Watch Me Yell at Republicans Who Won’t Stand Up for Their Voters

I know many of you want to scream at Republicans who seem uninterested in doing their jobs. I got the rare opportunity to do it for you on television this week. OANN called and had me on Tipping Point with Kara McKinney to discuss the ongoing madness in the state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Republicans just funded OU Children’s Hospital with 46.9 million federal tax dollars despite the existence of the hospital’s gender clinic for children. When the public got wind of it, Republicans hurriedly put together some weak language in the bill that claims to restrict the practice of gender transition on children under 18. Adults 18 and older can still get that elective treatment in a facility that is supported by tax dollars. OU issued a statement saying it would cease “certain gender medicine services” but, when questioned, would not specify which services it meant or when it would stop.

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A few Republican lawmakers have promised to write a statewide ban on the practice of sterilizing and medically altering children. Whether it can pass or not is not yet known. What is known is that Republican leadership blocked similar bills from being heard three times in the last few years.


The interview I gave on OANN, despite a few wifi glitches, was cathartic for me. I have a lot of pent-up rage about this issue because I have children in the targeted age group that the trans groomers want to coax into their cult. It is everywhere. I have had to have countless meetings, send letters to my children’s school, retain a lawyer, and be on constant alert for true blue ideologues who will not take “No!” for an answer. But this is New York. I know full well that I have to be ready to fight in the hellscape that is this Democrat stronghold.

But Oklahoma?

Look at the makeup of the Oklahoma government and tell me you would expect this baloney there.

I hope that the people of Oklahoma will keep the pressure on their legislators to come up with real legislation that institutes a state-wide ban on transitioning children that will survive the inevitable lawsuits brought by the ACLU. Oklahoma will be a testing ground for this issue. What happens there will trickle down to the rest of the red states that have slimmer majorities. An Arkansas ban just was struck down by the 8th circuit. The battle is not going to be easy.

Enjoy the interview. And p.s., after this broadcast, the Oklahoma spending measure passed. Concerned Republicans did not get the emergency session they asked for (shocker) and a statewide ban is still not in place, meaning that children are still being chemically castrated and operated on for gender assignment surgeries in the reddest state in the nation.