Maxine Waters Has Questions as She Questions the Country That Has Made Her Rich

Maxine Waters should have retired years ago. The 82-year-old liberal Representative out of California has been a member of Congress for decades – and she’s been paid very well to represent her district.

Now, as she gets older, she becomes more and more senile. We shouldn’t expect anything less when she has President Biden to look up to as her role model.

As a Black Congresswoman, she’s been able to prove that the country is most certainly not racist. After all, she’s been an active politician since the 1970s.

To hear her talk, though, you would think that she’s one of the most repressed people in the country. She has shown that anything is possible with a degree and hard work. She’s proven to women and Black people across the country that anyone can go into politics and share their voices.

Yet, Waters doesn’t see it that way. She’s ready to ignore her past and all of her accomplishments as a way to advance her party’s agenda.

On Independence Day, Waters decided that she was going to disrespect the country that she lives in, represents, and pays her so well. She talks about July 4th and it being the day of the Declaration of Independence, where “all men are created equal.”

She decides to put a spin on it all by demanding answers. “Equal to what? What men? Only white men? Isn’t it something that they wrote this in 1776 when African Americans were enslaved? They weren’t thinking about us then, but we’re thinking about us now!”

Wow. Maxine Waters may have truly and officially lost her mind.

She chooses now to claim that the country is racist? She’s been in Congress for over three decades. It’s hard to claim that the country is racist when she, as a Black woman, has been serving inside of the federal government for as long as she has.

Clearly, the country has evolved since 1776. African Americans are no longer enslaved. Men and women of all colors have equal rights. Obviously, they do – she’s getting paid well to have those equal rights and exercise them on a daily basis.

So what if the forefathers weren’t thinking about the Black people back then? The reality is that the country has already moved past that point in history. We have evolved. We have paid the reparations and we must heal.

As a Congresswoman, Waters should be demanding unity. She should be fighting for the country to heal and to stop looking at the color of someone’s skin to determine their worth.

Waters shows off her madness as she claims that America is racist and that things must be done to protect the country.

Waters shares a few “truths” because the Declaration of Independence cites that truths are self-evident. She talks about some of the Black people who have been killed – George Floyd and Breonna Taylor to name a few. She also talks about states that have enacted “voter suppression” laws.

She really has lost her mind.

She only wants to look at some of the Black people who have been killed. She doesn’t care about the dozens of Black people who lose their lives every month due to Chicago gun violence. And, she doesn’t want to acknowledge that the voter laws aren’t suppressing anyone’s votes – it’s a way to ensure that people are voting once and that they are legal to do so.

Cori Bush, a Congresswoman out of Missouri, decided that she wanted to echo Waters and call the 4th of July a racist holiday, saying that the land is stolen and Black people still aren’t free.

How is this helping anything? We have to preserve history. Without the 4th of July and the Declaration of Independence, we would still be under British rule. Without “stealing the land” we wouldn’t have a country. And black people are most certainly free because Waters and Bush have proven that because of their positions in Congress.

Are Racial Issues Too Significantly Focused on in the Military?

When we’re supposed to be focused on unity, talking about race constantly can make it difficult. It seems as though every time we turn around, we’re talking about whether every white person is inherently racist or if Black people need to receive special treatment.

While talk about racial issues are important in some environments, is it affecting the mission inside of the military branches?

Uniformed leaders throughout the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard have decided to come together to discuss how the military has begun to heavily focus on diversity and inclusion within the ranks.

While many argue that the military has focused too narrowly on race and become almost obsessive about it, maritime service chiefs push back against the criticism.

Many Republicans have expressed concern that the military has gone too far, with training that is similar to an “anti-American indoctrination.” Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas is one of the louder members of Congress to point out problems.

The military is just one sector that has had to refocus on race, particularly as a result of the death of George Floyd – a black man killed at the knee of a white police officer.

During the annual WEST naval conference, maritime chiefs were asked about the service becoming “too woke.”

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Mike Gilday explained that it wasn’t grounded in facts. He goes on to say that “We’re definitely focused on warfighting first, readiness first, but an essential element of that readiness has to do with people.” Gilday has seen firsthand how diverse teams are capable of outperforming the teams that are not as diverse.

Gilday goes on to explain that talking about racial issues can close the gaps. By making the ranks look like America, it builds a stronger Navy.

There’s a difference between closing racial gaps and going above and beyond to ensure that Blacks, specifically, are being treated differently.

Diversity is important, but troops want a cohesive unit. They want to know that everyone in their unit has gotten there because they all put in the work. They all went through the same training and they’re all going to get the same level of punishment if something goes wrong.

With the way some of the training is being pushed out to the military, it makes it seem as though there’s a focus on giving preferential treatment to one race over another. If there is a white commander and a black troop, will the punishment be the same as if there is a white commander and a black troop – or even a black commander and a white troop?

These are really the questions that many have. At what point does the training go too far? At what point does it begin to rip apart the cohesion of the units so that there can’t be a focus first on warfighting and readiness?

Marine Corps Commandant General David Berger explained “Since we draw from that society…we want servicemembers to read widely.” He echoed some of what Army General Mark Milley said during a Congressional meeting at the end of June. The goal is not to focus too narrowly on such issues. However, the goal is to ensure that servicemembers are well-read on the various thoughts and theories that are found throughout today’s society in America – and that includes divisive topics such as critical race theory.

None of the maritime chiefs are saying that they want to adopt critical race theory. They do want troops to know about it, though. It will allow them to understand the theories found in society so they can be aware of how divisive things can be.

Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Karl Schultz added to the comments made by the others to say that “We’re working hard to be an inclusive organization.”

Inclusion is one thing. Division is another. It seems that the military is content to ride the middle of the line at the moment as a way to keep the peace between the parties. They also know that if they stray too far to the left, they could lose a significant number of servicemembers.

Good News: Biden’s Team Is Saving You $0.16 on Your 4th of July Meal! Really???

Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration bragged on Tuesday that because of his efforts, Americans will save about $0.16 on the cost of the total amount of food that they’ll consume on the Fourth of July. That number above is not a typo!

The Biden administration tweeted this boast from the official White House Twitter account. If the lame savings wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, the tweet came with a Dad joke pun that was widely mocked: “Planning a cookout this year? Ketchup on the news,” the White House tweeted.

The tweet continued: “According to the Farm Bureau, the cost of a 4th of July BBQ is down from last year. It’s a fact you must hear (d). Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And that’s something we can all relish.”

It’s just too bad we can’t afford the gas to get us to the grocery store!

Unfortunately, the White House administration’s claims and the graphic it used in its tweet were rather deceptive for a number of reasons. The administration used information from the American Farm Bureau, and it only used 12 items for its claim that food for the 2021 celebration would be less expensive that in 2020.

These are some of the food items that were not included on the list: steak, soda, alcohol, condiments, tea, hot dogs, corn on the cob, ribs, etc. The Farm Bureau did not respond to a request to release the average price of other foods across the country.

The graphic that the administration tweeted out did not include any of the items that Farm Bureau said increased in cost, including 2 pints of strawberries, $5.30 (up 22%); 13-ounce bag of chocolate chip cookies, $4.02 (up 11%); 8 hamburger buns, $1.66 (up 6%); 2.5 pounds of homemade potato salad, $2.75 (up 3%); 2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, $6.74 (up 1%).

Biden’s administration claims that saving Americans a total of $0.16 on a very small list of items is proof that “the Biden economic plan is working!” But inflation is rising, millions of Americans could soon face evictions, and Biden has faced terrible job report numbers. Gas prices are higher now than they were under former President Donald Trump and are the highest they’ve been since 2014. And it is not going to get better any time soon. AAA reported this week that they expect “crude oil prices to likely continue climbing following the holiday and through the end of summer.”

Top Democrat economists have indicated that the economy is at serious risk of overheating. Fear may drive this because now 85% of Americans are worried about inflation. Top investors report that the Biden administration “just continues to pour more gasoline on [the housing market] fire” which they said is “making inequality worse” because “you end up subsidizing the rich at the expense of the poor.”

To top the lunacy of the tweet off, Biden’s own administration has said that food prices are, in fact, increasing.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said in a statement last week: “The food-away-from-home (restaurant purchases) CPI [Consumer Price Index] increased 0.6 percent in May 2021 and was 4.0 percent higher than May 2020; and the food-at-home (grocery store or supermarket food purchases) CPI increased 0.3 percent from April 2021 to May 2021 and was 0.7 percent higher than May 2020.

In 2021 thus far compared to 2020 (reported as “Year-to-date avg. 2020 to avg. 2021”), food-at-home prices have increased 1.4 percent and food-away-from-home prices have increased 2.5 percent.”

It appears Biden is doing so badly on the economy that according to Reuters there is “an erosion in support … mainly from fellow Democrats” with “a growing number of Americans [that] disapprove of Biden’s leadership on the economy.”

Dem Spending Plan Proves They Want More Migrants, Not Less

Oh, no…we have illegal migrants entering the country… This is what the Democrats must sound like as they watch the border crisis unfold.

As they work to do something about it, you can see where their priorities lie.

They’re not racing to build the wall. They’re not racing to send troops out there to send the migrants back to their home countries.

They’re looking to spend more money to help the migrants. Oh, you’re broke? Let us give you stimulus money. Oh, you committed a crime? Let us get you into a sanctuary city. Oh, you don’t have a place to live? Let us help you with that, too.

Entirely too many Democrats have forgotten that the majority of migrants have entered the country illegally. They are not claiming asylum – and even if they did, they don’t qualify. These are not people interested in being tax-contributing Americans. They are looking to get as much as they can for free. If they really had something to offer and they wanted to follow the law, they would have filed for a work visa.

The Democrats have become the party of “do as I say, not as I do.” Although they may say that they’re working on the migration crisis, they’re hardly doing it.

What they are doing is expanding the sanctuary for illegal aliens. As soon as we peek at the House Democrat budget for the Department of Homeland Security, we see everything we need to see.

The funding for the border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has been revoked. Instead, the funding is going toward an initiative that Biden has presented – providing a sanctuary for as many illegal aliens as possible.

Whoa, now.

Are we supposed to be turning the migrants away or welcoming them into the country? This is where there is a division in thought.

The Republicans are fully prepared to build a wall to ensure that the migrants stay in their home countries. If you want into the U.S., follow the necessary protocol – enter through a border checkpoint or file for a work visa.

The Democrats are fully prepared to welcome everyone in, whether they swim across the river or jump the nearest fence. Immigration laws? Forget about it, come in, let us fix you a cup of tea, and hear all about your sad story.

Unfortunately, the Democrats control the House Appropriations Committee. Their DHS funding bill for the fiscal year 2022 shows us everything we need to know. They are looking to take the country one step closer to open borders. And while they may say that isn’t true, their funding bill says it for them.

Funds are decreased not only for border controls but also for interior immigration enforcement. That means that once the migrants have been released into the U.S., there wouldn’t be enough money to enforce any kind of deportation. And with the sanctuary cities being erected across the country, deportation becomes even further from reality since criminals get protected in the sanctuaries.

The “sanctuary country” will get expanded upon, with would provide detained border crossers with access to attorneys. ICE wouldn’t be able to let officers arrest those who are suspected illegal aliens. And, the biggest waste of money in the line item is to pay ICE detainees a local prevailing minimum wage for work while they are being detained.

These benefits are better than we give our own citizens.

Representative Chuck Fleischmann, a Republican out of Tennessee, has already figured out what the spending really translates to: “This bill would rescind all prior year’s border wall funds and make it impossible for border patrol and immigration officers to do their job.”

So, when anyone asks why the Biden administration hasn’t done anything about the crisis, it’s because they want to invite the migrants in, not kick them out. The proof is in this disgusting DHS funding bill.

C-SPAN Survey Ranks All Presidents: Obama is in the Top 10 and Trump is Near the Bottom at #41

The mainstream media has another opportunity to take shots at Former President Donald Trump and once again saddled right up to Former President Barak Obama.

C-SPAN had a survey done by presidential historians ranking the country’s 44 former chief executives. Former President Barack Obama was ranked among the top 10 presidents.

“As the nation prepares to celebrate Independence Day, C-SPAN is releasing the results of its fourth Historians Survey of Presidential Leadership, in which a cross-section of presidential historians and professional observers of the presidency ranked the country’s 44 former chief executives on 10 characteristics of leadership,” C-SPAN said in a press release.

To no one’s surprise, Abraham Lincoln ranked first. He has held that position in the previous three versions of the survey.

Former President Obama moved up in his ranking, rising from his #12 ranking in 2017 to #10 in the most recent results. Obama’s climb to the top 10 happened because his rating improved greatly in the relations with Congress category, where he jumped from 39th to 32nd. And in the performed within context of times category, Obama also improved from 15th to 10th.

The historians revealed their thoughts on President Trump, “Former President Donald Trump enters the ranks for the first time in the #41 position. His highest rankings were in Public Persuasion (#32) and Economic Management (#34). The historians ranked him in last place (#44) for Moral Authority and Administrative Skills,” the press release stated.

In the category of “Moral Authority,” Obama ranked #6, behind only Lincoln, Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Theodore Roosevelt.

Participants in the survey included 142 historians and “professional observers of the presidency,” C-SPAN noted. In the survey, which was first conducted in 2000, participants rate each president based on 10 qualities of presidential leadership: Public Persuasion, Crisis Leadership, Economic Management, Moral Authority, International Relations, Administrative Skills, Relations with Congress, Vision/Setting an Agenda, Pursued Equal Justice for All and Performance Within the Context of the Times.

Trump, at #41, scored right below William Henry Harrison, who died of pneumonia after just 31 days into his presidency. Those who ranked below Trump were: Franklin Pierce, he signed the Kansas-Nebraska Act that led to Bleeding Kansas; Andrew Johnson, who was impeached and opposed rights for black Americans; and James Buchanan, whose ineffective leadership is widely considered a leading factor in the Civil War.

Douglas Brinkley, a Rice University professor who has advised C-SPAN on the survey since its first iteration, said one reason for Trump’s low ranking could be his 2021 impeachment, which made him the only U.S. president ever to be impeached twice.

“This year, people compared which is worse: Watergate or the Trump impeachment?,” Brinkley said in a C-SPAN press release.

C-SPAN said that the category with the most change in rankings over the last 20 years was pursued equal justice for all. Woodrow Wilson’s category ranking dropped 17 points since the first survey to this year’s.

“Despite the fact that we’ve become more aware of the historical implications of racial injustice in this country and we’re continuing to grapple with those issues, we still have slaveholding presidents at or near the top of the list,” Howard University professor Edna Greene Medford said in the press release.

The biggest increase since the 2000 survey to 2021 was garnered by Ulysses S. Grant, who served during Reconstruction. Grant was ranked No. 33 in the first survey, and now stands at No. 20.

“Grant,” Brinkley said in the press release, “is having his Hamilton moment.”

It’s going to be interesting to see what kind of dance numbers will be created for Grant’s Broadway musical…

Oh the Irony! Democrat NYC Mayoral Candidate Complains About Widespread Voter Fraud – Sounds Familiar?

A few short days ago, Eric Adams’ lead in the Democratic primary looked to be insurmountable. He was so confident that he was going to win, he started calling himself “the face of the new Democratic party”. As it turns out, Adams was allowing himself to become a bit overconfident.

If he winds up losing the election, how can he still claim that he is going to be the face of the party? Adams is not nearly as close to victory as he might think that is. In fact, former de Blasio sanitation commissioner Kathryn Garcia is hot on his tail. She’s just a few points behind and there still a wide range of absentee ballots that need to be counted.

Garcia could have a significant lead on Adams on these ballots and there is good reason to believe that this is the case. However, it is quite unusual for someone with a lead like Adams’ not to win if they have established a margin this wide during the first round of counting. Garcia has an ace up her sleeve, though.

Yang formed an alliance with Garcia, wherein he asked any potential voters of his to make her their second choice. This decision could end up paying off handsomely for her over the long haul. For example, she has already become the favorite in betting markets and professional election analysts are also predicting victory.

“It shouldn’t matter which side of the aisle you’re on — if you believe in our Democracy and in the peaceful transition of power, then you have an obligation to speak out against Donald Trump’s dangerous, unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud,” Adams tweeted last year. Now, he is making wild claims about the integrity of the election, which we thought was a major no-no!

When Trump had his concerns, they were brushed aside and people were told that they needed to leave it alone. These legitimate concerns were never given the time of day by any liberal thinkers. If Trump really wanted to troll the Democrats (and we think he does), we could see him releasing a statement standing in solidarity with Adams. He can use this to poke at the people who did not want to hear about his election-related concerns.

Things have gotten messy and we are sure that they are only going to get messier over the next few days. Garcia and Yang were already accused of racism by Adams because of their willingness to team up. Even the liberal media had a good laugh at this one. Adams can make this as ugly as he wants to but we would not be surprised if his gripes were legitimate.

His concerns may not be as outlandish as we originally thought. The Board of Elections is raising our suspicions. “We are aware there is a discrepancy in the unofficial RCV round by round elimination report. We are working with our RCV technical staff to identify where the discrepancy occurred. We ask the public, elected officials and candidates to have patience,” they tweeted.

If you are asking us, it would not be shocking to see New York City screw something like this up. The new system is complicated and the city has a history of inefficient vote counting. In our humble opinion, this is one of those things where you cannot attribute the issues to malice. Stupidity seems to be the more likely explanation at the moment but we shall see.

Adams is certainly waiting to hear more and we can understand where he is coming from. Once he saw the betting markets shift, this had to be a major wake up call. It’s an absolute mess at the moment but since we do not live in New York City ourselves? We are free to grab some popcorn and enjoy the show. Stop The Steal: Democrat Edition is now well under way and we cannot wait to see how the mainstream media handles it.

The Wrong Biden Will be Showing Up at the Olympics

We’re supposed to believe that Joe Biden is not only our president but also a completely capable one.

Joe Biden won’t submit to a mental health test. He’s also not jumping on Air Force One to head to Japan for the Summer Olympics.

Anytime the president should be somewhere, Jill Biden is stepping in to fill his spot.

Americans voted for Joe Biden to be the president. Dr. Jill Biden became the First Lady simply because she was married to him. We didn’t vote for Dr. Jill Biden, so we can’t expect to be happy that she’s playing president.

At this point, Dr. Jill Biden is playing politics better than both the president and the vice president.

The president is the one who should be representing the country, especially at such a world stage as the Olympics.

Yet, it’s already been rumored that it will be First Lady Jill Biden showing up at the Olympics in Tokyo, Japan.

Oh, and that’s not all. She’ll also be hosting a few diplomatic meetings.

Did we miss something on the ballots where we were voting for Jill instead of Joe? Was there an asterisk that every American in the country missed?

The administration is sending the wrong Biden to Japan – and the Japanese couldn’t be more thrilled.

A Japanese paper, Yomiuri Shimbun, revealed that the First Lady will be attending the opening ceremony and meeting with Yoshihide Suga, the Prime Minister of Japan, along with several other senior diplomatic officials.

Does Dr. Biden have the ability to enter into any agreements for the U.S.? Absolutely not. As the First Lady, she has no governmental power. Yet, the Biden administration is content with her meeting with the officials of a country that has been a major ally for the U.S. to ensure Asian relations.

Who will be at this meeting and why is it okay for the First Lady to attend without her husband?

These are the questions that many are beginning to ask.

It’s expected that French President Emmanuel Macron will be in attendance. His country will be hosting the 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics.

The First Lady seems to be filling in for her husband with greater frequency – and it’s not okay. If the president is unable to do his job, it should be the VP who is filling in. And, if the president is unable to do his job in the long-term, it’s time that he is taken out of the office entirely – which would also remove Dr. Jill Biden as the First Lady.

Dr. Jill Biden doesn’t seem to mind. Perhaps that’s the scariest part. She has stepped in for Bien on a daily basis when it comes to political engagement with the public. And no one within the administration seems to be ready to tell her that it’s not her place.

It’s one thing for a wife to support her husband when he’s running for office. It’s another to hip check him so that she can pretend as though she’s running the office. We saw the first scenario during Biden’s campaign trail. Now, we’re seeing the latter.

If she were a politician, we could understand. If we elected her to office, we could accept her presence as she is popping up everywhere. She’s neither a politician nor an elected official.

And she’s starting to embarrass the administration.

She’s been visiting vaccination sites around the country, urging people to get vaccinated. She’s also been getting booed because people don’t want to be pressured.

And, she was an embarrassment when she attempted to speak Spanish to a group of people in California. She wanted to say “Si se puede” to mean “Yes, we can!” Instead, she said, “Si se pwadueh,” which is a complete and utter butchering of the Spanish language.

Can we please put Biden in her place? The First Lady cannot be the president. And, she most certainly should not be meeting with foreign leaders in place of her husband.

Newsom Blames Wildfires on Climate Change but Lies About Prevention Efforts

If you’ve heard much about California as of late, it’s likely about the recall election for governor that is about to occur. Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has proved himself to be unfit to be leading the state.

So what is this last act of his that has led to his demise?

Well, as you well know, California suffers yearly from an incredibly dangerous “fire season,” given the state’s dry and arid climate that quickly saps it of any spring or summer precipitation. Naturally, this makes fire prevention a massive necessity in the Golden State.

Now, if you’re not from a state like California, where fire seasons are a yearly occurrence much like hurricane season in the Southeast, it’s essential to know that fire prevention is not simply Smoky the Bear telling you to put out your campfires or even mandating burn restrictions.

While those more public methods are certainly in play, fire prevention for the state also involves “treating” specific areas with things like controlled burns or fuel breaks, which eliminate the risk of fires stretching on for miles on end and causing imminent danger to communities. In fact, the state has its very own Forestry and Fire Protection Department tasked with doing just that.

As governor, it is Newsom’s job to make sure this department has the resources, funding, etc., that it needs to do all that it can to prevent wildfires, including pointing areas of great concern or that are especially vulnerable to fires.

In 2019, after a record-breaking fire season of 2018, Newsom ran his campaign for the governorship on the promise to improve the state’s fire prevention strategy, according to Fox News.

And yet, with 2020 now behind us, another record-breaking year for wildfires, it seems Newsom has done anything but what he said.

In a recent statement, Newsom predicted that this would be a bad year for fires in the state. And he’s not wrong. According to Cal Fire, 16,000 acres have already this year, and fire season has barely begun. Last year by this time, only 3,600 acres had burned.

Newsom has tried to blame this on the increase in climate change or global warming, claiming that the higher temperatures have created a “new reality” in the state.

According to a statement in 2019 obtained by Fox, he encouraged the residents of California to “step up and step in for our communities as we confront new and growing threats.” And in 2020, his message was much the same, saying that “climate change has profoundly impacted the reality that we’re experiencing.”

You’d think this would make Newsom want to “step up” as well when it comes to fire prevention. However, as a recent investigation by CapRadio and NPR’s California Newsroom just found out, Newsom has actually lied about the little fire prevention that he has done and cut funding to the rest.

According to a claim made by Newsom earlier in the year, California’s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, affectionately known as Cal Fire, has treated some 90,000 acres so far this year, making them less vulnerable to wildfires. In reality, that number is only around 11,399 acres, based on data from the state.

To be clear, that’s an exaggeration of 690 percent.

But that’s far from the end of Newsom’s failures.

In addition, CapRadio reported that the liberal governor also dropped Cal Fire’s fuel reduction output “by half in 2020, to levels below Gov. Jerry Brown’s final year in office. At the same time, Newsom slashed roughly $150 million from Cal Fire’s wildfire prevention budget.”

No wonder 2020 broke all previous wildfire records, burning some 4.3 million acres to the ground. It is noted that this is twice the number of acres burned in 2018, the last record-holding year.

And, as I mentioned before, this year is expected to be much worse, thanks in large part to Newsom’s complete ignorance of the problem at hand or how to handle it. As Meteorologist Dre Tuma from KABC-TV says, 40 percent of the state is already in what is called an “exceptional drought” stage, which is the worst possible category.

As former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer says, “Fire season is fast approaching, and Gavin Newsom has left us woefully unprepared for the dangers to come.”

Yep, I’d say if you can’t even handle fire prevention in a state known all too well for its wildfires, you have no business in leadership. And apparently, the rest of the state agrees.

Hawley’s “Fund the Police” Proposal is an Epic Display of ‘Merica Fighting Back

As liberals and Black Lives Matter protesters look to defund the police, Republican Representative Josh Hawley out of Missouri has a better idea. What about actually funding the police so that they can address the rise in crime?

Liberals have had to learn that defunding the police and letting the criminals win isn’t the way to cut the crime in a city. Crime is on the rise – and if we don’t start treating law enforcement properly, more are going to walk off of the job.

Hawley’s plan would be to hire 100,000 police officers around the country. It could boost morale in police departments and focus on the crime – including a surge in homicides and violent crime.

There’s a harsh reality that the Biden administration has to face: According to a Breitbart News poll, 73 percent of Americans believe crime is higher under President Biden than it was under former President Trump.

Why is that? Oh, right…Biden has been allowing the protesters to have their way. Even if they are arrested, most cities won’t prosecute the protesters and rioters, regardless of how many crimes they may have committed.

It has set a dangerous precedent. Criminals think that they can literally get away with murder in Biden’s America. With more cities defunding or reducing budgets, it’s causing crime to spike.

Biden has finally realized that it’s time to address the crime statistics. And Hawley’s proposal comes out just in time to be heard.

Hawley’s statement explained that American families just aren’t safe, but they can be with his proposal. “This is not the time to defund the police or vilify them, but to support the brave men and women in blue – and put more of them on the streets.”

His proposal would include a grant to local communities to support hiring an additional 100,000 law enforcement officers. It would also increase penalties for those who assault federal officers as well as damage federal courthouses. He wants to expand concealed-carry rights to federal prosecutors and judges. Further, he wants to establish a new criminal offense for those who target a person based on their status of being a law enforcement officer.

Finally, we have someone who has not only come up with a solution but one that could actually work.

We let the liberals try out their “defund” movements in various liberal cities. Chicago, Minneapolis, and Portland are some great examples of how defunding the police is not going to work. Crime has surged in all of those cities. Some police officers have been so disgusted by the new liberal laws that they have chosen to retire early rather than work in a city where criminals are the ones turned into heroes.

Biden says that he wants to address the rising crime in the country. Yet, he hasn’t unveiled any kind of plan. Meanwhile, the far-left want to focus on gun control laws. Some even have the brilliant idea of building fewer prisons and defunding the police entirely.

The ultra-liberal have this random idea that only people of color are being targeted and arrested. By getting rid of the police, people of color can simply live their lives and crime won’t occur.

It makes no sense. People of every color commit crimes for countless reasons. If the police aren’t around, crimes will still happen. Only, the innocent won’t have a place to turn and the criminals will get to roam free.

More people need to get on board with Hawley’s recommendations. He wants to support the blue and ensure that the innocent people of America are being protected. We already know the way to make this happen. We need to rely on law enforcement officers to do their job – and we need to make the various departments around the country stronger than ever.

Scary! Delusional Biden Orders Airstrike Against Iranian Proxies While Offering Nuclear Weapons to the Mullahs

Iran-backed militias have been attacked in the Iraq-Syria border region, thanks to airstrikes that were ordered by none other than Sleepy Joe himself. In case you think that we are pulling this out of thin air, here is an official statement from the Pentagon about the matter:

“At President Biden’s direction, U.S. military forces earlier this evening conducted defensive precision airstrikes against facilities used by Iran-backed militia groups in the Iraq-Syria border region. The targets were selected because these facilities are utilized by Iran-backed militias that are engaged in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) attacks against U.S. personnel and facilities in Iraq,” says Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.

The strikes that were ordered by Biden were designed to target operational and weapons storage facilities at two locations in Syria and one location in Iraq. These locations are all located in the aforementioned border region between the two countries. A wide range of Iran-backed militia groups use these facilities.

Kata’ib Hezbollah and Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada are chief among them. “Given the ongoing series of attacks by Iran-backed groups targeting U.S. interests in Iraq, the President directed further military action to disrupt and deter such attacks. We are in Iraq at the invitation of the Government of Iraq for the sole purpose of assisting the Iraqi Security Forces in their efforts to defeat ISIS. The United States took necessary, appropriate, and deliberate action designed to limit the risk of escalation – but also to send a clear and unambiguous deterrent message,” Kirby continued.

This story continues to develop. We are anxious to see what happens next but in the meantime? This feels a lot like a distraction. Remember when Trump was in office and every single move that he made was supposed to be serving as a diversionary tactic? The same mainstream media that could never shut up about any of this is now turning a blind eye to Biden’s ridiculousness.

It is high time that America started to withdraw all of the troops from this region. Instead, Biden is instigating more violence and making this close to impossible. This is the same man who claims that we can start to remove the troops but then he goes and does something like this.

Biden talks out of both sides of his mouth. Anyone who has not noticed this is deluding themselves. We are willing to bet that Joe did not even bother to get the proper approvals before he pulled this stunt. To make matters even worse, Biden cannot even explain himself. The deep state does what they want and they do not care who knows it.

At this point, they are doing everything short of daring conservatives to stand up and say something. The irony here is that Biden has tried his best to present himself to the world as the anti-Trump but now he’s trying (and failing) to walk in his footsteps. When Trump tried to tame the Middle East, he had actual plans and he carried them out. He was not flailing at random like Biden does.

Biden should stick to pandering to the liberals because being a war hawk is not becoming of him. Then again, there is a good chance that he was talked into serving as the figurehead for this attack. We would say that it is an even-money bet that he never even knew it was going down. He just presented himself as the scapegoat after the fact.

At this point, that’s about all he can do. Shoot, you could tell us that Jill is the one who signed the order and we would be willing to believe that. The simple fact remains that this administration is running scared. These are the types of things that happen when a president is nervous. Sadly, even the Pentagon is in on these delusions and there is no end in sight to the insanity. In the meantime, we remain skeptical….

First Lady Gets Booed While Trying to Do Her Husband’s Job

Dr. Jill Biden has been traveling around the country, doing what her husband should be doing. She’s shaking hands and kissing babies. The problem is that President Biden can’t do it – so she’s stepping in to do what he cannot.

And it’s not that President Biden won’t…he can’t. Who knows what he would say to people without having a teleprompter in front of him at all times? It would be a press nightmare for the administration.

The First Lady has been promoting the vaccine. When she went to Nashville, Tennessee, she had country singer Brad Paisley with her.

She’s not one of the most likable first ladies in history. And her poking fun at Tennesseans for not being vaccinated isn’t going to help her case at all.

When she got to the podium, she let out a nervous laugh when she said, “This state still has mmm, a little bit of a way to go.” She went on to point out that only three out of 10 in the state have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

The audience, all supposedly backing Biden, booed in response to what she had to say.

No one wants to hear her criticism.

There are reasons why so many people are holding out on the vaccine. What’s the incentive? So many federal agencies are still requiring the use of a mask, even with proof of a vaccine. If people can’t go maskless everywhere, what’s the point of getting poked?

Dr. Jill Biden doesn’t want to address any of the concerns. She just wants to scorn people for not getting the vaccine – which, in turn, is making her husband look weak.

After being booed, she shot back with another nervous laugh to say “Well, you’re booing yourselves.”

This isn’t the first place she’s been booed, either. She’s been booed in NYC and other cities, too.

If there’s any Democrat they want to hear from, it’s President Biden himself. There’s no reason why the First Lady should be out pushing the vaccine as hard as she is.

She thinks that because she’s a doctor, she’s the most qualified to be out pushing the vaccine. Did she forget that her Ph.D. is in education, not medicine? Everyone is well aware that she’s not a medical doctor – so using her title to push a vaccine no one wants is ridiculous. So, she shouldn’t be surprised when she’s getting little turnout and a crowd of booing people.

A pop-up vaccination clinic at Ole Smoky Distillery only had a handful of people present who were willing to roll up their sleeves. Biden and Paisley visited it as part of their state-wide promotion. According to the Tennessean, only about 10 people were there to greet the First Lady.

Dr. Biden seemed to threaten people more than offer a message of hope. She told people that vaccines would be the only way to get back to music festivals, concerts, and open mics – the very thing that makes Nashville the special city that it is.

She might want to spend a day or two in Nashville. She’ll see that there are plenty of bars and restaurants offering live music every night. The state has opened back up, despite the low vaccination rate among its citizens.

So, she threatened everyone – and it was an empty threat at that.

Brad Paisley seemed to deliver a better message as he sang songs from country music legend John Prine and Dolly Parton. He also cautioned people to avoid disinformation regarding the vaccine. He told the audience that in West Virginia, people would come with buckets of water to put out a fire before the Fire department showed up. “Now we’re living in a time when disinformation is telling us that water won’t put out the fire.”

If the Biden administration wanted to get results, they should have kept the First Lady back in DC. Paisley could have handled everything on his own without hearing any booing from the crowd.

Why are the Vaccinated Being Told to Wear Masks?

The CDC has made updates to the mask mandate. Those who are fully vaccinated have been told they do not have to mask up. The federal government has embraced this recommendation, too. It’s been a way to ensure that more people are getting vaccinated so that they can go maskless.

Yet, not everyone is listening to the CDC recommendations. The federal government is allowing businesses, universities, cities, and even states to determine whether people still have to wear masks.

We’re being suffocated while the Biden administration looks on.

Monmouth University in New Jersey is a perfect example of going against the grain. They’ve released COVID-19 guidelines for the 2021 fall semester. They’ve recognized how the governor has relaxed the six-foot social distancing requirement.

Monmouth wants to put safety first, however. They will be establishing a three-foot social distancing rule throughout in-person instruction across the campus.

Vaccinated and unvaccinated students alike must abide by another rule at the university. They “will continue to require masks in all classroom, lab, and teaching spaces, as well as the library, for everyone in attendance… Individual faculty and support staff may also require students visiting their respective offices to be masked before meeting.”

Wait…this goes against the CDC recommendations. It also goes against what the federal government has been telling anyone.

If people are vaccinated, they shouldn’t be forced to wear masks. Are they basing this on science or on fear? There’s enough science released to show that a vaccinated person is safe. So, Monmouth University has decided to suffocate students throughout in-campus learning all in the name of fear.

And it’s not like they have to worry about the unvaccinated tainting anyone. The university is requiring every member of the Monmouth community to be vaccinated – students, staff, and faculty. The only exemptions would be for those on religious or medical grounds.

Universities aren’t the only ones keeping people masked up for no obvious reason.

When the Biden administration has already acknowledged and accepted the CDC recommendations, there’s no reason why the vaccinated should still have to wear masks anywhere.

Yet there are still federal spaces requiring masks. The TSA is an agency within the Department of Homeland Security. They’re a federal agency, so they should be following the recommendations from the Biden administration. Yet, standing in line in the airport or sitting on a plane still requires that the vaccinated suffocate. Why? Because no one wants to listen to science.

We’ve already flattened the curve. We’ve already slowed down the number of COVID deaths. We’ve done everything that’s been asked of us. State after state has proven that they have the coronavirus under control.

Though, we’re still being punished. Coronavirus lockdowns are still being seen all over the country.

And universities like Monmouth are only making it harder for students to learn. It’s hard to concentrate on college-level courses when breathing through three layers of fabric.

As much as people argued at the beginning that the federal government wasn’t trying to control us, it sure seems like that now. Perhaps it’s not really about our safety. This is a test to see how much they can get us to comply.

Looking around in stores and businesses, it’s clear who will and who will not comply. Conservative states have stood their ground and given rights back to its residents. Meanwhile, liberal states are holding onto rights for as long as they can.

Perhaps the worst of it is that Monmouth University has issued these requirements without any asterisk. There’s no asterisk to say that if one thing or another happens, they’ll reevaluate their COVID guidelines. Nope. They’re content to keep everyone masked for the entire semester no matter what the reality of COVID is in New Jersey at the time.

This has got to end, but it has to end with a federal mandate. Too bad Biden isn’t too good with those…

US Military Rushes to Define “Extremism”

The U.S. military has been tasked with eliminating extremism from its ranks. Great, they’re on it…just as soon as they define it.

It’s hard to target troops for extremist behaviors if there’s not a proper definition. That’s what the U.S. military, across all branches, is struggling with. What exactly makes an extremist? To be fair, the behavior has to be identified so that troops know how to fall in line. Further, the definition has to include both far-left and far-right examples of extremism.

The Pentagon wants to achieve a balance within the definition to ensure that unit cohesion can take place without trampling on free speech rights.

U.S. intelligence agencies have been trying to make the argument for years that domestic extremists are the biggest threat to the country…especially the right-wing ones.

What happened on January 6 helped to prove that point as dozens of current service members and veterans stormed the Capitol to prevent Congress from certifying Joe Biden as president.

It seems that they don’t want to look at the left-wing variety of radicals. Those would be the ones who have destroyed countless cities in the name of Black Lives Matter. Cities such as Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York City, and more have faced considerable violent protests – and created more deaths and damages than the Capitol Riot.

It’s why the definition has to be clear. Is closing down the capital of Portland acceptable but storming the Capitol in DC unacceptable? Where does the line get drawn?

Unit cohesion is a top consideration for military leaders. If there are beliefs that can impact performance, it’s a problem. No one wants to see extremism interfere with a military mission.

It’s why they have to decide what beliefs and actions would actually be an interference.

So far, the Pentagon has identified a few things…bigoted beliefs about religions, ethnic groups, and countries of origin. They would also like to add in the political belief that the 2020 election was stolen and that Biden is not the legitimate president.

Why is that not acceptable when it was completely acceptable for Democrats to hold the belief that the 2016 election was stolen and that Trump was not the legitimate president? For four years, Democrats would argue and say that “he’s not my president” because they felt that Trump cheated, preventing Hillary Clinton from getting into the Oval Office.

The line is getting very fuzzy, so military leaders will have to work to create a definition that is acceptable to all. Otherwise, they may face a significant decrease in the number of people enlisting into the military in future years.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has already updated current guidance regarding whether troops can belong to groups such as Earth Liberation Front or Ku Klux Klan. They can belong to the groups as long as they aren’t active in fundraising, planning, or other coordinated groups.

The senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Seth Jones, has said that the majority of attacks seen over the past decade have been carried out by individuals as opposed to groups.

Most of the time, using online activity isn’t a good indicator of extremism. Just because a person has a particular affinity toward a group does not mean they’re willing to act.

Commanders can look for a few obvious red flags. This includes seeing a troop threaten or advocate for the use of violence against an individual or a group. However, sympathizers are harder to identify.

If a troop is retweeting various things that show extremist views, it could be a problem. Similarly, if a troop has the 14 words attributed to the white supremacist slogan or an anti-fascist flag tattooed on their body, it’s worth looking into them a bit more.

A definition is on its way, though it’s become clear that it will be defined so that those on the right are more likely to be flagged as an extremist. Apparently, leaning to the left and rioting over black rights is completely acceptable behavior.

The Biden Administration Expects Americans to Sell Out Family & Friends

The Biden administration has decided to give up doing anything to help Americans. Instead, they’re expecting Americans to do all of the work – and that includes finding the various radicals throughout the country.

The administration has announced plans for Americans to report any “radicalized” friends and family to the government. It is their newest way to fight domestic terrorism.

Welcome to Biden’s America, where he hopes its citizens will simply sell out their family and friends in order to receive his praise.

A senior administration official explained, “We will work to improve public awareness of federal resources to address concerning or threatening behavior before violence occurs.”

The problem is that the Biden administration has made it a habit of changing the definition of certain words to suit their agenda. So, we can only wonder what is identified as “concerning or threatening behavior.”

It’s also likely to focus solely on radical behavior of the right. After all, the Biden administration doesn’t want anything to do with fixing the radical behavior of the left. If they did, they would have cleaned up the BLM and Antifa riots long ago.

The administration has chosen to cite the campaign of the Department of Homeland Security: “If you see something, say something.”

What exactly are people to say? And what happens to those who are reported to the government? Well, that’s not being identified yet.

This could be a huge problem. Anyone who says something sarcastically on social media could end up feeling the wrath of a liberal relative who feels scorned.

The administration official explained that contexts will be created so that people can have a path to raise concerns and even seek help for those who have been perceived as being radical or radicalizing toward violence.

Friends, family members, and co-workers are asked to be on the lookout for radical action. Obviously, if someone is talking about a radical act of violence, it would be warranted to speak out. Yet, that’s not enough for the administration. They’re looking for anyone who could be “perceived” as being radical. Even if they haven’t yet made a threat or taken action, they should be reported.

All of this is to help Biden make good on a warning that he made during his inauguration speech – that there was a rise in political extremism.

The Biden administration doesn’t seem to want to live up to their own wrongdoings. They’ve helped to create the divide in the country. They spent four years trying to tear down the democracy because they wanted Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. They eagerly pointed out that Trump wasn’t their president.

Now, it’s being done again because there are Republicans who still fail to understand how Biden was possibly capable of getting more votes than any other president in history – especially when it’s a bipartisan concept that he’s a bumbling idiot. Smart voters don’t vote for bumbling idiots…

Biden believes that “white supremacy” is the “most lethal threat to the homeland today.”

Yet, it’s not.

The most lethal threat to our homeland is Biden himself. After all, he signed executive orders that caused the migrant crisis at our southern border. He’s also incapable of speaking intelligently about any topic. He’s making our country look weak, and foreign leaders from around the globe are laughing at him (and at us).

Throwing out the term of white supremacy is meant to divide, not to unite. Most people, of any color, would identify that white supremacy is not a threat. While it may be a threat in some small niches of the country, it’s hardly a widespread problem like the Democrats would have us believe.

We will now have to be cautious of how we speak. Freedom of speech? Nope. It has to be monitored because the administration will turn social media platforms against us in order to “combat radicalization.”

The administration wants to believe that “What matters is when individuals take their political or other grievances and turn that — unacceptably, unlawfully — into violent action.” Is this truly a concern? One riot at the Capitol and the liberals can’t think of anything else. The country is not filled with radicals. There are the occasional ones here and there as there always has been. Perhaps if the administration would do their job, there wouldn’t be so many people looking to take violent action to get the country back onto an acceptable course.

Biden Mob Pulls Puerto Rican Family out of Their Car and Shoots Them – Crowd Cheers on (Video)

A tragic shooting took place on Saturday night in Humboldt Park. The mainstream media, which is normally quick to highlight crimes of this nature, is suddenly silent. We thought that there were supposed to be no more hate crimes. Instead, all we have heard are crickets!

It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? The shooting took place as people were departing from Chicago’s 43rd Annual Puerto Rican People’s Day Parade. This is a widely attended parade, as people travel from all over the country to spend time with friends, loved ones and like-minded individuals.

A mob of black men approached a vehicle that had a large Puerto Rican flag waving and it did not take long before things got ugly. The victims were pulled out of the vehicle and shot. According to the police, the couple that was inside of the vehicle was ambushed by at least three males.

According to reports from ABC 7, “the man was rushed to Saints Mary and Elizabeth Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, police said. He has not been identified. The woman was struck in the neck and rushed to Stroger Hospital in critical condition, police said.” There are videos of the attack but we are going to warn you before you decide to watch any of them. They are very graphic in nature.

“This is a racist attack. This is what MSM will never talk about because it doesn’t fit their narrative. Puerto Rican’s (see flag) pulled out of their vehicle and shot by Black attackers. Latino -vs- Black is a common cultural conflict,” TheLastRefuge2 tweeted. These are our thoughts exactly. Where is the mainstream media to examine the cause of this conflict?

We already know the answer to that one. There is nothing here that can be blamed on Trump. They got so used to that song and dance for the past few years, they do not know what to do with themselves anymore. At this time, no arrests have been announced and no one seems all that concerned about the madness that is taking place right in front of their very eyes.

When it came time to talk about hate crimes against Asian-Americans, we know exactly why the mainstream media was so anxious to start flapping their gums. They did not care about the hate crimes at all, they cared about what they represented. It was the perfect chance to start pushing the Trump snowball down the hill again.

They were unable to use him as the scapegoat for the past few months because now they are stuck with Biden. We already know that the mainstream media loves swinging at the Trump pinata any chance that they get. Unfortunately, you can only bash the pinata so many times and still expect a river of candy to come flying out.

People have gotten sick of it and they are not buying in anymore. If hate crimes are bad when we can blame Trump fro them, they are bad all of the time. Instead, the media turns a blind eye to what is happening unless they are able to spin it into something that makes the former president look bad.

That’s how obsessive they have become. We knew that all of the “resistance” goofballs would struggle to get back to reality once they no longer had a common enemy. However, we did not expect them to go out like this. This is truly despicable behavior.

Even if the mainstream media does not care about these victims, we are going to try our best to stand with them during these trying times. Anyone who is tried of the constant Trump blaming is sure to relate to this. Unfortunately for these victims, this is one that they cannot blame on him and so, you will hear nary a word of it on the news. We wish that we could say we were surprised.

Texas is the Latest to Ensure Students Aren’t Taught to Feel Guilty About Race

The Democrats swear up and down that they’re acting out of what America wants when it comes to teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT). Yet, in so many states, parents are rising up to say that they don’t want CRT anywhere near their children’s classrooms.

Texas governor Greg Abbott is the latest to prohibit schools from teaching Critical Race Theory. He goes one further by wording the language of the law to prohibit curriculum where “an individual should feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of the individual’s race or sex.”

In Texas House Bill 3979, they have been cautious not to specifically mention Critical Race Theory. Instead, they’re prohibiting the teaching that CRT is based on, including holding the idea that America is fundamentally racist.

None of what CRT teaches makes any sense. The liberals want everyone to acknowledge that America is fundamentally racist. However, in order to address that, they want everyone to view social interactions and people based on their race. They want to create a concept of “antiracism” where it’s not enough to not be racist. Instead, they want everyone to become social justice warriors and adopt race-based policies.

Wouldn’t creating race-based policies be…racist?

We’re supposed to be focused on unity. In the classrooms, we should be teaching people the history of the United States and identifying that there were racial and racist elements. However, we should not be trying to erase history. We most certainly shouldn’t be making students feel guilty or ashamed for their race.

There’s a point where we have to draw the line in order to protect students psychologically and socially. No one asked to be of a particular race. And, in today’s society, so many students have colorful backgrounds.

There’s no way to pinpoint that one student grew up in a family where their ancestors were slaves nor is there a way to say if the student grew up in a family where their ancestors were slave owners.

The time for reparations has long passed. The U.S. is a melting pot of cultures. We must ignore skin color and move on. No one today was a slave owner, so it’s time that we stop making white people feel guilty. There is no need for apologies or for “whitewashing.”

The new legislation in Texas will go into effect on September 1. It is specific with what historical texts can and cannot be taught. For example, students can be taught about the “I Have a Dream” speech from Martin Luther King, Jr but they cannot be taught about the 1619 Project. Further, the law will require teaching about the history of white supremacy, which includes discussing slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, and how such behaviors and thoughts are “morally wrong.”

Texas isn’t the only one to protect the education and psychological state of students with new legislation. Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, and Oklahoma have already passed such laws. Many other states are debating whether to pass a ban on CRT and other divisive concepts in the classroom. These states include Ohio, Arizona, Kentucky, Utah, and New Hampshire.

Many Democratic states are talking about it, too. It seems that no one wants these divisive concepts anywhere near the classroom. The only school districts that are allowing such lessons are the ones that are ultra-liberal.

Teaching about race and what is and isn’t morally sound is one thing. Teaching students to judge people based on their race and make the necessary racial adjustments is something completely different – and it’s one of the most divisive things that could happen in the United States.

If the liberals would only listen to their constituents, they would know that not only is the country not systemically racist but that no one wants Critical Race Theory in the classrooms (or in boardrooms or anywhere else).

Nothing to See Here? Stacey Abrams Paid for and Controlled Fulton County Election Staff

New evidence has surfaced in the state of Georgia, evidence that shows serious wrongdoing from failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams. As it turns out, she was responsible for overseeing the staffing in Georgia during the 2020 election. CD Media has more about this case, which focuses on the 2020 election in Fulton County, Georgia:

“Evidence presented at this morning’s public meeting of the Fulton County Commission shows former Democrat gubernatorial candidate and State Rep Stacey Abrams controlled and financed the main contractor used in Fulton County elections during the Nov 3rd poll and the Jan 5th U.S. Senate runoff.

Evidence showed direct financial underwriting of the staffing service Happy Faces Personnel Group, by groups controlled by Abrams. In other words, a highly partisan Democrat political operative controlled the elections in Fulton County, which also involved a Nigerian national.

The meeting is being broadcast live on Fulton County, GA Government TV.

Fulton County residents testified Stacey Abrams owns 16% of ‘Now Account’, and that Now Account financed and recruited employees for Happy Faces.”

This is where we really start to ask questions. If Abrams had this level of power to throw her considerable weight around, what happened from there? It is kind of hard to believe that the election tampering that clearly took place in Georgia wasn’t directly related to her (or her minions). On election night, staffers worked overtime shoveling Biden votes into tabulation machines.

It’s not hard to see these individuals being sent by Abrams’ own staffing services. We have already learned about a judge who already postponed depositions of those who stand accused of running the ballots through the tabulation machines on multiple occasions. We are not going to be surprised when Stacey Abrams’ involvement in this scheme is exposed to the world.

We are not sure why employees from a staffing service that is related to Stacey Abrams would be allowed to have this level of sway. If anyone is using these individuals, they need to be watched very, very closely. The Democrats do not care about any of this.

This party was not mobilizing in favor of real importance. They are looking to cheat their way through every election going forward and Abrams is a key component of this equation. She should not have any connection to ballot counting whatsoever but that’s not what is happening.

If anything, this evidence that is being presented is hard to overlook in that regard. No one should be surprised in the slightest and we know that we are definitely not! A Democrat working to fix the election in a state that is controlled by Democrats? What a huge surprise….

There is already a forensic audit going on in the state of Arizona. If there is any justice in the world, there will be a forensic audit in Georgia before too long. The corruption is taking place right out in the open and it is time that someone did something about it. We know that Abrams is not ever going to take any responsibility for the role that she has played.

It is time to start pulling on the threads here and see how long it takes for everything to unravel. If we could believe that Abrams was a lone actor and that this was the only state where this type of cheating takes place, it would be easier to swallow this story. However, we know the actual truth.

We are sure that this is happening in a wide range of other states. All you need to do is follow the money and take a closer look at the Democrat controlled states. Biden’s America, everyone. The Democrats wanted to be in power so badly, they did not care how it happened. If they had to cheat, this is exactly what they would do. Our only saving grace is that Stacey Abrams has yet to be able to ascend to the governor’s chair in Georgia.

Massachusetts School Wants to Turn Everyone into Tattletales

Tattletales are usually the ones that everyone hates. Yet, there’s always someone who’s quick to raise their hand in class to tell on what someone else is doing. It’s disruptive, and it’s annoying.

The K-12 district of Wellesley Public Schools in Massachusetts has recently released a policy that would turn everyone, both students and teachers, into a bunch of tattletales.

They’re opening up a can of worms. And, they have no idea just how bad it could get as they ask for “incidents of bias” to be reported.

Students and teachers can report these incidents to their peers and colleagues. It allows for each to be investigated and so that punishments can be issued.

The policy came out of the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). The policy is titled “Responding to Incidents of Bias or Discrimination.”

Do they have any idea how petty people can be? The Boston area school district is essentially asking everyone to report based on where they see bias. The problem is that many people would rather see bias than take ownership of their own shortcomings.

All it takes is one person to get a lower grade on a subjective assignment for the tattletales to begin.

The DEI has chosen to define “incidents of bias” as “conduct, speech or expression that has an impact but may not involve criminal action, but demonstrates conscious or unconscious bias.” It goes on to define that it can be against any protected identity group based on ethnicity, race, gender identity or expression, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Yikes. There are a lot of gray areas. Considering that a person can exhibit bias consciously or unconsciously, who is to determine whether the actions are, in fact, bias? It’s going to lead to a lot of accusations – and rather than fighting those accusations, people are going to be punished simply because someone was unhappy with the way that someone acted, spoke, or expressed themselves.

We’re turning an entire generation into snowflakes. Each and every student in this district will grow up believing that they can simply complain and accuse in order to get their way.

Is this what we really want?

Parents Defending Education, a grassroots organization determined to reclaim schools from activists that impose harmful agendas, was able to get a copy of the WPS training protocols.

The “incidents of bias” can be found anywhere, including microaggressions. WPS training goes on to provide examples of a microaggression. “You’re so articulate” and “Where are you actually from?” and “The way you’ve overcome your disability is so inspiring.”

So, apparently complimenting a person or getting to know them better by asking their origins is not only considered a microaggression but also an incident of bias.

Oh, and if a teacher mispronounces a child’s name, that’s also a microaggression.

The policy goes as far as stating that if the incident becomes categorized as a “hate crime,” law enforcement would be called in. Otherwise, students could face detention or suspension and staff would face formal warnings, reprimands, or other serious consequences.

What WPS wants to do by establishing this policy is to create an anti-bias culture. However, they’re taking away people’s ability to communicate and to get to know people based on their unique differences.

The reality is that everyone is different because of their background, their culture, their sexual orientation, their religion, and everything else. It’s not always about being biased. It’s about getting to know people.

Shouldn’t we simply be teaching people to embrace differences? Instead, we’re turning everyone into tattle tellers all because we want to make sure that no one gets their feelings hurt.

Imagine that…a teacher could get suspended simply because they unintentionally mispronounced a student’s name. Well, that’s the end of that teacher’s career. How dare they be so biased. And this is Biden’s America…the land of the offended and the home of the liberals.

Biden Closes Office to Ignore Victims of Immigrant Crime

Yet again, the Biden administration has dismantled something created by the Trump administration. This time, it’s a government office that was designated to help victims of crimes committed by immigrants.

Why would we want an office like this? The Biden administration is inviting immigrants by the thousands to enter the country illegally. They certainly don’t want an office that would keep track of the crimes they commit, let alone help the victims.

President Biden has proven that he’s prepared to reject everything that former President Trump did to protect the country from uncontrolled immigration. However, Biden sees it as a way that Trump tried to link immigration to crime.

It’s not as if Trump had to try to make the link. The reality is that many of the immigrants entering the southern border are committing crimes. While the Biden administration may be willing to ignore it, the truth is already out there. Any border patrol agent will identify that there’s crime. Any U.S. city along the southern border can show that crime stats have been on the rise.

The office was created in January 2017, within weeks of Trump taking office. The office went by the acronym VOICE or Victim of Immigration Crime Engagement Office.

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agency has decided that they want to be more inclusive. Here we go with inclusivity again, which means that victims will have to suffer in silence.

VOICE is being replaced with The Victims Engagement and Services Line. It will combine some of the existing services for people to report abuse and mistreatment in immigration detention centers along with a notification system for lawyers who may be interested in representing immigration cases.

Trump was focused on helping Americans who were being abused or mistreated by immigrants.

Biden, who has proven that he’s not one to put Americans first, has transformed VOICE so that it will help the immigrants. Sure, Americans can call if they have been a victim of a crime committed by an immigrant. However, it is more focused on the migrants who are being mistreated in the detention centers. And, the new system will help those migrants to get legal representation.

Another new service added to the new office is truly liberal trash. The service will focus on potentially issuing visas designated for those who have been victims of human trafficking or other violent crimes in the U.S.

The liberal administration doesn’t even understand what they’re doing. They’re allowing human traffickers into the country. Then, they’re allowing those immigrants who have been victims of the traffickers to get to the front of the line for visas.

Wouldn’t it be better if we stopped letting human traffickers into the country? Oh, but the bleeding hearts want to help everyone. Maybe if we give them free healthcare and free stimulus checks, they will stop committing such heinous crimes.

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland Security, is leading the administration down a very liberal and very expensive path. He has said that “providing assistance to society’s most vulnerable is a core value.”

Absolutely. However, society is to mean citizens of the United States. We cannot afford to provide assistance to everyone, particularly if they’re hell-bent on entering the country illegally (and committing crimes upon entry).

Yet, Mayorkas feels that everyone, regardless of immigration status, should be able to access the victim services.

Many are not supportive of the new office – and the new office doesn’t deserve support. It focuses more on immigrants than Americans.

Stephen Miller, a key architect in building immigration policies during the Trump administration has his own thoughts on closing VOICE. He believes that it is a “moral stain on the conscience of our nation.”

Essentially, closing VOICE and opening the new office is only going to make it easier for criminals to get visas and the amnesty needed for the crimes that they commit.

Birthing People vs Mom: Which is the PC Option?

Every person that Biden has appointed seems to be ultra-liberal. And, they’ve insisted on changing terms so that they can push their agendas.

The Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary is no different. Xavier Becerra has decided to use the term “birthing people” so that they don’t offend anyone.

What has the world come to?

Birthing people sounds more offensive – and as Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma has explained, there’s really no need to use such a term. After all, “mom” or “mother” has been a word used for decades – and it’s worked really well.

The Senator has said that “science is clear that women give birth.”

No matter how hard HHS wants to focus on inclusivity of the LGBTQ+ community, Lankford is right. Science has been abundantly clear that only women are capable of giving birth to a child. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about offending people. Science doesn’t lie.

According to the President’s proposed budget, anything focused on maternal health references “birthing people.”

Lankford decided to question Becerra about the term since it’s abundant throughout the new budget work. At the Senate Finance Committee hearing, Lankford pointed out that the term “mother” has been shifted to “birthing people.” He asked Becerra to provide a good definition of “birthing people.”

Becerra, with a straight face, explained that HHS is “trying to be precise in the language that’s used.”

Precise? In what world is “birthing people” a way to be more precise. After all, since only women have uteruses, it’s clear that there’s only one gender that can possibly be birthing a child.

Lankford responded to the “precise” comment that “Mom is a pretty good word. That’s worked for a while.”

Essentially, there’s a need to know why there’s suddenly a push for changing the word. Has anyone ever been offended by the use of the word “mother?”

Becerra seemed to struggle to offer up any kind of definition. Instead, he said that he’d check on the language. The HHS Secretary stuttered on about talking about those who give birth and that he doesn’t know how else to explain it.

Well, if the person who chose the word can’t explain the reason, that’s a big problem.

Lankford pressed on to say that language is important. He asked Becerra to admit that calling a mom a “birthing person” could be offensive. After all, no one wants to receive a card in May that says, “Happy Birthing Person’s Day.”

The HHS Secretary was quick to decline any kind of admission by saying that he, once again, would look at the terminology that was used.

Shalanda Young, the Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget decided to defend the term that’s being used. She explained that not everyone has specific gender identities that apply to females and males. She believes that the “language needs to be more inclusive on how we deal with complex issues.”

Uh-huh. Sure.

This sounds like a group of ultra-liberals creating a problem where there is no problem. They want to redefine every word so that they don’t offend a handful of people.

How many women give birth to children every day that want to be called “mother?” Millions.

Now, how many “people” give birth to children who are offended by the term “mother?” We’re waiting on a real number, but it’s got to be infinitely smaller than the first group.

Yet, in Biden’s America, we’ll offend the masses so as not to offend the LGBTQ+ community who can’t decide what gender they are and whether they’re okay with being referred to as a mother.

What’s next? Will the terms of “mother” and “father” be outlawed because they, too, are offensive?

The HHS and the government as a whole have to stop working to be so inclusive. Sometimes, the best term is one that we’ve been using for a long time. Mothers give birth. It has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with science.

Doubling Down on Stupid! Biden Restores Over a Billion Dollars to Failed California High-Speed Rail Disaster

California is a state that cannot seem to stop chucking money down the drain. If you are anything like us, it can be a lot of fun to watch. However, many of the state’s residents would have liked to forget one of the state’s latest acts of stupidity. The California high speed rail project has since been brought back from the dead by none other than Sleepy Joe himself.

The “bullet train” talks have returned and not a moment too soon. Donald Trump was responsible for shutting this faucet of ill gotten money down before. In his ongoing quest to undo anything positive that took place under the previous administration, Biden has restored over a billion dollars to the project.

The White House has announced that they are going to be providing a $929 million grant to make this insane project a reality. The project is on its way to Sacramento but this is of little comfort to the local taxpayers. Perhaps they will take solace in the fact that there is a small chance that they could get it right this time. We highly doubt that would happen but what can you do?

The proverbial horse is already out of the barn. Reuters has more about this developing story:

“The Biden administration late on Thursday restored a $929 million grant for California’s high-speed rail that former President Donald Trump revoked in 2019.

The parties, which also include the California High-Speed Rail Authority and the U.S. Transportation Department, agreed to restore the grant within three days, according to the settlement agreement.

Talks began in March, around two months after Biden became president, to settle a suit filed in 2019 after Trump had pulled funding for a high-speed train project in the state hobbled by extensive delays and rising costs. Trump had repeatedly clashed as president with California on a number of fronts.”

So where is the magical money pile off to now? Initially, the rail line was supposed to serve as a connection between Los Angeles and San Francisco. San Diego was going to be added later, potentially. The initial cost of the project was pegged somewhere around $33 billion and it was supposed to have been completed within the year. The pitch was first offered up over a decade ago.

By the time 2019 rolled around, things were an absolute mess. The wheels had totally come off by this point. Costs were ballooning out of control and reports showed that the bill would reach nearly $100 billion if they even completed one small portion of the line. That does not seem too useful to anyone who is looking to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco on a regular basis.

Even Gavin Newsom did not seem too thrilled about the project and he shut down that same year. Biden is the one who is deciding to start it back up now. While the Democrats are going to pretend that they are combating climate change, nothing could be further from the truth. In order to bring the project back to life in full, the state of California is going to have to come up with the additional $20 billion that is needed. Where on earth is this money going to come from?

The American taxpayer is going to be asked to pony up once again. The train is also supposed to function on electricity but where is all of this electricity even going to come from? This is another question that Biden would probably like to avoid, as they are going to need to burn a sizable amount of fossil fuels to make this fantasy into a reality.

It’s an absolute joke but no one should be laughing, especially not in the state of California. This state cannot seem to stop tripping over their own feet. Since they have already filed a lawsuit over Trump’s refusal to keep the money spigot turned on, we suspect that they are happier than they let on. Newsom’s power grap continues!

CA Mayor Isn’t Really Sure What an Assault Weapon Is but Wants Them Banned Anyway

Assault weapons are bad. This is the message that liberals have been spreading for years.

What is an assault weapon, though?

Umm, well…the Democrats can’t seem to agree on an acceptable definition. Some would argue that it’s a gun with more than 10 rounds. Some would argue that it’s a gun capable of shooting from a distance. Some would even argue that it’s any type of rifle.

There’s no way to ban every type of gun because of the 2nd Amendment. People have a right to defend themselves.

It’s not just that, though. Many people use guns for sport. They go to indoor and outdoor shooting ranges to shoot. It’s a form of entertainment. Many also use guns for hunting – and benefit from the meat that results in everything that they kill.

Now, Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose, California has experienced a mass shooting at the Valley Transportation Authority.

He wants to add more gun controls – and that includes banning “assault weapons.”

The problem is that the mass shooting used handguns. Assault weapons don’t encompass handguns. They’re two different types of firepower.

What makes the mass shooting even more problematic for those interested in gun control laws is that all three guns used in the attack were not only purchased legally but also registered per California state law.

California is notoriously lenient when it comes to those who break laws – and gun laws are no different. If it were up to them, only hardened criminals would even go to prison.

Liccardo thinks that he has a solution – yet he doesn’t even know how to define an “assault weapon.”

The San Jose mayor has laid out a 10-point plan that will be added to the gun control process. He wants licensed gun sellers to video gun sales. Further, he wants gun owners to purchase liability insurance.

The problem is that doesn’t actually stop anyone from picking up a gun and killing someone. The press release from the San Jose government invites all cities in California to join San Jose to support the appeal from the 9th Circuit that would invalidate the three-decade-old ban on assault weapons.

California wants to ban assault weapons, even though the federal government says that it’s unconstitutional. On June 4 of this year, U.S. District Judge Robert T. Benitez ruled against the state’s ban.

Even if they did get the ban back into place, it wouldn’t have helped San Jose avoid the mass murder – they used handguns.

Liccardo is starting to look ridiculous. He doesn’t understand the definition of guns and he doesn’t understand that criminals will commit crimes because they have little to no regard for the law.

The press release from the city even admits “Criminals won’t obey these mandates.”

Then why have the mandates at all? Why are we going to make criminals the exception to the law? The mandates will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire guns that they use for sport, for self-defense, and for hunting.

California seems to be out of touch with reality. The goal is not to take the guns away from law-abiding citizens. The goal is to get criminals to stop using guns. The way to do that is to focus more heavily on mental health. Further, it’s necessary to offer more deterrents, not less.

The state is so over-ruled by liberals that they are not even thinking. They’re content to let the criminals dictate everything. And as a result, many companies and individuals are packing their bags and moving out of the state.

Perhaps if Liccardo picked up a gun and learned how to use it, he would understand how to create gun control laws that actually made sense…

Veteran Affairs to Get a Budget Hike…But the Numbers Don’t Add Up

The Biden administration really does struggle with math. And as they look to boost the budget of the Veteran Affairs, it’s becoming quite obvious.

The budget for the VA has been suffering for years. Ask any veteran if they’re happy with the quality of care they are receiving or if they think they’re being properly compensated for their injuries. The answer will be a resounding “no.”

VA officials are asking for $270 billion for the next fiscal year. It’s a lot more than what has been spent in the past, but it’s desperately needed to get the Veteran Affairs budget to the level that it needs to be.

Mike Bost, a Republican Representative out of Illinois, has said “the time has come to ask when VA will be adequately funded.” As a ranking member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, he believes that Congress must work to prioritize veterans.

When you look at the way that Congress has been spending money lately, $270 billion is a small request. After all, shouldn’t we be taking care of our veterans before we take care of many of the other things that Congress wants to spend money on – like gender studies in foreign countries?

For the fiscal 2022 year, there’s an ask for a 10 percent increase in VA spending. The problem is that there are many Democrats that don’t understand the math.

If the budget goes up by 10%, that means that demand for VA services should go up by 10%, too…right?

Wrong. The VA has been significantly underfunded for years.

Proof of that is to show that in 2001, the VA budget was only at $45 billion. That’s not a lot of money to care for the number of veterans in the system. This includes not only their disability compensation but also the care that’s provided at VA facilities around the country.

Over the years, the VA budget has grown – but it’s still not where it needs to be.

Many want to look at the VA budget in comparison to prior years. The budget in 2001 was six times smaller than the budget that’s being requested for 2022.

Rather than comparing it to prior years, Congress needs to look at the realistic number that’s needed to process VA claims and take care of veterans properly.

If the Democrats can focus on infrastructure, Republicans can focus on VA benefits. And speaking of infrastructure, there’s another demand for the VA. Administration officials also want to see $18 billion from the $2 trillion infrastructure plan so that upgrades can be made to VA hospitals.

Veterans have had to sacrifice a lot so that Americans can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And as VA Secretary Denis McDonough points out, there are toxic exposure bills sitting before Congress that could end up adding tens of billions more to the VA spending in the next few years.

Bost has concerns that the VA veterans being enrolled is actually dropping. This means that some spending will go down. He’s eager to grow the VA budget, but wants to ensure that it is in line with demand.

Meanwhile, there are Democrats who would love nothing more than to cut from the VA so that the money can go to frivolous other things.

We have to take care of our veterans. Without them, we would not be the country that we are today.

It does appear that there are enough people in Congress who want to fight for our veterans. Caregiver benefits and funding for homeless veterans are both being boosted.

Finally, we can finally see some sensible spending within the budget. Luckily, some money is actually going toward Americans. It’s nice to see that we’re not cutting from everywhere to give to migrants. Now, if we can just boost the budget a bit more for veterans, we might actually save the country.

Biden’s Only Catholic When Votes Matter

Isn’t it about time that Joe Biden stop claiming that he’s Catholic? He should be excommunicated once and for all.

Biden used his religion as a way to get voters during the presidential election. He had to prove to Americans that he wasn’t the ultra-liberal candidate that many were painting him out to be. He had to prove that he holds Christianity near and dear to his heart.

It’s getting old. No one believes him anymore.

Many priests and bishops have come forward in the past year to shun Biden and explain why he won’t be receiving communion. After all, supporting abortion goes against the teachings of the Catholic church. And Biden has been a loud supporter of pro-choice movements.

The Catholic League has been watching President Biden. And they’re ashamed of all that they’ve seen the self-proclaimed catholic has said and done.

In less than five months since Biden has taken office, he’s taken a stand against core Catholic teachings. Not once, not twice, but 32 times according to a report that the Catholic League has established.

Bill Donahue, the League president, has sent a report to all U.S. Bishops. The report shows the ways that Biden has departed from the Church’s teachings. The league has been tracking policy decisions that the president has made – and it’s been beyond disappointing.

Now, the president has a lot of critical decisions that must be made. In some instances, he must use prudential judgment. That’s not the issue, though

What Donahue is objecting to is that there are non-negotiable principles of Catholic belief that Biden has simply bulldozed over.

Several of the decisions that Biden made were handled within days of taking office. Through the use of executive order, he allowed minors of high school sports facilities to use facilities of the opposite sex. Essentially, Biden bulldozed over the difference between men and women.

Shortly after, also through executive order, Biden revoked the Mexico City Policy, thus allowing taxpayer funding to cover the costs of abortions overseas.

As if those things weren’t bad enough, Biden also ordered the administration to resume funding the United Nations Population Fund, which blatantly promotes family planning through the use of abortions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

In February, Biden issued a memorandum that advanced the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. The problem with that is that it will also limit the ability of faith-based organizations to assist in areas of foreign aid.

In March, Biden also threw his support behind the “For the People Act” which is commonly known as H.R.1. It makes the assumption that people of faith (not atheists) are inclined to be partisan observers. Donohue explains that this is dangerously close to invoking “a religious test.”

Oh, and in April, the FDA decided that they were no longer going to enforce the “in-person dispensing requirement” for the morning-after pill, a chemical abortion pill.

With so many blatant disregard to the teachings of the Catholic church, it’s clear that Biden is looking to remote religious liberties from the U.S. Anti-religious organizations have even insisted that pro-religious liberty policies promote a concept known as “Christian nationalism.”

We’ve forgotten that the entire history of our country is rooted in Christianity.

Yet, Biden still tells everyone that he’s “a devout catholic.”

We’ve been duped a lot by Joe Biden. We were told that he’s mentally stable, yet he’s proven that he’s not. We were told that he’s a moderate Democrat, yet he’s proven that he’s being overpowered by ultra-liberals. And, we were told that he’s catholic, yet the Catholic Church won’t even give him communion.

It’s clear that Biden isn’t as catholic as he claimed to be. At this point, we can’t believe anything out of his mouth. Now, we just have to hope that he can keep the country in one piece until we can get him out of office in 2024 (if not sooner).

Don’t Expect to See Pride Flags Flying at Your Local Military Base

Finally. The Biden administration has chosen to do one good thing. They have chosen to deny the requests that would allow the LGBTQ+ and pride flags to fly across military bases for the month of June.

The Pentagon has a ban on virtually all flags – and the pride flags are no exception.

The Department of Defense has chosen to hold firm with a policy that was created by former DOD Secretary Mark Esper. The policy was created to focus on a ban on displaying the Confederate flag in offices and military housing.

Many had requested that the Department of Defense make an exception to celebrate Pride Month. However, it was decided not to make an exception.

A Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby explained “This was really more about the potential for … other challenges that could arise from that exception, that specific exception.”

It’s important in the military more than anywhere else that there be a focus on unity. The problem with the LGBTQ+ and other communities is that they are divisive. They don’t focus on bringing everyone together. Instead, they look to divide by demanding acceptance and tolerance from everyone.

The flag policy is clear. It bans all unofficial flags from being displayed publicly on any military installation. This includes everything from sports teams to social movements.

When Esper had launched the policy, he had immediately faced backlash. People wanted to display their Confederate flags. They felt that the military was trying to wash away a piece of U.S. history and the general love people had for their southern roots.

Esper’s goal was to not single out a single group or flag. If one group cannot fly their flag, others cannot, either.

And the Pentagon was right to not to grant an exception for Pride Month. Otherwise, it would have opened the door for countless other social movements to demand that they can fly their flag, too. It would have been impossible to determine which movements do and don’t get to be accepted within the military.

The policy is clear about what flags can be flown and displayed: U.S. flags, state flags, POW/MIA flags, and military/unit flags. If there’s an official representative visiting from an allied country, there would be instances where that country’s flag could also be displayed.

Esper was clear on the intent of the policy, too. He explained, “I don’t want the military politicized any which way — I don’t want a Confederate flag. I don’t want a Proud Boys flag … take any of your groups on the left, I don’t want their flags.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has no plans to review the policy and make it more precise. The policy will remain, which means that there will be no politicizing the military.

Finally. We are allowed to keep one thing sacred without bowing down to the liberals. We have chosen to uphold our morals and ensure that the military is able to prove that they will focus on unity.

The argument is likely not over. It’s only a matter of time before the LGBTQ+ community rallies their left-wing groups to fight for their right to fly their rainbow flags on military bases. We can only pray that the DOD will remain strong.

It is not that that the LGBTQ+ community is not welcomed on military bases. However, if they want acceptance, they have to accept that no one wants their beliefs shoved down the throats of their co-workers.

Plenty of social movements are loud and proud. Great. However, there is a time and a place for being loud and proud. A military base is not one of those places.

Fly your pride flags, but not at a military base. The policy remains, no exemptions. Finally, some common sense.

Men Only Being Drafted? Not So Fast…

The liberals seem to want to fight about anything and everything. They’re ready to change everything without even thinking about whether it’s necessary.

Currently, only men get drafted into the U.S. military. Only men are required to register for the draft when they turn 18.

That’s a problem for the Democrats who want to argue that gender equality means that women have to do everything that men can do.

Women can enter the military. They can hold any position that men can, as long as they prove themselves on the various physical and mental tests.

The problem that the Democrats have is that it’s still a “men-only” draft registration requirement.

The military hasn’t had to depend on the draft since 1973. At the end of World War II, the draft law was supposed to expire. Instead, it remained in effect and was used again during the Vietnam War.

The draft law has allowed the military to fill vacancies that are not filled through voluntarily entering the military.

Currently, the vacancies are filled. There are plenty of individuals, both male and female, who are signing up for one of the four branches of the U.S. military.

The draft law doesn’t even need to be in effect anymore.

Yet, the Democrats want to argue that it should remain in effect and that women should get drafted just as easily as men.

The Supreme Court is now asked to determine if it’s sexual discrimination for the federal government to require that only men register for the draft when they turn 18.

Why is this such an important issue for the Democrats, anyway? Are they planning for Biden to create such tension that it will require Americans to ship off to war?

The Military Selective Service Act requires men to register for the draft upon turning 18. The simplest solution is to cancel the act. No one registers because the military doesn’t need to draft anyone.

Instead, we’ll argue that women should have to register. The reason that it was only men in the past was that women were the ones to stay home and have and raise children.

This act is one of the few areas of the federal government where men and women are still treated differently. And it is the liberal women’s groups that want to argue that needs to change. In its current form, it doesn’t afford women the same liberties as men. Because, apparently, being drafted into the military and being forced to fight a war is a liberty that women want to have.

Ria Tabacco Mar, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project has been vocal about seeing the change. She has said that it’s “a serious burden on men that’s not being imposed on women.”

Currently, men who do not register face a felony charge that is punishable by up to a fine of $250,000. It also makes them ineligible for civil service jobs and student loans.

Yeah, let’s make sure that women are up for those same punishments.

Oh, but it’s not that. Mar argues that “It’s also sending a tremendously harmful message that women are less fit than men to serve their country in this particular way and conversely that men are less fit than women to stay home as caregivers in the event of an armed conflict.”

What Mar and others fail to realize is that anyone, male or female, who may get drafted, have the ability to produce documentation to say why they cannot be drafted.

Meanwhile, if the military really did need soldiers to the point that a draft was needed, isn’t it better if the men and women actually volunteered rather than being chosen based on a random draw?

The Supreme Court will make the final ruling of whether it’s sexual discrimination or not. However, the best answer would be to get rid of the need to register for the draft entirely. It creates a divisive mechanism in the U.S. that simply doesn’t need to be there.

Biden Surrenders to Putin! Commerce Secretary Confirms Biden Admin Won’t Protect Americans From Ransomware Attacks by Russia

Joe Biden offered up a very chilling message to criminals all around the world. He is telling them exactly what they want to hear. The United States cannot put a stop to cyberattacks on our infrastructure, so go ahead and have at it! What a weak and ineffectual leader.

Joe Biden’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo spoke with ABC’s “This Week” over the weekend. We thought that she would be trying to quell the fears that many Americans have. Instead, she only increased everyone’s level of paranoia by letting the world know that the attacks would not be stopped anytime soon.

They are going to become a regular fixture in our lives now. Another ransomware attack took place last week, as the largest ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket was targeted. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s computer systems were also attacked in April by hackers who have connections to the Chinese government.

Our food supplies and our gas supplies have been targeted, which has us wondering how much worse things are going to get. So what reassurances did Raimondo have to offer? In a word: none. The message from the Biden administration is not a hard one to understand.

They are telling the private sector that this is their issue to deal with. “In wake of numerous cyberattacks, @GStephanopoulos presses Commerce Sec. Gina Raimondo on whether the government should do more to force businesses to protect themselves and their customers: “It is clear that the private sector needs to be more vigilant,” tweeted the This Week Twitter account.

Isn’t that nice for them to hear? “Sorry that ransomware attacks are now a new part of your day to day, after you’ve spent over a year dealing with a global pandemic. Enjoy!” seems to be the general response from the Biden camp. How could they be so callous about an issue this big? They are really going to leave the rest of the country to fend for itself, as the Chinese and the Russians start to lick their chops.

We hate to belabor this point but this is not something that Trump would have ever allowed. He would not have taken to the airwaves to tell people that they were on their own. The rule of law matters to him more than it ever will to Joe Biden or any of his cronies. He also knows that it is important to project an aura of strength when it comes to the Chinese and the Russians.

Trump would never sit down and allow any of this to happen. We are already laughing, thinking of the hypothetical tweets that he would have fired off. Soon, order may be restored. Behind the scenes, Trump is letting people know that he expects to be reinstated sooner rather than later. We do not want to get our hopes up just yet but it seems like the wheels of justice are finally starting to turn, which should be terrifying to someone in Joe Biden’s shoes.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of being marched out of the White House less than a year into your presidency? This is what Biden is staring at right now. At this point, we would not be shocked if there were some lefties who were ready to give him the boot. All of those freebies that he promised them have yet to materialize. He’s not going to cancel student loan debt and Medicare 4 All is still a non-starter.

At this stage of the numerous crises that Biden has created, maybe he would be grateful for the break. He probably misses his nice, warm bed in Delaware. This is not something that he will ever be willing to admit but in his heart of hearts, he knows that it is true. Now, Americans are going to have to wait, wish and hope that they are not affected by cyberattacks of this nature going forward.

TX Governor Declares Border Disaster Since Biden Won’t

Migrants are everywhere at the southern border because Biden has promised them a shot at becoming American citizens. And while Kamala Harris is still working on the “root cause” for migration, it’s a complete disaster.

Since the Biden administration won’t do anything about it, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has.

Abbott has officially issued a disaster declaration since there’s a constant flow of poor economic migrants shoving their way into Texas and the rest of the southern U.S.

A statement from Abbott’s office blamed Biden for it all. They explained that “open-border policies have paved the way for dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into our communities.”

The reason that Texas is declaring a state of disaster in the border counties is to gain more resources. Landowners have to be protected. Further, state and federal laws have to be enforced as a way to control criminal activities.

This is the problem that the Biden administration doesn’t want to face. It’s not even focused on whether they can or cannot enter or where they’re all going to go. It’s about the crime that has flourished since Biden has made it possible for so many people to enter the U.S.

Pinky Gonzales, the sheriff of Refugio County, has said that the rise in crime has been terrifying. He explains that human smugglers are speeding through towns at 80 mph when the speed limit is only 35. He said, “They have no regard for property or human lives.” And, this is an overwhelming problem in all of the border counties of Texas.

The declaration allows the state to get serious about combatting the problem while Biden and Harris hide in DC. Law-breaking migrants will face tougher penalties. It will also make it easier to get money from the federal government to cover various economic costs.

Oh, but wait…Biden’s deputies are concerned that the declaration will endanger migrant children.

Are we more concerned about allowing migrant children to continue crossing illegally or offering safety and peace of mind to American citizens?

The spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services answered that the “top priority is the health and safety of the children in our care.”

Well, that says everything that we need to know.

HHS is concerned because Abbott ordered officials to shut down the licensing approvals for the Texas-based welcome centers that the federal government has tried to commandeer. Why? They need them to house child and youth migrants.

The HHS spokesperson has said that they don’t intend to close any of the facilities as a result of the order and that they are “assessing the Texas directive.”

They can assess it all they want. Abbott is looking to put an end to the crime wave in the only way that he can – by declaring a disaster.

The Biden administration wants to focus solely on the migrant children as a way to tug on the heartstrings of Americans. “Think of the children!” Well, it’s hard to think of the children when there’s so much economic damage happening as a result of the migration.

There’s already deep concern about the economic threat being posed by migrants – yet the administration continues to do nothing.

If Biden won’t do something, Abbott will. He has no choice in the matter since he and other members of the GOP are the only ones willing to face reality. Neither Biden nor Harris will even visit the border to see the problem for themselves.

If we’re to wait on Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, to fix the problem at the border, we’re going to be waiting a long time. Mayorkas is the one admitting all of the migrants into the U.S. They’re seeking jobs, and they’ll take them away from Americans.

The migration is leading to crime, wage-cutting, and rent-raising. But, it’s just a way to reunify parents and children who have had a rough go in their home countries, right? That’s what the Democratic administration would love for you to believe, but the border counties are faced with the ugly truth of it all.

China Follows in Russia’s Footsteps After Biden Ignores Hacking of Critical Infrastructure

The entire American infrastructure is up for grabs, apparently. Biden has made it clear that he is not going to do a darn thing about any of this. Since the Russians have decided that they are going to hack our gasoline and our beef supplies, the Chinese have become emboldened.

The hacking groups are only going to get more bold until Biden does something about this. He’ll need to do something meaningful because the attacks are only getting worse and worse. Did you know that the Chinese were able to launch a successful attack on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority? Their computer systems were compromised in April, according to a report from the New York Times.

While the hackers were unable to gain meaningful access to the systems in question but various vulnerabilities were exposed. The Chinese government has zero fear of the United States because of Joe Biden. The New York Times is here to offer further background on this latest insanity:

“A hacking group believed to have links to the Chinese government penetrated the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s computer systems in April, exposing vulnerabilities in a vast transportation network that carries millions of people every day, according to an M.T.A. document that outlined the breach.

The hackers did not gain access to systems that control train cars and rider safety was not at risk, transit officials said, adding that the intrusion appeared to have done little, if any, damage.

But a week after the agency learned of the attack, officials raised concerns that hackers could have entered those operational systems or that they could continue to penetrate the agency’s computer systems through a back door, the document also shows.

The breach was the third — and most significant — cyberattack on the transit network, North America’s largest, by hackers thought to be connected to foreign governments in recent years, according to transit officials.”

Ransomware hackers have targeted the Colonial Pipeline and our meat supplies, making us wonder what the next step is going to be. When the Colonial Pipeline was targeted, the southeastern United States was thrown into a complete panic. We all saw the videos of people trying their best to hoard gas in tote containers and even plastic bags.

These are not tactics that we would recommend but this is what happens when people are given the chance to panic. This is something that we place squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden. The JBS hack is going to cause some very serious problems as well. They were forced to pause processing at some of their largest plants until the problem is squared away.

This may seem simple enough but in reality? The company has to shut down five massive plants that are responsible for the production of significant amounts of food. These plants are managing over 20,000 cattle per day, which is no mean feat. When your enemies do not fear your leader, they are going to laugh in his face as they continue to do whatever they want.

Russia has already made it abundantly clear that they could not care less what Biden has to say about any of this. Putin has done everything short of laughing directly in his face. Russia should be shaking in their shoes and not knowing what is about to happen to them because of their bold actions. Instead, they have absolutely nothing to worry about. There is no way that they will ever receive any sort of retribution.

Hackers like these are only going to respond to two things: severe punishment and enhanced system updates. These hacks are taking place because too many people have gotten complacent. In fact, the JBS hack is already being blamed on shoddy equipment but the company is doing everything in their power to walk that one back. Sleepy Joe has a lot of work to do before the next hack takes place. Someone wake him up from his latest nap.

China Virus Attacks Again as Donald Trump Is Being Sued for Saying the Words

Their latest attempt to bring him down happens to be related to the coronavirus. One would think that they would try and sue him over something such severe as mask-wearing or lockdown measures. Things that they have tried to blame him for in the past.

Of all the things that they could have sued him over, the one thing they pick is using terminology that was designed to identify the origin of the coronavirus.

The phrase that these pointless people have found an issue with is the words “China virus.” Donald Trump used these words to help the world understand where the virus originated from.

The term that he chose to use was never meant to be offensive but rather informative. The Democrats do not care. All they want to do is try and hurt the man because he was the force that would turn the tides on their lusting attempts to destroy the country and rob people of their freedoms.

The group that is attacking the former president is suing him for saying “China virus.” This is the man that has survived business lawsuits, two mock impeachment trials, and numerous attempts by the Democrats to look at his tax returns.

One report noted that “Former President Trump has been sued by a civil rights group for calling COVID-19 the ‘China virus’ last year. The federal complaint by the Chinese Americans Civil Rights Coalition (CARC) alleges that Trump’s use of that phrase and similar terms harmed the Chinese American community.”

People from China are the ones that are offended over the terminology. They go on to complain that “Trump’s ‘extreme and outrageous conduct was carried out throughout the pandemic with reckless disregard of whether such conduct would cause Chinese Americans to suffer emotional distress.’”

People are mad that he classified the virus as being accurately from China. And now that their feelings are being hurt months after he is out of office, they want to see some kind of remuneration from the man.

Only a liberal judge could mess this case up. Donald Trump has every right to say what he thinks about the coronavirus. He has the same access to the First Amendment that every other American legal citizen has. He can call the China virus anything he wants to call it.

It did come from Wuhan, China, and the Chinese released the virus on the world. So it stands to reason that the nasty bug should be named after the country it came from. But the Chinese hate anything attached to their name that is negative.

All other variants of the bug are being named after the countries that they are found in. And there is not a person that is crying about having it named after their country.

The Democrats and the communist regime are the biggest babies ever to exist. Anytime a person says something about them that is negative or reveals something of the truth about them, they cry about it. They take to the courts to try and beat it there. But when they fail, they are known to resort to criminal actions to make the person disappear.

Donald Trump did everything right while he was in office and when he left office. The Democrats and the Chinese have never been able to find anything that they could pin on the man. Even the fake stories that they made up never could pin him down.

Trump was a man of impeccable character. The voters in 2016 made the right choice. And that choice ticked the liberals off to the point that they were willing to cheat four years later in 2020. They will fail in the coming years to persuade voters to follow them since they have lied, cheated, and stolen things that were not theirs to have.