The Morning Briefing: It Was Fun Being Thankful, Now Let’s Try and Save America

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Happy Friday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Angela feels that Crochet Club mocks her behind her back whenever she hate-yodels “Malague?a.”

I hope those of you who wanted to had a great day yesterday. We live in a world where it’s all too obvious that not everyone wants to have a good day so I’m not throwing around blanket niceties anymore.

As if in direct response to yesterday’s Briefing, I saw a flood of social media posts and leftmedia stories about why Thanksgiving and America are awful Leftists truly are miserable people and I spent the day being thankful that I will never join their constipated victim kvetching.


We are heading into the end of the year holiday season deeply divided as a country and rather adrift after the midterm elections managed to leave only confusion in charge.

Even after winning the House majority, Republicans are not inspiring a lot of confidence with their internecine squabbles. Yes, I’ve called for some leadership changes, but I’d prefer they would feature more decisiveness and less flailing.

But I’ve met the GOP.

I truly feel that the Republican Party has maybe two more election cycles to get its you-know-what together before it’s sent wandering in the Permanent Minority political desert. That wandering probably won’t last too long, because America as we know it will soon cease to exist.

We the great non-politician patriots of this land need to be as loud as we can while letting elected officials know that we’re not in the mood to see them flush freedom down the toilet. Scream until you’re hoarse, pop a lozenge and some aspirin, then start screaming again.

It seems like a simple plan, but those are often the best.

You guys are the best too. This will work.

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The Mailbag of Magnificence

I am also thankful that the Mailbag now provides content when it’s holiday quiet time. We will begin this post-holiday Mailbag with this from Momster Mom:

Dear Kruiser,

Rather than Mainstream Media, Legacy Media, or even Lamestream Media…I prefer Fakestream Media. It’s more descriptive.

Yes, that is very descriptive. However, as I have explained before, I can’t use everyone’s preferred derogatory nickname for the media because it seems that you’ve all got a different one. I use “mainstream media” because I have been writing about this for two decades now and that’s been my go-to for most of that time. It’s convenient for me and it still applies.

This is from Dale:

I was seriously disturbed yesterday by something i had never noticed before. On *A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving * Snoopy and Woodstock share a roast turkey dinner. Pure cannibalism for one of them.

I always felt that Woodstock kept an icepick hidden somewhere. Never turn your back on him.

Thomas, Thomas, Thomas:

Ok, I’m writing you again. This time about Trump. So since he announced. He’s about to be the most harassed, sued,investigated & libeled person in this country. Even PJ media already did a hit piece on him.

We’re not doing this buddy. A writer who supports Trump but occasionally criticizes him isn’t doing a “hit piece.” Articles that lie about him like those in The New York Times and WaPo are hit pieces. Trump is not perfect and it’s ridiculous to pretend that he is. As I wrote in this column, conservatives don’t worship politicians.

Thank you, Thomas, for providing a perfect lead-in to this email from Randall:


As always, I enjoyed your column from November 21. And it is this line that stuck out to me: “An emerging trend over here on the right — especially since the election — is the prevailing notion among some of Donald’s Trump’s most ardent admirers that he not be criticized at all.” But it’s not just this, there is also the trend of denigrating and castigating other R politicians that don’t tow the line with Trump 100% of the time. I find this trend to be ultimately self-defeating.

Let’s face it, an R in Alabama is a hell of a lot different from an R in Maryland or Massachusetts (as well as other north-and-eastern States not beginning with M). Yet the one thing in common is that they are NOT D’s. And having more not-D’s should be the goal. The attitude of “that supposedly R-person is a squish and ideological purity demands I aid in their defeat” needs to be tempered. I believe that we need to capture the spirit of Reagan’s 11th Commandment, as well as the Buckley Rule or there will be enough of a fractured vote to allow the D’s to eke out victory after victory.

We’ve seen what happens when the D’s have full power, at the city, State, and national levels of government. It’s never pretty. Use the Buckley Rule….then follow the 11th Commandment. I will take an R that votes my way 85% of the time over any D that will never vote my way. That seems like it should be intuitively obvious.

Anyway, I know this is long, but I want to close by expressing my thanks to you for fighting the good fight. As I submitted earlier, I still think the opening should be called the “Morning Nightcap”, but I shall endeavor to persevere should you ultimately choose otherwise.

Yep. I’m definitely in more of an “all hands on deck mode” than I’ve ever been, as long as the conservatives are calling the shots and doing it with some spine that Trump inspired in them. These are strange, stressful times indeed, and we know that the Dems will only get worse. And thanks for your kind words.

Jan has this question for me:

Are you serious about Hillary being an alcoholic?

Am I serious about anything? OK, I am about that my hometown has the best Mexican food that’s not in Mexico.

Also, can anyone prove that she’s not?

From Arnold in Thailand:

Mr. KruiserI have been a fan of yours since the PJ Media days. I read your Morning Briefing every day and you are one of the main reasons I became a VIP member. Today, if I had been drinking coffee when I read your first paragraph I would have sprayed the table. Good one! Should you find yourself in Thailand, drop me a note, and I will take you to a bar and restaurant I know where the food is excellent, and the beer is cheap and plentiful.

Every time I get a note telling me that someone enjoys the second line (we’ll get an official name soon, I promise) it inspires me to stay as close to the top of my game as possible when writing them. Sometimes I’m just blank, but readers like you help pull me across the finish line. I will definitely hit you up if I’m in Thailand. Please tell me you have a good attorney you can refer me to.

We will finish with this very kind Thanksgiving Day note from Eric:

Hi Sir – While we’re in the exercise of gratitude, I have to say how thankful I am for the work of you and your colleagues, who approach the work with the healthy sense of play that always characterizes the greats. Yes, I am saying you are the Mozart of online columnists.

Today I hoist a fine IPA and wish you a long happy run.

Thank you very much for that, Eric. It means a lot because my colleagues and I do have a lot of fun. Our backchannel communications are goofy, dark, and darkly goofy. I’m glad that’s coming through in the work. I’m grateful that I get to work with people who can write about politics all day and not have to mainline Prilosec.

Or heroin.

I’m hoisting an IPA right back atcha, Eric.

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