J6 Committee Primetime Hearings Backfire In The Most Hilarious Way

Democrats have repeatedly been looking for a silver bullet that would end President Trump’s political career. Yet here we are; it’s the summer of 2022, and Trump is still the most preferred Republican for the 2024 presidential nomination and beats Biden in most matchup polls.

With everything else that has failed, the Democrats thought that primetime January 6 Committee hearings would do the trick. They believed that the hearings would convince the public that Trump was criminally responsible for an “insurrection.”

But they haven’t. In fact, fewer voters now believe him responsible than they did before the primetime hearings.


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In June, Monmouth University Polling Institute found that 42% of voters believed Trump was “directly responsible” for the Capitol riot. Monmouth’s most recent poll, however, found that only 38% of voters believe it now — a drop of four points.

“The sensational revelations during the hearings do not seem to have moved the public opinion needle on Trump’s culpability for either the riot or his spurious election fraud claims,” Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray said.

The changes in polling have been nominal, but nevertheless, they’ve moved in a direction Democrats can’t possibly be happy about.

And that’s just hilarious.