Lone Republican Voting Against ACB Takes Shot at Republicans While Making Weak Excuse for Her Betrayal

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Democrats in New York Fight for Power as COVID-19 Fuels the Feud

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Barron Trump to Prove Once Again That COVID-19 is Beatable

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WHO, Late as Always, Admits Lockdowns Should be a Last Resort

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Biden’s America: Police Chief Fired Over His Wife’s Pro-Trump Comments

This story took place a few days ago but it is finally making its way

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Whitmer Defies the Supreme Court and Continues Her Draconian Reign

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Cuomo Goes Off the Deep End and Blames Everyone Else for His Troubles

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Pelosi Loses Control of Schumer as He Forces His Will

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Florida Wisely Decides to Fully Reopen for Business

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Report! Biden/Obama Allowed Private Companies to Illegally Spy on Americans

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Masks for Thee but Not for Me! Feinstein Caught Violating Her Own Mandate

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BLM Leader Takes Donations From Group and Spends It on Himself

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Childish! Dem Senators Refuse to Meet Amy Coney Barrett

Senator Mazie Hirono and Senator Richard Blumenthal have already drawn their lines in the sand.

Republican Previously Bullied by Feinstein ‘Won’t Rule Out’ Confirming RBG Replacement

Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski surprised her fellow Senators when she announced on Tuesday that

Gun Sales Skyrocket as Election Draws Near

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Blacks of Michigan are Being Ignored by Biden

With all that’s going on in this crazy country, presidential candidates need to be careful.

Mask Fanatics are Praised but Protesters Against Them Are Hated

The issue of the mask will undoubtedly be the apex of the year 2020. So