable social media presence to exhort people to move over there:

Imagine the kind of growth spurt Parler would experience if Trump joined Levin in leading the conservative masses to the platform. I’m sure the Parler execs are probably thinking about that a lot.

Twitter would stupid to get rid of Trump, of course. He’s the greatest free advertising the platform has ever had. They’ve been in the advanced stages of Trump Derangement Syndrome over there for a long time though, and we know those afflicted with it don’t make good choices.

I’m beginning to get the feeling that the petty vindictiveness that we will be seeing from the Left for the next year or so is going to backfire on them in so many ways and provide opportunities for us on the Right.

So let the small people keep getting smaller.

We’ll always figure out a way to have fun while they do. It’s what we do over here.

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