Mass Murder Brushed Over Because It’s Bad for DA Fundraising Efforts

It’s amazing how hypocritical the liberals can be. A mass murder for one can be a great way to promote their left-wing agenda. Then, another mass murder is completely brushed over because it may stand in the way of them being able to fundraise millions of dollars toward their reelection efforts.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner deals with crime statistics all day long because of his high-profile position. However, when a mass murder happens down the road from him, he downplays it so that he can sell $1,000-a-head tickets to his reelection fundraiser.

Top Democrats and Hollywood celebrities gathered at Krasner’s fundraiser to hear what he had to say. He breezed over the violent crime spike that’s been happening across the city.

Krasner also failed to mention the mass murder that happened just hours before his virtual address – one where eight people were shot outside of a train station.

Shouldn’t mass murders be something that is addressed by the DA?

After all, the DA is responsible for putting away the bad guys. And, if there’s a strong enough program to deter bad guys, the crime rates fall.

A surge in the crime rates could easily demonstrate that the city doesn’t have a great DA in place.

Yikes, but that works against Krasner when he’s trying to make sure that he stays in his position. So, he just won’t mention anything that makes him look bad.

Any time that people have said that his progressive crime policy is ignorant, he’s shot back that they get their understanding of crime from “watching Law & Order” and that people have irrational fears of “werewolves running up and down the street.”

Wow, that’s some way to insult his constituents.

Anyone who has ever picked up a paper understands how crime works. To state differently is ignorant.

It seems that the ignorant one is Krasner as he’s the one dealing with a city that can’t seem to get a hold of its violence. The train station shooting happened in broad daylight – that’s enough to scare anyone.

No one’s worried about werewolves running up and down the street. However, they are worried that there are gang members hanging out by public transportation depots with loaded guns.

Krasner seems to be dismissing everyone’s fears so that he can focus on his progressive crime policy – which also means that he’s not planning on doing anything of real benefit for the people of Philadelphia.

Was Krasner trying to look cool in front of Hollywood celebs like John Legend? Or, does he actually believe that people are truly worried for nothing?

The DA doesn’t have the best track record to say that there’s nothing to worry about. Philadelphia is dealing with a 30-year high regarding homicides – and the homicide rate has been steadily increasing since Krasner took office in 2018.

John McNesby, the Fraternal Order of Police president of the city has said that Krasner has “zero cooperation” with Philadelphia police and has continuously shown how Krasner downplays the violent crime, dismissing law enforcement at any chance that he has. “That’s his M.O. He doesn’t care about anybody but himself,” McNesby says of the DA.

The Democratic primaries will take place on May 18 in Philadelphia. Krasner is being challenged by Carlos Vega, a prosecutor who has been vocal about the DA’s actions and for making the city “vulnerable and unsafe.”

Perhaps Krasner can be unseated after the primaries – or at the very least, by the general election later in the year. After all, you shouldn’t be allowed to glaze over the fact that eight people were shot in broad daylight hours before you talk about the amazing job you’re doing for the city.

The lives of people in Philadelphia matter, yet you wouldn’t know that by listening to Krasner speak.

Newsom Scared Stiff as Recall Effort Is Ready to Steam over Him

The demonic Democrats are up to their old tricks again by changing the rules before an unfavorable result lands in their lap. Gavin Newsom is up for recall, and he is wanting to try and change the rules to keep himself from losing his governor position.

History tells a clear picture of how Newsom will act to keep himself in politics. In 2017, Josh Newman was the Democrat facing a recall. During the recall effort, the Democrats changed the rules by increasing the number of signatures required. Newman had only won his seat by several hundred votes, so when the Democrats passed unfavorable legislation, the Republicans went after Newman with a vengeance.

That experience was not a favorable one for lying liberals. He has since found his way back to the arena and is looking for blood. He wants to make it legal for a recalled politician to be able to get a copy of the signatures and allow that person to get names and addresses of those that took a stand against them.

The only reason that they would have that kind of information would be to send enforcers to their doors to force them to withdraw their support for a recall. Newman believes that people are being tricked into signing recall documents. He is another Democrat that believes he is more popular than he really is.

He stated that people were asked, “’ ’Are you mad about this gas tax? Sign this petition.’ They didn’t tell them that the actual text of the petition was about recalling an elected state senator.” He has zero evidence that proves what he thinks is true. It is merely a view that is unsupported. He went on to note that “From my view a recall is, in effect, trial by ballot. And you should be able to face your accusers.”

As much as he may want to face his accusers and force them into compliance, he does not have that right. It is not a trial where a person has the right to face their accusers. It is how the people have to recall their lousy politicians, so they are kept accountable to the people.

His introduction of this idea would give Newsom the legal aid he needs to force people to back off. Once a recall happens, there is a time frame of nearly three months where Newsom needs to make people believe that he should remain in office.

Newsom knew about the recall effort, and he did not take the time to fix the errors within his tenure. He has only made them worse.

Newman’s bill states that “The target of a recall petition, and the representatives of the target of a recall petition as may be designated by the target in writing, for the purposes of communicating with registered voters to determine whether they signed the recall petition and whether they understood the recall petition they may have signed, and to assist registered voters to withdraw their signatures on the recall petition, if they so desire.”

It is a fancy way of saying to people that they are going to come to their homes and help them change their minds. For all those who refuse to withdraw their signature, there would be stiff punishment for them to experience.

When this version of the bill is read, the question of privacy comes up. No one has the right to pass along private information without consent. So his altered version of the bill will allow him to be able to give the information to a third party to force them to change their minds. What Newman is doing is making it, so his hands stay clean when the matter hits the courts.

Newman’s bill is designed to protect Gavin Newsom. It is a bill that takes away the right of freedom of speech, the right to express one’s opinion without the possibility of threats from opposing powers. His bill mirrors the more robust version of what is found in China, where it is illegal to voice an opinion that differs from the established norm. Expressing opinions is punishable by imprisonment or death.

Wacky Whitmer Jumps Off Diving Board of Insanity as She Claims She is Victim of Manly Attacks

Gretchen Whitmer is America’s favorite governor to hate. During the coronavirus pandemic, she knowingly violated her sphere of authority and mandated horrible lockdown rules for people living in Michigan to live under. The way she socially ordered people around had citizens fuming with anger because she had no right to order people around the way she did.

So many people were angry with her actions that, at one point, several men decided to kidnap her and force her to make changes. Others honked in disgust while others formed rallies and filed lawsuits against the insane terrorist leaders.

Whitmer cannot admit that her actions are why people hate her so much. She believes that she is a lovely person that does not deserve the sexist response she is getting. She believes that because she is a woman is why people are treating her terribly.

Her witchy behavior drew criticism from Republican Ron Weiser, who stated that “Our job now is to soften up those three witches and make sure that we have good candidates to run against them, that they are ready for the burning at the stake.”

And Margaret Brennan from CBS responded that “He was talking about you and two of your female Democratic colleagues. The Senate Majority Leader was also bragging that the Senate had ‘spanked’ you on the budget and appointments.” She was making the case that men were simply sexist.

It is just like a feminist-Nazi to blame men when they are confronted with criminal behavior. Whitmer has stated that “I can tell you this, though, that sadly — in this moment — there have been a lot of death threats. We know that there was a plot to kidnap and kill me, death threats against me and my family.”

She misses the point that it is not just men that are making these statements. There are women that came to the rallies and had honk their horns in disgust at the Nazi ruler. Whitmer is no longer the favored saint; she thinks that she is in Michigan.

The FBI did confirm that some men were going to kidnap the governor, but their plan was stopped before they could put it into action. The reason for their plan is because of what the governor was doing to the people. They may have made the wrong choice to kidnap Whitmer, but her actions prompted them to decide to take such action.

When people are taken to the brink of death and starvation, they will be willing to do whatever is necessary to relieve their pain. But Whitmer thinks that it is not her fault the way she is being treated the way she is.

It is just a Democrat to blame their crimes on other people. She says that men are just treating her in a sexist way because she is a woman.

When the kidnapping story came out, the media went crazy and blamed Donald Trump for programming his followers to take care of Whitmer. But when it was discovered that they were liberals and hated Trump, the fake narrative fell apart. People just hate Whitmer that much.

The socialist governor stated that “I don’t have time, though, to focus on that or to go punch for punch. I’m not gonna do that. I’ve got a job to do, and that is helping get my state through this, helping get our economy back on track, supporting the American jobs plan so that that helps us do both of those things. And that’s what I’m gonna stay focused on.”

She may claim that she does not have the time to play her critic’s games, but she certainly has created enough drama of her own by claiming the sexist card. Her troubles have nothing to do with her being a girl. But it does have everything to do with how she has defiantly treated people over the past year.

Not just men hate Whitmer. Women vehemently hate her. She has hurt small business owners and cause a lot of financial harm to people living in Michigan, and they are not going to forget her crimes when it comes to her reelection.

Biden’s Race Terror Squads Target UVA Student After Asking Questions About “Microaggressions”

Do you remember the story that we shared before about the professor who faced a nine-month investigation for asking questions during a white fragility training session? If so, this story will serve as the perfect bookend to that horrific tale. The incident that we are going to discuss today took place at the University of Virginia back in 2018.

Kieran Ravi Bhattacharya is a medical student who decided to push back against a professor who was offering up their take on racial relations. It was a panel on microaggressions and it was being led by the professor in question. Court Listener has a transcript of how this discussion began:

During the event, UVA Professor Beverly Colwell Adams, Ph.D., gave a roughly seventeen-minute presentation about her research on microaggressions, and
Bhattacharya asked Adams some questions. Id. The exchange began:

Bhattacharya: Hello. Thank you for your presentation. I had a few questions just to clarify your definition of microaggressions. Is it a requirement, to
be a victim of microaggression, that you are a member of a marginalized group?

Adams: Very good question. And no. And no—

Bhattacharya: But in the definition, it just said you have to be a member of a marginalized group—in the definition you just provided in the last slide. So that’s contradictory.

Adams: What I had there is kind of the generalized definition. In fact, I extend it beyond that. As you see, I extend it to any marginalized group, and sometimes it’s not a marginalized group. There are examples that you would think maybe not fit, such as body size, height, [or] weight. And if that is how you would like to see me expand it, yes, indeed, that’s how I do.

Bhattacharya: Yeah, follow-up question. Exactly how do you define marginalized and who is a marginalized group? Where does that go? I mean, it seems extremely nonspecific.

Adams: And—that’s intentional. That’s intentional to make it more nonspecific…

This is what people are being forced to endure. Adams wanted to keep defending the work but Bhattacharya had more to say. He may not have agreed with what she had to say but the exchange remained polite throughout. A different professor decided that this was not acceptable.

The professor decided that they needed to file a “Professionalism Concern Card” against Bhattacharya. This is not a move that can or should be taken lightly. The consequences for a student can be dire and this is not something that should be done on a whim.

The student was not directly informed about what was taking place. None of the concerns were expressed in an open and honest manner. Professors got challenged and decided that they needed to make the student suffer. This goes against everything that our secondary learning institutions should be standing for. The medical school’s assistant dean would soon contact the student to set up a meeting.

They tried their best to rattle him but they couldn’t pull it off. The earlier exchange was never even discussed. Instead, he says that they wanted to know his views about “various social and political issues—including
sexual assault, affirmative action, and the election of President Trump.”

From there, he received a letter that recommended that he receive counseling! Within a few short weeks, this recommendation morphed into a requirement. It won’t surprise anyone to learn that he was suspended from school not long after. Bhattacharya was eventually forced to sue, as a means of rectifying the situation. For their part, the school is claiming that he made threats online and this was the real reason for the suspension.

However, they have yet to provide any form of proof on this. They have not told the court when the threats were made or even when they were posted. This case hinges on those threats and they are not playing fair. They are attempting to remain as vague as possible. These allegations are not probable cause to derail a student’s career before it starts.

They Want Proof so DeSantis Will Show Them Proof

The media just cannot help themselves when it comes to smearing Republicans with false accusations. The latest attack on Ron DeSantis came at the hands of the 60 Minute crew. They have a long history of reporting that was once checked and rechecked for accuracy. But now, they have taken the steps into the realm of unreliability as they have deliberately lied about the vaccine distribution in Florida.

The insidious attacks were so vicious that Ron DeSantis could easily win a court case over defamation. But DeSantis is not concerned with what people that is not true. He is more concerned with telling the truth than what others are trying to pass off as truth.

The way that DeSantis went after the media is similar to the way Donald Trump dealt with them. When 60 Minutes came out and aired a broadcast that was so full of lies that even many Democrats were appalled by the report. Politicians on both sides of the fence railed against the CBS show and came out with facts to prove that they did not do their research.

The tragedy that 60 Minutes did is to twist the testimonies and the facts to build a narrative that would support the story they wanted to use to destroy Ron DeSantis. But when a fake story is told that is blatantly false, not even a Democrat will believe it.

60 Minutes did not like the truth about how the vaccine was handed out to Floridians. DeSantis kept things very organized and did not show favoritism to any one company over another. He used Publix to help distribute the vaccine because they had resources and the locations to get it out quickly. And long before Publix was used, medical facilities were doing the best that they could to facilitate the added burden of healthcare.

60 Minutes looked beyond the compassion and decided to fabricate a lie. Their deliberate attack on DeSantis is nothing short of a terrorist attack on Americans. To accuse someone of acting selfishly when it is not true during a pandemic relief moment is a hit well below the belt.

The Floridian governor is not one to take things laying down. He took to the airways and corrected the nonsense that CBS tried to report as truth. This gave him the chance to nationally show the success that Florida has had with the virus and how they have gotten the vaccine to the people without much effort. And what made it even a more significant victory for him is that state Democrats came to his defense and debunked the CBS report.

Jared Moskowitz was the Democrat that backed up DeSantis with the truth. He stated very clearly that “I told them that this Publix narrative was malarkey, and they still went with it.” The drive to smear a Republican was so strong with CBS that it just drove them mad when no one supported their fake news. So like every good liberal media source, they would publish it knowing there would fallout.

Moskowitz was blown away that supporters of his own party would even try and pass off something that so full of lies as a true story. It was clearly a story that was designed to hurt the one it was written about. And that was a man that has the potential of beating every other Democrat running for the office of the president in 2024.

CBS went on a lying streak and tried to tell the Publix received an exclusive” contract for their part in donating money to the governor’s campaign fund several years ago. CBS is guilty of finding facts and twisting them to fit a narrative designed to slander a political opponent. The news station is not worthy to stand with other stations that would report truthful narratives instead of making up.

The Democrats, minus one Moskowitz, are just raging mad that Ron DeSantis has done a great job of handling the vaccine and allowing his state to live free over the past year. He has defied all odds and stands as an abnormality to the liberal agenda and fear-pushing drive that they like to take people on.

San Francisco School Board Just Realized Washington and Lincoln Were Important Historical Figures

In January, the San Francisco School Board voted to strop the names of important historical figures from schools across the Bay Area. Presidents such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln were used in the naming of schools.

However, those names also had unsavory ties to slavery.

As a result, the liberal school board decided that they would rename a total of 44 schools because of names that were seen as perpetuating racism in the United States.

The decision was based on a lot of inaccurate claims, including data that was obtained by Wikipedia.

No one bothered to do any real research. Committee chairman Jeremiah Jeffries and others on the committee made false claims to prove why this was such an important move to make.

They didn’t listen to the American people. They didn’t listen to facts.

George Washington was our first president. He was also a slave owner but was believed to treat his slaves as though they were members of his family.

Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence. While he, too, was a slave owner, it was reported that he set many of them free.

Abraham Lincoln was the author of the Emancipation Proclamation. He was the one responsible for ending slavery once and for all.

Anyone who has ever picked up an American history book knows the truth.

It took a lawsuit to get the school board to realize the err of their ways. A left-wing Harvard Law professor, Laurence Tribe, was one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, saying, “I think it goes dangerously far when the Great Emancipator is treated as insufficiently woke.”

Finally, there’s a liberal who is willing to apply common sense to the situation.

It didn’t take long before the school board unanimously voted to reverse its decisions. They did this to avoid an expensive lawsuit.

Now, the 44 schools will keep their names – for now. All the schools on the list were associated with such things as slavery, oppression, colonization, and genocide. While it may be that one or two names deserve to be on the list, our founding fathers certainly do not.

It took a lawsuit to show the school board that our founding fathers are innocent.

How is it that any of these school board members even passed history? Anyone in high school or college will say that Wikipedia is considered an unreliable source. Yet, that is the source that the committee made a dangerous decision with.

The committee members had to re-learn the importance of the various historical figures to understand that they are not the enemy.

Owning slaves was simply a way of life back then. Many did so out of obligation, not because they believed they were better than those of a different skin color. Many also treated the slaves with the highest respect, providing them with houses, salaries, and, eventually, walking papers.

If George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or any of the others were to live in today’s society, they would not attempt to own slaves. Had they had the knowledge of today with them back then, slavery would have ended decades if not centuries earlier.

Learning takes time. We have learned throughout history.

However, to strip schools of the names of people who have had a significant and positive impact on history is morally reprehensible. It shows disrespect to our country and to how far we have come. It minimizes the sacrifices that so many have had to make to fight for our freedoms – all of our freedoms.

We are a land of immigrants. We’ve all faced discrimination throughout one aspect of history or another – The Irish, the Jewish, the Black. Some battles are still happening while others only exist in our history books.

The school board has since decided to turn its focus to opening the schools so that students can get a better education. Perhaps the lawsuit has made the committee members realize that there are more important things than spending millions to rename schools that offend no one.

Another Unlikely Hero Emerges! Texas Governor Bans Biden’s Nazi-Era Vaccine Passports

In a move that is sure to make many liberals cry many tears, Governor Abbott has decided to take an important first step against the advancing mask and vaccine gestapo. The Democrats love these new rules because they can force people to make decisions that they do not want to. Abbott is standing firm, though.

The governor believes that mask mandates and vaccine passports are a direct infringement on citizen rights and he is 100 percent correct on that one. The Hill has more about his important announcement. Abbott had plenty to say about the matter:

“Every day, Texans are returning to normal life as more people get the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. But, as I’ve said all along, these vaccines are always voluntary and never forced,” Abbott said in announcing the executive order.

“Government should not require any Texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives,” he added. “That is why I have issued an executive order that prohibits government-mandated vaccine passports in Texas. We will continue to vaccinate more Texans and protect public health — and we will do so without treading on Texans’ personal freedoms.”

This is what people are looking to hear right now but no one seems willing to say it….except for governors like Abbott. Before anyone has a chance to say anything, we are here to state the obvious. Abbott is not an anti-vaxxer. He’s already received his shots and he was transparent enough to get it done on camera. He wants everyone to get vaccinated and he is not shying away from that point of view.

He would rather give people the latitude to make the decision on their own, though. That’s what a good leader does. They do not try to impose their beliefs on anyone else. Abbott is not doing an about-face on this subject. This is how he has conducted himself throughout the process.

Abbott also prides himself on being ready and willing to share any and all statistics that are designed to assuage the fears of Texas residents. Here’s a prime example of the types of tweets that he is known to send out into the world:

“338,390 Texans got a Covid shot today. Even better, Covid hospitalizations dropped to a 9-month low–to the lowest they have been since June 17th of last year. The high number of vaccinations & low hospitalizations are related. Vaccines will always be voluntary, never forced,” said Abbott recently.

This is a governor who is not worried about putting pressure on his constituents. He is trusting them to make the right decisions on their own, which is a pretty novel idea, right? So far, the vaccine passports do not seem to be gaining very much traction. New York is currently the only state that has them but the capacity is very limited. If we had to guess, it won’t get far there either.

Cuomo is already legalizing recreational marijuana and opening more businesses to distract from his pile of sexual assault allegations. We cannot see him putting his foot down on something that is sure to anger lots and lots of people. There are some who are probably wondering what Dr. Fauci has had to say about all of this. He did not let us down.

“I doubt that the federal government will be the main mover of a vaccine passport concept,” Fauci said. “They may be involved in making sure things are done fairly and equitably, but I doubt if the federal government is gonna be the leading element of that.” Even he is smart enough to know that vaccine passports are going to be an absolute nonstarter.

Florida governor DeSantis has issued similar statements in the past and we are glad that these men are standing for what is right. The liberals may believe that they can throw their weight around but nothing is further from the truth. Kudos to DeSantis and Abbott!

Biden’s DOJ Brutally Beat January 6 Protester, Break His Skull and Blind Him. That’s Justice in Biden’s America

When the January 6 protests took place at Capitol Hill, Ryan Samsel was there leading the charge against the police. The bike racks were shoved over and he stormed the building. Samsel is also alleged to have injured a female officer during the melee.

Since being arrested, Samsel has been treated very horribly. His hands were zip tied and he was given a brutal beating by the officers on duty. This is how justice is meted out in Biden’s America now. This man was beaten so badly, he lost an eye. How is this allowable?

Biden’s America claims that police brutality is an absolute no/no but it seems to be pretty negotiable from where we are sitting. If Biden wants your backside handed to you, that is simply what is going to happen and there is no two ways about it. This story has yet to make any headlines but we cannot pretend to be surprised by this. Fortunately, Politico has more about the latest developments:

“For weeks, Capitol riot defendants being held in Washington have complained that they are locked in their cells with virtually no human contact for 23 hours a day. But a startling, graphic account offered publicly in court on Tuesday by one such inmate, Ronald Sandlin, went further: alleging that guards have subjected those charged in the Jan. 6 events to violence, threats and verbal harassment.

“Myself and others involved in the Jan. 6 incident are scared for their lives, not from each other but from correctional officers,” Sandlin said during a bail hearing conducted by video before U.S. District Court Judge Dabney Friedrich. “I don’t understand how this is remotely acceptable,” he added, saying he was being subjected to “mental torture.”

In an unusual direct plea to the judge, Sandlin said another Capitol riot defendant, Ryan Samsel, “was severely beaten by correctional officers, [is now] blind in one eye, has a skull fracture and detached retina.”

Sandlin also described racial tension between minority guards and the largely white defendants, some of whom have been publicly accused of membership in or association with white supremacist groups,” the report states.

This paints a fairly terrifying picture of where we are as a country right now. If this had happened in a manner that was offensive to Democrats, we would have already heard about it several times over. Samsel does not fit the profile of someone who they should care about so here we are.

It’s sad to watch this hypocrisy unfold over and over again. Samsel deserves the same justice that any American would receive in such an instance. The same people who want to see leniency for other criminals are now rejoicing because this man’s eye was destroyed during a scuffle with these cowardly officers.

How could they possibly feel good about themselves? It takes some real tough guys to restrain someone with zip ties before kicking the crap out of them. We’re laying on the sarcasm pretty thick here but our readers know exactly where we are coming from all of this.

We are fed up. Biden should have the same level of outrage over things like this but let’s face the facts here. He’s not really tuned into what is going on. Trump’s penchant for cable television news programs was mocked early and often but at least he wasn’t caught flat-footed on a regular basis like Biden. It would not surprise us in the slightest to learn that Biden has no clue about this horrific story.

This is how his Department of Justice is going to behave, unless he does something to put them under control. This is not something that we are placing any sort of bet on. He would have to take an interest in these types of situations first. White supremacist police officers are the absolute worst, unless they are willing to do Joe Biden’s dirty work for him. The tune changes quickly then.

Psaki Confirms Biden Will Continue to Lie About Georgia Election Law (Video)

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has been spreading all sorts of lies when it comes to Georgia’s new voter integrity law. She has finally been confronted about these tall tales and as you expect, she’s doubling down. Fox News reporter Peter Doocy is the one who finally brought it to her attention.

You can just imagine how she must have felt about that. Fox News is a sworn enemy as far as the Democrats concerned because they are not going to ask the softball questions that Psaki and Biden would prefer. Doocy let her know that Biden had received a kick in the pants from Washington Post fact-checkers.

In fact, he was given four Pinocchio’s for all of the lies that he has been telling about the new Georgia laws. Psaki was even asked if Biden would finally stop lying, since all of the evidence was being presented. She could not handle the truth and it did not take long before she decided to deflect.

That’s what the Democrats do when they are pushed on anything. Psaki did not want to talk about the specific fact-checkers in this instance and decided that she wanted to try and steer the conversation. This response is a predictable one. Until this party learns how to take some level of accountability, they are going to be in a lot of trouble.

The first few months of the Biden presidency have felt like an eternity and we are sure that the next few years are going to feel even longer. Once you get the chance to see this clip for yourself, you are going to see exactly what we are talking about. The White House is full of it on this topic and they care more about whipping their voters into a frenzy than anything else.

It won’t be long before they are breaking out the kente cloth again at this point. They are already invoking terms like “Jim Crow” to try and make their opinions seem more legitimate. Sadly, it’s all the same to us now. The Democrats are going to keep lying and their voters are going to keep buying into it.

Psaki may be correct in one sense. The Georgia law is going to make it much harder for people to vote. However, the people that are being excluded from voting are not the ones that the Democrats are claiming. No, the laws are not designed to keep out citizens who are merely looking to cast a vote.

The laws are about putting a stop to the undeniable electoral fraud that has been taking place. How many elections have to be stolen before the Democrats wake up and smell the coffee? Biden is banking on the current laws staying in place, so that there can be a peaceful transfer of power within the party.

If the laws are changed, Harris might not be able to claim her role as the new president. You can tell what the plan was here. Biden and Harris put their heads together and came up with quite the scheme. “You see, Kamala, they like me better a whole lot better than you right now and I have the name value. Bide your time and the whole kingdom will be yours soon enough.”

It’s not like Kamala had much of a choice. There was no chance of her winning the presidency on her own. These are the facts that have to be faced. Were the liberals really going to vote for a woman that they had dubbed “Kopmala”? We are going to go out on a huge limb and say no.

What you are seeing now is the Democrats realizing that their stranglehold on the White House is slowly being loosened. Biden’s plan may not have a chance to come to fruition now. Sorry, Sleepy Joe! Those are the breaks and you will have to accept them.

Toilet Paper Prices in the Rise Thanks to Biden’s Agenda

The CDC, Guns and the Connection Behind the Scenes

The Center for Disease Control is supposed to be that one organization specializing in the discovery of and handling diseases. At no time in their existence should they ever try and become experts in a sector of thought outside of their realm of expertise. But for some reason, the organization is trying to step into the realm of gun violence as experts. This is coming from an organization that has lied to the people and fueled the China virus’s fear.

Like all United States movements, the switchover started because Dr. Bindi J. Naik-Mathuria became sick and tired of treating small children with gunshot wounds. This doctor has good reason to be upset but lacks the necessary expertise to dictate gun control laws. Decisions based on rash feelings never work out in the end.

Dr. Naik-Mathuria sought out and received a grant from the federal government to track down and record every death caused by a gun in the city of Houston. The enraged doctor wanted to track gun violence like some kind of viral infection. The two subjects are so far apart that how one investigates the matter cannot be applied to the other.

Two other doctors named Garen J. Wintermute and Andrew R. Morral have joined up to work with Naik-Mathuria in the endeavor to track down viral gun violence. They are looking for a common cause the way they would look for a single virus. The point is that they will never find that one cause, for there are many points to consider.

Even Morral noted that finding when he stated, “There’s at least five different gun violence problems in the country and mass shooting is one of them. There’s also suicide, there’s urban gun violence which mostly affects minority young men, there’s family shootings, and there’s police shootings. And they all have different risk factors, they all have very different motives, and they often involve different firearms.”

It is amazing to note that this so-called study is supposed to let the liberals have reason to impose new laws on people that want to own guns. The Second Amendment is clear that people have the right to own guns, and no one has the right to try and control that freedom in any fashion.

It should be a surprise for people to find that the same tactic was tried in 1993 when a study was done concerning weapons. And that study was used to initiate gun control laws. Even after the study was proved incorrect, the laws still stuck. And now the lie continues to be used every time there is shooting as to why people should not own guns.

The CDC has no business funding such studies. But since the nasty Democrats control the legislature, they will do whatever they can to steal freedoms away from people. They will even invent their fake studies and spend taxpayer money to develop something that they can push out as truth even though it is a bunch of nonsense.

The Democrats’ poisonous ideology that they fill minds with is why there are so much hatred and violence. Conservatives who reject liberal teachings are usually not engaging in deadly behaviors or shooting others with guns. They are the ones working their hands to the bone and living the American dream.

And since the CDC screwed up royally on the coronavirus issue, there is no reason to even trust their so-called expertise on matters of gun violence. They cannot even track down where one little virus came from. And there is no way they will ever be able to determine the root cause of gun violence.

The Democrats are looking for ways to attack freedom and the right to be an American. This study is just another avenue they can use to attack the rights that all Americans have violently.

The Trump haters have united, and they are going after every freedom that the Founding Fathers fought hard to win for all Americans. The CDC may soon be given the right to declare a health emergency because people own guns. The liberal lunacy only demands such action.

The Sad Consequence of Biden’s Cruel Open Border Policy! Migrant Girl Brutally Assaulted by Biden’s Migrants

“I make no apologies for ending programs that did not exist before Trump became President that have an incredibly negative impact on the law, international law, as well as on human dignity. And so, I make no apologies for that,” said Joe Biden on the 25th of March.

This was the commentary that he had to offer when it came to rolling back Trump immigration policies. You can tell that he is very proud of himself for this. This is one of his most coherent public statements. His dementia is barely showing here.

His dislike of Trump gives him the strength that he needs to get through the statement without stumbling and stammering. Biden was barely in office before he decided to open up the borders to any migrant children who wanted to come. This was not a wise choice but he keeps doubling down on the decision.

It’s that important for him to show everyone that he is the anti-Trump but he’s more like the Antichrist. It’s insane how he is allowing the worst things to happen to these people, while claiming that he cares deeply about protecting them. This story serves as a prime example of that.

Three children have already drowned in the Rio Grande and now stories are starting to circulate about children who have been sexually assaulted. Border Patrol official Oscar Escamilla has given a video interview to Reuters and it should leave everyone appalled. The atrocities that this man has seen should all be laid at Biden’s feet.

“About a month-and-a-half ago I was back here talking to one of the little girls, you know, and, and I told the Congressional delegation this, the same thing, right? We were gonna send her to the hospital and as I got close to her I noticed that she couldn’t speak and I asked the medical staff what happened. And she, the reason she was going to the hospital because she had gotten gang-raped. And the reason that she couldn’t speak was because she had lost her voice in the process while she was getting raped. Those things hit hard,” Escamilla says.

“WARNING: GRAPHIC SUBJECT MATTER Harrowing stories of sexual abuse are among some of what Oscar Escamilla, a U.S. Border Patrol official, says ‘hit hard’ as he details what some of the unaccompanied migrant children at the U.S.-Mexico border have told him,” Reuters shared on their Twitter account. We cannot begin to imagine the pain and sadness that these officials must feel.

The Wall Street Journal is also reporting on this story, publishing a harrowing op-ed about the border crisis. There are all sorts of awful anecdotes in here. A migrant woman had her leg broken during a scuffle with a smuggler. Coyotes threw a baby into the Rio Grande. This is what Biden is allowing because he is far too eager to try and show the world that he’s different from Trump. The only problem is that he’s right! The Wall Street Journal has more:

“Sixty-five adults and 152 children clambered aboard smugglers’ rafts to cross the Rio Grande near Roma, a border town of 10,000. One Honduran woman hobbled on board on crutches. A human trafficker had broken her leg assaulting her in Mexico, but she was determined to get to the U.S., so she paid the $3,500 coyote’s fee and struggled onto the flimsy vessel. The group also included a mother cradling her 6-month-old daughter. It was March 16, a balmy evening. Around 8:45 p.m., hell broke loose.

Border Patrol agents came on the crossing, accompanied by a Texas special-operations group. The smugglers grabbed the dark-haired baby girl and hurled her into the deep water. They capsized the rafts, sending panicked migrants flailing into the dark currents. “They did that to distract law enforcement so it would become a rescue operation,” says Lt. Christopher Olivarez, a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety.”

Cuomo Proves He Is a Ladies Man as Another Accuser Steps Forward

Sherry Vill is now making headlines as she is being identified as the latest accuser of Andrew Cuomo and his ever-growing list of female friends, of which he a little too comfortable with. Cuomo stands accused of sexual misconduct with eight women over the course of his tenure. Like Joe Biden, he just cannot keep his hands and nose off of the women.

Cuomo’s fate is sealed as Vill has pictures to back up her testimony. And, of course, having a feminist attorney going after him is not going to help matters much. Vill has three kids and is happily married. But one fateful day, the governor showed up to view flood damages, and it was there that he grabbed her face and kissed her. Not just once, but twice.

Vill is another victim in a long line of abused women connected to Cuomo. His lustful hands have victimized eight women over the course of several years. And no amount of Democratic threats is going to silence that many people from speaking up and doing the right thing.

Vill noted that she was contacted by the governor’s office asking permission to enter the home and inspect the damages from the 2017 flood. Upon arrival, she said Cuomo “looked at me, took my hand, pulled me close to him. He wedged his face between the dog and mine and kissed me on the cheek.” All of this was done in the presence of Vill’s son, who just happened to be filming the evidence, which is now going to be part of the trial.

Cuomo had to force his fat face between a dog and the lady’s head just to get at her face. The governor tried to explain his actions by stating, “That’s what Italian’s do.” As if that makes it alright to violate women. Vill noted that even after he kissed her, she stated that “He turned to me and said, you are beautiful. That made me feel even more uncomfortable.”

Cuomo did not give up on meeting Vill again. He would later personally invite Vill to a special event. Vill’s husband was not invited, and there was not another soul that was supposed to be there. The governor also sent her an autographed copy of a picture of them together. As if to make her feel honored to be in his presence.

Cuomo has to learn that just because he has a customary way of greeting people does not mean acceptable behavior. Cuomo stated that “You can find hundreds of pictures of me making the same gesture with hundreds of people: women, men, children, et cetera. You can go find hundreds of pictures of me kissing people, men, women. It is my usual and customary way of greeting.”

Cuomo is using a tactic of misdirection, hoping that his lustful actions can be excused. He wants people to think that what he was doing was harmless and beneficial to the women that he has tried to rape. And for some reason, the media wants to downplay this scandalous man as someone who is a victim of wicked people trying to smear his name.

Vill noted that “I know the difference between an innocent gesture and a sexual one.” And her attorney insists that “We’re not focused on the criminal aspect. In no way are we suggesting that the governor should be prosecuted for what he did to Sherry. Then she’ll make her decision as to what action she will take.”

And that is why Cuomo is acting like he is in front of these accusations. No one wants to press charges formally. Instead of patronizing the man, someone needs to formally press charges to force an investigation into the matters at hand. The governor has tried to assault eight women sexually. And Cuomo even stated that he had done it many others throughout the years.

It all comes down to the threats that the Democratic Party likes to issue against people that stand up for what is right. They are willing to kill people to enlist their silence on matters of importance. People that take a stand against them end up like the Chinese doctors in Wuhan. They are never seen again.

Liberals Beg Golf Tournament to Be as Offended as They Are

Georgia has been home to the Masters Tournament every spring for decades. The historic Augusta National Golf Club attracts golfers from around the world.

As of right now, all is planning to go as planned.

Oh, but the liberals want the PGA Tour to be just as offended as they are.

A national civil rights organization, the National Black Justice Coalition (NBJC), has called for the Masters tournament to be moved out of the state.


Georgia’s governor, Brian Kemp, has signed the state’s new voting reform law.

The voting reform laws aren’t as dramatic as people make them out to be. It requires proof of ID. And if you’re going to vote absentee by mail, you have to provide ID in the form of an ID or driver’s license number.

Liberals around the country want to act as though this is some kind of voter suppression.

Why is it so much to ask for ID? People are asked for ID each and every day – when they visit the doctor, book a plane ticket, or even try to buy alcohol. Voting shouldn’t be any different.

The NBJC is saying that it’s an attack on democracy and that the new reform law will “return Black and poor and already disenfranchised voters in Georgia to second class citizens.”

Wait, what? This is not about the black or the poor. Anyone who can legally vote most likely has a driver’s license – or at the very least, a state ID. The state will accept either ID to vote.

As for canceling the golf tournament, a statement was released to say that the PGA Tour along with the Masters Tournament have already made commitments to diversify golf and “address racial inequities in this country.”

There are a lot of things going on here. The NBJC is calling on a golf tournament to be just as upset about the reform law as they are. They’re calling the voter suppression law “racist.” Meanwhile, they’re the only ones who seem to be getting in an uproar about it.

Georgia is a Republican state. While there are plenty of Democrats, the state is still predominantly red. The governor did what he felt he needed to do to protect the democracy of the state and protect voting from any bias that may occur if an ID isn’t checked.

SB 202 is shifting election management from county boards to state boards to have greater control over what’s happening. Volunteers can no longer hand out food and water to voters – it’s considered a way to interact and even sway a vote. Further, there are new limitations on ballot drop boxes. Additionally, there will now be a hotline for people to anonymously complain about suspicious behavior at the polls.

There really isn’t a problem here.

Biden has called it a “blatant attack on the Constitution.” Is it, though? Is it really that hard to believe that people are offended because they’re being asked for ID to vote? Do they also get offended when asked for an ID at the doctor’s office? At the bank? At the liquor store?

If the argument is that people cannot afford or obtain an ID, let’s solve that. There are DMV buses that park in various cities to help people obtain a state ID. Can’t afford one? Fine, here’s one for free.

We cannot allow anyone and everyone to vote. We also cannot allow anyone and everyone to vote as many times as they want.

There has to be control. Voting is a right for the American people – not for illegal migrants.

If the true problem is racial suppression, then let’s work on getting everyone IDs so that they can show them off. If a person can get to a polling site, they can get to a DMV. Problem solved.

Until then, the NBJC and other liberal groups have to stop asking others to be offended just so that they can continue to push their cause.

The Masters Tournament continues toward an April 11 start date in beautiful Augusta, Georgia.

Federal Court Denies ATF Attempts to Classify Firearm Accessory as Machine Gun

When we talk about firearms, there are many generalized misconceptions – particularly when it comes to what many have labeled as assault-style rifles and machine guns.

This usually results after a tragedy happens where a firearm or specific firearm accessory is used and where those unfamiliar with those items make assumptions about their perceived dangers.

The case of the bump stock, for example.

If you are unfamiliar with this gun accessory, it is essentially a replacement stock for a rifle that works to absorb a lot of the recoil or “kick” a gun gives off while firing, making it smoother and easier to fire the weapon in quick succession.

However, that absorbing of the recoil allows the gun to “bump” forward a bit, resulting in a less accurate shot and what some have come to consider as near “automatic” firing.

Following a shooting in Las Vegas in 2017, where a bump stock was believed to have caused the death of 58 people, it was widely banned.

Popular Mechanics described the device like this:

“Bum stocks are simple pieces of equipment that replace the stock of a rifle and add a small ‘support step’ in front of the trigger. The shooter rests his finger on this step ad pulls forward on the barrel or forward grip to press the trigger against his finger. The recoil of the shot then propels the rifle backwards into a gap in stationary stock where the loose fit gives the rifle freedom to bounce forward. This, along with sustained forward pressure on the rifle, has the effect of ‘bumping’ the trigger back into the shooter’s unmoving finger. So long as a shooter maintains forward pressure, the rifle will continue to fire at a rate much faster than could b accomplished with even the quickest possible series of manual trigger pulls.”

Naturally, such a description convinced many already set against firearms that this small plastic device turned any rifle into a machine gun.

Democratic California Senator and long-held gun opponent Dianne Feinstein even went so far as to claim that “(t)his replacement shoulder stock turns a semi-automatic rifle into a weapon that can fire at a rate of 400 to 800 rounds per minute.”

The increased scrutiny of the device, as well as the recent destruction supposed caused by it, led even the Trump administration to convince the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) to reclassify it as a “machine gun” and, therefore, to be included the ban under the National Firearms Act of 1934 and the Gun Control Act of 1968.

However, that decision has recently been overturned – thanks to a federal court ruling given on Thursday.

According to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit, the justification used to ban the bump stock initially “does not apply to the judicial interpretation of statutes that criminalize conduct, i.e., that impose criminal penalties.”

The government’s defense of the ban was based on Chevron U.S.A. v. Natural Resources Defense Council’s case in 1984, which established a precedent known as “Chevron deference.” The basic idea is that particular agencies or businesses with a specific skill set or area of expertise can be called upon by the courts to give their “reasonable interpretations of ambiguous statutes.”

The new ruling has decided that “(i)t is not the role of the executive – particularly the unelected administrative state (ATF) – to dictate to the public what is right and what is wrong. That judgment is reserved to the people through their duly elected representatives in Congress.”

So what does this do for the bump stock exactly? Well, it’s unclear at this point.

As the court says, ATF, nor any other agency, cannot decide if bump stock will return to legality in most of the US. And, as the Associated Press pointed out, the case already had a chance before the Supreme Court last year, but because it wasn’t completely developed yet, the high court refused to even look at it.

Only time will tell what will happen with bump stocks in the future, but at least our checks and balances are working as they should along the process.

Remember Baghdad Bob? Jen Psaki Wants You to Believe the Border Crisis Isn’t Real and We Should Trust Biden’s Propaganda Machine

Senator Lindsey Graham paid a visit to the good folks at Fox News Sunday over the weekend and his interview followed a sit down with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. Graham took a trip to the southern border recently and was appalled by what he had seen. When he spoke with Fox, he noted that Psaki sounded an awful lot like Baghdad Bob when she spoke at length on the topic.

It’s not like Graham was at all wrong with this statement. That is exactly what she sounds like. Biden and Psaki, among others, are in deep denial as far as this crisis is concerned. The saddest part of all is that they are totally responsible for what is taking place right now.

Biden has a major problem when it comes to speaking about the border situation and it is a simple one to diagnose. He cannot tell the truth to save his life. That’s why he struggles so mightily. The Trump administration, on the other hand, was always transparent. The difference is night and day at the moment.

Sleepy Joe claims that he will not send any unaccompanied minors back across the border and he also claimed that the Trump administration was the only one to ever do so. This is a bald-faced lie and he knows it. He should know, as he was Obama’s vice president during all of his deportations.

Trump even stands accused of allowing small children to starve to death on the Rio Grande banks. He’s laying it on really thick and this is the sort of political theater that the Democrats specialize in. They are not here to help anyone. They are here to advance Democratic agendas and little else.

Biden’s sole goal right now is to portray himself as the ultimate leader, i.e. a better president than Trump. There is no lie that he won’t tell to advance that agenda. It’s like he thinks that we forgot about the good old days when Obama was known as the “Deporter in Chief”.

Biden will send you back over with a smile and a nod, though. Mean old Trump wouldn’t even do that much! We are obviously joking but this is how these people really think. They do not know how ridiculous they look and it’s not like they are trying to find out.

In collaboration with border patrol officials, Graham has now written a bill known as The Secure and Protect Act. This bill is meant to put a stop to the rush at the southern border, providing us with some much-needed peace of mind. Instead of coming to America, migrants can file claims at refugee processing centers in Northern Triangle countries.

This is supposed to keep the border from becoming a major magnet for all sorts of unaccompanied migrant children. The Biden administration has already provided them with all of the go-aheads that they need. They are good to come here whenever they want and Biden does not care how much of a crisis he creates in the process.

OANN has more about the proposed bill: “While the U.S. allows migrants to apply for asylum if they are fleeing their country and seeking protection based on “persecution,” Graham noted the process needs to be reformed because the credible fear standard is too low.

“80 percent of people pass the credible fear standard, but when it comes to final adjudication, the final asylum standard, only 10 percent make it through the adjudicated process,” Graham stated. “So, what the Secure and Protect Act does, it changes the credible fear standard to make it a higher initial screening standard, which means that there will be fewer people having to wait for a final determination.”

It’s clear to see what is happening here. Biden views these migrants as potential future voters for the Democrat party. Add in all of the money that is now available to drug cartels, coyotes and human traffickers and you have a recipe for a major mess. Fix it, Sleepy Joe. Fix it now.

Biden and Future Presidents Will Have to Get Friendly with Putin

Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia and has been for quite some time. As presidents in the U.S. come and go, it seems that he is the constant. He’s not the easiest to get along with, and much of it has to do with his socialist ways.

Putin has said that he’s happy to work with anyone in the U.S. who becomes president. He had a good working relationship with Trump. As for whether relations will continue positively with Biden remains to be seen.

Here’s the thing, though. It seems to be that Putin isn’t going anywhere.

Biden needs to set the tone for future presidents in terms of how Russia is to be dealt with.

A law has recently been passed in Russia to allow Putin to remain in office through 2036.

Assuming we have a different president after every term, that means that there will be at least three more presidents beyond Biden to have to develop a strong working relationship with the Russian president.

The amendment to the Russian Constitution has been passed through the lower house of Parliament which stipulates that presidential term limits apply to the incumbent head of state without regard to any previous terms in office.

Essentially, it allows Putin to pursue a fifth presidential term in 2024 and hold office for another two terms, should he desire to do so.

In Russia, presidential terms are for six years at a time – and Putin is currently in his second term. Before serving as president, he served in the capacity of prime minister. It means that he’s been a figurehead of the country for more than 20 years.

Quite a few other amendments have been made – and they serve as a stark contrast to what’s happening in the United States. Russian law is emphasized over international norms. Same-sex marriages have been outlawed. Meanwhile, a “belief in God” is mentioned as a core value.

During a televised address, Putin has said, “We can ensure stability, security, prosperity, and a decent life only through development, only together and by ourselves.”

It will be hard to maintain strong and friendly relations with Russia because of how differently the country is run.

Many of the Democrats in the U.S. government believe that a belief in God has to be removed from the core of American politics. They’re fighting to make same-sex marriages legal. They’re also identifying that they want to move away from an America-first stance.

Russia puts itself first. They put international relations second. The U.S. has been moving to do the opposite. And that is going to create conflict between the two countries.

Many politicians will identify that we have two major concerns on an international level: China first, Russia second. With Putin being the leader of Russia, we need to learn how to get along. However, Biden is a Democrat. He fights for everything that is opposite of what the Russian government does and believes in – and that’s what’s going to make things incredibly difficult.

Although Putin has the option of stepping down, it’s unlikely that he will. He has said that he will “decide later” if he plans to pursue a third term in 2024.

As one person told Moscow Times, “All we have is Putin. We have to make sure he stays in power.” So, it doesn’t appear that Putin is going anywhere anytime soon.

What does this mean for U.S. and Russian relations? It means that Biden has to step up his game. He has promised that Putin would face repercussions for such things as interfering with elections and with his moves on Syria. Yet, Biden has done nothing.

Putin is also well aware of Biden’s health and has made comments about Biden suffering from dementia.

If Biden doesn’t deal with Putin, someone else will have to. It’s clear that Putin isn’t leaving the Russian scene any time soon.

Oppressive Omar Sides With Shooter and Declares Muslim Rule and Whites Drool

Democrats were hoping that the gunman was a white male with no ties to terrorist groups. So when his name was discovered, it sent most of the liberals scurrying back to their holes except Ilhan Omar.

The killer is Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa. The Muslim man took away all of the hopes and dreams of every gun-hating liberal.

Ilhan Omar remained behind to continue her perpetual blame of every little problem on the white man. She stated that “The shooter’s race or ethnicity seems front and center when they aren’t white. Otherwise, it’s just a mentally ill young man having a bad day. Narratives drive our responses to awful crimes committed against innocent people, pay attention to these responses and who is targeted.”

The lustful ignorant Muslim loving racist just did what she accused others of doing toward people of color. Her racist comment sought to throw all white males under the bus because one Muslim terrorist tried to knock off an entire block by shooting a grocery center.

The Democrats look for these opportunities to spin their political agenda. The suffering families would love to know what benefit could possibly be worth the torture that the left is trying to impose on the rest of the country. Their belief that a gun-free society will stop shootings is simply absurd. It is opening the country to more shootings because the threat of retaliation is no longer an option or threat.

Sick Omar took a walkout onto a wire to promote her hateful passion for the white man. Her political party cries that racism is a problem, and here she is barfing racist comments towards white people she has never even met. During her racist speech, she never gave any sign of compassion or sympathy towards the people who lost their loved ones.

All she was able to muster towards them was a heartless accusation. The little Muslim extremist loved to see the Americans dying at the hands of one of her unspoken Muslim brethren. Her political posturing and hatred for white men show how contemptuous she has become.

She sees the problem as one of racism. Since the man was white, she assumed that he should die because of his skin color. But since he is a fellow Muslim, it is okay with her to pursue gun control because she can no longer demand the crucifixion of the white killer.

Ilhan Omar is one of those Democrats that cannot seem to learn when to quit. Her countless scandals and illegal adventures have been overlooked for now, but the day of reckoning is coming. Her big mouth is going to get her into a heap of trouble because she just cannot leave well enough alone.

Bret Scher is a writer for The Washington Free Beacon. He stated that “This shooter’s race and ethnicity was front and center yesterday when we didn’t even know what it was and just assumed it was white.”

He stated it best that the Democrats jumped to conclusions that the killer was a white man on a shooting spree. They tried to spin the shooting as a racist event long before a motive was ever found. But now that the man is Muslim, Omar would love to see gun control issues take center stage to not focus on her terrorist brethren.

Ilhan Omar was just confident that the killer was a Trump supporter. But the minute she found out it was one of her own people, she quickly changed the narrative to focus on the weapon used. She just cannot be trusted to tell the truth about an event that happens. And until the liberals in America can learn to do what is suitable for the people, the country will continue to lose the greatness brought to it by Donald Trump.

Is Fake News Getting Even Faker?

The Fake News is more desperate than ever.

With President Trump gone, their ratings are tanking like a lead zeppelin as their false narratives implode like the Hindenburg.

The Biden Border Crisis, is importing COVID cases into the United States by the hundreds of thousands as illegal immigrants flood over the border scrambling to get the free healthcare, housing, and stimulus checks that Biden has promised. Meanwhile, the Biden federal government is shelling out MILLIONS to put illegal aliens up in hotels, while homeless veterans are left to sleep on the streets.

This is a disaster for the Left and terrible news for their cultural Marxist bosses in the media. Failed news anchor Chuck Todd of NBC is desperately scrambling to patch up the deteriorating left-wing narrative and fabricating controversies to distract the American people and cover for the Biden and the Left.

Is is all evil? Well, mostly. But the fact is that MSM reporters are corrupt individuals who would rather cover partisan combat, in particular conflict that has “no foreseeable way of being resolved.”

Conflict drives rating and makes the hack “journalists” like Chuck Todd feel like they’re in the middle of the action and pivotal to the trajectory of the country. And the fake news will go as far as to invent the action if that’s what it takes to be in the middle of it.

Conflict begets attention begets profits—or just a feeling of being pivotal to the country’s destiny. The press corps will be at the heart of the action even if its members have to invent the action.

A Democrat politician could murder a puppy and the headline from Chuck Todd would be “Republicans Attack Democrat for Alleged Incident That Really Can’t Be Confirmed Because, You Know, Do Puppies Even Really Exist? One Anonymous Scholar Says ‘No.’”

An off-the-record sources says…Republicans are to blame! For everything! Who would’ve guessed?!

While Democrats seek “compromise” and want to “hammer out a bipartisan deal,” Republicans “treat liberals as unworthy of recognition.”

While Democrats “aim to dampen passions,” the Republicans are “bent on inflaming them.”

While Democrats “just want a level playing field and a fair shake for everyone,” Republicans are “trying to rig the game for the Koch brothers and cut down the welfare state.”

(One of the Koch brothers is now dead — may he rest in peace — so the Democrats and the MSM better get the most out of that line while the other is still kicking.)

It’s a pretty easy equation to figure out: Whatever Democrats do is good, and Republicans are to be accused of the exact opposite – regardless of the material facts of a situation.

Which brings us back to Sleepy Eyed Chuck Todd.

The host of “Meet the Press” doesn’t really give a damn about the border crisis. Todd is more concerned about the growing bald spot on the back on his head than the growing flood of illegals across the border and the accompanying humanitarian crisis that Biden is responsible for.

Dead kids or migrants scoring taxpayer-funded hotel rooms? Todd is more concerned about creating conflict and inflaming enough passion in viewers to get people to stop fleeing his sinking show before he’s fired.

This is why on his Sunday show Chuck Todd called the border chaos a “political crisis” facing Joe Biden. Not a “humanitarian crisis” or a “crime spree of flagrant law-breaking,” as it should be characterized.

The Fake News is so fake now that when presented with real crises and real conflict that needs to be solved for the health of our American nation, MSM figures like Todd instead focus on fabricated controversies. They are losing what little shreds of credibility they have left as a result (which for some people is ZERO, so now they are in negative territory).

Biden’s Dogs Get Twitter While Trump is Still Banned

It’s important to show the kind of activity that is allowed on Twitter. The @POTUS Twitter account is designed for the current president to speak openly. It’s a way to communicate with the American people.

After that, there are all sorts of other accounts that can be created.

Barack Obama has a Twitter account and identifies that he’s a former president.

Donald Trump had a Twitter account, but Twitter decided they didn’t want to hear about what the former president has to say.

Joe Biden, too, has a Twitter account, allowing him to communicate in a different way from the @POTUS account.

It seems that the social media platform has made it possible for the Democratic presidents to communicate easily – whether they’re in office or not.

Why is it that it’s so hard to allow an elected official a spot on Twitter? Trump may not be the president that the liberals wanted, but he’s the president that everyone got.

Instead, Twitter will continue to claim that Trump broke the terms and conditions. Jack Dorsey, the platform’s CEO, likes to use words like “misinformation” and “false claims” to explain why Trump’s account was permanently closed.

Meanwhile, Champ and Major, the “first dogs” of the White House, are actually given a Twitter account.

What is wrong with the world when dogs are given an account but a former president is not?

@first_dogs_usa is the Instagram account where the two German Shepherds can share their adventures, announcing that they are the “family puppers.” Meanwhile, they’re also given a Twitter account at FirstDogsWH.

Really? Why is it that dogs are capable of tweeting without breaking any terms and conditions? We don’t know what Champ and Major actually think about being in the White House. For all we know, they think that their dad is an idiot – just like countless Americans around the country.

The account may allow us to be lied to every day because the dogs talk about their adventures around Washington DC and beyond. This is perfectly acceptable.

Twitter is fine with terrorists, dogs, and other questionable entities holding accounts. They can choose to tweet about anything and everything. They can share photos, videos, and more.

Then, as soon as Donald Trump wants to tweet, they decide to ban his account – and he hasn’t been granted permission to have another account.

Although @RealDonaldTrump had millions of followers, Twitter chose to issue a permanent suspension. He wasn’t allowed to learn from his mistakes. And, he wasn’t allowed to open a new account with a new handle. Instead, the platform decided that they simply didn’t want to hear what Trump had to say any longer.

Free speech is a constitutional right. More importantly, an elected official should have the ability to speak freely. Although Trump is no longer president, he should still get a voice. Obama and other presidents have been able to speak up through social media.

The reality is that the liberal media simply doesn’t want to hear what Trump has to say. They don’t want to hear the truth. They don’t want to be reminded that he was a better president than the bumbling idiot that is currently residing in the Oval Office.

The liberals tried to impeach Trump over inciting the Capitol Riot. While he was impeached, he was not indited. This means that Trump being banned from Twitter for inciting the Capitol Riot should not hold. If Congress claims he can’t be charged, then Twitter should stand down, too.

The liberals have allowed Twitter to be the judge, jury, and executioner of the constitutional right. Freedom of speech? Only if Jack Dorsey grants it so.

It’s only a matter of time before Trump gets his voice back – and it will be on his own social media platform. At that point, he’ll have the ability to speak and it will be the First Dogs who will have to be silenced – as it should be.

Travel Could Be Halted for Those Who Want to Skip the Vaccine

Americans dream of being able to travel again. There are dreams of cruising, flying, and more. However, there’s a trend that’s popping up around the world: no vaccine, no travel.

QANTAS, an Australian airline, has already issued the warning that “governments are going to insist” on vaccines for international flyers. And it’s not just the Australian government that is going to require a vaccine.

Many countries around the world are talking about the need to see a COVID vaccine before allowing people in for a visit. It doesn’t matter whether the visit is to see family, to play tourist, or to do business. The COVID vaccine shows that a person is less likely to spread the virus – and that’s what’s important.

Alan Joyce, the chief executive of QANTAS has said that governments are discussing the vaccine being a “condition of entry.”

Considering that there are both Republicans and Democrats talking about the importance of being vaccinated, it’s become a bipartisan issue. It’s not political, despite so many trying to make it one.

If we as a country want to defeat COVID, we have to work together and get vaccinated.

Many countries require vaccination certificates to prove that vaccines have been obtained against such diseases as yellow fever, polio, and malaria. Adding COVID to the list only makes sense.

Donald Trump was the one who helped to speed up the process of obtaining a vaccine for the coronavirus. Now, it’s the Biden administration for making sure that every American gets the poke.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration is failing. There’s still a lot of misinformation being spread. They’re also allowing it to be used as a political tool. Many liberal school districts around the country want teachers to be vaccinated first as a condition for schools to open. Even when teachers have been greenlighted to be vaccinated, though, they’re not getting them. Why? They’d have to open the schools up for in-class instruction – and they don’t want to do that just yet.

Even if governments aren’t going to step up and mandate a vaccine, carriers may be making the decisions for them.

As Joyce said, “We have a duty of care to our passengers and to our crew.”

Many governments have allowed businesses to set up their requirements that can go above and beyond what is being mandated. A perfect example in the U.S. is that even though masks are not required everywhere, businesses can choose to refuse service if masks are not worn. It’s being seen in theme parks, movie theatres, restaurants, and more.

What this means is that the airlines will start making the decision if the governments don’t act quickly enough to guarantee safety.

QANTAS may be the first one to require a vaccine. He believes that changing the terms and conditions on which tickets are booked will help to keep everyone safe. Of those that the airline has surveyed, approximately 90 percent are in favor of it.

Joyce has made it clear with his warnings: global air travel will never be the same again.

Once QANTAS sets the requirement, it’s likely that others will follow suit. At the very least, there will be a requirement for traveling internationally.

Things change. Planes used to allow smoking on board. Now, it is banned. Planes used to serve premium meals. Now, it is down to snacks or meal boxes that can be purchased.

The requirement of a vaccine is just going to be one of those things that are part of the changes.

Airlines are the first to discuss such requirements – and cruise lines are likely not too far behind.

What about our freedom? For the Americans who claim they don’t want the vaccine because it’s their right to choose, well, yes. You still get your freedom. You can still choose not to get vaccinated. However, don’t plan to travel internationally. Your freedom will have to be contained to the continental United States.

Parents Have No Say on What’s Taught in NC

Remember when parents had a say on what their children were and were not taught? Certain topics were left for being discussed at the dinner table.

Now, schools have decided to push the boundaries. They want to make sure that kids are being taught how to grow up and be obedient liberals, so there are some questionable topics being taught.

Despite pushback from parents, the largest school district in North Carolina has decided to give teachers a greenlight. Go ahead and teach ‘antiracism.’

In the Wake County Public School System, a conference called #EdCampEquity featured lessons on whiteness in ed spaces among others. Teachers have been told to “disrupt” whiteness as part of their social justice instruction in the classroom.

Christopher Rufo, a scholar out of the Discovery Institute, has reported on the conference, pointing out various documents that are being used to teach students about white supremacy and getting rid of their whiteness.

There’s a critical race theory (CRT) model that has been circulating from the conference. It claims that teachers will hold hidden stereotypes and biases. Essentially, Black students are held to a different standard than white students.

In a world where we teach about the importance of consent, the Wake County Public School System has decided that they’re going to shove their opinions onto students no matter what.

Parents are not providing consent. However, Wake County teachers will continue with their agendas.

This isn’t the first time Wake County has overstepped. At last year’s conference, Rufo explains that there were other lessons – focusing on such things as “toxic masculinity” and “whiteness.”

CRT is one of the most confusing concepts out there. The theory identifies that America is fundamentally racist. Yet, they also teach people to view social interactions and people based on race. The theory focuses on how antiracism can only be pursued by adopting race-based policies.

Essentially, in order to be anti-racist, everyone has to be categorized by race and treated according to that race.

Oh, and the CRT also only works in one direction. Antiracism is only to address whiteness. It does nothing to discuss the racism that is often found toward white people. Apparently, in today’s day and age, only white people can be racist – and must apologize for being inherently racist.

Teachers who attended the conference were told to make “land acknowledgments.” Essentially, this meant that every white teacher in North Carolina had to recognize that they were inhabiting stolen Native American land. This is a major component of the training involving critical race theory.

Only white people need to make the land acknowledgments, though. It’s an introduction to the white privilege that, apparently, every white person is guilty of.

North Carolina isn’t the only state to decide they want to ignore parental consent on such teachings, either. School districts in Seattle and San Diego have had similar training for their teachers.

The problem with all of this training is that it doesn’t take into consideration individual backgrounds. The schools want to shove this information down the students’ throats without allowing parents to have a say as to whether it’s taught or not.

What happens when a parent wants to explain this? What happens when a parent disagrees with the critical race theory?

The CRT doesn’t take into consideration key things. Not all white families have experienced white privilege. Not all white families are racist. And, here’s the one that many liberals struggle with: not all black people are inherently NOT racist.

Just as black kids can be bullied in a predominantly white school, white kids can be bullied in a predominantly black school. Yet, we’re not supposed to talk about any of that.

Throughout the conference in North Carolina, teachers were taught about how their whitewashed curriculum was harming students and that they’re all guilty of one-dimensional thinking.

The teachers have stepped into dangerous waters when they’re not allowing parents to provide consent on the ‘antiracism’ curriculum. Facilitators at the conference warned teachers “You can’t let parents deter you from the work.” Yikes.

DeSantis Continues to Make Massive Leaps Forward and Embarrasses Biden

Ron DeSantis is a Democrat’s worst nightmare. He represents the anomaly that is proving to be true regarding the COVID-19 reality the Democrats want people to believe. The hurtful media are certainly downplaying the good news that he continues to tell all Floridians. They want to discredit everything he says by quoting facts they have developed for the sole purpose of pushing the Democrat’s agenda.

DeSantis did the opposite of what Biden and Harris demanded people to do. He did six months before Biden ever took office. His approach was to open schools all over the state and send the kids back to the classroom.

Parents loved the idea because many of them work during the school hours, and they know that their kids need to learn. The media and the liberal school unions around the country saw his decision as a reckless adventure supported by the praises of parents.

Liberals believe that parents are stupid and cannot raise kids on their own. So, they act like they should be the ones to tell parents what they can do with kids. They must forget that legally and biologically, the parents have the authority over their own kids. And ultimately, they have authority over the school system because their taxes pay the educator’s salary.

The teacher unions are nothing more than an entity created by angry teachers because they felt like they were being cheated a long time ago. Now they take union dues from the teachers so they can shaft them by keeping them from working their jobs.

The Unions and the media make it sound like his decision was based on opinion and unfounded data. But that data was sound and proven reliable. And now, the results of his decision are proving to be right along.

During the early times of the pandemic, the media report on any fact that they could find. But now they ignore the facts proving that they go against their socialist beliefs. They have to resort to defying the truth of reality and science. Their sin has led to millions living in fear.

The major liberal networks tried to tell the people that Florida was going to a Deadman’s wasteland once the school reopened. They claimed that locking down the public and keeping the doors closed were the only ways to save lives and stop the virus.

DeSantis proved just the opposite. Those states that locked everyone down again ended up having the highest resurgence rates in the nation. Florida had one of the lowest. Forced mask mandates and forced lockdowns proved just how wrong the Democrats were with COVID data and predictions.

The Floridian governor opened things up in states. Day by day, the outbreak numbers continued to fall despite kids shaking hands and eating together.

The data reports showed that “Florida consistently has had lower rates of Covid-19 in schools than in the community at large, according to a data dashboard created by Brown University, data company Qualtrics and others. In the last two weeks of February, the daily case rate per 100,000 people was 22 among students and 15 among school staff, compared with 27 in the community, according to the data. In earlier periods going back to October, the student and staff rates were almost always less than half the community rate.:”

This report was issued long before the vaccine was highly available. And now that the vaccine is nearly all distributed, the facts are only going to get better.

It will not take long for the media to come up with a negative way of sharing the good news. They have already tried to smear DeSantis in the mud. But they keep failing miserably.

Joe Biden, the media, the school unions, and every other brained-washed liberal believes that the virus is still a significant threat. They want to believe their teachings so bad they are willing to ignore the sound scientific fact to do it. The truth they want to deny is that facts are no longer supportive of their desire to control people and destroy the youth in America.

Americanized Chinese Food Is Guilty of Cultural Appropriation

Fast food restaurants are hardly indicative of the cuisine they claim to serve. Taco Bell isn’t a good representation of Mexican food and Mcdonald’s isn’t a good representation of American food.

It is what it is: fast. There’s no way to change that unless we’re prepared to get rid of every fast food restaurant in America.

Without drive-thrus handing us bags of food for us to eat on the go, where will that leave us? Soccer moms won’t be able to feed their kids. Businessmen won’t be able to eat between meetings. Students won’t have the money to eat out.

It’s clear that fast food restaurants are an important part of the American culture.

However, students at the University of Florida are prepared to call out “cultural appropriation” in certain instances.

Particularly, they’re concerned about Panda Express. Students have decided to support a boycott because of the Americanized Chinese food along with the panda logo.

Ophelie Jacobson, a Campus Reform reporter explained the reason for the boycott: “Because it’s not really representative of their actual culture.”

Neither is Taco Bell, McDonalds, or countless other fast-food chains.

That, apparently, is beside the point.

Jacobson explains that the way the food is presented is cultural appropriation, all the way down to the logo. She’s looking to protect the Asianx community members at the university. The goal is to get the university to remove the fast-food restaurant off of the campus.

Have members of the Asianx community complained? No. And many of the students who have signed the petition did so right after eating at the restaurant – or while in line to order.

Here’s what the students might not understand about Panda Express: it was started by a Chinese family, Andrew and Peggy Cherng. Oh, and Chef Andy Kao has even developed recipes that are inspired by the flavors of China. This includes the ‘Original Orange Chicken’ that has flavors straight out of the Hunan Province.

If anything, it’s cultural appropriation to target Panda Express and not any of the other fast-food restaurants – particularly in today’s times.

There’s no reason why this Chinese fast-food restaurant should be boycotted. They’ve done nothing wrong. If anything, they’ve introduced millions of Americans to at least a taste of what Chinese cuisine is like. After tasting Panda Express, people may decide that they want to taste even more authentic meals from Chinese restaurants.

As for using the panda logo, it makes sense. The panda is a big part of Chinese culture. Countless Chinese restaurants around the country use the panda in its logo because it is recognizable. Yet, none of those restaurants are being boycotted.

What the students at University of Florida don’t realize is that they’re playing with fire…and they’re about to be burned.

If they claim ‘cultural appropriation’ on Panda Express, it’s only a matter of time before another group comes for Taco Bell to say that it is cultural appropriation on the Mexican culture. Another group may come for Cicis since they’re trying to pass off their pizza and pasta as Italian.

Where does it all end?

There’s no benefit to doing this. If one group gets offended, it’s going to launch a long line of people getting offended.

If a Chinese fast-food restaurant started by people of the Chinese culture get boycotted for serving Chinese food that is too “Americanized,” there’s a long list of other restaurants that could easily get boycotted, too.

If the students want to boycott, fine. However, they should have a decent reason for doing so. Cultural appropriation doesn’t even apply here. And, they probably shouldn’t be signing the petition while they’re shoveling Orange Chicken into their mouths.

At the very least, the students need to be taught about the various concepts they’re trying to boycott. They’re clearly struggling to be a part of the cancel culture without thinking it all through.

Favorite Republican Lawmaker Explodes Calling out White House Press Secretary for ‘Shamelessly Lying’

Republican favorite Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) lashed out at White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for her Monday claim that the Biden administration was left with a mess to clean up.

Psaki said “the last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system” when she was called on the carpet about the crisis on the southern border.

Crenshaw, a representative from a border state and firm advocate for strict border laws responded, “You copied Trump’s vaccine plan, now just copy his border security plan. Oh and stop shamelessly lying.”

This exchange came after a mid-February report from Newsy that said the Biden administration was continuing Trump’s vaccine distribution model, this after Biden claimed former President Donald Trump mishandled the COVID-19 crisis:

The Department of Defense confirms to Newsy that the Biden administration is still using the same vaccine distribution model developed by Operation Warp Speed under Trump and that effort is still being overseen by Gen. Gus Perna — who led the effort last year. 

“Centralized distribution is being managed by the CDC through an existing contract… to deliver vaccines and supply kits… We continue the mission to accelerate the development, manufacturing and delivery of safe and effective vaccines and therapeutics, and Gen. Perna continues in his role overseeing this effort,” said Laura Ochoa, a spokeswoman for Gen. Perna.

Now, faced with increasing pushback on their border policy, the Biden administration is again claiming that they started their efforts behind the curve. NBC News reported Sunday:

The numbers are stark. More than 100,000 migrants attempted to enter the U.S. in February, more than three times the amount for February 2020 and the highest level for the month in five years. 

“Internal DHS/HHS reports show the crisis at the border is significantly worse than Biden admin has acknowledged,’” Washington Post reporter Nick Miroff tweeted Wednesday. “There are now 3,500 unaccompanied minors in grim Border Patrol detention cells, a record.”

CNN’s senior White House correspondent Phil Mattingly asked, “Given how fast-moving the situation has been, does the president believe that his administration has a handle on what’s happening on the southern border right now?”

“We certainly do,” Psaki answered when questioned by the reporter. “Let me just give you a bit of an update on a couple of the steps that we’re taking. First, let me say that, like COVID, obviously a different issue, but we recognize this is a big problem. The last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system, and like any other problem, we are going to do everything we can to solve it. Our focus here is on solutions. Let me just walk you through a couple of the steps, and we’ve done this a little bit, but there’s always, of course, developments on considerations that are underway.”

“First, we’ve updated, or we have not, but CDC has updated guidelines to return to full capacity,” Psaki continued. “This will help expand capacity to move children more quickly out of CBP facilities. That’s an important step. The implementation of that is, of course, ongoing. There’s now an embedding at the president’s ask of HHS and ORR staff with CBP, which will allow government to more quickly ID, vet, confirm sponsors and family members of the unaccompanied minors, and will lead to quicker placement. … FEMA, this was an announcement over the weekend, is now supporting, providing support at the border, adding extra capacity to HHS for quick processing to avoid overcrowding. … We rescinded the 2018 MOU between DHS and HHS, which we believe will encourage families and sponsors to come forward without fear of additional immigration enforcement.”

White House Finally Admits Border Problem: Guess Who They Blame

The Biden administration with President Joe Biden at the helm has had a very different journey in the media than the previous administration. Most of the mainstream media sources have shown the utmost deference toward the administration, even on the same issues that they hassled the previous administration.

Namely, the issue of border security seems to be something journalists in Washington implicitly trust Biden on, while constantly accusing former President Donald Trump of ignorance, neglect, and outright abuse.

According to a recent report in Fox News, the current administration has finally admitted that they do have a problem at the border (which was getting harder and harder to ignore what with more kids in cages and all) but they say their influx of migrants at the board is a “big problem” but it’s not actually their fault.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday that the Trump administration left them with an “unworkable system,” however in the weeks that followed, the Biden administration refusing to call it a “crisis.”

“We recognize this is a big problem,” Psaki said during a briefing with reporters. “The last administration left us a dismantled and unworkable system and, like any other problem, we are going to do all we can to solve it.”

Asked if the Biden administration has a handle on the unprecedented amount of migrants arriving at the U.S. southern border, Psaki insisted that “we certainly do.”

As so many in the Biden administration seem fond of doing, essential anything that Biden is doing that is going badly, can be blamed on what Trump did, which liberals consider unacceptable. While that might be the answer many want to hear and feel comfortable with, the more inquisitive need more details.

During the Monday briefing, Psaki was somewhere between cryptic and vague about what exactly the previous administration did that would constitute dismantling the system at the border (though some might be compelled to ask if it was a system more or less conducive to drug and human trafficking), however, she did address what the Biden administration plans to do going forward about the influx.

According to the press secretary, the CDC has rescinded it’s COVID protocols for illegal immigrants, saying that they can accommodate the criminal trespassers and foreign nationals at “full capacity.”

“This will help expand capacity to move children more quickly out of CBP facilities,” she said.

For conservatives it’s hard to say what would be worse, the idea of CBP holding more migrants or holding less. However, the administration seems to also be leaning on what was previously announced about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) working to assist with Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) to work toward processing these migrant children to get them out of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CPB) facilities.

“There’s now an embedding at the president’s ask of HHS and ORR staff with CBP, which will allow [the] government to more quickly ID, vet, confirm sponsors and family members of the unaccompanied minors and will lead to quicker placement,” she said.

There is a crisis at the boarder, there’s no getting around that. Trump had a crisis, and now Biden has a crisis. The question boils down not to who you want to win, it’s a matter fo what is best for the country. Biden doesn’t seem to have a plan to treat the American people as well as he plans to treat migrant children, in the long run.

Biden can hand out money hand over fist to Americans, Mexican nationals or anyone else he feels like handing it to, but what will happen in the future? Is he printing it to devalue the dollar? is he taking it from the American worker? Are entitlements going to break the back of the government and leave the country fractured, supporting multiple regimes or administrations, causing a civil war? These are the balances that are being destroyed with the short-sighted work of the Biden administration, and why conservatives consider there to be a whole country crisis, not just a border crisis, and that, isn’t Trump’s fault.

Former Congressman Reveals How Deep the Corruption Goes…

By now, you likely have some idea of just how corrupt much of our government is. I mean, how just and honest is a system that successfully stole an entire national election and got away with it?

And we all know that mainstream or traditional media had a huge hand to play in that.

Time and time again, when rumors would abound about some not-so-great thing Joe Biden or his son Hunter Biden had done got out, the media was quick to cover it up with another story, usually, something that painted Trump in a bad light.

It is only through newer, less traditional media sources, primarily digitally based outlets such as podcasts, online articles, blogs, and social media platforms, that the American people even found out about some of these coverups. And the fact that we have is a sign that the establishment media is losing its grip on the perceived narrative and what they like to call truth.

We are learning just what is actually happening in our government. And most of it isn’t all that good.

So just how far does government corruption go?

Well, according to an interview with former US Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan, it’s nothing like it used to be and far from what you or I would imagine.

The interview was, of course, covered not by mainstream media but by Michael Malice’s podcast “Your Welcome” and described a Washington that Amash was so ashamed of he had to leave.

For Amash and many others, getting into politics wasn’t about the desire to rule or get attention. It wasn’t even about getting to write laws or impact legislation for the better, although that would be a perk.

Instead, Amash says that he got into politics to “expose” the system for the corruption it contains.

He told Malice, “A big part of the reason I got into politics was because I don’t like politicians. I always believed the system was corrupt, and I got into it to expose it.”

However, as he went on to explain, it’s far more corrupt than even he could have ever imagined.

Amash said, “I wasn’t expecting all these high-minded people who are trying to do right for the public, or anything like that. It ended up being more corrupt and just more agenda driven than I expected.”

For starters, “There just aren’t that many people who care about policies, or ideas, or a functional system.” For most, Amash says, it’s about getting their agenda accomplished or their election won than any specific legislation or even the details of that legislation.

The former congressman also notes that Congress doesn’t even really write legislation anymore or amend it. It’s all just passed down from the establishment and rubber-stamped for approval.

“We don’t even amend legislation anymore. There’s no amending legislation – it’s all handed to you, it’s top down. It’s very orchestrated. I would say that it’s mostly like some kind of entertainment programming for people.”

And that means there’s no real representation of the people, at least not in most cases.

Amash says it’s really just a “show that is put on to give you the perception that there is a representative government. And that’s not what’s happening.”

And to make matters even worse, Amash says it’s all scripted. And I mean all of it.

“It really is scripted. Like literally, committee hearings, the high-profile ones, when you watch ones of these big committee hearings that like CNN or Fox News is covering – they say we’re going to have a committee hearing – those things are literally scripted. Like, you are handed a script the day before and told to read the script and not to stray from it.”

No matter how good their initial intentions, most Congress members end up just reading the script and following along.


Well, as Amash explains, there are consequences if you don’t.

“I was getting kicked off of committees just for not toeing the line. Like, if I didn’t vote with Paul Ryan enough, so I’d get kicked off a committee.”

If you “go against the leadership,” if you “don’t donate money to the party,” if you go off-script, you’ll get pulled from committees, black-listed and left without PAC or sponsorship funding, and exiled from fundraisers and dinners.

For most, “They’re in it because it’s a good gig, they get paid well, and they don’t really have to think. So they follow the script, they do what they’re told, and the paycheck comes in and they get re-elected.”

Not exactly what you imagined, huh? Then again, maybe you did. Congress hasn’t very representative in recent years, and it shows.

But you can bet that as more stories like this are leaked to the public, the more we will begin to cry out for a Congress that we can actually trust.

Ted Cruz Exposes the Trash in the DC Swamp

Remember when Donald Trump promised to drain the swamp? While he succeeded in some ways, too much of the vile liberal trash remains. The good news is that Ted Cruz is ready to expose it all for what it is.

There’s a lot of trash piling up in DC, and it’s all because of liberal swamp monsters like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. They’ll use any state of emergency or crisis happening in the country as a way to mask the trash legislation they want to pass.

The COVID relief bill that was passed through the Democratic-led House and Senate and signed by the Democratic president is proof that the DC swamp is still festering with disgusting politicians who wish to waste money.

The bill, which is just shy of $2 trillion focuses on bailing out states that are responsible for their own tanked economies. Then, they’ve managed to spend money on union pension programs and even money on overseas programs that have nothing to do with providing relief from COVID.

It’s as if every Democrat through in a wish list of their pet projects and agreed to sign it as long as their project got funding.

As if to make it okay, they gave $1400 to citizens – even though it’s all their money anyway. It’s a pacifier for Americans to just shut up and accept the money.

Ted Cruz was a voice of reason on the Senate floor. If all of this is going to go through, let’s, at the very least, add an amendment to ensure that illegals aren’t going to receive a stimulus check. Oh, and also convicted criminals currently in prison.

What? How un-American can Ted Cruz be? The Democrats wouldn’t even dream of such a thing, and it led to quite the exchange between Cruz, Dick Durbin, and majority leader Chuck Schumer.

Durbin, being one that’s been swimming in the swamp for too long, accused Cruz of being a lar since illegals are not granted Social Security numbers – and Social Security numbers are the basis for receiving a stimulus check.

As Ted Cruz points out, though, the amendment also prohibits sending money to criminals currently in prison, such as murderers and rapists. After all, they’re not exactly out there stimulating the economy, so what’s the point of sending them the money?

Democrats voted against the amendment. To be clear, they voted in favor of sending $1400 to every criminal in prison. That adds up to billions of dollars that could have been used in countless other (and more productive) ways.

Durbin still believes that no illegal immigrants would get money because of Social Security numbers.

Is Durbin this naïve? There are countless people who are in the country illegally because they’re on expired work visas and Green Cards. They’re identified as “visa overstays.” They were given Social Security numbers, they let their visas lapse (or were rejected for renewal), and are now categorized as illegal.

As Cruz points out, this isn’t some kind of administrative oversight. Those with a visa overstay are moved into the category of “Deportable Status.”

So, rather than deport these individuals, Democrats have chosen to keep them all happy and illegal by letting them stay AND giving them $1400.

Although various liberal media outlets want to side with Durbin by calling Ted Cruz a liar, it’s important to rely on a more reliable source. The US Customs and Border Protection has said that Cruz is correct. If they overstay their visa, they’re here illegally. And if they were given a visa, they have a Social Security Number. And with a SS number, they can get the stimulus.

When are the Democrats going to realize that they can’t continue to call people liars without being fact-checked?

Ted Cruz is villainized for pointing out the truth.

We have to do better as a country. We have to drain the swamp. Otherwise, people like Durbin and the rest of the Democrats will continue to pass legislation that allows 675,000 people to overstay their visas in the country AND make money. That’s close to $1 billion out the door simply because the Democrats are ignorant.

Dems are Responsible for Americans Losing Trust in the Troops

The military is designed to serve and protect. They’re there to protect us against any attacks from outside of the United States. And, due to the U.S. military presence around the globe, the only attacks on U.S. soil were 9/11 – and that was nearly 20 years ago.

The problem is that the Democrats have made the military look weak. They’ve made the military look problematic.

The military has always had high requirements to get in. You have to score about a certain level on the vocational aptitude battery. You have to fall within certain height and weight requirements. And, you have to be able to perform at a certain level on physical tests.

Democrats want to change all of that. They want to allow transgender individuals in even if they can’t perform at certain levels. They want to allow the military to be an equal opportunity employer. The problem with that is that it weakens the forces and makes it harder to be mission-ready.

The Democrats also want to point the fingers to say that there are too many extremists in the military. Specifically, though, they’re concerned with the right-wing extremists. During the Capitol riot of January 6, many had ties to the military. Therefore, the party has decided that there must be considerably more within the military.

Extremists on both sides exist in every faction of life. When you get people who are focused on serving and protecting and who have intimate knowledge of weaponry, you’re always going to find that some of the loudest will be those with military backgrounds.

Does that mean that the military is filled with right-wing extremists? No. However, the Democrats have caused doubt across the American people.

Trust in the military has dropped significantly in recent years, and we can thank the liberals for this. While all branches of the military are still considered highly respected, the level of trust has dropped dramatically.

According to a public opinion poll that was conducted by the Ronald Reagan Institute, only 56 percent of the Americans surveyed say they have a great deal of “trust and confidence” in the U.S. military. When this same poll was conducted in 2018, the percentage was at 70.

Such a poll shows that it’s not just because of what happened in January. Instead, it’s a slow decline to show that people simply don’t have the greatest level of confidence and trust in the military.

It’s also not just the military. It’s also law enforcement. There’s been a similar drop in the confidence levels.

What happens when Americans don’t feel as though they can rely on the military and law enforcement to offer the necessary level of protection?

People will take matters into their own hands – and this is supported by the rise in gun sales over the past few years.

While Americans have the right to bear arms, it’s not always a good thing for Americans to take civil matters into their own hands. Often, people are emotional. They’ll shoot before they have a chance to think – and that can lead to epic disasters.

Military spending has been drastically stunted by the Democrats in power. Many Americans are aware that spending has dropped because the Democrats brag about cutting the spending. The problem is that many Americans actually support added military spending. It’s needed to keep equipment running, it’s needed for tech investments, and it’s needed to train military personnel.

Throughout eight years of Obama, the spending was cut dramatically – and it hindered the military’s ability to be mission-ready. Throughout four years of Trump, the spending was on its way back up. Now, with Biden, the spending will get cut again – and this means that it leads to more Americans questioning just how much they can depend on the military.

Shouldn’t Congress be paying attention to this? If Americans can’t have confidence in our military, what does that tell other countries? We have to do whatever it takes to boost our military because they offer protection to us while also serving as a warning to the rest of the world.

Is Low Testosterone to Blame for More Liberals?

Why is it that there seem to be more liberals than ever? And, why is it that things that have been around for decades are now, suddenly, being claimed as being offensive? How is it that statues that have stood for a century are only now being declared as racist or demeaning?

It may have to do with low testosterone levels.

There seems to be a lack of masculinity across the board. Men without sufficient levels of testosterone are considered “soft.” So, is it possible that the reason for the new, liberal way of thinking because of insufficient testosterone levels?

Various studies over the years have actually pointed to the possibility that many who are liberal have lower than average levels of the hormone. In fact, Dr. Dareld Morris, a physician in Florida, used this to his advantage in the 2016 presidential election.

Dr. Morris ran an ad that explained that low testosterone leads to a chemical imbalance. It can have a negative effect on the mental state and cause problems with the ability to focus and think clearly. He went on by providing a special. For any men thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton, he was offering a free testosterone test.

Since 2016, the idea has gained a lot of extra steam. Being identified as having “Low-T” is an insult that is often used. Matt Gaetz, a Representative out of Florida, even suggested that Jeff Sessions, the attorney general at the time, had started “taking those supplements for Low-T.”

Testosterone is a misunderstood hormone since it is present in both men and women. It is commonly associated with men, however. It taps into the basis of being a man and the insecurities that go with it. As soon as someone is attacked for not having enough testosterone, they’re deemed as not being manly, lacking the ability to be assertive, and even being unable to satisfy someone sexually.

Plenty of Republicans like to have their fun by throwing around the insult. Liberals like to claim that it’s all false.

There is scientific evidence to back up the Republican claims, however. In 2007m a study was conducted to show that the testosterone levels in the main population are dropping. Men who were 50 in 1988 had considerably higher levels of testosterone than men who were 50 in 1996.

The study proves that men are becoming “softer.”

Another study showed that testosterone levels are declining dramatically from generation to generation – and that by 2100, they could be at dangerous levels that will lead to more health problems.

Of course, big pharma is stepping in to solve the problem by offering testosterone boosters. For those to work, though, it would require men to admit that they have a problem – and that isn’t usually done because of it being an issue with pride.

As a result, we have a new generation of men who aren’t quite as manly as they were a generation ago. They are more likely to fall into the movements created by the liberals. Rather than standing their ground and allowing their opinions to be heard, they join the masses. They allow themselves to be brainwashed.

Suddenly, we end up with people being offended. They’re offended by statues. They’re offended by cartoons. They’re offended by everything.

In the past, if someone were offended, they would just let it go. It’s part of American freedoms. No one is forcing them to walk by the statue or watch the cartoon or read the book. They can choose not to be offended by not participating in what they find offensive.

The Democratic Party, however, complete with their low testosterone levels, allow everything to get out of control. They’ve allowed the cancel culture to be offended and to take action. Now, if it offends one, it must be removed. We as a nation have become soft. Why? Because the people leading the march are soft, and we must all pay for their battles with Low-T.