Christopher Wray: The Mystical Mouthpiece for the Deep State

Poor Christopher Wray. He may have been a star at Phillips Exeter Academy. He may have graduated cum laude from Yale University. He may have been pulling in $9 million a year at King & Spalding, defending people like Gov. Chris Christie in Bridgegate. But now that he is head of the FBI, he has Joe Biden disease.

It seems he can’t remember the answer to the simplest of questions at congressional hearings. Have a question for the smartest man in law enforcement? Whether it is complicated or simple, he’ll get back to you. Once the cameras are off, and the information the public has a right to know is as stale as a hobo’s breath, then he’ll let you in on the secret — maybe.

Msgr. Ronald Knox once wrote a book titled Enthusiasm. It is a long study of various religious movements that have periodically burst onto the scene in the last 2,000 years. A frequent common denominator is the backing of very wealthy people. Throw in charismatic and even mystical leaders and enthused followers, and the movement is off to the races, often with very unhappy consequences.


Facts are irrelevant to many of these leaders. They have the Inner Light. They and the Perfect who follow them are the vanguards leading the way out of the dead letter of the past. Breaking the 10 Commandments is often no obstacle since being among the Perfect means what they do is, by definition, perfect.

The Deep State in Washington has all the signs of being a secular version of these religious enthusiasms. And Christopher Wray has the makings of one of its mystical acolytes. Consider his testimony before Republican Sen. Rand Paul, KY. Sen. Paul asked these questions.

1. “Is Facebook or any other social media company supplying privatemessages or data on American users that is not compelled by thegovernment or the FBI? No warrant, no subpoena,they’re just supplying you information on their users?”

2. “Is the FBI obtaining anonymous social media data and then usingtechnical methods to pierce the anonymous nature of the data?”

3. “Are you getting tips and leads from social mediacompanies?”

Feel free to mix and match his responses, all of which don’t answer any of the questions. Included is a possible guess at a translation.

“I don’t believe so, but I can’t sit here and be sure of that as I sit here.” Sitting in my office, I may know the answer, but sitting in Congress, I don’t?

“I think it’s a more complicated answer than I can give here.” It is hard for me to explain things without making a gaffe? In Washington, a gaffe is often defined as inadvertently telling the truth.

“We get tips and leads from companies, absolutely.” Yes, I absolutely did not answer the actual question about social media companies and whether the FBI was using them to spy on Americans and their personal communications?

Director Wray claimed no factual knowledge about whether the FBI is or is not doing the illegal things he was being questioned about. But like a true Deep State Mystic, he followed his non-answer with gratuitous assertions of mystical fact: “Well, I can tell you that I’m quite confident that we’re following the law,” and, “We are obeying the law.”

If you are asking how he can assert no laws are being broken right after asserting he doesn’t know if the illegal activities are taking place, you miss the point. When your life revolves around the Inner Light, facts are irrelevant. Like a detective in an old B movie, you operate on the hunch, and the one fact you know is that good guys always do good. The script says so.

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No matter what they say and do, the Perfect will always act perfectly. They are not those smelly people at Walmart. The FBI manual says no agent shall break the law and thus spake the Deep State.

That explains why no matter how many investigations into Donald Trump came up with no facts related to the charges, the acolytes of the Deep State ignored the findings. The Inner Light guides them, and that is the unshakeable point of their enthusiasm. The only fact that matters. And whether they are filling out warrants, testifying in court, or answering oversight committee questions in Congress, Director Wray assures us all is right with the FBI. Why? Well, the answer “is probably longer than I can explain here.” But rest assured, the Inner Light always speaks the truth.