Commie AOC: Abortion Is Part of ‘Class Struggle,’ Pro-Lifers Help Big Corporations Maintain Large Workforce

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Workers of the World Unite) on Thursday tweeted a video of herself explaining why abortion is a “class issue and class struggle,” thereby demonstrating an even more open Marxism than this avowed socialist has shown up to now. In the process, AOC demonstrated the catastrophic illogic and counterfactual nature of Marxist thinking, and showed why, underneath her ditzy exterior, she is truly dangerous for the prospects of the United States remaining a free society.

Along with the video, AOC tweeted: “Abortion rights are a class struggle too. When the powerful force people to give birth against their will, they trap millions into cycles of economic setback and desperation. Especially in a country without guaranteed healthcare. And desperate workers are far easier to exploit.” In the video herself, she expanded on this, saying:

Y’know, I think it’s important to state that, um, that abortion is an economic issue. Forcing poor and working class people, uh, to give birth, um, against their will, against their consent, um, against their ability to provide for themselves or a child is a profound economic issue, and it’s certainly a way to keep, um, a workforce, uh, basically conscripted, uh, to large-scale employers and to employers to be p-, you know, to work more against their will, to take second and third jobs against their desire and their own autonomy, and so the idea that, um, abortion and access to abortion is somehow not a profound and central economic and class issue and class struggle, um, is certainly something that I think a person who has never had to contend, uh, with the ability to carry a child, um, you know, it belies that perspective.


A few observations on this masterpiece of Marxist mind manipulation:

Why are the books on AOC’s shelf turned around so that the pages, rather than the spines, face outward? Are there books that she is reading, or possesses anyway, that she doesn’t want the world to see? Why are her photos placed face down? Who or what is in them? Why not just move the books and photos off the shelves behind her (which are largely empty anyway, echoing her vision of the ideal supermarket) before starting the video?

There is a word for a large number of people who have “never had to contend with the ability to carry a child,” and never will. What is that word? Why does AOC avoid using it?

Is AOC really unaware that the big corporations today aren’t actually pro-life at all? If her Marxist analysis of the abortion issue were correct, then corporations would be encouraging motherhood and family. Instead, they’re encouraging the LGBTQ agenda, transgender madness, and even funding abortions for their employees. That’s an extremely strange way to behave if they want women to have children so that they can have more human beings for their workforce, more victims to sacrifice to their pitiless capitalistic quest to build their wealth on the backs of the workers.

As one might expect from a Marxist, AOC’s analysis has a chilling subtext: her argument is essentially that the world would be much better off if there were far fewer people in it. It’s only greedy capitalists who want there to be more human beings, so that they can keep their rapacious capitalist machine going. In a society that is fully cognizant of the “class struggle,” by contrast, excess human beings are brutally murdered in the womb so that others are not “forced” to work more than they wish to.

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This is the same kind of thinking that has led in Communist regimes to the establishment of the gulags, Stalin’s forced famine in Ukraine, and similar atrocities. The gulags were established by those who believed that the human beings who were inconvenient because of their dissident political views could and should be worked to death and murdered on a large scale for the betterment of society. Stalin’s Ukraine famine was based on the assumption that those whom the state had designated as its enemies had forfeited the right to live, and could lawfully be killed by any means possible. Now AOC is saying that unborn children must likewise be sacrificed to the cause of establishing the Workers’ Paradise.

AOC is young and appealing to young Leftists of her ilk, and thus continues to be a rising star among the Democrats. But her vision of the ideal society as she has inadvertently revealed it here is monstrous. The human race has been down that road. It leads to bloodshed, poverty, and the destruction of human dignity and the human spirit. We must not allow this putatively charming young woman to take us down that road again.