Top Biden Economic Adviser Can’t Say “Recession”

If it walks like a duck…you know the rest. But President Biden’s chief economic adviser is not willing to call it a duck. Brian Deese, the National Economic Council Director on the Biden Team, refused to say whether he believes that the United States is headed into a recession. He did say that the American […]

Elephants are People…If You’re a Liberal from New York

The liberals never know when to stop. First, they insisted that people could be any gender they want to be. And now, they’re demanding that an elephant at the Bronx Zoo in New York be recognized as a “person.” Has it gone too far? Oh, you betcha. But it’s worth looking at this case if […]

Immigrants Find That They Must Be Accurate on Paperwork or There Is No Hope for Their Future

The matter of immigration is a hot topic now that Joe Biden has opened the southern border to invasion. The entire immigration system is set up to legally help migrants join the American population. But there is a bunch of paperwork that must be filled out correctly for the person to be able to stay. […]

White House Caught Lying So Much About Vaccines Even CNN Said “Delete This”

As the COVID pandemic continues to impact the lives of Americans through a second presidential term, we have been able to witness incredibly contrasting viewpoints on what to do, and what the American people should be trying out. When former President Trump left office, he left President Biden a rather simple, but effective, plan, and […]

Only in Biden’s America Do Gas Prices Get Higher

Joe Biden made a lot of promises to the American people. He made these promises before he got into office. Then, he followed it up by making even more promises as inflation started to get out of hand – particularly as it results in what everyone’s paying at the gas pumps. Biden said that he […]

The Greed of Liberal Teachers Is on Display in Massachusetts

Teachers have never gone into teaching for their love of money. Instead, they do it because they are passionate about educating future generations. The national average for a public school teacher is $60,477 – and some teachers are being paid much less. Here’s the thing, though. Teachers know what they’ll be paid before they ever […]

Biden’s Plan for Dealing with Inflation is All Wrong…

Inflation is stifling, and it doesn’t seem to be improving. If the Democrats want to even have a hope of getting anywhere in the midterm elections, Biden has to step up. Oh, Biden had a plan alright – and it was met with almost instant ridicule. It turns out, that Biden’s plan gets it all […]

Javelin Missiles: Why the Russians Hate to See This Weapon in Play

With the conflict happening between Ukraine and Russia over the past few months, you’ve likely heard about Javelin missiles on more than one occasion. So, it’s time to answer a few questions. What are they and why do the Russians fear this weapon? Javelin missiles are lightweight enough to be transported by individual members of […]

As Inflation Soars and Fear Over COVID Drops, Casino Profits Are Skyrocketing

When Americans are having problems making ends meet, they are stuck making some very difficult decisions. While many choose to watch their spending, cut out little extras, and even buy off-brand products, many choose to use some of that money to make more money by gambling. The problem is this money rarely pays out, and […]

Hunter Biden Takes Advice and Financial Loans From Esteemed South Park Lawyer

As the days go by, the scandals surrounding Hunter Biden only get worse as more information becomes public, and more that was already public is finally accepted by mainstream media. In response to this, Hunter has been looking for the best steps to not only protect himself but to ensure daddy isn’t under the microscope […]