Cayler Ellingson Updates, Including New Charges for His Killer

Days after the funeral for Cayler Ellingson, the 18-year-old who was run down by a drunk maniac after a “political argument,” alleged killer Shannon Brandt has been charged with murder and “duty in an accident involving death.” The initial charge of criminal vehicular homicide has been tossed.

Ellingson’s autopsy proved he had been run over but was not struck by the SUV that Brandt was driving.

Brandt initially told Police he attacked Ellingson with his car after a political argument. He also accused Brandt of being in a “Republican extremist group.”


FACT-O-RAMA! Being in an “extremist group,” such as Antifa, does not mean someone is allowed to kill you. That said, the police found no evidence that Ellingson was involved in an “extremist” group of any sort. Notably, Ellingson’s murder came just a few weeks after *President Joe Biden’s creepy, Stalin-esque dog-whistle speech where he referred to MAGA Republicans as “dangerous” as well as”semi-fascists.”

The case against Brandt is compelling because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut when he called 911 and even suggested he may have hit Ellingson on purpose.

Court documents reveal that when the 911 operator asked, “he wouldn’t let your vehicle go then what happened?” Brandt responded with, “Yes I, I just tried to take off and, he, he wasn’t going to let me go. I, I hit him, I didn’t mean to, and, and he’s subdued. I was scared to death, but he’s subdued. He can’t do anything to me now so, so this is why I’m calling you.”

“I mean I, I almost, oh God, I almost just run away [sic] but I thought, jeez, obviously if it was a total accident I wouldn’t be scared, but I know it was more than that,” Brandt said to the 911 operator.

“I just wanna ask you a question, am I going to prison?” Brandt, who police later determined was drinking, also allegedly asked the 911 operator.

Brandt surrendered himself at the Stutsman County, N.D., Correction Center. If found guilty, he could face life in prison.