Black or Not? Yet Another Liberal Race Hoaxer Exposed

The sheer number of white liberals who are willing to partake in these types of

It’s All Politics! Nashville Mayor’s Hiding Real COVID Numbers To Help Biden

We are not lawyers by any stretch of the imagination but this looks like a

OMG, Must See! Biden Awkwardly Plays “Despacito” To Ponder To Latinos

The Latino polling numbers must really be worrisome to the Democrats. On Tuesday, Joe Biden

Cuomo’s Powergrab! Carve up State and Take Full Control

While California is looking to create a number of new states, New York has a

Left’s Foaming at Their Mouths Over Prospects of Eliminating Filibuster If Biden Wins

When we first saw this story, our first instinct was a simple one. Biden is

Dems’ New Normal! Deputies Brutally Shot in La and Bystanders Cheer On

A truly horrific scene unfolded in the city of Los Angeles over the weekend. Two

Racehoaxer Smollet Takes a Page Out of Pelosi’s Playbook: “I Was Setup…”

Marc Lamont Hill decided to have a sit down interview with Jussie Smollett. This was

Democrats Are Secretly Preparing To Launch Mass Violence in Case Biden Loses

A recent meeting between far left groups and communist organizations on Zoom provided much cause

The Left Escalates War Against Republicans! Wants To Force Loeffler To Sell WNBA Team

When Senator Kelly Loeffler took over the seat that had been vacated by Johnny Isakson

Record Number of Americans Arm Themselves Ahead of Elections

Liberal columnists have taken notice of the fact that the Democrats are no longer as

Harris Says COVID-19 Vaccine Can’t Be Trusted, While Blaming Trump for Undermining Trust in Vaccine

The stories that are coming out of the Democratic camp right now are too insane

Ghislaine Maxwells Book of Sex Secrets May Soon Be on Full Display Display

Ghislaine Maxwell, the right-hand person to Jeffrey Epstein, is full of secrets we are all

Pelosi Denies Everything and Endorses Death Threats

Nancy Pelosi is setting another standard for herself as she pushes mask-wearing laws on people

The Revolution’s Eating Their Own! BLM Mob Visits DC Mayor’s Home

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently had some unexpected visitors at her home. The resistance

Dems’ Hypocrisy! Cuomo Exposed on Leaked Audio Recording With Cohen

Tucker Carlson has been a beacon of light to us for many years. He always

Rules for Thee but Not for Me! Philly Mayor Enjoys Indoor Dining in Maryland After Banning Indoor Dining in Philly

Mayor Jim Kenney maintains control over the city of Brotherly Love. He’s a Democrat mayor

Now They See It! Portland “Protesters” Burn Down Mayor’s Condo Building

The calls for Mayor Wheeler to resign have been raining down in Portland for some

Biden Flip-Flops Faster Than His Polls Are Falling

The New Yorker did a piece on Joe Biden, wondering if he would be able

Islamic Radical Joins Ranks With Biden Voters in NYC Riots, Stabs Police Officer

Dzenan Camovic is a Muslim extremist radical who recently engaged in a terrible attack. The

Will We Finally Learn the Truth? DOJ Asks States To Disclose Nursing Home Deaths

The Department of Justice has issued a press release that is attracting a sizable amount

Everyday Americans Tell Their Story How Trump’s Policies Have Changed Their Lives

Day 2 of the Republican National Convention was filled with the type of poignant speeches

Watch the GOP’s View of America in Contrast To Biden’s Dystopia

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Watch Charlotte BLM Protesters Chant “F… Your Jesus” and Assault Street Preacher

Black Lives Matter rioters in Charlotte are taking their demonstrations to a whole new level.

The Dems’ New Normal: Wisconsin Armed Rioters Threaten Police and Residents With Rifles

The Democrats have created an environment where armed rioters are more comfortable than ever before.

Texas Gov. To Freeze Property Taxes in Cities Who Defund the Police

As you well know, there is a scary trend making its way across the nation.

Caught Red Handed! DNC Fakes Harris Crowd by Doubling Participants’ Images

The Democratic National Convention has gone digital. The party’s most important and influential members are

Dems’ New Normal: Police Retiring in Droves in San Francisco and Chicago

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That’s Trump for You: Watch Trump Surprise Victim of Mob Violence (Video)

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The Next Dem Hoax: What’s the Real Story About “Disappearing” Mailboxes

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Oh the Irony! Hillary Claims Trump Won’t Accept Election Results If He Loses

Hillary Clinton has yet to shut up since losing the 2016 election. That’s not a