The Dems New Normal: Abolish Due Process for Anyone Who Disagrees With Dems

Governor Ned Lamont has been issuing all sorts of executive orders during the pandemic and these orders are designed to regulate travel and isolation during the lockdown periods. There are now 32 states on the “banned” list in Connecticut and anyone who travels to these states has to submit the proper paperwork when they return.

If these forms are not filled out promptly and the restrictions are not observed, fines are levied. Lamont is letting everyone know that he means business, fining Connecticut residents who have recently returned from Louisiana and Florida. Since they did not fill out the forms when they returned home, they were each slapped with a $1,000 fine.

One of these folks also refused to quarantine for the proper amount of time, earning themselves an additional $1,000 fine in the process. Of course, these fines tend to add up rapidly when they are not paid. “I hate to do it, but we’re going to be serious and show people we’re serious about this,” said the governor.

Each of these men resides in a different county and there’s no immediate connection between them. So how was the determination made? Who decided they are in violation of the rules? Were the fines issued by a governing body and if so, did the accused receive due process? These are all questions that are not being asked by the residents of Connecticut, apparently.

NBC Connecticut took a deeper dive, though. The Department of Public Health is responsible for issuing the fines and it hardly seems appropriate to grant them this amount of power. In Connecticut, they have full authority to issue any fine that they want. Chief Operating Officer Josh Geballe confirmed this in a recent statement.

The most ominous part of the statement should be obvious. These people were fined because of anonymous tips that were given. We would like to believe that a proper investigation was done but who knows at this point? The Democrats are looking to fine anyone who goes against their wishes and that’s why a closer look needs to be taken at how this governor comes to these decisions.

What happens when someone decides to take out whatever issue they have with their neighbor by contacting the Department of Public Health? That’s the last thing that anyone should want. From the looks of it, this is the “new normal” and the Democrats are fully responsible. How are they going to feel when the people that they have empowered are putting massive fines on everyone’s heads?

Let’s face reality here. The governor of Connecticut does not care about providing due process for these fines. Lamont wants his citizens to think that he is being tough on the coronavirus and he does not want to seem like he is giving in to the Republicans. So, in essence, he is fine with attacking anyone who does not agree with what he has to say.

For example, let’s say that a camera catches you running a red light and the resulting ticket is sent to your home. In those instances, you are given the chance to fight the ticket in a court of law. Under Lamont’s system, snitching is being encouraged more than ever before. The rule of law is being replaced by a “honor system” setup that is sure to cause more problems than it actually solves.

The state of Connecticut should probably start hiring investigators who are more impartial than the ones that are in place right now. Executive authority madness is sweeping the nation now that President Trump is empowering states to make their own decisions. Ned Lamont is mad with power and it’s only a matter of time before the lawsuits start to pour in.

He should reconsider now, before anything else happens. These orders are being structured in a way that allows Democrat to take direct aim at their enemies. No one should be willing to tolerate it.

MSNBC: Biden’s VP Choice Disappoints Young Democrats

When Joe Biden chose Kamala Harris as his vice presidential nominee, no one was all that surprised. It’s the choice that was always going to make the most sense. Biden needed to let his moderates know that he wouldn’t drift into leftist hippie territory and Harris has a better chance of claiming the presidency now than she ever did. It’s a marriage of convenience, for sure.

Biden’s announcement was especially funny because he was photographed with a cheat sheet and his phone was also upside down. The choice did not exactly receive rave reviews from the younger members of the Democratic base, which shouldn’t surprise anyone, either. If you had left it up to them, they would have wanted Biden to run on a ticket with Bernie.

The party is going to struggle to enjoy the same level of enthusiasm that existed among young voters before the Kamala Harris pick was made. Why would any of these voters want to cast their ballot for a former attorney general during the height of the “defund the police” movement? Biden does not care about that, though.

He’s making a major gamble here. Biden seems to believe that it is more important to make sure that the moderate voters remain on board, as opposed to courting younger voters that might have felt compelled to stay home otherwise. It’s also a gamble that the voters who cast their ballot for Obama and stayed home for Hillary will return to the polls this time around.

Some are predicting that this will be the final nail in the Biden coffin but that is probably a bit premature. Anti Trump sentiment is riding high and plenty of people are going to vote for Biden and Harris simply because they are not Trump and Pence. The Democrats are also gifted when it comes to getting their constituents to vote for anyone that they place on the ballot.

The “vote blue, no matter who!” slogan that they are bandying about these days says it all. This is a party that steadfastly refuses to live up to the standards that they are setting but they still think that their voters are going to line up to praise them. There are also those who believe that this is all window dressing and the Democrats already have the election in the bag.

Voter fraud is going to be a major problem this time around and President Trump is already doing everything in his power to bring it to everyone’s attention. It’s entirely possible that the Democratic party knows that the fix is in already and that’s why they are not worried. It’s also entirely possible that everything that they have said over the past few years is a total lie.

For starters, this is the party that wanted to act as if they were going to draw a hard line on the #MeToo controversy. When Republicans like Brett Kavanaugh were under the gun, the Democrats were the first ones on the other end of the firing line. Fast forward a few years and they are now standing in solidarity with a man who has more than a few credible sexual assault allegations under his belt.

Kamala Harris is no better and she’s a massive hypocrite as well. She was one of the first Democrats to let the world know that she was supporting the accusers who were coming forward about Joe Biden. Instead of remaining on the right side of history, she abandoned her principles as soon as she sniffed a chance at the presidency.

Let’s be clear here, that’s her sole motivator. She does not care about Joe Biden or America as a whole. Harris was soundly defeated during the primaries and has parlayed Biden’s desire for a black, female running mate into a second chance at the brass ring. The rest of the country now waits to see how things are going to shake out.

Seattle Police Chief Resigns Over City Council’s Embrace of Defund Police Movement

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan named Carmen Best as the city’s new police chief two years ago and it was a great moment for anyone who is looking for true equality. Best is the first black woman to hold the position in the city’s history. Now that her tenure is coming to an end for reasons that do not make very much sense, Mayor Durkan is acting as if she actually cares.

Best is resigning because of the insanity that is taking place in Seattle and Durkan accepts it with a “heavy heart”. The City Council has made a decision that is going to haunt the city for years to come. The Seattle police force is going to be letting 100 officers go and they are trimming the budget significantly.

$4 million dollars is being removed from Seattle’s police coffers. Chief Best has all of the reason in the world to be upset with the decision but she has decided to handle the changes with class. Her resignation statement takes the high road and she’s clearly not trying to win a words at this point. We are sure that she is fuming, though.

Best was given all of two years to serve as the city’s police chief. That’s not enough. She still has so much work to do but Seattle has decided that the police force needs to be defunded. Best’s letter is a great read. It’s a master class on taking the high road. Durkan won’t even be able to twist her words. She is accepting Best’s decision because she does not have much of a choice otherwise.

“I am confident the department will make it through these difficult times,” Best’s letter reads. “You truly are the best police department in the country, and please trust me when I say, the vast majority of people in Seattle support you and appreciate you. … I look forward to seeing how this department moves forward through the process of re-envisioning public safety. I relish the work that will be done by all of you.”

Meanwhile, Durkan’s response was similarly restrained. We wouldn’t be surprised if harsh words were exchanged behind closed doors but these two are doing their best to remain professional in the meantime. “I regret deeply that she concluded that the best way to serve the city and help the department was a change in leadership, in the hope that would change the dynamics to move forward with the City Council,” Durkan’s statement read.

The joint press conference that these two are going to give will be priceless. We wish that we could be a fly on the wall for this one. There are sure to be some fiery questions being asked. Durkan is going to find it hard to keep her composure. The City Council had to know that this was coming, too. Best’s salary had been slashed and we are sure that there are not too many police chiefs who would be willing to tolerate that.

Best is ready to move onto greener pastures and we cannot say that we blame her. Seattle is going to end up looking foolish in the years to come if they are dealing with a sustained crime wave and Best has taken over another city’s police force by this time. Durkan’s full statement demands more attention, too. From the looks of it, we are of the belief that she is using the statement to casually send a few shots in the former police chief’s direction.

The statement implies that Best could have done something differently or that the problems the city has been experiencing were her fault. All the police chief wanted to do was put a stop to the violence in her city but Durkan is kneecapping her every step of the way. In a situation like this, it is easy to see why Best is stepping aside. She’s not being given the tools she needs to succeed.

Dems’ New Normal: St. Louis Reports 163 COVID-19 Deaths This Year, but 161 Homicides

When it comes to all of the cities that are being run by Democrats, there is a pandemic that is flying under the radar. No, we are not talking about COVID-19. We are here to discuss the waves of violence that are bringing these cities to their knees. For example, the city of St. Louis is reporting a relatively equal number of homicide-related deaths and COVID-19 related deaths.

In July, St. Louis actually experienced four times as many homicides as COVID-19 related deaths. There were 47 homicides in the city over the last month but only 12 deaths that were related to COVID-19. So far this year, St. Louis has had 163 COVID-19 related deaths but they’ve also had 161 homicides.

Kim Gardner is the same corrupt St. Louis circuit attorney that is looking to prosecute the McCloskeys but she is not doing anything about any of this. The McCloskeys were only trying to protect their property in the midst of all this madness and the investigators concluded that one of the guns was unable to even be fired.

Instead of doing the honorable thing and allowing the couple to receive a more minor punishment, she is looking to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that she is failing to bring any of the actual murderers in her city to justice. Out of the 161 homicides, guess how many Kim Gardner has been able to file charges on?

A whopping 33! Now, to be fair, homicides are not the easiest cases to solve. We already saw a major confrontation between President Trump and Baltimore authorities over their low number of clearances. Most cities would probably be thrilled to file charges on at least 50 percent of their homicides. Gardner’s too busy using the McCloskeys’ case as a means of drumming up political support.

At a time like this, the nation needs to be coming together. Gardner and her cronies would rather turn this into an us against them thing. It’s easy to see why St. Louis residents are spooked by what they see in their streets every day but the corrupt authorities would rather let their city decay. This is what happens when you allow the Democrats to make all of the decisions.

They will turn a blind eye to the real violence and try their best to politicize anything else that goes on. A white couple “brandishes” a gun in hopes of protecting themselves and their property during a terrifying riot? Well, they are clearly racists and they need to be locked away forever. This is how they think and it is terrifying to watch them in action.

The citizens of St. Louis have to be wondering when they will ever receive another moment of peace. It feels like the city has been on fire all summer now. Even those who try their very best to defend themselves from the onslaught are treated as if they are some sort of villain. This is the stuff that nightmares are made of.

It’s all just another day at the office for the Democrats, though. They pretend that they have everyone’s best interests at heart but everything is a political gambit to them. Gardner wants to use the wrong example as to why the city is crumbling and the leftists are eating out of the palm of her hand. They love any narrative that allows them to feel as if they are the media’s chosen ones.

Our hearts go out to all of those who are suffering right now in the Democratic led cities that are being overtaken by violence. To be fair, there are probably some leftists who are getting tired of the nonsense that they are being fed on a daily basis, too. That’s why they need to stand up for what is right and start voting these charlatans out as soon as they have the chance.

Trump’s Exposing Pelosi’s Scheme to Keep American Workers Suffering So They Can Win in November

Americans have been watching the news closely over the past week or so, hoping that the Republicans and Democrats would be able to come to an agreement on a second stimulus package. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have decided to strong arm the Republicans, keeping a deal from being made. Now, President Trump has finally decided to step in and put a stop to this madness.

Four executive orders were issued by the president over the weekend that were designed to provide Americans with some much needed relief. If these executive orders are allowed to pass, they will offer the necessary assistance that so many citizens require. Modified unemployment would be given, eviction protection is going to be granted, student loan debt relief will be continued and payroll taxes for employers would be suspended.

This may not work for some but guess what? This is a better offer than anything that the Democrats were ever willing to put on the table. They are playing a dangerous game with American livelihoods. From where we are sitting, they are perfectly willing to gamble with everyone’s potential aid. Instead, they are hoping for some “big win” that they can claim over the Republicans.

Trump wants to offer up help right now, the Democrats are crossing their fingers that they can claim a victory in November. It should be beyond obvious to anyone who pays attention to the current state of affairs. As you may have imagined, Pelosi and Schumer were displeased by the announcement. They wanted to be the conquering heroes who rode in to save the day.

Now that their thunder is being stolen by President Trump, they are seething with rage. In fact, Pelosi is referring to the $400 unemployment benefit that Trump has offered as an “illusion”. We’re going to go out on a huge limb and say that the money is still very real even if the Democrats are the ones who are unable to claim responsibility for it.

The president has now fired the most crucial salvo in this crucial battle. The Democrats have been boxed in and they will now have to answer to the American people if they decide to fight back against these executive orders. They are going to have a lot of explaining to do once the Democratic voters want answers about the lack of funding that they are receiving.

Is Nancy Pelosi going to start housing people? She’s probably too busy stocking her costly freezer with all sorts of expensive ice cream to care about the problems that the American proletariat is experiencing. The president understands the urgency of the current situation but the Democrats do not.

This is clear as day to see. The legislation that will help Americans overcome the financial issues that have been posed by the coronavirus pandemic needed to be passed quickly. The Senate has now pushed things to the point where they are forced to push back their own recess. Even with these sacrifices being made, there is still no deal in sight.

Schumer and Pelosi are currently looking to stonewall the negotiations, so that the American people are made to suffer until election time rolls around. Once November is here, they will play the blame game and tell everyone that the Republicans are responsible for the predicament that they are in. Their priority is a simple one: remove President Trump from the White House at all costs, even if American workers have to pay the cost for their hubris.

The Democrats should be confident that they can beat Trump, with or without any additional assistance from a pandemic. When they decided to put the kibosh on this potential deal, they sent a strong signal to the rest of America. The American worker is going to be left to fend for themselves while the nation is stricken with the worst crisis that most of us have ever seen.

You Can’t Make This Up! Twitter’s Chief Censor Was Kamala Harris’ Press Secretary

Twitter is taking a stand against the President Trump campaign because of perceived misinformation. The campaign was banned from tweeting yesterday until they take the time to delete the tweet in question. According to the tech giant, Trump’s campaign is violating the “rules against misinformation.”

Can you believe that this is happening during an election cycle? There’s a global pandemic taking place and this is what Twitter is worried about. Republican lawmakers are standing idly by and so is the Department of Justice. The Washington Post has corrected their initial report, though. At first, they told the world that the president had been banned from the platform.

His campaign’s official account is banned because they tweeted a clip where Trump claimed that children were “almost immune” to the COVID-19 pandemic. The post is hidden and no tweets can be sent. The president’s campaign team can start the appeal process if they are willing to duke it out with the Twitter liberals responsible for this decision.

Tech giants are banding together to silence the president during an election year but the mainstream media is cheerleading their efforts. They are supposed to remain unbiased at all times but they are showcasing their affiliations. The most hilarious part of all? The person who is responsible for spearheading Twitter’s efforts to silence Trump is closely aligned with Kamala Harris.

Nick Pacilio is his name. He’s also admitted to the removal of the tweet, so there is no doubt about who is responsible. As the former press secretary for Liberal Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, you would think that he would have a little more self-awareness. That’s the Democrats in a nutshell, though.

They make decisions that are based on their political affiliations and then they try to explain them away after the fact. The biases that are formulating against the president are harder and harder to ignore. The Silicon Valley giants who are banding together to put a stop to his second term are getting more and more shameless.


These companies do not care if they are caught in the act of hindering a presidential campaign. They have convinced themselves that they are acting in the best interests of the American people. How is anyone supposed to believe in democracy if they are being fed total lies at every turn? This is why people are skeptical of the upcoming election.

The liberal media is also fueling the mail in voting mania that is also designed to rip the presidency away in an unfair manner. It’s reached a point where the cheating has gotten so blatant, its like they are daring the conservative media types to say something about it. While there are some who may be willing to ignore the obvious media spin, many of us have gotten fed up.

There’s no reason why the election should not unfold as it always has. Instead, the Democrats are hoping that they can swipe the election in plain sight and so far, they seem to be correct. Now that they have Twitter and Facebook ready to carry the water for them, its getting harder and harder for the rest of us to receive news that isn’t biased.

Twitter is even hiring high ranking liberals from Democratic presidential campaigns to decide what Trump can and cannot say on their platform. Do they really think that they are fooling anyone with this behavior? Even a leftist with a little bit of common sense can see that they are being lied to but many of them are content with the lies as long as they are getting their way.

Unfortunately, that’s the way of the world now. People go with the narrative that suits them the best and they do not care what happens next. The Democrats are fine with cheating the system at the moment and their voters are complicit in the lies. The fix is already in.

The Real America: Majority of Blacks Want Police Staffing Levels to Remain as Is

This is the sort of thing that is not going to matter to the folks who are currently embroiled in the protests and riots that are taking place all over the country. That does not make it any less true. People are using these protests as an excuse to attack police officers, causing other Americans to sit up and take notice.

When black Americans are polled on the matter, they let the country know where they stand. Respondents were asked if they wanted the police to spend the same amount of time, more time or less time in their neighborhoods. 61 percent of black Americans said that they wanted the status quo to remain untouched.

67 percent of all US adults agree and 71 percent of white Americans are on board. This goes against the ideas that are being perpetrated in the mainstream media. They want everyone to think that the police are no longer welcome under any circumstances. The number of black Americans who want the police to leave is roughly the same as the number who want the police to stay.

The polls did offer one indication that black Americans may not be as enamored with the police as their white counterparts. According to the Gallup poll, 12 percent of black Americans do not have confidence in their local policing and believe that they would be treated unfairly by the authorities. For white residents, this number stands at just 2 percent.

When it comes to the 12 percent who do not have confidence in the police, they represent the segment of the population that would like to have them removed from the area entirely. Every other segment of the American population would like to keep things the same at the moment. The Gallup poll also indicates that attitudes do not change when the respondent is accustomed to dealing with the police.

More interactions do not lead to a difference in attitudes. Negative experiences with the police are formative for many people. 45 percent of black Americans who have had a bad experience with the police are in favor of having them removed from the neighborhood entirely. Out of those who have been treated in a respectful manner by the police, 13 percent are in favor of their departure.

That makes a great deal of sense to us. If someone has had a bad experience with the police in the past, why would they be in favor of having them in the neighborhood? The bottom line is simple, though. The number of Americans who truly want the police to be abolished or removed from their area is not as high as the liberal media wants us to think.

In fact, these numbers line up with the results of past Gallup polls. Another recent poll showed that the number of black Americans who are in favor of abolishing the police entirely stands at just 22 percent. The support for defunding the police seems to stem from bad experiences and that’s worth discussing, for sure. Is the media playing a key role in amplifying those experiences and if so, are they doing it for personal gain?

The surveys are not going to tell the whole story, especially when the mainstream media is involved. They are more interested in keeping certain narratives alive and it’s obvious to anyone who pays even a modicum of attention. Simply put, the police opposition is coming from a much smaller group than most realize because the media is portraying things in a different manner.

People who have been fed these narratives are going to be surprised by the numbers that they see and Gallup polls tend to be a pretty reliable indicator of where folks stand on certain topics. It would be nice to see the media offer up a more nuanced depiction of the national climate but we are not about to hold our breath on that one. The news is not our friend.

Watch: Not in My Neighborhood! Seattle Residents Stand Their Ground Against Domestic Terrorists

Seattle police chief Carmen Best’s Snohomish County home was the site of yet another “peaceful protest” recently. A group of Black Lives Matter protesters arrived on the scene and things got ugly quickly. Best did not want the protesters to set up shop in her yard. That’s her right as an American citizen and no one can take that away from her.

That’s why she decided to contact City Council, letting them know what was going on. She wanted them to “forcefully call for the end of these tactics” and it’s pretty ironic. The leftists love saying “burn it all down” until they are the ones who are face to face with the protesters. The tune changes at that point and all of a sudden, the police are their best friends.

Radical left wing officials are trying to pave the way for a new world order but there are a wide range of citizens who are standing in their path. They are not going to be bulldozed by the protesters and they are willing to place themselves at risk. Best’s neighbors were not in the mood for these malcontents and they were sure to let them know.

These demonstrations are causing all sorts of issues for the city of Seattle, as the protesters continue to target any public figure that they can find. The neighbors took to social media to let everyone know more about what was taking place. They called out the protesters for blocking the road, referring to them as terrorists.

This is the sort of domestic terrorism that residents of liberal cities are forced to deal with. The large group was not allowed to engage in any illegal behavior because the neighborhood would not permit it. Best also referenced the incident in her letter, claiming that they were preventing from being able to “trespass or engage in other illegal behavior in the area, despite repeated attempts to do so.”

According to Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney, the protesters were already starting to disperse by the time the authorities arrived. That was probably the best decision that they could have. While the leftists who run this city are still enamored with this movement, the residents have had more than enough. Why should they continue to have to deal with this type of disruption to their daily lives?

All of the liberals who are standing in solidarity with the protesters are not going to say the same things if their neighborhoods are being terrorized. Kudos to this neighborhood for coming together to put a stop to the madness. There’s one exchange that is standing out. One of the protesters claimed that they were being peaceful and yelled at a resident for pointing a gun at their face.

“That’s why you are peaceful,” they retorted. Violence is always acceptable when it is coming from them but when someone replies in kind? They are not as quick to offer their praise. All of the folks who want gun control are now going out to buy a weapon in record numbers and it is very easy to see why.

The country is headed in a very uncertain direction. People are feeling marginalize by the protesters and that is causing them to seek weaponry. There is a certain peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home and personal property are as safe as possible. Luckily for the city of Seattle, these protesters were not met with gunfire when they arrived in this neigborhood.

How long are people supposed to continue to give these protesters the benefit of the doubt? They are not going to be able to continue to get away with this. The president is in the process of sending in federal officers to stop the violence. We’ll see how tough these protesters are when they are staring down the Feds. It’s not as easy as standing tall against your neighbors.

Dems’ New Normal: Murders Skyrocket in Dozens of Democrat Controlled Cities

Of course, this news does not come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to the news as of late. Now, we are finally receiving evidence that confirms these suspicions. There has been a major spike in violent crime taking place all across America. The Wall Street Journal has analyzed the current state of affairs and leftists ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Dozens of the nation’s largest cities have experienced a rise in violent crime and this rise can’t be explained away as easy as some people would like. The police have been forced to retreat from their typical positions. While the liberals wanted everything to think that the police were to blame for all of the crime, the statistics are not bearing that theory out.

However, there are reports of other crimes decreasing, so the liberals will be clinging to these numbers. The murder rate is also fairly low when it is compared to the murder rates of past decades. Serious crimes may be dwindling but murder is still a major issue. Police and local residents are now concerned that the violence could lead to long term problems that cannot be reversed.

The nation has been experiencing an urban renaissance that has been spurred by a continuous decline in violent crimes. If homicides start to go back up again, all of the hard work is going to be threatened. According to the Wall Street Journal studies, homicides have gone up by 24 percent this year.

Cities that have always struggled with crime (such as Memphis, Chicago and Detroit) are experiencing a particularly drastic increase. Even cities that are not typically associated with violent crime (such as Phoenix and Omaha) are going through difficult times right now. Meanwhile, many of the major cities in Texas are actually experiencing a decrease in homicides at the moment.

It is also important to remember that certain percentage increases can be very misleading. If the cities are accustomed to a low homicide rate, the percentage increase may not be anything to worry about. The best way to measure would be to use the number of homicides per 1000 people. From there, cities can more easily judge where they are.

The Wall Street Journal is also offering up a variety of explanations for the violence that is taking place. They are not looking to blame things on the protests exclusively. WSJ also believes that the COVID-19 shutdowns are leading to the homicide increase. There is probably some level of truth to that but there is no way to know definitively.

Crime rates started to plunge once everyone was forced into their homes. Police received less service calls than ever before and crime incidents went down significantly. It’s easy to see why this would be the case. While bars and clubs are not the sole cause of all crime, the shutdown of these locations is sure to put a damper on the number of calls that local officers are receiving.

Robberies and aggravated assaults are dwindling. This shouldn’t be shocking, as these are the types of crimes that are typically associated with the night life. On the other hand, homicides can take place at any time and tensions are likely to rise when everyone is stuck in the house all day. The pandemic has had a profound effect on our collective mental health and this is something that the professionals will be unpacking for years to come.

There are those who believe that the police are simply not being called as often, which is leading to the decrease in certain crimes. Homicides are not going to be affected by something like this, as the police officers will still need to arrive on the scene and collect the body. That’s why so many observers believe that this is the best way to track the level of violence that takes place in American cities at the moment.

Minneapolis Tells Citizens to Unconditionally Surrender to Criminals After Police Budget Slashed

Now that the Democrats are getting their way, citizens are getting a new crash course in dealing with the police. This is what our lives are like now. The Minneapolis Police Department is offering up all kinds of insane tips and pointers that are designed to make sure that everything goes according to plan. There’s been a massive spike in carjackings and robberies as of late (shocking).

If you are pressed by the robbers, the MPD does not want you to call them. Instead, they are asking you to give up your phone, wallet, car keys, whatever the robbers are asking for. On one level, this is good advice. Why should someone risk their life for items that are easily replaceable and/or insured? That’s not a wise choice under any circumstance.

However, that does not mean that citizens should be encouraged to surrender unconditionally. In addition to handing over the goods, Minneapolis residents are also being asked not to put up a fight. These residents are also being urged not to walk alone on the streets. This is the shameful world that they are being forced to live in, all because a few liberals are looking to abolish the police.

Pay attention to your surroundings at all times as well. Minneapolis residents are even being told to stop carrying any cash. As you approach your car, you are even being warned about having your keys in hand. The tips are making us feel like we live in a dystopian underworld. It’s not the America that we grew up in, that is for sure.

The police department even said that robberies would continue to happen, “despite all of our efforts”. To top it all off, the citizens who are experiencing the robberies are even being given instructions on how to properly snitch. Those who call 911 are asked to have a wide range of information at the ready as soon as they pick up the phone.

They will need to identify the number of suspects, what they look like and any identifying characteristics about the robbers. It’s an awful lot to ask from people who are being told that they do not have any protection. The police clearly aren’t going to offer any assistance when the tattletales are targeted because of their snitching.

These folks won’t even be assisted when the crime is actually taking place, so why would they trust the police to help them once they have told on the criminals? It’s a wonderful system that these leftists have established. This is what has unfolded ever since Minneapolis elected to move away from traditional policing and installed a “community-led public safety system”.

The month of July was a particularly trying one for the 3rd precinct police. 100 robberies and 20 carjackings have been reported to these officers in the month of July alone. Local residents should be able to receive help when they are being attacked by dangerous criminals. Instead, the authorities are basically teaching them how to engage in the most peaceful form of surrender possible.

This should show everyone what would happen if the rest of the country is dumb enough to go along with this initiative. It’s not the type if plan that anyone should be willing to normalize. The removal of the police is one of those things that sounds great on paper but in reality, it does not work out nearly as well as it should.

Minneapolis wants to be a standard-bearer for the rest of the nation but for the most part, they are showing everyone what shouldn’t be done. Ask their residents if they feel safe. The virtue-signaling types are not going to be there for them when a crowd of criminals surrounds them in a dark parking garage late at night. These people will be safe and sound in their suburban homes, not losing one wink of sleep over their plight.

Democrats Under Pelosi & Schumer Play Politics With Workers’ Livelihood

The talks between the Republicans and Democrats have broken down entirely. While the two sides agree on some basic elements of the next coronavirus stimulus bill, they are far apart on the unemployment enhancement that Americans were receiving over the past few months. Trump, McConnell and Pelosi are all struggling to see eye to eye on most aspects of the bill. though.

The unemployment question is the one that needs to be answered first. Otherwise, millions and millions of Americans are going to be struggling to pay the bills. Congress decided to take off for the weekend but a few of the power players remained in town, in hopes that a deal could be made before it is too late.

The deadline for an uninterrupted unemployment schedule has come and gone. The 1st of the month has passed, leaving Americans without valuable funding to secure a residence. Evictions are going to skyrocket, thanks to the laziness of Pelosi and her cronies. They do not wish to come to the table and have a real discussion.

Instead, they are of the belief that their party is holding all of the cards. Now, there is speculation about the GOP and Trump becoming more and more nervous. Supposedly, they are going to be willing to add some sweeteners, in hopes of getting the deal done in a timely manner. At first, the GOP was staunchly opposed to the $600 unemployment benefit.

That stance is starting to soften. The GOP was not willing to extend the benefit but President Trump has decided to undercut that stance. He knows how dire the situation is for the American people. Getting them a check as quickly as possible is his main concern. As for Nancy Pelosi? She is already crowing about victories she hasn’t even had the chance to enjoy yet.

“There are two things to remember. One is the person you’re negotiating with has to want something. And they have to know you will walk,” she boasted. That has to make the American people feel really good. This is a bunch of nonsense but she seems pretty pleased with herself. That’s par for the course for Pelosi.

She says whatever comes into her head and she does not think about how it is going to reflect on her. When it comes to these agreements, there are three different governing bodies who must get on board: the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office. The Democrats do not have unilateral control, no matter what they may say about the matter.

The Speaker has also blown off a number of proposals. For starters, the GOP offered to keep the unemployment benefit alive, at a reduced rate of $200 per week. That was a no go for master negotiator Pelosi. The offer was doubled to $400 and a four month extension of the benefits was ready to be put into place. Pelosi said no to this idea as well.

The GOP came back with yet another offer: $600, for one week. This would allow Americans to keep receiving their benefits while the rest of the proposal was hammered out. Pelosi wasn’t going for that either. She let the benefit expire on purpose. It’s more fun to her to play a deadly game of chicken with Americans’ finances. She does not care about people’s inability to keep a roof over their heads. All that matters to her is “winning” the negotiation against the Republicans.

Democrats like her are so far removed from the daily concerns that cause so many others to struggle. In their minds, it is more important to claim a victory, so that they can tell their voters that they dominated the Republicans. One side is looking to help people right now and the other side is clearly hoping for a November victory. Pelosi and Schumer have a lot of explaining to do this week, especially now that everyone is about to go without that pivotal $600 pandemic credit.

Watch Google’s CEO Squirm Over the Question If Google Is Actively Helping Joe Biden by Suppressing Conservatives

CEOs of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google were given the chance to answer for themselves when it comes to the suppression of conservative voices. The House antitrust committee wants to know why these men believe they have the right to remove certain voices from their platforms entirely. Twitter did not send any representatives to the meeting.

There are some who believe that their CEO, Jack Dorsey, would be unwilling to offer the necessary transparency. He’s one of the many social media giants who will remove Trump posts without so much as a second thought. GOP Representative Jim Jordan wanted some real answers about what is taking place at Google.

He even asked the Google CEO who was present about their willingness to suppress information that the liberals do not want to see. Google CEO Sundar Pichai was not willing or able to give Jordan a straight answer when it comes to this matter. His inability to answer the question says it all, doesn’t it?

Pichai’s reaction to Jordan’s query spoke volumes. It was a simple “yes” or “no” question but Pichai couldn’t handle that to save his life. He was asked the question several times and given every opportunity to provide the necessary transparency. All Jordan wanted to know is whether the American people could reasonably expect fair and honorable election coverage from Google.

1Instead of just saying “no”, Pinchai launched into the talking points that had already been prepared on his behalf. It’s almost like he wasn’t willing to reveal the full truth of the matter. Google is going to tailor their features so that Biden is able to win the election and there’s not much that can be done about it. How optimistic can anyone be when Pichai himself is not ready to offer any real commentary?

This was his chance to reassure the Americans who are nervous about such an occurrence. Pichai is not concerned with providing reassurance, though. In his mind, it is more important to give the appearance of neutrality. Google “won’t do any work to politically tilt anything one way or the other”, if Pichai is to be believed.

We would be more willing to believe Pichai if we weren’t fully aware of what took place back in 2016. Google did everything that they could to rig the election in Hillary Clinton’s favor. We guess that this should be reassuring to most of us because their efforts did not actually pan out but perhaps they have learned from their mistakes in the meantime.

Tucker Carlson has already spilled the beans about the Google chicanery from the last election. In 2018, an e-mail leaked out to the general public. If we had to guess, Google was probably very unhappy about the matter. The tech giant clearly wanted Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump and senior Google employees were involved in the scheme.

The e-mail that was intercepted by Carlson outlined the plan from Google. They would do everything that they could to increase voter turnout in a manner that was beneficial to their chosen candidate. The e-mail was sent on November 9, 2016 and it would be hard for any Google employee to deny the implication here.

Eliana Murillo, Google’s former head of multicultural marketing, was the person who is responsible for sending the e-mail. Their efforts may not have been as helpful as they would have liked before but that does not mean that the right wing should sit idly by and wait for that to happen again.

Inaction cannot be tolerated in these instances. While there are some Americans who are perfectly fine with being lied to by liberal tech giants, many of us have had quite enough. We applaud Jim Jordan for being willing to ask the tough questions and Pichai ought to feel ashamed of his unwillingness to truly engage with the points that were being made. It was a farce of a hearing, to say the least.

The Dems’ New Normal: Pelosi’s Fat-Shaming AG Barr and Dems Say Nothing

If you took the time to watch the House hearing with Attorney General Barr yesterday, you were probably just as shocked and appalled as we were. The Democrats were not there to accomplish anything of note. All they wanted to do was play the schoolyard bully role that they know and love. They behaved as poorly as you would have expected.

The Democrats were barely willing to allow the Attorney General to speak, talking over him at every turn. The insults that they were lobbing in his direction were also fairly ridiculous. This was not a fact finding mission. It was all about insulting the president and the Attorney General. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are hitting new lows.

She was not satisfied with the attacks that took place during the actual hearing, either. Once the hearing had concluded, Pelosi went straight to MSNBC to keep the smack talk going. This is what the party has devolved to. All they want to do is argue and throw insults around. Barr was referred to as a “blob” and this is the fat shaming that the liberals claim not to want.

Body shaming is bad, you guys, unless I’m trying to insult my political opponent and then it’s perfectly okay. These are the rules that the Democrats play by and we are about tired of it. Barr shouldn’t have to sit through hearings that are thinly veiled roasting sessions. He was also called a “henchman” by Pelosi.

Imagine what would happen if the Republicans decided to start throwing fat jokes around. The reaction would not be the same, that is for sure. Pelosi is also doubling down on the “storm trooper” rhetoric, comparing the Republican party to a group of Nazis in the process. According to her, Barr is the one who has “contempt for our democracy”.

The best part of all is that Pelosi even admitted that her work was keeping her from being able to watch the entire hearing. This did not stop her from offering up very strong opinions about what took place. “I just thought he was despicable and so beneath the dignity of an attorney general. I did tune in to hear certain questions that I had an interest in his answers, and they all related to upholding the Constitution of the United States. He fell very short in that regard. He is there to support the president, Donald Trump, no matter what,” Pelosi said.

In her mind, Barr is serving as a lawyer of sorts for Donald Trump. She even noted the fate of Michael Cohen, the man who was assigned to the task previously. It was almost like she was gloating about his legal issues but that’s not like the Democrats at all! They are never the type of gloat about the bad things that happen to people on the right side of the aisle.

All jokes aside, Pelosi’s actions are unconscionable. There’s no way that the Democrats would be willing to accept this behavior in reverse and we’re not sure why they expect their hypocrisy to go unnoticed. At this point, we are starting to wonder if Joe Biden’s senility is rubbing off on her. She does not seem well mentally.

These types of fights are only going to continue, especially now that both sides have to come together to create a new stimulus package. The pressure is on and to be frank, the people of America do not have the luxury of waiting for the Democrats to play nice. Unfortunately, this is the new normal that we are forced to deal with.

Barr was barely given the chance to get a word out before he was demonized by the Democrats who were actually on hand for the entirety of the proceedings. He was able to get a few retorts in, at least. Hopefully, the Democrats can find someone else to harass before the election starts.

The Dems’ New Normal: Over 100 Police Agencies Refuse to Protect DNC Convention

As it turns out, running around talking about how terrible the police are is not a great political strategy. The Democratic National Convention once enjoyed all of the protections that the police have to offer but now? Those who are looking to attend will essentially have to fend for themselves. Over 100 police agencies have pulled out of this event and we are not surprised in the least.

The Democrats have yet to grasp the concept of accountability and they move the goalposts as they see it. The whole “defund the police” narrative was just a way to pander for votes from the most gullible members of their voting base. Give Biden a month or two and he is going to be backpedaling. He has already tried to claim that he never said he wanted to strip the police of funding.

There is video evidence to prove that he is lying but that is neither nor there at this point. Police are concerned about the current rhetoric and we fully understand where they are coming from. The usage of crowd control devices has been curtailed, causing officers to feel as if they are sitting ducks out in the streets.

The Democrats can’t relate to that feeling in most instances but they are about to. The comments that are being made by the police officers themselves say more about this than we ever could. It’s so delicious, we almost feel bad for laughing. This is what the Democrats wanted, though….a world without police officers.

“We respect the Fire and Police Commission’s decision. But in this particular case, we strongly disagree with the actions they’ve taken. We believe (that) in removing those tools, the use of chemical irritants or pepper spray, from the available resources that the law enforcement officers would have at their disposal if protests become non-peaceful would severely compromise the safety of the public and also the safety of the law enforcement officers who would be assigned to protect the DNC,” said Pond du Lac Police Chief William Lamb.

The law enforcement agencies that the Democrats have been decrying are not about to show up to save their fat from the fire. If the social workers of the world are so much better at protecting the population from dangerous criminals, maybe the Democrats should ask them to protect their precious convention? It’s an honest question that needs to be answered.

The Democrats are clearly worried because they have decided to rely on outside assistance when it comes to protecting their convention. West Allis, Fond du Lac, Franklin and Greendale have already withdrawn their officers from the event. The agreements have collapsed and this has been confirmed. “We regret having to do that,” William Lamb says.

These officers are trained to protect and serve their communities. They are not looking to walk away from those responsibilities. Those who believe that they would willfully make such a decision need to take a long, hard look at what has been going on as of late. Are these officers supposed to sign up for another heaping helping of disrespect from the same Democrats who want to strip them of their duties?

The Democratic National Convention is slated to take place during the month of August but it remains to be seen as to whether it is going to start on time. Maybe they will be spooked by the lack of police presence and decide to move to a place where they are actually protected? The Republicans have already had to cancel their convention because of concerns related to safety.

It probably won’t be long before the Democrats have to follow suit. They are going to tell everyone that they are canceling their convention for reasons that are related to social distancing but in reality? They will have to cancel because no self respecting police officer will be on hand to defend them. Best of luck, Democrats!

Watch: NJ’s Governor Deploys SWAT and K9 Units to Arrest Gym Owner, Does Nothing to Stop Murder and Mayhem in His State

In Bellmawr, New Jersey, the owners of Atilis Gym were arrested for their refusal to comply with shutdown orders that have recently been issued. They were not given the news in a quiet or respectful manner, either. Instead, the New Jersey governor decided that it was time to deploy numerous police units to head to the gym and let the owner know what was what.

The gym has been open since May and yes, Governor Phil Murphy has had a coronavirus lockdown order implemented since then. Ever since the order was made, the owners of this gym have been engaged in a never ending battle with the governor. The judges in this state have also stood in solidarity with Governor Murphy.

The authorities finally moved in on the gym on Monday. These owners are not actually guilty of a crime. They were merely trying to feed their families. Thanks to the actions of the New Jersey governor and his cronies, people who are doing their best to keep their heads above water during these trying times are now being treated like they are common criminals. Well done!

“Well, this was a first. I stayed the night in the gym writing, my book clients Ian & Frank were just waking up, I’m gathering my computer & notebooks, just waiting for the guys to come out for a few final questions, and then a SWARM of Camden County Sheriffs & local Bellmawr police (with K-9 units waiting in a vehicle) come bursting thru the door….to me, sitting there, writing, by myself. First & foremost, the law enforcement officers were polite & respectful. Look for my video footage on national channels. And tonight/this morning, I am writing this new book chapter right now!!!,” said one of the owners of the gym on Facebook.

Welcome to America 2020, where feeding your family and standing up for your Constitutional rights is illegal. @govmurphy flexing his little tyrant muscles finally – only took him 70 days. Officers from the county sheriffs entered the premises without a warrant or adhering to the signage posted on the door requesting they call first. They took Frank and I away and boarded up our private place of business. This is gonna be fun in court. If this doesn’t alarm you, you’re part of the problem. Please share and repost, let’s make these idiots answer for their power trip.

Posted by Atilis Gym, Bellmawr, NJ on Monday, July 27, 2020



Videos have already begun to circulate of the arrest. From the looks of it, the officers were behaving in a very respectful manner and we will agree with the gym owner on that point. Those who are looking to offer their support to the gym (and owners Frank and Ian) can head to their GoFundMe page. We do have some good news to offer on that front.

The owners were seeking $100,000 in donations, so that they are able to offset all of the court costs and legal fees that they are about to be taking on during their upcoming fight. They did not receive $100,000, though. The gym owners have been blessed with over $120,000 (and counting). This is the America that liberal thinkers are happy to live in.

They want to live in an America where setting a courthouse on fire is perfectly fine but innocent citizens that are trying to feed their families are left to their own devices. If you want to go outside and protest, the liberals have no problems with that. Everyone needs to sit at home and watch their bank accounts dwindle while the nation burns. That is the logic that they are operating under right now.

Good on these gym owners for being willing to stick up for themselves and fight for their rights as Americans. There’s no reason for all of these police officers to descend upon a New Jersey gym like they are in the process of arresting Tony Soprano. We wish these gym owners the best of luck during their legal proceedings and we are sure that the state governor is going to do everything in his power to railroad them.

Thanks to the windfall they have received, these men will be able to hire a proper lawyer and mount the necessary legal defense. The rest of the nation is going to be watching closely to see what happens. New Jersey is one of the states that is determined to wait as long as possible to reopen their businesses. That hasn’t worked out well for them so far but why would they stop now? It’s all about spiting the conservatives anyway.

Surprise! Democrats Reject GOP Stimulus Proposal Before It Is Even Public

The second pandemic stimulus bill is currently being negotiated in the Senate. The Democrats made their offer last week and now, the GOP is making their counter-proposal. The main sticking point? The enhanced employment benefits that are set to expire. Americans who are collecting unemployment were receiving a $600 federal enhancement on their current payments.

The Republicans are not going to approve another bill that provides this level of benefits. They are looking to slash the enhancement significantly. From the looks of it, they have decided that the enhancement needs to be cut down to $200. A $450 bonus is also being offered to those who return to their old jobs.

The Democrats are placed in the position of needing to agree to a proposal very quickly. Americans have already received the last $600 enhancement payment that they are going to get and now they are wondering how they will keep a roof over their heads. Does that matter to them at all? No. They are waving off the entire proposal, calling it a total non starter.

It’s all of the usual suspects, too. Pelosi, Schumer and Sanders have already come out against the initial proposal. Sanders even tweeted that it was “DOA”. The whole process has been brought to a halt. With a wide range of federal assistance programs that are slated to expire, you would think that the Democrats would have a greater level of urgency.

Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) spent two hours in a meeting with White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Mnuchin. Little to no progress was made and there is nothing to report at the moment. The GOP legislation is believed to be insufficient when it comes to addressing various concerns that are taking place on the state level.

Local governments are not receiving the funding that they need, renters are not being protected from mass evictions and lower income communities are only going to continue to be hit even harder. If we had to guess, we would have to assume that the Democrats rejected the proposal before they even had a chance to take a closer look at it.

The proposal is now going to be treated as yet another manner for the Democrats to politicize. They are the ones who are acting as if they care about the American people. In reality, they would rather watch everyone suffer if it means going against the Republicans. Their efforts are not being taken seriously, so that leftists can feel like the Democrats are sticking it to the man.

The Democrats want a bill that offers $3 trillion in aid, the Republicans’ counter proposal only offers $1 trillion in aid. This is the part where both sides are supposed to work towards a more meaningful compromise but that is not what is happening. The election is rapidly approaching and the voters are not going to care about who is holding up this stimulus. They simply want a relief from the financial stress and anxiety.

The Republicans will simply tell the country that they had a deal on the table that would have kept the money flowing. The Democrats are the ones who are responsible for turning it down. This is not going to look good the next time that Joe Biden tries to tell everyone that the Democrats are the ones who truly have everyone’s best interests at heart. Time is of the essence!

This is especially true because the Senate will be going back on summer recess momentarily. Both sides need to come together and hammer out a deal. The Democrats will need to stop playing the political game for two minutes and do something to help the American people that they claim to care so much about. If the Democrats are not going to offer a reasonable compromise, they are going to have a hard time selling the new package to their voters.

The Real America: Black & Minority Voter Approval of Trump at Record High

While those who oppose the Trump campaign are often pointing out the lack of support that he has from non white voters, the numbers are telling a completely different story. Rasmussen Reports has released its newest polling information and likely black voters are coming around on Trump. Their approval rating has risen to over 40 percent.

The black approval rating is at 43 percent and other non-whites are at 55 percent. It’s a far cry from what the liberal media would tell you about these matters. The Democrats’ approval rating has sunk to roughly 30 percent, as people are getting fed up of watching cities burn to the ground on a constant basis.

The mainstream media will come up with ways to diminish these numbers but they are getting hard to ignore. According to various pundits, the polls are great news for Donald Trump. If he is able to take home at least 20 percent of the African-American vote, he will cruise to victory in a major landslide.

Of course, the Republicans know that they are never going to get a sizable percentage of the black vote. They have the self-awareness to realize that this is not something that they should be aiming for. That does not mean that they are struggling to sway potential non-white voters, though. The recent riots are changing hearts and minds everywhere.

Even after the tragic events that have taken place this summer, the black community is not turning their back on the Republican party. George Floyd’s death may have led to riots and protests that are still taking place as we speak but that does not mean that the whole country is blaming Trump. If he’s able to boost these numbers to least 25 percent? Biden won’t be able to compete.

As it is, Biden is looking shaky. He’s trying his best to position himself as the woke candidate but anyone who has been paying attention to his policies over the past few decades knows better. He’s a charlatan who is going to say whatever he has to. Meanwhile, Trump has been overcoming all sorts of issues ever since he first set foot in the Oval Office.

The fake Russian collusion accusations were levied against him almost immediately. As we all know now, they were proven to be false. That did not stop the mainstream media from trying their absolute best to speak a violation into existence. They broadcast their desperation to remove him from the White House, to the point where their ability to remain unbiased is questioned.

The coronavirus pandemic has given him another obstacle to handle. He had just gotten finished with the phony impeachment when the virus arrived and put a major damper on daily living. The Democrats may have believed that Joe Biden was the best candidate for the task at hand but he is proving to be easy pickings.

The media spin when it comes down to who is voting for who is ridiculous and we would like to think that the liberals have learned their lesson. Their polls told them that they did not have anything to worry about back in 2016. Hillary Clinton was going to cruise to victory and Donald Trump was not going to be anything for the liberals to worry about.

Dems Fight Hard to Let Rioters Continue to Terrorize Innocent Citizens

The United States is experiencing a major shift and it is disconcerting to any conservative citizen who feels like they are being crowded out. After months of being told to stay inside and slow the spread of COVID-19, Americans are now being given different marching orders. If you are willing to go outside and topple statues and attack police officers, you are A-OK.

At least that’s what the liberal mayors want you to think. Law abiding citizens need to stay home but those who are looking to break the law can head outside at their leisure. It’s a strange juxtaposition and Americans from all regions are doing their best to make sense of it. It is not always easy to make sense out of nonsense, though.

Sometimes, our initial instincts are correct. Anyone who is not happy about what is taking place is justified. Residents of New York, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and other major cities are experiencing the wrath of their liberal leaders and the results are saddening. Their mayors are standing in solidarity with the rioters. The rest of these cities? They are being told to stand down.

Citizens who abide by the law are now the enemy, apparently. Trump administration officials recently received a letter from 15 of these mayors, asking them to remove federal agents from these cities immediately. The letter was also sent to Attorney General William Barr and acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Chad Wolf.

Not only are these mayors looking to remove the federal agents that have already arrived but they are also asking for any future deployments to be canceled. That’s probably not going to happen but we can see why they would ask. They need to put a show for all of their liberal residents and let them know that they are standing up to the mean orange man.

The list of cities from the letters will come as a shock to no one. All of the usual suspects are there. Portland, Seattle, Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Denver, San Jose, Oakland, Tucson, Phoenix, Sacramento, and Kansas City are making their feelings known. Many of these cities have become epicenters for the violent protests and law enforcement officials are being attacked on a regular basis.

“Federal law enforcement is being deployed for political purposes,” the letter reads. The White House is not making these decisions with any political purpose in mind. They are simply tired of the nonsense that they are seeing on television every single day. Politicians have let their pursuit of the progressive vote cloud their judgement, causing them to stand in solidarity with dangerous leftists.

Mayors are also shying away from supporting their police forces, when they are not threatening to disband them. Mayor Jenny Durkan did not miss out on a chance to go against the president, quoting one of his tweets with a snarky comment about being afraid of democracy. Nothing could be further from the truth but we hope that Durkan got all of the necessary retweets and likes from liberal tweeters.

Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland is also standing in opposition. He does not believe that his city needs assistance from federal agents and wants them to leave immediately. Mayors like these do not care about law and order, they simply want to pander to the progressives and they do not care what happens next. It’s all about going against the president at the moment.

No one actually has a plan for the future. Seattle tried to let their citizens establish an autonomous zone and they were repaid with a pile of dead bodies. Portland has been experiencing violent protests for nearly two months straight now. Why should the peaceful citizens of these cities be forced to deal with this type of violence? They deserve better than their typical liberal mayors, who are putting their own whims and desires over the needs of their cities.

This Is Crazy: DeBlasio Details 27 Police Officers to Protect BLM Mural While Leaving the City and Its Citizens Unprotected

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is quite the character, isn’t he? Lately, it seems like he is actively trying to annoy everyone who lives in NYC, in one way or another. His attitude makes no sense and the policies that he comes up with are even more nonsensical, if you can believe that. His priorities only get stranger and stranger by the day.

The city is spiraling out of control, as murders and crimes start to pile up at a rate that is too high to keep up with. Millions and millions of NYC residents are out of work at the moment, too. What are they supposed to do while the mayor sits on his hands and keeps twiddling his thumbs? Businesses have been devastated by the riots but they are not receiving any sort of assistance.

Even though the city is shedding police officers left and right, de Blasio has decided that he needs to retain a couple dozen for one very important purpose. 27 police officers are now being asked to stand guard over a Black Lives Matter mural. It was painted in front of Trump Tower and the officers are trying to prevent the inevitable standoff that is sure to take place.

The liberals who paint these murals are being protected by the mayor and the conservatives who think differently are being demonized. If there had been a MAGA mural at the same site, it would have already been taken down. The “hate speech” accusations would be flying around left and right by now.

A mural that has been painted on the street now receives more attention from the police than all of the destroyed businesses that are being left to figure things out on their own. We would love to act like this is some sort of surprise but it is par for the course. de Blasio is making his lack of caring very obvious to anyone who is paying even a little bit of attention.

De Blasio would struggle to win the competition for the country’s worst mayor, though. He’s got a lot of other silly, liberal mayors to contend with. Lori Lightfoot is definitely chief among them. She’s allowed her city to decay to the point where her officers feel compelled to go over her head and ask President Trump for help directly.

Lightfoot is taunting her citizens in strange ways, too. She told everyone that they needed to stay inside until further notice. Meanwhile, she was out getting her hair cut and pretending that everything is hunky dory. As for de Blasio, the Black Lives Matter brand seems to be more important than the lives of actual black people. That’s how it goes when you are dealing with the liberals.

It’s all about the symbolism with them and they are not here for logic and reason. The 27 officers who are being asked to protect this mural could be out protecting the lives of black citizens who are being placed in danger by the rioters. No one tell that to de Blasio, though. He is far too busy with his latest round of virtue signaling.

Why is the city of New York willing to endure this sort of behavior? What could possibly compel them to make these types of decision? They are losing control of their city and there is very little that can be done. New York City has not had a worse mayor for as long as we can remember. This city is in a lot of trouble but their leaders are not worried in the least.

De Blasio is too worried about appealing to the woke contingent, which is keeping him from making sound decisions. There’s nothing wrong with standing in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. The problems arise when murals are given a higher level of priority than the citizens of New York City who are being terrorized.

The Irony: White Liberal Terrorist Blames Their Own Crimes on Blacks

Back in May, Samantha Shader decided that it was in her best interests to whip a Molotov cocktail at a police car. Of course, the police did not share her level of enthusiasm about what took place. Four officers were inside of the car at the time and fortunately for them, the cocktail did not have a chance to ignite. We cannot begin to imagine how scary this must have been for them.

Shader may have believed that she would be let off the hook because the Molotov did not explode but the law is never going to judge you by the outcome. You are going to be judged by your intent at all times. She was arrested and now faces a litany of charges because of what she did. Shader pleaded not guilty last week.

The indictments that came down in June should have been enough to scare her out of that plea but she’s still fighting to prove her innocence. To make matters even worse for her, the incident was even captured on video. We’re not sure how she could possibly believe that a not guilty plea would work out well for her.

She clearly wanted to cause harm to these officers and their vehicle. That’s why she is going to be punished for her actions. As you already know, the liberals are not big on taking responsibility for their actions. This woman is already trying to claim that a black man made her do it. She didn’t want to throw the Molotov cocktail, you see.

Someone else made her do it! It’s the “I was just holding it for a friend” of legal defenses. We will see how that one works out for her. “She was approached on the street and given ‘the bottle’ by a black male, who was in a group with one other black male and a black woman,” according to the newspapers who are going along with this malarkey.

She even attempted to describe the man, like that is going to help her cause at all. The police are not exactly breaking down doors looking for this mythical figure who is going around handing out Molotov cocktails to white liberals. Shader also wants people to believe that she only took the cocktail because she was the only white person in the crowd and she wanted to protect the black people who were present.

No one is buying this story and we are unsure why she is selling it. Maybe she believed that she would be able to get away with what she did because of her skin color? That would be pretty ironic. Investigators have started to pick her story apart. It did not take much for all of these lies to start unraveling once people were willing to tug at the obvious dangling threads.

For starters, she is the one who drove to the protests with a car full of weaponry. Her car was chock full of the same bottles that were thrown at the cop car. A note was found in Shader’s car that makes her whole story look like a bunch of hogwash. “I found a few more glass bottles Than I thought I had, Though still not many. Wish I had more. BE SAFE Please. Really[.] Good Luck, – Love Tim,” the note read.

Timothy Amerman was immediately identified and is trying to claim that the bottles weren’t going to be thrown at the police. The amount of lying that took place here is ridiculous. Will these people ever shut up and accept responsibility for what they have done? It’s not too much to ask.

We cannot get over the irony of someone who claims to stand with Black Lives Matter protesters behaving like this. She’s down for the cause, until she gets in trouble. At that point, its time to blame imaginary black people for what went down. If convicted on all charges, Shader will face up to 20 years behind bars.

What About That Liberal Bias? CDC Staffers Make Over 8000 Donations to Democrats, Only 5 to GOP

The “Obama has ruined everything” crowd is getting all of the ammunition that they need with this most recent story. He managed to politicize every organization in the country and we are dealing with the aftermath of those decisions on an everyday basis. Even the Center For Diseases Control and Prevention has become a leftist stronghold.

According to the Daily Caller News Foundation, employees for the Center For Diseases Control and Prevention have donated to political causes at least 8,000 times. Out of those 8,000 donations, take a wild guess as to how many of them went to Republican causes. The number is going to surprise you, no matter how low your initial guess was.

As it turns out, the number of Republican donations that were provided by CDC employees could be counted on one hand. You’ll need all of the fingers, though. Five policy donations were given to Democrats. Apparently, the organization was only willing to hire Democrats to assist them with these important endeavors.

This goes a long way towards explaining the policies that they have enacted since COVID-19 began to ravage the nation. It feels like they are always backpedaling and playing defense. Solid points have been made by various observers. For starters, it is clear as day to see that the the Center For Diseases Control and Prevention was looking into the political background of anyone that they hired.

It’s almost impossible to come to any other sort of conclusion if you have been paying any attention to what is taking place in this country. Being a Republican is no longer acceptable and now, those who are in search of employment may need to start making new considerations. Anyone who is conservative is not going to be welcomed by the CDC.

Imagine if any organization of this magnitude was found to be hiring conservatives only. The outrage would be immeasurable. The mainstream media would spend months talking about. When it happens in reverse, no one seems to care one way or the other. It’s swept under the rug and they hope that everyone is going to forget about it.

Is the CDC going to be able to get away with this one? We are unsure but we would not be surprised if an audit was done. Organizations cannot be vetting employees for their politics like this. It would be one thing if we were talking about people with beliefs that are legitimately harmful to the rest of the country but we are talking about one of the two major political parties.

If no one would be happy about this if it were happening in reverse, we should agree that this is wrong. Stories like this one bring President Trump’s recent decision making into much clearer focus. He decided to strip the organization of their coronavirus reporting responsibilities and this decision is looking more and more prescient as time goes on.

These mentalities are becoming more and more pervasive. The right wing of the United States is being discriminated against on a regular basis. The attacks that are taking place would never be allowed if leftists were the target. The media would spring into protection mode and the nation would be willing to point the finger in the right direction.

One thing is clear. It is essentially impossible for the current president to dig out from under the damages that were done while the Democrats were in office. They have destroyed any semblance of democracy that we once had. Even the CDC is not safe from all of their pandering. If you’re a leftist, you are treated with kid gloves.

If not? All bets are off. A well known organization has openly flouted the rules of hiring that most of us have accepted as ironclad. Is this the nation that we want to live in? Definitely not. Don’t tell that to the liberals, though. They are perfectly fine with stomping on civil liberties when it suits them.

The Dems’ New Normal: Upstate NY Now Under Travel Advisement Because of Escalating Violence

While this is a local news story, it is still noteworthy. We got a major kick out of it and we thought that you would, too. Of course, everyone is aware of the issues that are taking place in New York City right now. The city has turned into total chaos because of their astonishingly poor leadership. The violent crime spike that everyone predicted has already taken place and shootings are more commonplace than ever before.

City Hall, for their part, is taking away police funding and disbanding plainclothes officer units. New York is a beautiful state outside of the Big Apple, though. Upstate New York accounts for roughly 40 percent of the state’s population and is much larger than New York City, from a landmass standpoint. This particular story takes place in the Hudson Valley, in a small town called Fishkill.

The town is home to roughly 2,000 people and is best known for the prison that is located in their township. Their Village Council is keeping tabs on what is going on downstate and they are not pleased. In fact, they are looking to keep their local residents safe by issuing one of the more bizarre travel advisories that we have ever come across.

Anyone who decides that they are ready to visit New York City is going to have to follow the proper protocol. The violence that is taking place in the city that never sleeps is simply too much to bear. East Fishkill Councilman Anil Beephan issued the warning and he is very serious about the matter. “It is recommended that area residents exercise increased caution while visiting New York City,” said Beephan.

According to statistics that were provided by the New York Police Department, shootings are on the rise and the numbers are terrifying. Shootings went up 130 percent between the months of June and July. When the local news station spoke to Beephan about the order, he broke it down in very simple terms. “I just thought it would be important for residents in my town to know that there is an uptick in crime and they should be careful when they go down there,” Beephan said to News 12.

The advisory was also posted to the councilman’s official Facebook page. Beephan wants people to believe that they are going to be attacked at random if they visit New York City. This is the sort of fear mongering that takes place when people are unfamiliar with the areas that they are speaking about. It’s like Beephan lives in a past decade, when people who are from upstate New York were deathly afraid of the “big city”.

Sadly, this is not the first time that Americans have been told that they need to avoid certain cities in their own country. Amnesty International told their travelers to worry about heading to American cities because of the nation’s ongoing “gun crisis”. Meanwhile, there are a wide range of foreign countries who warned their citizens about traveling to American cities, including Denmark, France and Germany.

We hate to come down on the side of Fishkill here but we have no choice. If we are being completely honest, there is no way that we would be willing to travel to New York City anytime soon. Now that their mayor has given the streets over to the angry mobs, why would anyone want to drive all the way down to New York City? What used to be a fun excursion for upstate residents has now become a living nightmare.

It may sound like we are being snarky about what is going on but nothing is further from the truth. Fishkill’s policies may seem excessive to some but they are merely trying their best to keep their residents safe. We may have joked around about the advisories a bit but putting all of that aside, it is easy to see why this call was made by their councilman.

California’s Democrats Releasing 18,000 More Violent Criminals, Claiming COVID-19, While Sending Barbers and Moms to Jail

The California Department of Corrections is ready to unleash a wave of violent criminals on their unsuspecting populace. Their reasoning for doing so doesn’t make very much sense. 18,000 prisoners will be released, as a means of slowing down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The state officials are looking to protect the state’s incarcerated population.

What about the rest of the state, though? No one seems to care about what is going on and they are not thinking about the long term effects of these decisions. These actions are taken to provide for the health and safety of the incarcerated population and staff,” says Ralph Diaz. As the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary, he is responsible for these sorts of considerations.

When these considerations come at the expense of law abiding citizens, it makes us wonder what is really going on. Is California making the classic mistake of putting their performative activism ahead of human safety? Only time will tell but the early returns are not good. 10,000 inmates have already been released and another 8,000 could be back on the streets by the time August is over.

Over 2,000 California inmates have already tested positive for COVID-19. Democratic leaders may think that they are helping the problem by releasing inmates but all they are doing is increasing the risk of exposure for the rest of their population. Are they going to be providing all of these criminals with homes and access to a steady income?

That’s one of the most important questions that needs to be answered, for the sake of the state’s private citizens. We are not sure why they are being given added stress to deal with at a time like this. They have enough to worry about, without having to contend with thousands of violent criminals who are mingling among the state population.

Governor Newsom’s announcement comes on the heels of a renewed push to shut the state back down. Like many other states that decided to reopen, their risk tolerance is low. Museums, zoos, bars, theaters and indoor dining establishments are being closed down once again. This is probably not the time to toss a bunch of convicted criminals back into the mix but what do we know?

They are not going to have any place to work or stay. Once reality sets in, the taxpayer is going to be left to pick up the pieces. Indoor malls, churches, nail salons and gyms are also being closed back down again. Black Lives Matter protests are still being allowed, of course. Newsom cannot even tell the California residents when the lockdown period is going to be over. He just wants everyone inside.

It’s sad to see people being deprived of basic information like this. The state of California is being held hostage by a liberal dictator and everyone can see it. The same folks who are being told that they need to stay at home at all costs are also being told that it would be perfectly okay to step outside for a Black Lives Matter protest.

We wouldn’t be surprised if people who do not even believe in the BLM movement start partaking in protests, simply as a means of getting outside for some fresh air. All jokes aside, what else are people supposed to do in these scenarios? They are having all of their options taken away from them and there is little else that they can do.

The state is heading down the tubes and it has been circling the drain for some time now. This is what happens when liberals are given the chance to call the shots. They are never going to make decisions that actually benefit the greater whole. It is all about virtue signaling for leaders like Newsom and we are grateful that we have the ability to see through all of it. The liberals in his state, on the other hand? They are not so fortunate.

Report: Leftwing Billionaire Soros Funded Groups and Individuals Behind Riots Since 2014

Back in 2015, two different organizations decided to fund the protests and riots and the news is finally coming to light. Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment and the Organization for Black Struggle both provided travel funding for any groups that were looking to protest. $300 was provided to individuals and groups received $1,000 apiece. MORE even decided to release a list of the folks who received this funding.

Some are probably wondering where these organizations were getting the money to fund the protesters’ travel. This is an obvious question that needs to be asked. The Open Society Foundation is responsible for offering up the monies. It will probably come as a surprise to no one that George Soros is the one who is funding that group and all of the protesters were receiving a handout from him.

That’s what he does. He uses his money to sow further discord in America and he does not care who knows it. There’s very little effort when it comes to concealing these actions. It’s like he is rubbing his money in the faces of all the conservatives who cannot afford to emulate his actions. The Open Society Foundation provided roughly $3 million in funding to those who wanted to travel to Ferguson.

Jeff Ordower is the man who received the funding and he was also responsible for distributing this money to the protesters. Soros tries to keep his own hands clean during these instances but the money trail always ends up leading back to him. The work that he did during the protests netted him enough cash to purchase a sizable home in the city of St. Louis.

These people need to stop pretending that they are trying to help out the folks who are being mistreated. It’s time for the Ordowers and Soros of the world to admit that they are only in it for themselves. Now that Ordower has a large home that he purchased with the money that he was collecting on behalf of the movement, people are finally willing to ask the right questions.

They should have been willing to do so from the very beginning, instead of blindly believing in these charlatans. Jeff was compensated handsomely for his work and provided with various bonuses. Does this sound like something that makes any sense to you? If he was willing to pocket the cash and buy himself a house, who knows how much more money was stolen from the people who actually need it?

If billionaires like Soros are looking to help out, why don’t they offer up their billions to the people who are most in need? We are sorry for the parade of questions but they are the furthest thing from rhetorical. It’s always interesting to see billionaires pretending that their money needs to be spent on items that do not go directly to the causes that they claim to be championing.

Palestinians were even paid to participate in the riots but apparently, they were not paid well enough. They had serious issues with their compensation. The riots that are taking place in the United States right now are operating under the same blueprint. The rioters receive money from the liberal billionaires who just want to see the country burn. The system is backed by these “well-meaning” people and the rest of the nation is too dumb to realize it.

The riots are being sold to the people as a necessary element of society but in reality, they are just another reason for the liberal elites to keep flexing their muscles. We feel sorry for all of the protesters that are being swept up in the current mania, under the belief that they are actually contributing to the betterment of America. Soros and his cronies will only continue to benefit from their extreme naivete going forward because they refuse to wake up and properly engage with the facts at hand.

Delusional Hillary Still Thinks She Won the 2016 Elections

This is a proclamation that may seem outlandish to some but in our humble opinion, Hillary Clinton is the sorest loser in the history of American politics. During a recent appearance on the Daily Show, she spoke with Trevor Noah about one of the more commonly recited leftist fears. They all seem to be under the belief that President Trump would actively refuse to leave the White House if he loses the election.

Of course, Hillary was not content to stop there. She decided to continue with another one of her more common complaints. Clinton is never going to let the 2016 election go, for as long as she lives. This woman will never stop whining about what took place four years ago, even when it is obvious that people are getting tired of it.

The leftists are starting to become exhausted by her constant crybaby nonsense. If you have been paying attention, they are tired of it, too. Trevor Noah and the Hollywood liberals may be on her side but she is not fooling the rest of us. In her mind, the election of Trump is known as America’s original sin.

The liberal politicians seem to change their mind on America’s “original sin” at least once a week. At first, they were saying that it was slavery and telling everyone that America had a long history of neglecting the concerns of various minorities. Now, they are being told that everything was peachy keen until 2016, when the orange man showed up and ruined everything!

“Well, I think it is a fair point to raise as to whether or not, if he loses, he’s going to go quietly or not. And we have to be ready for that,” said Clinton. This is the sort of fear-mongering that the Democrats are peddling these days. They know that no one is going to want to vote for Biden and that no one who is going to vote for him is all that enthusiastic about it.

That’s why they are hammering away at the conspiracy theories about what Trump would do if he’s voted out of office. This is one of those “let’s cross that imaginary bridge when we come to it” type of things to us, but we digress. Biden is probably not going to win but the Democrats are still entertaining fairy tales about Trump’s supposed unwillingness to leave the White House.

Mind you, these are also the same people who claimed that Trump did not actually want to live in the White House because he had supposedly called it a “dump”. Now, they are claiming that he loves it so much that he’ll refuse to leave. These people need to pick a narrative and stick with it because this is getting more and more insane by the day.

Hillary Clinton is also using her platform to offer further endorsement of the Democrats’ phony scheme to fix the next election. They want everyone to simply mail in their ballots and of course, they can’t understand why anyone would see the issue with this. In their minds, this is the best solution and anyone who doesn’t think so is some sort of hater.

They will do whatever they can to make sure that Biden takes home the presidency, even if it means lying to everyone’s faces. Trump is being depicted as a spoiled baby who will refuse to leave and that is supposed to terrify all of the Democrats into falling in line. It’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

How many more times is Hillary going to do the “woe is me, the presidency was stolen from me” routine? We are not even being rhetorical here. It’s something that we want to put an actual number on, so that we know what to expect going forward. With any luck, we are finally done listening to her whine but that’s probably too much to ask for.

Trump Calls Out Biden’s Decades of Selling Out America to Chinese Communists

President Trump has had enough of all the pro Biden rhetoric lately and he’s decided to start shedding his nonsensical policies. The Rose Garden press conference was an absolute doozy….if you are a Biden supporter. The whole agenda has been annihilated and we are 100 percent here for it. Trump spoke out about Biden’s relationships with the Chinese and he also spoke out about Hong Kong.

“Joe Biden’s entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party and to the calamity of errors that they’ve made. They made so many errors and it’s been devastating for the American worker,” said the president. China’s relationship with the World Health Organization was another point of contention.

Trump referred to the relationship between Biden and the WHO as one of the biggest economic disasters in the world’s history. The geopolitical effects were discussed as well. He left no stone unturned during his diatribe. Biden may have thought that he was safe from the harangue because of the social distancing policies but nothing could have been further from the truth.

According to Trump, Biden is responsible for the Chinese entitlement that he has been forced to deal with. He was the spearhead of the movement to provide China with favored nation status. Very few countries have this status and those that do are believed to be very lucky. The United States does not even have this status at the present time.

That’s how difficult the process is. In Trump’s mind, it is something that should have been asked for already but the nation was not led by people who actually knew what they were doing. Trump also had some choice words for Biden about his support of the Paris Climate Accord. This agreement is costly to our nation but Biden did not care at all. All he cares about is virtue signaling.

His whole campaign seems to be based on one simple idea: vote for me because I’m not Donald Trump. Biden does not have the ability to explain what he can actually do for the country because he is too busy trying to position himself as the anti Trump guy. He referred to the accord as one final gift to the Chinese. Biden has definitely been in the CCP’s pockets for some time now.

Trump also pointed out another fact that the leftists are not going to like. When Biden was vice president, over 10,000 factories departed. They all decided that it was time to take their business elsewhere. How can a man who has spent half a century working in the government be this incompetent? He wants everyone to believe that he has all of the answers but he has yet to make any real changes.

Trump was not content to stop there. He decided to come for Biden’s failures that are associated with foreign policy. Trump is mad that he has had to clean up the mess that Obama and Biden made when it came to their decisions in this regard. Our precious secrets have been stolen and our factories are being pillaged. If you would like to see the entire interview for yourself, this clip is a great watch.

The whole press conference is well worth your time, though. Biden may have thought that he would have the chance to skate before the general election rolls around but that is not going to happen. He is going against the sort of opponent that always pays attention. Trump is not about to fall victim to the leftist media spin like all of the others.

Biden’s days are numbered and we hope that this election is the last time that we have to endure his ramblings. The performances that he is putting on to try and make people forget about his failures are epic but they are not fooling anyone with a brain. We look forward to watching Trump put him in his place over the next few months.

Well Done, Cuomo! NYC Has the Worst COVID-19 Death Rate Than Any Nation on Earth

Well Done, Cuomo! NYC has the Worst Covid-19 Death Rate Than Any Nation on Earth

Woo hoo! I did it…I killed the most people. This is what it practically sounded like when Andrew Cuomo held a press conference on Monday to celebrate the response to Covid-19, complete with a poster.

The Covid-19 death rate is skyrocketing across NYC, making it higher than any nation. Normally, having the most of something is a good thing. Death, however, not good. Why is it that Governor Cuomo doesn’t know this?

His poster shows his epic inadequacies as a governor. New York state was not only the epicenter of the virus but also the poster child for other states of “Don’t Be Like New York.” The death tally is over 32,000 deaths.

Whoever created the poster was not only in denial over what was happening but clearly had no guidance, either. At the top, it says “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics, Get Smart!” Too bad Cuomo and his buddy NYC mayor Bill De Blasio can’t take their own advice.

It’s as if they have no idea just how bad things were in New York compared with the rest of the country. They take credit for all the “good” they did, complete with a table at the bottom of the poster with a “New York State Leads Again.” Though, being the leader is not always a good thing, especially with the words only inches from the politicians’ heads that reads, “111 days of hell.”

Congratulations, New York. You’re the leaders. You’re the ones leading your people right to the morgue. You’re leading the United States into the highest numbers around the globe.

Is the governor looking for an “atta boy?” from someone? He’s got Trump pictured sitting on the moon with his feet dangling in the poster with the words “It’s Just the Flu” – though it’s not supposed to be political.

He’s got a picture of the swab that goes up the nose, but that’s not supposed to scare people away from getting tested.

There’s not one graphic or piece of information on the poster that makes any sense. None of it shows New York in a good light. It’s ridiculous – yet Cuomo holds an entire press conference to show it off.

New York as a state had more deaths per 1 million people than any other country. In fact, you could start adding quite a few countries together and New York still takes the cake.

Cuomo sits proudly to show off his poster. He’s truly that ignorant. He has the audacity to sit there and show off a poster that reads “New York Tough” along with the words “smart,” “united,” “disciplined,” and “loving.”

None of those words can be used to describe New York at the beginning of the pandemic or now. It’s as if the poster was drawn by someone who doesn’t know anything about what happened. It’s what they wish happened.

Where was “smart” when Cuomo was tweeting for New Yorkers to get out and see a show? Where was “Smart” when Cuomo said he wouldn’t approve a “Shelter in place” order?

Where was “united” when he let BLM protesters rip apart NYC?

Where was “disciplined” when he allowed protesters to go out without masks? Where is the discipline, still, as budget cuts are being made to prevent discipline with the help of the NYPD?

Where was “loving” when there have been shootings and stabbings throughout NYC as the protests become increasingly more violent?

Cuomo, you’re delusional. The Covid-19 death rate is higher in New York than anywhere else on the planet. You don’t get to hold a press conference to claim how awesome New York is. Yes, you set the standard – the standard of what not to do.

As for that poster – it’s a joke. It is political and it isn’t smart. Send it back for editing to show just how horribly you have completely failed as a governor.

Sure AOC, It’s Bread, Not BLM Terrorism!

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs to come up with reason for the crime surge. However, the Democratic Representative decides to blame the spike in crime on unemployed residents who need “some bread” as opposed to the Black Lives Matters protesters tearing the city apart from the inside out.

Those who have lost their job to unemployment have access to unemployment benefits – and generous ones considering the CARES Act has extended the benefits into July at this point. If people are hurting for bread money, there are plenty of government programs to help them.

People are capable of buying bread. That is hardly the reason for the increase in crime – and AOC knows it.

AOC can’t speak the truth, though. She’s the ringleader for the young left. She won’t blame the uptick in crime on the NYPD budget cuts, either. With less police around, people have the ability to commit crimes more freely without the potential of being caught.

This is what the Dems wanted, right? They wanted to cut NYPD budgets as a way to teach the police that they messed up. It should have no impact on the lives of New Yorkers, right?

AOC’s virtual townhall was met with a number of questions, including the uptick in “violent” crimes.

She responded with, “Do we think this has to do with the fact that there’s record unemployment in the United States right now?”

AOC, as usual, has no idea what she’s talking about. There’s a big difference between shoplifting some bread and committing a violent crime. If there are some people who are shoplifting bread to feed their family, as she indicates, they are doing so under the radar. They’re not doing so violently.

Perhaps AOC should look at dealing with that type of NYC crime, then. If she honestly believes that is the reason for the spike in crime, that’s easy enough to fix. Let’s send some of that funding that was taken from the NYPD’s budget and give it to the food kitchens throughout the city. With the kitchens having more loaves of bread, they can give it to the families who are in need. Then, no more crime.

Oh, wait. That won’t work. What AOC won’t admit is that the violent crime isn’t coming from the sporadic families who need to shoplift a loaf of bread.

Meanwhile, the NYPD is increasing an increase of shootings and other violent crimes over the past few weeks. Officials have even gone as far as saying that there’s a “storm on the horizon” with the crime levels – perhaps BLM protesters are planning to turn NYC into the next Seattle, complete with a CHOP zone. Who knows, maybe AOC will be their ringleader, too.

Over the weekend, there were 15 shootings in 15 hours. This is one week following the violent 4th of July weekend with 44 shootings and at least eight dead. But, sure, it’s all over people not getting enough bread to feed their families.

The congresswoman has been a loud supporter of defunding the police. Once De Blasio announced a $1 billion round of budget cuts, she spoke out against it. Speaking out against the cuts is good, right? Nope. She was speaking out because she didn’t think that he went far enough. Instead, she wants to see the entire department defunded.

Meanwhile, when people ask her what a world looks like once the police has been defunded, she says that it “looks like a suburb.” What does this even mean?

Perhaps AOC should spend time in a suburb before she answers with such a ridiculous response. Suburbs have crime, too. They have police, too. The reason that suburbs are the safer place to be are twofold: the populations are fewer and they have police who have yet to be defunded.

AOC may not realize the importance of the police until it affects her personally, as has been the case with other Dems. Once she’s personally affected by the crime, she’ll be screaming to give the NYPD their funding back.

Shocking! Dems Want to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine to Blacks and Browns First, Letting Everyone Else Die

This is a very sensitive topic that our nation is sure to discuss in a calm and rational manner. While there are no vaccines available as of the moment, that has not stopped people from speculating about who would receive the first dosages. It should be pretty obvious how the order of things would go. Of course, children would all need to be vaccinated, so that schools can resume normal functionality.

The elderly and those who work on the front lines in the world of medicine also need to be at the head of the line. The same goes for those who have the sort of preexisting conditions that are aggravated by exposure to the virus. This should all be common sense. Even the president would probably agree. He would even offer up tweets to confirm this logic.

So why are these simple things so hard for the Democrats to successfully grasp? It’s a thorny subject, for sure. No one is saying that there are any easy solutions that can be implemented quickly. It’s a good thing that this conversation is taking place now, though. We don’t need to get too far ahead of ourselves when it comes to this stuff but it still needs to be discussed early on.

Black and Latino people have become infected with the virus at three times the rate of whites, and have died nearly twice as frequently. Many of them have jobs that keep them from working at home, rely on public transportation or live in cramped homes that increase their risk of exposure. They are more likely to suffer from underlying health problems, including diabetes and obesity, that raise the risk of hospitalization and death. Not only do the groups have less access to health services, they have a documented history of receiving unequal care…

[T]here will be a gap between the first doses coming off the manufacturing lines and a stockpile large enough to vaccinate the U.S. population. “I would say months,” Dr. José R. Romero, the chairman of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, predicted…

“I think we need to deal with this issue at this time with the information that we have. And it is: They are groups that need to be moved to the forefront, in my opinion.”…

“It’s racial inequality — inequality in housing, inequality in employment, inequality in access to health care — that produced the underlying diseases,” Dr. Matthew said in an interview. “That’s wrong. And it’s that inequality that requires us to prioritize by race and ethnicity.”

Otherwise, we are going to be left to have these tough conversations once the vaccine has already been released and by then, it is going to be too late. The Democrats have their own ideas as to how the vaccine should be distributed. It won’t surprise you to learn that they are pretty far out and meant as a form of virtue signaling.

When the first vaccines roll off the assembly line, there is going to be a gap period. In other words, it will take at least a few months before they can be provided to the American people. Everyone is going to have their reason why they should be first in line and that’s fairly inevitable. We understand the idea of prioritizing minority citizens who have special needs but telling everyone who is white that they have to wait does not seem like a smart idea.

Can you imagine the protests that would take place if this sort of decision was made? Clearly, the Democrats are saying whatever they have to at the moment but they are still playing with fire regardless. People are sure to remember these statements when it comes time to head to the polls. All of the citizens who were left to die by their Democratic leaders would not be looking to keep them in power.

The general idea makes some level of sense. After all, African-Americans and Latinos are affected by the virus at a greater rate than their white counterparts. There has to be a better way to go about this process, though. The threat of litigation should be enough to scare off the Democrats but they are still going to persist at the moment.

The woke politicians and epidemiologists who were willing to look the other way on large gatherings as long as they are protests are definitely going to test everyone’s patience on this. We can already see visions in our head. It’ll be wintertime and the second COVID wave will be ravaging the population. A vaccine is finally released but everyone is not allowed to receive it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or an epidemiologist) to predict widespread anger in this hypothetical instance.

Fortunately, we believe that cooler heads will prevail and a preliminary plan will be decided upon that works for everyone. A Penn public health expert has the perfect solution: a point system. Under this system, all lower income Americans (including whites) would be given the chance to head to the front of the line. That seems a lot more likely to work than the Democrats’ idea but no one tell them that! They’re too busy scrounging for woke points.

Video: Do You Recognize This Suspected BLM Supporter Wanted in Murder of 8-Year Old?

The death of Secoriea Turner in Atlanta has caused many protesters to stop and take stock of their cause. She was murdered in her mother’s car on July 4th, as protesters decided to open fire on the vehicle because they attempted to pull into a parking lot that they were guarding. The Atlanta police have zeroed in on a suspect in this case and video has been released.

According to a police spokesman, there are at least three other suspects that are believed to be involved. When questions were asked about the case, the police began to address various claims that have been circulating in the streets of Atlanta. There is a vicious rumor circulating about the people in the car at the time, as there are some who believe that they pulled a gun on the protesters first.

The police officers stated there is no video evidence that such an event occurred. Meanwhile, there was another rumor about the car. Stories have spread about the car ending up in the middle of a crossfire that was taking place between two different vehicles. The police spokesman confirmed that this rumor was also false.

The car was specifically targeted and none of the aforementioned narratives have any truth to them. Why did this horrific tragedy even happen? As it turns out, there is no real mystery to it. During the previous two weeks before the murder of this small child, there were issues brewing when it came to the roadblock that was set up by the local Wendy’s.

A group of armed citizens are said to have taken over the area and roadblocks were set up on University Avenue. They have been shooting at local residents lately, too. “My husband literally just missed getting caught in the crossfire when he was on his way home,” says Kimberlee Jones. What kind of world are we living in when people are not able to make their way to and from work without having to worry?

The area has been a magnet for shootings lately and we are tired of hearing about it. Not in the sense that we are going to ignore these issues but in the sense that we are fed up with seeing honest, hard working Americans suffering because a few folks feel like it’s their personal right to go around tearing things up and shooting anyone who disagrees.

A group of people has taken over the burned-out property of the Wendy’s on University Avenue where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed. They have refused to leave.

People who live in the neighborhood said they are no longer protesters, but people using the space for their own gain…

They said that people block the street, and sometimes will not even allow residents to pass.

“My husband literally just missed getting caught in the crossfire when he was on his way home,” said Kimberlee Jones. “And people have been shot and have been hurt.”

She lives about a mile from where Rayshard Brooks was shot and killed, and said it’s been difficult to get through her neighborhood since a group of people took over the parking lot where it happened.

We are well past the point of peaceful protest here. Innocent citizens are fearing for their lives and they are wondering where else they can turn. Authorities were well aware of what was taking place and they were not willing to do anything about it. They allowed the violence to reach the point of no return and now everyone else is being made to suffer because of their delays.

Emotions may have been raw but what about the families that are forced to bury their loved ones? Their emotions are probably raw right now, too. Even the city’s council members are not safe. A city councilwoman claims that she was also stopped by the protesters when she attempted to pass through the area.

The situation was described to the interim police chief and they were told that the group had essentially taken over the streets. From the looks of it, the citizens of Atlanta are dealing with their own version of the CHOP situation. Police monitored the situation from a respectful distance but they were not able or willing to intervene when officers were assaulted.

Protesters at the scene are calling the mayor of Atlanta a liar, claiming that they had nothing to do with the shooting. This begs the question: if the protesters weren’t responsible for the death of a small child, who is? The police are doing their best and gathering information wherever they can. That’s the only solace that we can take in what is going on right now.