Biden Threatens Nuns Over Supreme Court Win

Joe Biden may have made his bones in the political world as a moderate but

Dems Desperate to Keep Biden Hidden, Want to Cancel Debates

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Progressives Issue Warning to Biden to Follow Their Orders or Else

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Dems Are Sanitizing Kamala Harris’ Wikipedia Page Ahead of Potential VP Nomination

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Disney Bows to BLM Fascists and Partners With Kaepernick to Denounce US as Racist Country

This is the most 2020 headline of the year and we are not even joking.

Dems Ignore BLM Murderers but Launch Statewide Manhunt to Find Couple Painting Over BLM Mural

A Martinez, California couple finds themselves in hot water over a recent decision that they

Why Is Race Inequality Rampant in Democrat Run States and Cities?

The Washington Post is asking the titular question and quite frankly, we are here for

Must See: Seattle Residents Finally Speak up After Chop Terrorists Finally Removed

The Seattle police have finally been given the authorization to end the charade that is

Yet Another BLM Activist Shoots Driver in Provo, Utah

Provo, Utah was the site of two dueling rallies last night. While one rally was

Must Watch: St. Louis Hero Homeowner Takes Down Cuomo on CNN

St. Louis homeowner and attorney Mark McCloskey made headlines over the weekend when he was

Democrats Call Mount Rushmore 4th of July Celebration “Rally Glorifying White Supremacy”

The Democrats are currently in the process of defying President Trump once again. If he

White Liberal Hypocrites Freaking Out After BLM Targets Rich Neighborhoods

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Senator Scott Expresses His Frustration Over Dem’s Obstruction of Police Reform

Republican Senator Tim Scott has had enough of the Democrats and he’s not going to

DeBlasio Wants to Mount Massive Police Operation – to Hunt Illegal Fireworks Not Brutal Rioters

Mayor De Blasio is a well known flip flopper but this one takes the cake.

Democrats Have Accepted Biden’s Failing Mental Acuity

Joe Biden may have risen to the top of the Democratic heap because of his

DC Police Destroys Protesters’ Hope of Setting up Another Zone of Lawlessness in Washington DC

Militant leftists are now panicking in Washington, D.C. Unlike so many other cities that are

Susan Rice Calls GOP Senators “Trash Heap of History” Copy

Susan Rice is all over the news these days and we can’t understand why. She’s

(POLL) Biden’s Mental Decline? Most Voters Believe He Is in Early Stages of Dementia

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the issues that are taking place with

Klobuchar Tries to Be the Hero by Bowing Out

As racial and political division continue to try to break our nation, it’s become increasingly

The End of Prosperity! the Left’s War on Police

The Senate GOP is in the process of deciding on their own bill that will

The Left’s War on the 1st Amendment Is Heating Up

We have always known that the left would tear up the 1st Amendment if they

Violent Mob Attacks Teenager, Brutally Kick Him After He Goes to the Ground (Video)

There are some stories that make us wonder about the pure evil that lurks in

“Peaceful Protesters” Murder Chicago Man, Shoot Several Others and Nobody Cares

It’s amazing to watch all of the things that the mainstream media is willing to

Dem’s Utopia: Anarchists Seize Control of Seattle and Terrorize Local Residents and Extort Businesses

While we would like to consider ourselves reasonable, level headed people, stories like this one

NY Wants You to Stop Having Sex in Person, Murdering Police Is Ok Though

We’re not going to lie to you here. We don’t exactly have a take on

Democrat House Candidate Calls for Cities to Be Burnt Down

The Democrats have always loved siding with scofflaws and the riots have been no different.

After City Refuses to Protect Them Manufacturers Are Leaving Minneapolis

Kris Wyrobek has spent 33 years in Minneapolis with his manufacturing business. Like so many

Leftwing Chicago Mayor Begging Large Companies Not to Flee the City

Now that the riots have made big city existences untenable, more and more companies are

Ted Cruz Warns Snapchat Is Actively Censoring Trump

Social media companies are looking to make an imprint on the upcoming election. This is