A Global Uptick in the Muslim Slaughter of Christians

Another day has passed, and another Muslim man has murdered another Coptic Christian in Egypt.

On Sunday, June 5, 2022 — the same day Muslims attacked a packed church in Nigeria, massacring more than 50 Christians — Abdullah Hosni, a Muslim man with a long history of harassing Christians, randomly attacked a Copt, Kirollos (Cyril) Megali, with a meat cleaver in a village in Sohag, Upper Egypt.

Kirollos, who was rushed to a hospital “drenched in blood and with multiple stab wounds,” spent three days in an intensive care unit before succumbing to his injuries, including hack wounds to his skull.


According to the deceased’s brother, Abdullah was locally known for harassing Christians. He had relocated to Libya for a time but returned two days before assaulting Kirollos. The latter himself had been working abroad (in Kuwait) and was visiting family when Abdullah knocked him off his motorbike and started hacking at him [keep reading for more on this story and for pictures].

A few weeks before this latest murder of a Coptic Christian at the hands of a Muslim in Egypt, another young Copt was murdered by a Muslim man — who later said he was moved to the act due to his “loyalty to Allah” — and Fr. Arsenius Wadid was stabbed to death in broad daylight by another knife wielding Muslim man.

Meanwhile, this sort of savagery that was once reserved for Muslim majority nations has come to the West. Turning to France alone, just the other day, a Muslim man stabbed a Christian man ten times in the throat — “in the name of Allah.” The murder occurred near a Catholic school, where the slain was picking up his children, aged 3 and 7; they witnessed the butchery of their father. A few days before that, also in France, three Muslim men tortured and slit the throat of a 70-year-old French woman in her retirement home.

And how have the “powers-that-be” responded? The UN recently inaugurated a “combat Islamophobia” day, and the European Parliament, after being petitioned to discuss the global persecution of Christians soon after a young Christian girl was stoned and burned to death in Nigeria, refused, saying there’s nothing to talk about. Two weeks later, Muslims shot up another church in Nigeria, killing more than 50.