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Fauci Fights Disinformation…with Disinformation

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Facebook Doesn’t Want Anyone Getting Ideas, Removes Post About Impeaching Biden

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Bank Targeting Conservatives Shutting Down Accounts

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Manchin Warns Fellow Democrats He Won’t Stand for Dems Idiotic Spending Push (Until He Gets More for Himself)

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who has somehow managed to become the single most powerful man

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Resignation Call: Austin Needs to Step Down

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How Many Jihadist Extremists Did We Just Let into the Country?

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Student Athletes in High School Are Forced To Wear Ankle Monitors To Track Covid

Has it really come to this? There is a public high school in Washington state

Biden Makes Sure that the EPA is in Bed with China

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Lawmaker’s Compelling Call for Biden to Resign Poses Serious Threat to Democrats

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Biden Admin Still Knows How to Deploy…to Haiti, That Is

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U.S. Decides to Collaborate with Canada to Detect Threats Faster and More Effectively

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Biden’s Not the Only One Who’s Been Hiding from the Public

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Biden Tucks Tail and Runs During Interview

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Homebuilder Confidence is Low…and That’s Bad News for Americans

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Eyes on Haiti: Will U.S. Offer Support, Invite More Migration, or Ignore it All?

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Root Cause Found! Migrants Speak About Biden Motivating Them to Migrate

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Abort! Abort! U.S. Troops Deploy to Afghanistan to Pull Others from Embassy

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School Board Bans CRT Because It Is Finally Seen as Trash

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Shocker…There’s a Black Market for Vaccine Passports

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Doctors Demand That Immigrants Be Tested for COVID Before Being Released Into the Country

The Delta variant is causing a lot of people to fear going outdoors again. The