Trump’s Top Guys Launch New ‘MAGA’ Super PAC–Dem Candidates Should Panic

Ahead of the Nov. 8 midterms, former President Donald Trump is expected by many to make it rain campaign money for a long list of GOP candidates across the country, especially those in swing states and otherwise vulnerable districts. Trump has quite the war chest, and all signals indicate that he’s ready to crack it open.

Friday, the AP reported that a group of Trump’s allies just formed a new super PAC that will replace the former president’s old political action committee. The new PAC is expected to serve as the primary vehicle for midterm spending on GOP candidates, and as the AP noted, it will likely play a role in the 2024 general election, should he choose to run.

The best part? The new PAC’s name. According to paperwork filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Friday, it will be called “Make America Great Again, Inc.,” or “MAGA Inc.” for short.


Trump spokesman Taylor Budowich, MAGA Inc.’s executive director, released a quick statement on the formation of the new PAC and its purpose. “President Trump is committed to saving America, and Make America Great Again, Inc. will ensure that is achieved at the ballot box in November and beyond.”

Fox News explained why the new PAC will be ideal for helping midterm candidates:

Save America can transfer its fundraising dollars over to MAGA Inc., which would then distribute the funds out onto the campaign trail. Unlike Save America, which by federal law is restricted on how much it can spend on political pursuits, the new super PAC has fewer limitations.

MAGA Inc. will essentially merge with the existing pro-Trump super PAC – MAGA Again! – which will likely transfer its remaining funds into the new committee.

MAGA Inc. will be run by a select group of some of Trump’s closest, top allies. In addition to Budowich heading the group, MAGA Inc. will have Chris LaCivita as its chief strategist. LaCivita ran one of the most impactful pro-Trump Super PACs during the 2020 campaign cycle.

Additionally, polling for MAGA Inc. will be headed by Tony Fabrizio, one of the former president’s top pollsters.

Fox added:

Veteran GOP and Trump fundraiser Meredith O’Rourke will lead the new committee’s finance team and Trump campaign veteran Steven Cheung will help steer communications.

MAGA Inc. might also have another purpose in mind as far as fundraising is concerned. Some have said that if the Trump-endorsed candidates who are currently trailing Democratic opponents in key races right now end up losing in November, Trump will likely be blamed by some sectors of the Republican Party, especially if the losses result in not capturing a Senate majority. MAGA Inc. appears to be the solution, as it will allow those candidates to receive better funding that could boost them across the finish line.

It was also noted that MAGA Inc. could be Trump’s 2024 piggy bank, as the relaxed rules mean that after the midterms are over, the group would be free to spend essentially however much it wants in the run-up to 2024.

News of the new political action committee comes in the wake of the former president posting a flurry of strong hints about his 2024 plans on Truth Social this week. Trump posted several screenshots of polling numbers that show him winning in key swing states, like North Carolina. He also posted a story that explained why he would “carry” Missouri in 2024, among other hints. The posts are in addition to numerous occasions over the past year when Trump has strongly hinted that he’ll once again seek the White House.

Earlier this month, PJ Media’s Kevin McDowney pointed to a recent MAGA rally during which Trump dropped numerous hints:

Trump began his wrap-up by saying he is being persecuted because the commies want to keep him from running again (hint, hint). He then continued by claiming that “we” (hint, hint) would right the wrongs the Democrats have foisted upon us.

Trump’s powerful rally ended with the song he always closes with, “Hold on, I’m Coming” (hint, hint) by Sam and Dave. If you don’t think Trump is running in 2024 I’d like to sell you my invisible leprechaun “Patty” who will paint your house for free.

The first focus, of course, is Nov. 8. Many in the business believe that Trump will officially announce his plans after the dust from the results of the midterms settles. Stay tuned because the day Trump announces his intentions for 2024, the left will lose their collective, small minds like never before; you can bet on that.