Wondering What Happened to the Red Wave? Look Toward the Census

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Despite widespread predictions for a red wave in the 2022 midterm elections, it just didn’t materialize this year. From poor ballot counting to a horrific representation of the candidates on the campaign trails, not much went according to the plans that were laid out. Then again, this is politics; expect the unexpected is the mantra. […]

Twitter 2.0: Find Out What Elon’s Been Up To

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Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has been met with a significant amount of press. How dare he just take over the social media platform? Many felt as though there was nothing wrong with the platform and, therefore, no changes needed to be made. Musk, however, felt differently. And he’s boasted that he’s making Twitter fair […]

Biden’s Plans for Congress To Block Potential Rail Strike Causes Uprising

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Railroad unions are set to strike over their horrific contracts and working conditions. With split votes on a new agreement, President Biden has been stepping in to try and help negotiations. With his latest threat to involve Congress, the unions have had enough of real progress and not allowing them to address the quality-of-life concerns […]

It’s Now Clear, CDC Withheld Significant Information About Vaccinations

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Well, what many of us thought was true has now been verified. It’s no shocker that a report has been made that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) withheld information about a potentially fatal complication from COVID-19 vaccinations. They finally fessed up after being given a court order to release the data. This is the […]

The Fauci Deposition Fact the Media Seems to Have Missed (or Blatantly Ignored)

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If you haven’t heard, last week held a several hours-long deposition in which NAIAD director Dr. Anthony Fauci was grilled by Republicans seeking answers about why, how, and who was involved in the possible censoring of opinions about COVID-19 by big tech companies believed to be in collaboration with Fauci and other government officials. I […]

Biden Wants Oil From Venezuela Instead of Creating American Jobs

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President Joe Biden seems to take great joy in making decisions that the American people not only have a tough time swallowing but that impact our bottom lines as well. While most presidents would be making decisions that benefit the most people with a few items solely going the way of their special interest groups, […]

Greta Thunberg Sues Government for “Insufficient Climate Policies”

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If Greta Thunberg, the world’s most unsatisfied child, is good at one thing, it’s drumming up massive attention. Since the early days of her so-called activism, she’s put herself front and center of the “climate change crisis” and made herself its spokes-child. But clearly, getting a camera thrust in her face and being found at […]

Elections Are Over So Biden HHS Pushes Mask Mandates Again

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The 2022 midterm elections are over, and the Biden regime’s power has been reduced a tiny amount by Democrats losing the House. So, it’s back to business as usual in the Swamp. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released new COVID guidance, not coincidentally. HHS is recommending that cities, states, and businesses […]

Critical Race Theory: Is It in Our Schools or Not?

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Critical Race Theory commonly referred to as CRT, has been a hot topic for a while now. It was seen throughout the midterms as well as in many of the school board races. Many claim that CRT is not being taught in schools. However, there are also plenty of schools that insist that it is. […]

Just Flush…The Disturbing Reality of Abortion Pills

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“Don’t look in the toilet, just flush.” This is what many women are told by Planned Parenthood when given abortion pills. They are told when and how many pills to take. And when it’s time to pass the fetus, they are instructed not to look inside the toilet. Just flush. Why? There is a lot […]