Doubling Down on Stupid! Biden Restores Over a Billion Dollars to Failed California High-Speed Rail Disaster

California is a state that cannot seem to stop chucking money down the drain. If you are anything like us, it can be a lot of fun to watch. However, many of the state’s residents would have liked to forget one of the state’s latest acts of stupidity. The California high speed rail project has since been brought back from the dead by none other than Sleepy Joe himself.

The “bullet train” talks have returned and not a moment too soon. Donald Trump was responsible for shutting this faucet of ill gotten money down before. In his ongoing quest to undo anything positive that took place under the previous administration, Biden has restored over a billion dollars to the project.

The White House has announced that they are going to be providing a $929 million grant to make this insane project a reality. The project is on its way to Sacramento but this is of little comfort to the local taxpayers. Perhaps they will take solace in the fact that there is a small chance that they could get it right this time. We highly doubt that would happen but what can you do?

The proverbial horse is already out of the barn. Reuters has more about this developing story:

“The Biden administration late on Thursday restored a $929 million grant for California’s high-speed rail that former President Donald Trump revoked in 2019.

The parties, which also include the California High-Speed Rail Authority and the U.S. Transportation Department, agreed to restore the grant within three days, according to the settlement agreement.

Talks began in March, around two months after Biden became president, to settle a suit filed in 2019 after Trump had pulled funding for a high-speed train project in the state hobbled by extensive delays and rising costs. Trump had repeatedly clashed as president with California on a number of fronts.”

So where is the magical money pile off to now? Initially, the rail line was supposed to serve as a connection between Los Angeles and San Francisco. San Diego was going to be added later, potentially. The initial cost of the project was pegged somewhere around $33 billion and it was supposed to have been completed within the year. The pitch was first offered up over a decade ago.

By the time 2019 rolled around, things were an absolute mess. The wheels had totally come off by this point. Costs were ballooning out of control and reports showed that the bill would reach nearly $100 billion if they even completed one small portion of the line. That does not seem too useful to anyone who is looking to travel between Los Angeles and San Francisco on a regular basis.

Even Gavin Newsom did not seem too thrilled about the project and he shut down that same year. Biden is the one who is deciding to start it back up now. While the Democrats are going to pretend that they are combating climate change, nothing could be further from the truth. In order to bring the project back to life in full, the state of California is going to have to come up with the additional $20 billion that is needed. Where on earth is this money going to come from?

The American taxpayer is going to be asked to pony up once again. The train is also supposed to function on electricity but where is all of this electricity even going to come from? This is another question that Biden would probably like to avoid, as they are going to need to burn a sizable amount of fossil fuels to make this fantasy into a reality.

It’s an absolute joke but no one should be laughing, especially not in the state of California. This state cannot seem to stop tripping over their own feet. Since they have already filed a lawsuit over Trump’s refusal to keep the money spigot turned on, we suspect that they are happier than they let on. Newsom’s power grap continues!

CA Mayor Isn’t Really Sure What an Assault Weapon Is but Wants Them Banned Anyway

Assault weapons are bad. This is the message that liberals have been spreading for years.

What is an assault weapon, though?

Umm, well…the Democrats can’t seem to agree on an acceptable definition. Some would argue that it’s a gun with more than 10 rounds. Some would argue that it’s a gun capable of shooting from a distance. Some would even argue that it’s any type of rifle.

There’s no way to ban every type of gun because of the 2nd Amendment. People have a right to defend themselves.

It’s not just that, though. Many people use guns for sport. They go to indoor and outdoor shooting ranges to shoot. It’s a form of entertainment. Many also use guns for hunting – and benefit from the meat that results in everything that they kill.

Now, Mayor Sam Liccardo of San Jose, California has experienced a mass shooting at the Valley Transportation Authority.

He wants to add more gun controls – and that includes banning “assault weapons.”

The problem is that the mass shooting used handguns. Assault weapons don’t encompass handguns. They’re two different types of firepower.

What makes the mass shooting even more problematic for those interested in gun control laws is that all three guns used in the attack were not only purchased legally but also registered per California state law.

California is notoriously lenient when it comes to those who break laws – and gun laws are no different. If it were up to them, only hardened criminals would even go to prison.

Liccardo thinks that he has a solution – yet he doesn’t even know how to define an “assault weapon.”

The San Jose mayor has laid out a 10-point plan that will be added to the gun control process. He wants licensed gun sellers to video gun sales. Further, he wants gun owners to purchase liability insurance.

The problem is that doesn’t actually stop anyone from picking up a gun and killing someone. The press release from the San Jose government invites all cities in California to join San Jose to support the appeal from the 9th Circuit that would invalidate the three-decade-old ban on assault weapons.

California wants to ban assault weapons, even though the federal government says that it’s unconstitutional. On June 4 of this year, U.S. District Judge Robert T. Benitez ruled against the state’s ban.

Even if they did get the ban back into place, it wouldn’t have helped San Jose avoid the mass murder – they used handguns.

Liccardo is starting to look ridiculous. He doesn’t understand the definition of guns and he doesn’t understand that criminals will commit crimes because they have little to no regard for the law.

The press release from the city even admits “Criminals won’t obey these mandates.”

Then why have the mandates at all? Why are we going to make criminals the exception to the law? The mandates will only make it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire guns that they use for sport, for self-defense, and for hunting.

California seems to be out of touch with reality. The goal is not to take the guns away from law-abiding citizens. The goal is to get criminals to stop using guns. The way to do that is to focus more heavily on mental health. Further, it’s necessary to offer more deterrents, not less.

The state is so over-ruled by liberals that they are not even thinking. They’re content to let the criminals dictate everything. And as a result, many companies and individuals are packing their bags and moving out of the state.

Perhaps if Liccardo picked up a gun and learned how to use it, he would understand how to create gun control laws that actually made sense…

Veteran Affairs to Get a Budget Hike…But the Numbers Don’t Add Up

The Biden administration really does struggle with math. And as they look to boost the budget of the Veteran Affairs, it’s becoming quite obvious.

The budget for the VA has been suffering for years. Ask any veteran if they’re happy with the quality of care they are receiving or if they think they’re being properly compensated for their injuries. The answer will be a resounding “no.”

VA officials are asking for $270 billion for the next fiscal year. It’s a lot more than what has been spent in the past, but it’s desperately needed to get the Veteran Affairs budget to the level that it needs to be.

Mike Bost, a Republican Representative out of Illinois, has said “the time has come to ask when VA will be adequately funded.” As a ranking member of the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee, he believes that Congress must work to prioritize veterans.

When you look at the way that Congress has been spending money lately, $270 billion is a small request. After all, shouldn’t we be taking care of our veterans before we take care of many of the other things that Congress wants to spend money on – like gender studies in foreign countries?

For the fiscal 2022 year, there’s an ask for a 10 percent increase in VA spending. The problem is that there are many Democrats that don’t understand the math.

If the budget goes up by 10%, that means that demand for VA services should go up by 10%, too…right?

Wrong. The VA has been significantly underfunded for years.

Proof of that is to show that in 2001, the VA budget was only at $45 billion. That’s not a lot of money to care for the number of veterans in the system. This includes not only their disability compensation but also the care that’s provided at VA facilities around the country.

Over the years, the VA budget has grown – but it’s still not where it needs to be.

Many want to look at the VA budget in comparison to prior years. The budget in 2001 was six times smaller than the budget that’s being requested for 2022.

Rather than comparing it to prior years, Congress needs to look at the realistic number that’s needed to process VA claims and take care of veterans properly.

If the Democrats can focus on infrastructure, Republicans can focus on VA benefits. And speaking of infrastructure, there’s another demand for the VA. Administration officials also want to see $18 billion from the $2 trillion infrastructure plan so that upgrades can be made to VA hospitals.

Veterans have had to sacrifice a lot so that Americans can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And as VA Secretary Denis McDonough points out, there are toxic exposure bills sitting before Congress that could end up adding tens of billions more to the VA spending in the next few years.

Bost has concerns that the VA veterans being enrolled is actually dropping. This means that some spending will go down. He’s eager to grow the VA budget, but wants to ensure that it is in line with demand.

Meanwhile, there are Democrats who would love nothing more than to cut from the VA so that the money can go to frivolous other things.

We have to take care of our veterans. Without them, we would not be the country that we are today.

It does appear that there are enough people in Congress who want to fight for our veterans. Caregiver benefits and funding for homeless veterans are both being boosted.

Finally, we can finally see some sensible spending within the budget. Luckily, some money is actually going toward Americans. It’s nice to see that we’re not cutting from everywhere to give to migrants. Now, if we can just boost the budget a bit more for veterans, we might actually save the country.

Biden’s Only Catholic When Votes Matter

Isn’t it about time that Joe Biden stop claiming that he’s Catholic? He should be excommunicated once and for all.

Biden used his religion as a way to get voters during the presidential election. He had to prove to Americans that he wasn’t the ultra-liberal candidate that many were painting him out to be. He had to prove that he holds Christianity near and dear to his heart.

It’s getting old. No one believes him anymore.

Many priests and bishops have come forward in the past year to shun Biden and explain why he won’t be receiving communion. After all, supporting abortion goes against the teachings of the Catholic church. And Biden has been a loud supporter of pro-choice movements.

The Catholic League has been watching President Biden. And they’re ashamed of all that they’ve seen the self-proclaimed catholic has said and done.

In less than five months since Biden has taken office, he’s taken a stand against core Catholic teachings. Not once, not twice, but 32 times according to a report that the Catholic League has established.

Bill Donahue, the League president, has sent a report to all U.S. Bishops. The report shows the ways that Biden has departed from the Church’s teachings. The league has been tracking policy decisions that the president has made – and it’s been beyond disappointing.

Now, the president has a lot of critical decisions that must be made. In some instances, he must use prudential judgment. That’s not the issue, though

What Donahue is objecting to is that there are non-negotiable principles of Catholic belief that Biden has simply bulldozed over.

Several of the decisions that Biden made were handled within days of taking office. Through the use of executive order, he allowed minors of high school sports facilities to use facilities of the opposite sex. Essentially, Biden bulldozed over the difference between men and women.

Shortly after, also through executive order, Biden revoked the Mexico City Policy, thus allowing taxpayer funding to cover the costs of abortions overseas.

As if those things weren’t bad enough, Biden also ordered the administration to resume funding the United Nations Population Fund, which blatantly promotes family planning through the use of abortions.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.

In February, Biden issued a memorandum that advanced the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. The problem with that is that it will also limit the ability of faith-based organizations to assist in areas of foreign aid.

In March, Biden also threw his support behind the “For the People Act” which is commonly known as H.R.1. It makes the assumption that people of faith (not atheists) are inclined to be partisan observers. Donohue explains that this is dangerously close to invoking “a religious test.”

Oh, and in April, the FDA decided that they were no longer going to enforce the “in-person dispensing requirement” for the morning-after pill, a chemical abortion pill.

With so many blatant disregard to the teachings of the Catholic church, it’s clear that Biden is looking to remote religious liberties from the U.S. Anti-religious organizations have even insisted that pro-religious liberty policies promote a concept known as “Christian nationalism.”

We’ve forgotten that the entire history of our country is rooted in Christianity.

Yet, Biden still tells everyone that he’s “a devout catholic.”

We’ve been duped a lot by Joe Biden. We were told that he’s mentally stable, yet he’s proven that he’s not. We were told that he’s a moderate Democrat, yet he’s proven that he’s being overpowered by ultra-liberals. And, we were told that he’s catholic, yet the Catholic Church won’t even give him communion.

It’s clear that Biden isn’t as catholic as he claimed to be. At this point, we can’t believe anything out of his mouth. Now, we just have to hope that he can keep the country in one piece until we can get him out of office in 2024 (if not sooner).

Don’t Expect to See Pride Flags Flying at Your Local Military Base

Finally. The Biden administration has chosen to do one good thing. They have chosen to deny the requests that would allow the LGBTQ+ and pride flags to fly across military bases for the month of June.

The Pentagon has a ban on virtually all flags – and the pride flags are no exception.

The Department of Defense has chosen to hold firm with a policy that was created by former DOD Secretary Mark Esper. The policy was created to focus on a ban on displaying the Confederate flag in offices and military housing.

Many had requested that the Department of Defense make an exception to celebrate Pride Month. However, it was decided not to make an exception.

A Pentagon spokesperson, John Kirby explained “This was really more about the potential for … other challenges that could arise from that exception, that specific exception.”

It’s important in the military more than anywhere else that there be a focus on unity. The problem with the LGBTQ+ and other communities is that they are divisive. They don’t focus on bringing everyone together. Instead, they look to divide by demanding acceptance and tolerance from everyone.

The flag policy is clear. It bans all unofficial flags from being displayed publicly on any military installation. This includes everything from sports teams to social movements.

When Esper had launched the policy, he had immediately faced backlash. People wanted to display their Confederate flags. They felt that the military was trying to wash away a piece of U.S. history and the general love people had for their southern roots.

Esper’s goal was to not single out a single group or flag. If one group cannot fly their flag, others cannot, either.

And the Pentagon was right to not to grant an exception for Pride Month. Otherwise, it would have opened the door for countless other social movements to demand that they can fly their flag, too. It would have been impossible to determine which movements do and don’t get to be accepted within the military.

The policy is clear about what flags can be flown and displayed: U.S. flags, state flags, POW/MIA flags, and military/unit flags. If there’s an official representative visiting from an allied country, there would be instances where that country’s flag could also be displayed.

Esper was clear on the intent of the policy, too. He explained, “I don’t want the military politicized any which way — I don’t want a Confederate flag. I don’t want a Proud Boys flag … take any of your groups on the left, I don’t want their flags.”

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has no plans to review the policy and make it more precise. The policy will remain, which means that there will be no politicizing the military.

Finally. We are allowed to keep one thing sacred without bowing down to the liberals. We have chosen to uphold our morals and ensure that the military is able to prove that they will focus on unity.

The argument is likely not over. It’s only a matter of time before the LGBTQ+ community rallies their left-wing groups to fight for their right to fly their rainbow flags on military bases. We can only pray that the DOD will remain strong.

It is not that that the LGBTQ+ community is not welcomed on military bases. However, if they want acceptance, they have to accept that no one wants their beliefs shoved down the throats of their co-workers.

Plenty of social movements are loud and proud. Great. However, there is a time and a place for being loud and proud. A military base is not one of those places.

Fly your pride flags, but not at a military base. The policy remains, no exemptions. Finally, some common sense.

Men Only Being Drafted? Not So Fast…

The liberals seem to want to fight about anything and everything. They’re ready to change everything without even thinking about whether it’s necessary.

Currently, only men get drafted into the U.S. military. Only men are required to register for the draft when they turn 18.

That’s a problem for the Democrats who want to argue that gender equality means that women have to do everything that men can do.

Women can enter the military. They can hold any position that men can, as long as they prove themselves on the various physical and mental tests.

The problem that the Democrats have is that it’s still a “men-only” draft registration requirement.

The military hasn’t had to depend on the draft since 1973. At the end of World War II, the draft law was supposed to expire. Instead, it remained in effect and was used again during the Vietnam War.

The draft law has allowed the military to fill vacancies that are not filled through voluntarily entering the military.

Currently, the vacancies are filled. There are plenty of individuals, both male and female, who are signing up for one of the four branches of the U.S. military.

The draft law doesn’t even need to be in effect anymore.

Yet, the Democrats want to argue that it should remain in effect and that women should get drafted just as easily as men.

The Supreme Court is now asked to determine if it’s sexual discrimination for the federal government to require that only men register for the draft when they turn 18.

Why is this such an important issue for the Democrats, anyway? Are they planning for Biden to create such tension that it will require Americans to ship off to war?

The Military Selective Service Act requires men to register for the draft upon turning 18. The simplest solution is to cancel the act. No one registers because the military doesn’t need to draft anyone.

Instead, we’ll argue that women should have to register. The reason that it was only men in the past was that women were the ones to stay home and have and raise children.

This act is one of the few areas of the federal government where men and women are still treated differently. And it is the liberal women’s groups that want to argue that needs to change. In its current form, it doesn’t afford women the same liberties as men. Because, apparently, being drafted into the military and being forced to fight a war is a liberty that women want to have.

Ria Tabacco Mar, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Women’s Rights Project has been vocal about seeing the change. She has said that it’s “a serious burden on men that’s not being imposed on women.”

Currently, men who do not register face a felony charge that is punishable by up to a fine of $250,000. It also makes them ineligible for civil service jobs and student loans.

Yeah, let’s make sure that women are up for those same punishments.

Oh, but it’s not that. Mar argues that “It’s also sending a tremendously harmful message that women are less fit than men to serve their country in this particular way and conversely that men are less fit than women to stay home as caregivers in the event of an armed conflict.”

What Mar and others fail to realize is that anyone, male or female, who may get drafted, have the ability to produce documentation to say why they cannot be drafted.

Meanwhile, if the military really did need soldiers to the point that a draft was needed, isn’t it better if the men and women actually volunteered rather than being chosen based on a random draw?

The Supreme Court will make the final ruling of whether it’s sexual discrimination or not. However, the best answer would be to get rid of the need to register for the draft entirely. It creates a divisive mechanism in the U.S. that simply doesn’t need to be there.

Biden Surrenders to Putin! Commerce Secretary Confirms Biden Admin Won’t Protect Americans From Ransomware Attacks by Russia

Joe Biden offered up a very chilling message to criminals all around the world. He is telling them exactly what they want to hear. The United States cannot put a stop to cyberattacks on our infrastructure, so go ahead and have at it! What a weak and ineffectual leader.

Joe Biden’s Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo spoke with ABC’s “This Week” over the weekend. We thought that she would be trying to quell the fears that many Americans have. Instead, she only increased everyone’s level of paranoia by letting the world know that the attacks would not be stopped anytime soon.

They are going to become a regular fixture in our lives now. Another ransomware attack took place last week, as the largest ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket was targeted. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s computer systems were also attacked in April by hackers who have connections to the Chinese government.

Our food supplies and our gas supplies have been targeted, which has us wondering how much worse things are going to get. So what reassurances did Raimondo have to offer? In a word: none. The message from the Biden administration is not a hard one to understand.

They are telling the private sector that this is their issue to deal with. “In wake of numerous cyberattacks, @GStephanopoulos presses Commerce Sec. Gina Raimondo on whether the government should do more to force businesses to protect themselves and their customers: “It is clear that the private sector needs to be more vigilant,” tweeted the This Week Twitter account.

Isn’t that nice for them to hear? “Sorry that ransomware attacks are now a new part of your day to day, after you’ve spent over a year dealing with a global pandemic. Enjoy!” seems to be the general response from the Biden camp. How could they be so callous about an issue this big? They are really going to leave the rest of the country to fend for itself, as the Chinese and the Russians start to lick their chops.

We hate to belabor this point but this is not something that Trump would have ever allowed. He would not have taken to the airwaves to tell people that they were on their own. The rule of law matters to him more than it ever will to Joe Biden or any of his cronies. He also knows that it is important to project an aura of strength when it comes to the Chinese and the Russians.

Trump would never sit down and allow any of this to happen. We are already laughing, thinking of the hypothetical tweets that he would have fired off. Soon, order may be restored. Behind the scenes, Trump is letting people know that he expects to be reinstated sooner rather than later. We do not want to get our hopes up just yet but it seems like the wheels of justice are finally starting to turn, which should be terrifying to someone in Joe Biden’s shoes.

Can you imagine the embarrassment of being marched out of the White House less than a year into your presidency? This is what Biden is staring at right now. At this point, we would not be shocked if there were some lefties who were ready to give him the boot. All of those freebies that he promised them have yet to materialize. He’s not going to cancel student loan debt and Medicare 4 All is still a non-starter.

At this stage of the numerous crises that Biden has created, maybe he would be grateful for the break. He probably misses his nice, warm bed in Delaware. This is not something that he will ever be willing to admit but in his heart of hearts, he knows that it is true. Now, Americans are going to have to wait, wish and hope that they are not affected by cyberattacks of this nature going forward.

TX Governor Declares Border Disaster Since Biden Won’t

Migrants are everywhere at the southern border because Biden has promised them a shot at becoming American citizens. And while Kamala Harris is still working on the “root cause” for migration, it’s a complete disaster.

Since the Biden administration won’t do anything about it, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has.

Abbott has officially issued a disaster declaration since there’s a constant flow of poor economic migrants shoving their way into Texas and the rest of the southern U.S.

A statement from Abbott’s office blamed Biden for it all. They explained that “open-border policies have paved the way for dangerous gangs and cartels, human traffickers, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to pour into our communities.”

The reason that Texas is declaring a state of disaster in the border counties is to gain more resources. Landowners have to be protected. Further, state and federal laws have to be enforced as a way to control criminal activities.

This is the problem that the Biden administration doesn’t want to face. It’s not even focused on whether they can or cannot enter or where they’re all going to go. It’s about the crime that has flourished since Biden has made it possible for so many people to enter the U.S.

Pinky Gonzales, the sheriff of Refugio County, has said that the rise in crime has been terrifying. He explains that human smugglers are speeding through towns at 80 mph when the speed limit is only 35. He said, “They have no regard for property or human lives.” And, this is an overwhelming problem in all of the border counties of Texas.

The declaration allows the state to get serious about combatting the problem while Biden and Harris hide in DC. Law-breaking migrants will face tougher penalties. It will also make it easier to get money from the federal government to cover various economic costs.

Oh, but wait…Biden’s deputies are concerned that the declaration will endanger migrant children.

Are we more concerned about allowing migrant children to continue crossing illegally or offering safety and peace of mind to American citizens?

The spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services answered that the “top priority is the health and safety of the children in our care.”

Well, that says everything that we need to know.

HHS is concerned because Abbott ordered officials to shut down the licensing approvals for the Texas-based welcome centers that the federal government has tried to commandeer. Why? They need them to house child and youth migrants.

The HHS spokesperson has said that they don’t intend to close any of the facilities as a result of the order and that they are “assessing the Texas directive.”

They can assess it all they want. Abbott is looking to put an end to the crime wave in the only way that he can – by declaring a disaster.

The Biden administration wants to focus solely on the migrant children as a way to tug on the heartstrings of Americans. “Think of the children!” Well, it’s hard to think of the children when there’s so much economic damage happening as a result of the migration.

There’s already deep concern about the economic threat being posed by migrants – yet the administration continues to do nothing.

If Biden won’t do something, Abbott will. He has no choice in the matter since he and other members of the GOP are the only ones willing to face reality. Neither Biden nor Harris will even visit the border to see the problem for themselves.

If we’re to wait on Alejandro Mayorkas, the secretary for the Department of Homeland Security, to fix the problem at the border, we’re going to be waiting a long time. Mayorkas is the one admitting all of the migrants into the U.S. They’re seeking jobs, and they’ll take them away from Americans.

The migration is leading to crime, wage-cutting, and rent-raising. But, it’s just a way to reunify parents and children who have had a rough go in their home countries, right? That’s what the Democratic administration would love for you to believe, but the border counties are faced with the ugly truth of it all.

China Follows in Russia’s Footsteps After Biden Ignores Hacking of Critical Infrastructure

The entire American infrastructure is up for grabs, apparently. Biden has made it clear that he is not going to do a darn thing about any of this. Since the Russians have decided that they are going to hack our gasoline and our beef supplies, the Chinese have become emboldened.

The hacking groups are only going to get more bold until Biden does something about this. He’ll need to do something meaningful because the attacks are only getting worse and worse. Did you know that the Chinese were able to launch a successful attack on the Metropolitan Transportation Authority? Their computer systems were compromised in April, according to a report from the New York Times.

While the hackers were unable to gain meaningful access to the systems in question but various vulnerabilities were exposed. The Chinese government has zero fear of the United States because of Joe Biden. The New York Times is here to offer further background on this latest insanity:

“A hacking group believed to have links to the Chinese government penetrated the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s computer systems in April, exposing vulnerabilities in a vast transportation network that carries millions of people every day, according to an M.T.A. document that outlined the breach.

The hackers did not gain access to systems that control train cars and rider safety was not at risk, transit officials said, adding that the intrusion appeared to have done little, if any, damage.

But a week after the agency learned of the attack, officials raised concerns that hackers could have entered those operational systems or that they could continue to penetrate the agency’s computer systems through a back door, the document also shows.

The breach was the third — and most significant — cyberattack on the transit network, North America’s largest, by hackers thought to be connected to foreign governments in recent years, according to transit officials.”

Ransomware hackers have targeted the Colonial Pipeline and our meat supplies, making us wonder what the next step is going to be. When the Colonial Pipeline was targeted, the southeastern United States was thrown into a complete panic. We all saw the videos of people trying their best to hoard gas in tote containers and even plastic bags.

These are not tactics that we would recommend but this is what happens when people are given the chance to panic. This is something that we place squarely on the shoulders of Joe Biden. The JBS hack is going to cause some very serious problems as well. They were forced to pause processing at some of their largest plants until the problem is squared away.

This may seem simple enough but in reality? The company has to shut down five massive plants that are responsible for the production of significant amounts of food. These plants are managing over 20,000 cattle per day, which is no mean feat. When your enemies do not fear your leader, they are going to laugh in his face as they continue to do whatever they want.

Russia has already made it abundantly clear that they could not care less what Biden has to say about any of this. Putin has done everything short of laughing directly in his face. Russia should be shaking in their shoes and not knowing what is about to happen to them because of their bold actions. Instead, they have absolutely nothing to worry about. There is no way that they will ever receive any sort of retribution.

Hackers like these are only going to respond to two things: severe punishment and enhanced system updates. These hacks are taking place because too many people have gotten complacent. In fact, the JBS hack is already being blamed on shoddy equipment but the company is doing everything in their power to walk that one back. Sleepy Joe has a lot of work to do before the next hack takes place. Someone wake him up from his latest nap.

China Virus Attacks Again as Donald Trump Is Being Sued for Saying the Words

Their latest attempt to bring him down happens to be related to the coronavirus. One would think that they would try and sue him over something such severe as mask-wearing or lockdown measures. Things that they have tried to blame him for in the past.

Of all the things that they could have sued him over, the one thing they pick is using terminology that was designed to identify the origin of the coronavirus.

The phrase that these pointless people have found an issue with is the words “China virus.” Donald Trump used these words to help the world understand where the virus originated from.

The term that he chose to use was never meant to be offensive but rather informative. The Democrats do not care. All they want to do is try and hurt the man because he was the force that would turn the tides on their lusting attempts to destroy the country and rob people of their freedoms.

The group that is attacking the former president is suing him for saying “China virus.” This is the man that has survived business lawsuits, two mock impeachment trials, and numerous attempts by the Democrats to look at his tax returns.

One report noted that “Former President Trump has been sued by a civil rights group for calling COVID-19 the ‘China virus’ last year. The federal complaint by the Chinese Americans Civil Rights Coalition (CARC) alleges that Trump’s use of that phrase and similar terms harmed the Chinese American community.”

People from China are the ones that are offended over the terminology. They go on to complain that “Trump’s ‘extreme and outrageous conduct was carried out throughout the pandemic with reckless disregard of whether such conduct would cause Chinese Americans to suffer emotional distress.’”

People are mad that he classified the virus as being accurately from China. And now that their feelings are being hurt months after he is out of office, they want to see some kind of remuneration from the man.

Only a liberal judge could mess this case up. Donald Trump has every right to say what he thinks about the coronavirus. He has the same access to the First Amendment that every other American legal citizen has. He can call the China virus anything he wants to call it.

It did come from Wuhan, China, and the Chinese released the virus on the world. So it stands to reason that the nasty bug should be named after the country it came from. But the Chinese hate anything attached to their name that is negative.

All other variants of the bug are being named after the countries that they are found in. And there is not a person that is crying about having it named after their country.

The Democrats and the communist regime are the biggest babies ever to exist. Anytime a person says something about them that is negative or reveals something of the truth about them, they cry about it. They take to the courts to try and beat it there. But when they fail, they are known to resort to criminal actions to make the person disappear.

Donald Trump did everything right while he was in office and when he left office. The Democrats and the Chinese have never been able to find anything that they could pin on the man. Even the fake stories that they made up never could pin him down.

Trump was a man of impeccable character. The voters in 2016 made the right choice. And that choice ticked the liberals off to the point that they were willing to cheat four years later in 2020. They will fail in the coming years to persuade voters to follow them since they have lied, cheated, and stolen things that were not theirs to have.

Fixing the Border System? Nope, Breaking It.

Most Americans will agree that the border system needs to be fixed. It’s a complete and utter disaster. Yet, the Biden administration seems to be working to break it beyond repair rather than fixing it.

Why would they do such a thing?

One, the border was running smoothly under former President Trump – and anything that Trump did needs to be reversed, according to liberals.

Two, illegal migrants help to wreck the economy. The Biden administration isn’t even hiding the fact that they want Americans to become dependent on the government, making it easy to push closer toward socialism.

In the past, only border states would typically have to worry about illegal migration. The problem with the way that the Biden administration is handling things is that every state is now becoming a border state. Why? According to former DHS Acting Secretary Chad Wolf, the administration is breaking the system on purpose to allow for the massive influx of immigrants.

During an interview on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, Wolf points out that there are too many minors in custody. Since the facilities can only hold so many, they are pushing those individuals out to other parts of the county. “They are pushing these populations all across the country because they have broken the system.”

If the system were working, the facilities wouldn’t be overcrowded.

The bigger problem is with Alejandro Mayorkas, the new DHS Secretary. He seems to be content with not only allowing illegal immigrants into the country but also lying to Americans about it. As Wolf claims, Mayorkas “continues to say the border is closed and the border is secure. That is a lie.”

Anyone who has been down to the border can clearly see that it’s not closed. Biden can say it’s closed. So can Mayorkas. But until they actually close it and stop accepting illegal immigrants, whether they’re unaccompanied minors or entire families, it’s not really closed.

The Biden administration has let the entire situation get out of control. And placing Kamala Harris in charge has only allowed it to get worse. She’s searching for the root cause rather than dealing with the immediate problem.

Until she’s ready to explain the root cause to everyone, which everyone already knows, she can stay ignorant to the problem and avoid doing anything.

Plenty of countries around the world have dealt with immigration problems before. They close down the borders and they stick to their immigration policies.

Right now, the U.S. is acting as if we don’t have immigration policies. We have them, but Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is pretending as though they don’t exist.

If we wanted to, we could close down the borders. We could continue building the wall. And, anyone who entered the country illegally could be arrested and/or deported.

There are processes to file for visas. There are processes to file for asylum.

Those in Mexico and Central America want to bypass all of it. And, they’ll risk entering the country illegally because the Biden administration has set the precedent that nothing bad will happen to them. If anything, they’ll be welcomed, given housing, and even be given access to stimulus money.

It seems that the only ones who really know what’s going on are the state governments in the border states. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has identified that there’s a deadly surge of fentanyl coming in at the southern border. Yet, the Biden administration wants to continue to ignore that tidbit.

Instead, Biden will allow the illegal immigrants to enter illegally and bring in their illegal drugs. Then, Biden will wonder why the country is crippled with drug addiction and crime.

Of course, the Biden administration still doesn’t want to accept blame for the surge. Even now, the press secretary will blame the Trump administration – even though it was Trump who had kept the flow of migration at an acceptable level.

Biden’s eight-year path to citizenship tells you why they’re breaking the system. In just eight years, they can have all the liberal voters they’ll need to ensure they can win any election they want.

Yet Another Asian Hate Crime Committed by Biden’s NYC Mob of Racists

New York Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou has received some chilling video that needs to be seen and shared by the mainstream media. Yet again, Asian-Americans are going to be attacked by non-white people and yet again, the mainstream media looks the other way. If this particular attack is any indication, they love doing that and they are not going to stop anytime soon.

A black man was caught on camera behaving in the most heinous matter possible. He came across an Asian-American woman in public and sucker punched her to the ground. This incident took place while she was walking in Chinatown in Lower Manhattan. The man ran up, hit her in the face as hard as he could and watched her fall to the ground.

She fell over backward and was knocked out cold. Yuh-Line Niou says that the attacker has been arrested, which can provide at least a small level of comfort to those who are wondering if the streets of New York City can be kept safe right now. The police are losing their funding and this is what happens when they are no longer able to do their jobs in the manner that they are used to.

What they are not going to tell you about Democrat Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou is that she was one of the many liberals who said that cash bail no longer needed to be instituted. That’s great! Now the attackers of these innocent citizens can continue to strike because they know that they are never going to have to face any real consequences for their crimes.

“Oh, you beat up an innocent old woman? No worries, sir. Sit tight and wait for your ride to come pick you up,” that’s essentially what they are saying. They have the nerve to wonder why these attacks are becoming so much more commonplace. The removal of law and order from our society has nothing to do with it, as you would expect.

Trump hasn’t been in office all year but they are still finding ways to blame him for events like these. Any time that the mainstream media even thinks to discuss these incidents, they put the mean old orange man in the middle of it. There’s no attack that they cannot spin to make Trump’s fault.

You see, he is the one that told everyone to attack Asian citizens who reside in this country. That’s the mainstream media’s version of events and they are going to be sticking to it. You can’t pry this narrative away from them because it is all they have. Otherwise, they might have to take some level of responsibility for their own reporting.

“This was just sent to me from my constituent. This just happened in my district in Chinatown. He has been arrested and our precinct is investigating,” Niou tweeted. She left out the part where they won’t be able to truly investigate because they are losing funding left and right. The lack of cash bail is another aspect that she won’t want to mention.

The liberals are losing their minds and they do not realize what they have done. There is a decent chance that they are not going to come to their senses until it is far too late. “She is conscious and cognizant and alert. Things are being investigated and the hate crimes task force has been called in,” Niou continued.

It’s not enough to merely tweet about these heinous crimes. Something actually needs to be done about them. Until the police are granted the ability to do their jobs to the best of their ability, these stories are only going to become more and more common. Hopefully, this victim is able to fully recover from the attack. In the meantime, we will simply have to watch all the liberals do their usual preening and posturing about how all of this matters to them.

Legalizing Marijuana is a Battle Won by the Liberals

What happens when the liberals have control of both the House and the Senate? What happens when liberals get louder in even some of the reddest of states? It leads to them winning.

It appears that the liberals may have won the war on legalizing marijuana.

They’ve been determined to allow marijuana into the hand of anyone over the age of 18 – whether it’s for medicinal or recreational purposes.

They don’t care that it’s a gateway drug. They don’t care that it can lead to even more drug abuse and addiction.

The only thing that the liberal governments care about is that it can be taxed. Taxing marijuana is big business, so they are going to focus solely on the dollar signs.

The federal cannabis legalization bill is going to be filed any moment by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler. This has been long-awaited as it will result in various changes that were passed from 2020.

A federal bill could change everything – including the way that existing dispensaries around the country operate their businesses.

However, it’s not just the federal government that’s in a marijuana frenzy these days.

The Texas Senate recently approved House-passed bills that will require the state to study how psychedelics can offer therapeutic benefits for military veterans. And, marijuana concentrates may have lower penalties, now. It will go to the House once again for a final vote before being given to Governor Abbott for a final signature.

In Ohio, activists are looking to decriminalize a number of local marijuana measures, which will go onto the November ballots.

In Illinois, the House Executive Committee approved a bill that will expand equity in marijuana business licensing. It will head to the House floor for voting in the upcoming weeks.

Even Oregon is on board with more changes. When voters approved drug decriminalization measures back in November of 2020, it opened funds that would award grants. The state is now awarding $20 million grants to support harm reduction, housing and employment programs, and substance misuse treatment.

With so many states either supporting marijuana or working toward supporting it in one way or another, it adds fuel to the liberal fire. They see it as Americans coming around.

Ultimately, though, many voters don’t care enough one way or another. They’re not the ones using it. And, the ones who are using (or want to use) are the loudest, demanding that the measures get onto the ballots to get voted into law.

What happens when marijuana is legalized and things get out of hand, though?

The Drug Enforcement Administration is already showing signs of concern. With New Mexico legalizing marijuana, they have suggested that youth usage may increase.

Additionally, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has identified High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas.

When drugs are clearly a problem in the United States, why would we legalize and green light yet another one?

Well, some liberals are actually naïve enough that if the federal government allows it, they can regulate it.

Chuck Schumer tweeted that Americans are sending a “clear message” that they want to see an end to marijuana prohibition. He mentioned that he’s working with Senators Cory Booker and Ron Wyden “on comprehensive marijuana reform legislation in the Senate.”

Note that all three senators are Democrats. This means that the Senate Majority Leader couldn’t even bother with any kind of bipartisanship. Much of that is because the GOP isn’t interested in legalizing marijuana.

If the Democrats continue to win when it comes to legalizing marijuana, it will be a loss for the country. The only ones winning will be the dispensaries and the departments responsible for collecting the taxes.

Unfortunately, there will be so many addictions and drug problems that the tax money will have to be diverted to deal with the growing drug problem. Maybe, then, the liberals will see the err of their ways, but even that is doubtful.

Lifeguards Get Paid Six-Figures and Newsom Can’t Figure Out Why State Is Broke

Gavin Newsom is facing recall because Californians hate him. It’s not just because of how he handled COVID, either. It’s because he’s completely incapable of managing the finances of the state.

It turns out that there are lifeguards earning a six-figure income thanks to the help of unions. That’s a lot of money to go running across the beach…

Is Newsom really this clueless? Does he think that he can pay lifeguards this much money without going broke? It may be time for him to take a step back and assess a number of salaries that are being paid by the state government.

In none other than Los Angeles County, where there seems to be the most liberal influence, lifeguards are making a salary higher than some U.S. Senators. conducted an audit and identified that there were seven lifeguards earning over $300,000 a year while another 82 were earning over $200,000

Fernando Boiteux serves as the acting chief lifeguard for LA County and earned $391,971 as the highest-paid lifeguard. This is comprised of a salary of $205,619, another $60,000 in perks, and over $125,000 in benefits.

In many instances, it was the overtime pay that led many lifeguards to earn more than even CEOs. Some lifeguards happily gave up their days off in order to rack in nearly $100,000 in overtime wages over the course of the year.

Not surprisingly, most of the top-paid lifeguards were men. Only two of the top 20 earners were female – one being a captain and one being a section chief.

Well, you get paid well to save lives, right?

Not so fast…

The lifeguards who won the “Medal of Valor” for being brave and saving lives weren’t the ones making the list of the county’s top-paid employees.

Out of a list of 1,001 employees in the LA Lifeguards Corps, 2020 Medal of Valor Winner Edward Macko was ranked 167, earning a “measly” salary of $134,144 in compensation.

The money is at the beach. Those saving lives in the face of Pacific waves are the ones earning the real money. Those playing lifeguard to the pools of LA county are barely hitting $50,000 – and that includes both pay and benefits.

So, why is it that LA County feels justified to pay beach lifeguards the amount of money that they are doing? After all, this is a lot of taxpayer dollars going to such a small section of what goes on in the county.

The unions have fought to get the wages as high as they are. After all, being a lifeguard on the beach is dangerous – and they should be well compensated.

That could be said of firefighters and police officers and EMTs, too – but they’re hardly earning the kind of money that the lifeguards are in LA.

Much of it comes down to the overtime. LA taxpayers shouldn’t have to be footing this kind of bill simply because the county is too lazy to hire more lifeguards. Surely, there are people willing to work on the beach all day and swim out to a person in need periodically?

There are likely countless people applying. However, until there’s the decision to not pay overtime, those in charge of hiring would rather keep paying the overtime. With the ability to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, no one seems to be in a rush to hire. It would put the overtime into a thing of the past.

It seems as though Newsom could clearly make some changes while still appeasing the unions. It might be easier to blame the unions, but no one is forcing LA county to pay hundreds of thousands in overtime wages.

If lifeguards are making this much, how much are other employees across the state being overpaid? It appears that Newsom may have just found some added money in his budget. Now, it’s up to him to do something about it.

Texas Governor Vows to Block Any Attempts to Defund the Police

New York and Florida have become the most interesting states in the country from a political standpoint. However, Texas seems bound and determined to throw their hat into the ring. They are a state that wants to stand alone from the pack and not get swept up in all of the fake-progressive nonsense.

Governor Greg Abbott is sending a clear message to anyone who thinks that his state is going to be going along with the calls to defund the police. He is drawing that line in the sane right now and there is nothing that can be done about it. We are sure that the far left is not going to be pleased but who cares what they think?

These are the same people who are all about making fun of the police and acting like it is hilarious when bad things happen to them. They don’t have the ability to explain any of their opinions in a cogent way, so they resort to extremist takes like “let’s strip the police of all their funding”. If they are really getting ridiculous, they will claim that they want the police abolished entirely.

It’s not a realistic point of view but no one ever said that the left was going to win any awards for their critical thinking skills. Abbott is having none of it and he is maintaining the status quo at all levels. He is not about to let his state turn into some silly bastion of progressive BS. He is pledging to sign a very important act as well: the Back the Blue Act.

Any proposed reductions in police salaries or funding would have to wait until after an election. The Washington Post has more about this very important announcement from Governor Abbott:

“Texas Gov. Greg Abbott vowed Monday to sign a bill that will thwart efforts by cities to reduce or reallocate police budgets, the latest of a string of actions he has taken to restrain local authorities. …

On Monday, Abbott reiterated his promise to sign the bill that requires a municipality or county to hold an election before a local government can make any reduction or reallocation of law enforcement funds as a percentage of its total budget, reducing the number of officer positions or the budget for recruitment and training of new officers.

The bill, known as the “Back the Blue Act,” also states that if the Texas comptroller’s office determines that a local government cut funding without an election, the municipality could not raise property taxes for the next fiscal year. It was passed by the state’s Republican-controlled Senate but was postponed by the House on Monday.

“We always #BacktheBlue. Which is why I made legislation preventing cities from defunding the police an emergency item this session,” Abbott wrote on Twitter.” This isn’t all that he had to say about the current state of affairs. Abbott was particularly incensed about a head shot victim who had to wait 16 minutes before the police showed up.

“This is what defunding the police looks like. Austin is incapable of timely responding to a victim shot in the head. Texas won’t tolerate this. We’re about to pass a law-that I will sign-that will prevent cities from defunding police. Sanity & safety will return,” he tweeted. If that response time sounds awful to you, trust us on this one, it is. This would be a bad response time for a crime that was not even this serious.

For something like a gunshot wound to the head? That’s absolutely atrocious. Cities like Austin are cutting hundreds of millions out of their police budgets and they thought that nothing would come of this choice. This is ludicrous thinking and anyone who thinks that this ends well is fooling themselves. It might be too late for Abbott to help them because they have made their own bed but he can still help others!

Georgia Audit Ramps up as Private Sector Digs Nails Under Skin and Forces Officials to Act Honestly

Voters in Georgia are not as confident about the election results as the elected officials seem to be after they have finished a massive recount and audit effort. Fulton County, Georgia, is under the gun again because people are not trusting the audit that state officials did. So they are demanding that a private entity do a new audit.

The fight for 145,000 absentee ballots hit the courts and ended up being very favorable for voters. People are not as confident about the election results as they have been in the past. The Democrats destroyed all trust in the system when they acted suspiciously and secretly in 2020.

The court ruling demands that “approximately 145,000 absentee ballots cast and counted in Fulton County, Georgia, must be copied and turned over for inspection to Plaintiffs in lawsuits brought in the aftermath of the outcome of the November 2020 presidential election contest in Georgia.” People were ticked off the way the Democrats acted the night of the election.

And, of course, the Democrats are back at it again, calling the effort a massive hoax because they are afraid of the truth. The media is working hard to discredit the voters that want this private audit to take place. There is nothing wrong with the people demanding honesty and integrity from their elected leaders.

State Democrats can do nothing about it since the money is privately donated and is back by the voter and poll workers that sued the state election process for the right to restore honesty to the election process.

Robb Pitts is the Fulton County Chairman, and he has had nothing good to say about the people wanting to audit the auditors. He blasted the effort by claiming, “This conspiracy theory about counterfeit ballots has been trotted out by proponents of the ‘Big Lie’ across the country and shot down every time.” The effort by the private sector to reveal the truth will only restore the faith.

Pitts seems on edge because there might be something that liberals are covering up and do not want the public to know about it. He would have every reason to sweat bullets, knowing full well that his neck is on the line.

Voters have spoken, and there is nothing the elected officials can do now that the courts have intervened. There is no reason why Pitts should even care about the ruling since his people are not going to be doing the audit. All they have to do is open the results, copy the ballots, and hand them over to the private entity.

One report noted that “What’s happening in Georgia is that a group of voters and election observers are contending that fraudulent absentee ballots were inserted into the votes of Fulton County, the state’s largest and home to Atlanta.

They will be inspecting the county’s 145,000 ballots and taking digital images of the ballots to be ‘distributed to experts for forensic inspection’ because they believe they will prove that some of these ballots were not legitimate.”

The private audit is only to reveal if fraud exists. Democrats are opposed again because deep down, they know that they fraudulently acted with disgrace. They took something that was not theirs to have. And now that Biden is sitting in the office, the people are suffering because of their greed.

The poll watchers saw some pretty hairy things take place that raised suspicions. The private citizen is the final voice in the United States. The Democrats seem to have forgotten that America is a Republic ruled by the people and not the politicians.

The Tea Party Patriots Foundation supports the effort pushed by the voters and the poll watchers. Their President Jenny Beth Martin declared that it is a victory for the voter. She noted that “For the American people to accept election results, there has to be confidence in the process. As of right now, there is a lack of confidence in that process and that confidence must be restored. Today’s ruling is an important step in giving us the answers we need to move forward and rebuild trust.”

This Can’t Be Real! Biden Officially Allows BLM Flag to Be Flown on US Embassies – Not a Joke

You may have heard the news already but displays of the Black Lives Matter flag have been approved by the US State Department. The flags can be flown this Tuesday, on the anniversary of George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Human Events’ Jack Posobiec is here to report:

“A source within the Biden State Department wishing to remain anonymous has shared with Human Events News a document that indicates that all U.S. “Diplomatic and Consular posts” are being encouraged to display shows of support for Black Lives Matter on Tuesday, May 25, the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

The memo reads in part, “The Department supports the use of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ in messaging content, speeches, and other diplomatic engagements with foreign audiences to advance racial equity and access to justice on May 25 and beyond (italics added) We encourage posts to focus on the need to eliminate systemic racism and its continued impact.”

The entire letter is a great read, so be sure to head over to Human Events to find out more about what Posobiec has to say. The liberals will do whatever they can to silence him. He speaks the truth, though. “The memo, which is in part a woke statement on social justice, part an apology for U.S. actions, and part an endorsement of all BLM materials, expressly encourages the display of the BLM flag or banner at U.S. facilities (except on the actual flagpole that holds the American flag),” the letter continues.

Again, where is the lie here? Does anyone really think that the flags are being flown because the United States government cares so deeply? Of course they don’t. Biden could not give a you know what less about any of this, in the same way that Obama couldn’t be bothered either.

This is all political theater and they are merely preparing for the next election. When Trump tries to reclaim the presidency in 2024, they are going to point to these hollow charades as evidence that they are the ones who truly care. They’ll tell the world that Trump never would have flown these flags and that he cares about the rule of law more than the lives of human beings.

What they won’t tell you is that the rule of law is all that keeps many Americans safe on a daily basis. These laws need to be upheld before anyone else gets hurt. No one wants to reckon with this fact, except for our former president. Sadly, he has been silenced, during a time when we truly need him to be speaking out.

There are also those who are going to point out another obvious bit of hypocrisy here. The Americans who have been told that they are public enemy number one because of their Confederate flags have to be wondering why they were singled out when their government can fly any flag that they want. Since Confederate flags were essentially outlawed by the mainstream media, these people have no recourse.

Sure, you can still fly the flag if you want but guess what? You are risking being called a racist each and every step of the way. No one wants to hear your reasoning, they do not care if it is part of your personal heritage and they are going to call you every name in the book. Is it fair or reasonable behavior? No, it is not, but trust us….they don’t care at all.

Any legitimate concerns that are raised about the Black Lives Matter flags are going to be swept under the rug entirely because that’s life in these United States. The mainstream media is not going to touch on any of them. Perhaps that is for the best, though. We know what would happen if they did. Fingers would be pointed and everyone would be called a racist for not wanting to punish them over it. We’ll pass.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due and It Does Not Go to Biden

President Joe Biden is the master of plagiarizing things and taking credit for things he is not responsible for doing. He tried to take credit for Donald Trump’s work on the vaccine and his plan to distribute the drug. He even tried to take credit for getting the virus under control even though his methods were twelve months removed from where the rest of the nation was at.

And now it is apparent that he is trying to take credit for all of Israel’s work to acquire peace in their land. The ceasefire was done by the leadership of those that lead in Israel. They were the ones that beat Hamas back to the shadows from where they came from.

But out comes old man Biden trying to take the credit for doing nothing but trying to tell Benjamin Netanyahu to let Hamas kill his people. He would say that “Over the last 11 days, I spoke with the prime minister six times. I’ve also spoken with President Abbas and the Palestinian Authority more the once and part of our intense diplomatic engagement.”

There is no president within Hamas. All Biden did was speak with the leader of a terrorist organization and plead with him to step back so he could take the credit for a ceasefire. Hamas started the fight, and Biden should have been one of the first ones to condemn it.

His claim to fame is nothing more than a public parade of arrogance. He went on in his speech to thank all of the people that made this moment special for him. He wanted to thank those who died in the attacks and those of his administration for going out of their way to make him look foolish.

The deaths caused by Hamas are an incredible tragedy. The terrorists attacked, and the only reason they stopped is that The Jewish people came out and punched them square in the nose. It was then that the Palestinians started to cry and wanted the fight to stop. Had the Jewish people not beat the terrorists to death, they would have just kept on attacking and killing people.

Biden acts like he made a significant breakthrough in the Middle East. But all he did was sit in his rocking chair and think that this is a time when he can take credit for something he had no involvement with.

The old man went on to rant by saying, “You know, we’ve held intensive, high-level discussions, hour by hour, literally, Egypt, the Palestinian Authority and other Middle Eastern countries, with an aim of avoiding this sort of prolonged conflict we’ve seen in previous years when the hostilities have broken out.”

High-level discussion points are another phrase for pointless chatter. The real work at peace happened when Donald Trump was president. Hamas would never have thought about attacking a Republican president in the White House. But Biden is weak, and the bold terrorists are taking advantage of his frailty.

Biden did mention that he would send Iron Dome rockets to Israel to help with their effort to restock their supply. The point that is not being said in the media is that Egypt was the one that took care of helping bring about the ceasefire.

Hamas deserves no help in rebuilding their neighborhoods. They started the fight, and they deserve to reap what they sow. The Palestinians will never learn their lesson. They need to start working to build a future for themselves instead of trying to take things that are not theirs to have.

Biden was full of himself when he stated that “I assured him of my full support to replenish Israel’s Iron Dome system to ensure its defenses and security in the future.” He made it sound like Netanyahu was begging for his help. The only thing Netanyahu wanted was to get off the phone with a man that lies as much as the Palestinians do.

Biden would end up saying that “My administration will continue our quiet, relentless diplomacy toward that end.” Quietly means no involvement unless Biden can take credit for the work of another nation at brokering peace.

Texas Follows in Florida’s Footsteps and Bans Teaching of Racist Curriculum Based on Critical Race Theory

While this is far from a done deal at this point, we are rounding third and heading for home plate. The Texas Senate has already passed a bill that severely limits the ability of teachers to push critical race theory in public schools. Open enrollment charter schools are also a part of this equation.

House Bill 3979 received the prerequisite Senate reworking and it was passed over the weekend. From there, it is slated to head back to the House for approval. If this does not happen, a conference committee will get together, allowing Senate and House members to settle the differences in person.

Opponents have referred to this bill as controversial. The bill was passed with a 18-13 vote, as everyone voted along their party lines. Critical race theory is not specifically mentioned here but the bill is going to require “the State Board of Education to develop new state standards for civics education with a corresponding teacher training program.”

That’s somewhat vague but civics will now need to be taught a certain way in the classroom. The Texas Tribune has more about this developing story:

“The Senate-approved version revives specific essential curriculum standards that students are required to understand, including the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers. But it stripped more than two dozen requirements to study the writings or stories of multiple women and people of color that were also previously approved by the House, despite attempts by Democratic senators to reinstate some of those materials in the bill.

The Senate did vote to include the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, the 13th 14th and 19th amendments to the U.S. Constitution and the complexity of the relationship between Texas and Mexico to the list of required instruction.

Yet the most controversial aspects of the bill remain, including that teachers must explore current events from multiple positions without giving “deference to any one perspective.” It also bars students from getting course credit for civic engagement efforts, including lobbying for legislation or other types of political activism.”

Democrats who oppose these standards are going to pretend that they are interested in balance but nothing could be further from the truth. They want the children to learn that America is a nation that has been built on white supremacy. As a result of this mindset, white students must be taught that they are the enemy. White people are inherently not good and this is what the schools want them to learn now.

The Texas Tribune explores this conflict in a more in-depth manner:

“Educators, historians and school advocacy groups who fiercely oppose the bill remained unswayed by arguments that the bill is merely meant to ensure students are taught that one race or gender is not superior to another.

“Giving equal weight to all sides concerning current events would mean that the El Paso terrorist ideology would have to be given equal weight to the idea that racism is wrong,” said Trinidad Gonzales, a history professor and assistant chair of the dual enrollment program at South Texas College. “That is the problem, white supremacy would be ignored or given deference if addressed. That is the problem with the bill.”

But Sen. Royce West, D-Dallas, raised concerns on the Senate floor that the historical documents required in the bill only reflect the priorities of white senators.

“There were documents that were chosen, not by Hispanics, not by African Americans in this body, but by Anglos,” he said. “No input from us in terms of what founding documents should in fact be considered by all children in this state.”

White liberals deciding that they know better than everyone else? That’s a huge shock to us! Other states are looking to take similar actions against these types of people and we are glad to see it. White liberals need to stop acting like they can run roughshod over everyone else. Leave the students out of your never-ending woke off, please.

Dr. Doom Talks Booster Shots Causing Americans to Throw Arms Up in Disgust

The Biden administration has made epic mistakes when it comes to how they’re handling the pandemic. First, they allow Dr. Fauci to spout his lies and his scare tactics to anyone who will listen. Then, they pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine just long enough for Americans to question whether it is worth it or not.

Now, those who wanted the vaccine have been vaccinated. And Biden and the rest of his administration are trying to convince others to go get poked.

But, why?

The CDC has released recommendations that people can go unmasked if they have been vaccinated. And while that’s a step in the right direction, there are still too many cities and states choosing to keep people masked.

Why is it that the administration struggles with providing a singular message with some positivity linked to it?

It’s all doom and gloom…which is why they can’t seem to get anyone else vaccinated.

They could ditch Dr. Fauci. Yet, instead, they’re letting him talk about yet another thing that will send Americans screaming for the hills.

Prepare for a booster shot!

It wasn’t enough that people had to get over their fear of needles. It wasn’t enough that people had to wonder what kinds of side effects would come with the vaccine.

Now, Dr. Fauci is telling Americans to prepare for a booster.

After people have gotten their initial shot, Dr. Doom has managed to provide this tidbit of excitement: “I think we will almost certainly require a booster sometime within a year or so.”

He claims that there will need to be some durable protection. As for when these boosters will be ready, he can’t say. As for how frequently we’ll need the boosters, he’s not sure.

This is typical. The Biden administration allows Dr. Fauci to spread this level of cheer and, then, they’ll wonder why vaccinations have come to a halt.

People want definitive answers instead of scare tactics.

Will the vaccines protect us or not? At this point, we can’t even get a guarantee that vaccines will protect against COVID or know how long the protection will last.

As for the CDC’s recommendation of taking masks off and returning to everyday life, the federal government is quick to remind people that this is only for those who have gotten two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. They’re not even talking about Johnson & Johnson anymore – and that leaves tens of thousands of Americans wondering if they’re even protected at all…

It’s all too confusing. And the Biden administration can’t understand why people aren’t getting vaccinated? At this point, less than half of the country that is eligible to be vaccinated has chosen to do so.

Well, the CDC recommendations are positive, right?

Dr. Fauci says no. “I think people are misinterpreting, thinking that this is a removal of a mask mandate for everyone. It’s not.”

There are problems. He says that those who are vaccinated should feel safe, whether they’re indoors or out. Okay…but for how long now that he’s dropped this booster bomb on us? And…if we’re supposed to be safe, why are so many liberal cities still not lifting the local mask mandates?

Dr. Fauci has failed us all. He told us we didn’t need masks. Then, he told us not only do we need masks but we might need two or three.

Now, he’s telling us we don’t need masks as long as we’re vaccinated, but he’s also telling us we won’t be safe for long because we’ll need boosters.

It’s no wonder why so many people are just saying that it’s easier not to be vaccinated. If people have to wear the masks anyway or get a second (or third or fourth) poke to stay protected, is it worth it? The Biden administration can’t even answer that – and until they can, many Americans will continue to forego the COVID vaccines.

And as for anyone wanting to know what they should do, just wait. Dr. Fauci will likely have new directives by next week that will completely contradict everything he said this week.

Joe Biden Wants to Cancel the Military and is Now Monitoring Social Media of Servicemembers

The First Amendment means nothing under the Biden Administration.

The Radical Left socialist Democratic Party is hellbent on eradicating free speech as we know it and enslaving Americans with speech codes. The Radical Left’s diabolic aim is silence you, permanently. The socialist Democrats want to make it so that you don’t say anything at all.

To the Left, every word is a “trigger,” “unconscious bias,” “not anti-racist enough” and other forms of “subliminal racism” that “perpetuate the white male patriarchy.” Now the Left has upped the ante, and they have expanded their ideological dragnet to include white women, who must be equally punished for the color of their skin.

The Democrats want to create a world where EVERYTHING you say is a cause for cancelation — and by that I don’t mean your magazine subscription, but your basic right to existence.

The Radical Left’s social justice crusade has now even infected President Joe Biden’s Department of Defense.

Forget about winning wars and protecting the homeland. Joe Biden is more concerned about re-educating the United States military in line with its Woke Agenda.

The Pentagon is launching a program to screen U.S. military personnel social media content for “extremist material,” according to newly released internal Defense Department documents.

One would think that the Biden administration should be more concerned with monitoring Chinese Communist Party propaganda or terrorists on social media. Just whose side is the Radical Left on?

The Pentagon will “continuously” track U.S. military personnel for “concerning behaviors,” according to a late March Pentagon briefing. Given that everything seems to be “concerning” to the New Woke Left, the U.S. military is going to grind to a standstill halt.

Meanwhile, Hamas is pummeling Israel, China is building islands in Philippines’ territorial waters, Russia has more troops in Ukraine than anytime since the Soviet Union, and Iran is gassing up is nuclear program again.

Are Republicans in Congress going to fight back? When reporters asked Republican Don Bacon, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, he claimed he was not aware of the program.

“I have discussed this with our defense team and as of right now, we have not heard anything from DoD that would confirm this story,” said Abbey Schieffer, Bacon’s press secretary.

How far off base is Joe Biden with his radical cancel culture military purge? The Senate Armed Services Committee is showing their concern, both in terms of how this agenda will affect military readiness and how it may infringe on military members’ First Amendment rights.

“The Committee understands that the Department of Defense is exploring a means of implementing social media screening in conjunction with background investigations. We anticipate that any social media screening would be intended only as an additional means of vetting cleared individuals or those seeking to obtain a security clearance, not as a tool for ongoing surveillance of all men and women in uniform.”

The Senate Armed Services Committee continued, “That said, Secretary Austin has been clear about his intentions to understand to what extent extremism exists in the force and its effect on good order and discipline. We look forward to hearing the results of the stand down and the Department’s plan to move forward.”

Translation: We’re gritting our teeth watching Joe Biden destroy the U.S. military with a radical political correctness agenda.

Under past Commander in Chief’s, the U.S. military has refused to invasively surveil American service members due to First Amendment free speech protections.

The Radical Left socialist Biden administration doesn’t believe in the First Amendment and they are ignoring restrictions on the government by contracting a private firm to conduct the surveillance for them.

There is only one winner in all of this: America’s enemies.

China and the terrorists are cheering right now.

Will Trump Run for President in 2024?

For those wondering if President Trump will run for President again in 2024, the short answer is “probably not.” The longer answer is “why” he wont be running.

We start with one fact: President Trump lost the 2020 election, a fact her refuses to acknowledge.

Many people who voted for President Trump are not happy about this, including this writer. But we must deal with reality. For the conservatives that truly care about American values, protecting American interests, and putting American priorities first, at some point holding onto this lie will hurt our cause.

That point is now.

Does that mean I side Rep. Liz Cheney? No. There are a lot of childish people in Congress these days, and she is somewhat of an adult and a serious person. But Cheney is a little too fond of foreign wars, and made a political choice is railing against President Trump.

Cheney claims that the January 6th Capitol Riot (so infamous, it’s a proper noun) was the turning point for her, but we all know that Cheney never particularly liked Trump and that she was biding her time for the moment to pounce.

As the number three Republican in the House leadership, Cheney was not aligned with the majority of the party and therefore her claim to leadership was revoked.

However unartful and clumsy she is, Cheney is making an important point. She correctly diagnosed Stolen Election Syndrome as a terminal brain disease. Patient zero: the Republican Party. The pathogen: Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

Is anyone else tired of the pseudo-scientific metaphors? Every day liberals and RHINOs are on TV screaming that “the Republican Party is sick” or “diseased.”

Listen: If there is any disease, it is liberalism.

Was their election fraud in the 2020 election? Yes. By definition, if there was one fraudulent vote for president in Chicago, Illinois, then we can say that there was election fraud in the 2020 election.

The question is whether or not there was mass voter fraud that was widespread enough to effect the outcome of the election.

Listen: Politics is a filthy business.

When our vehicle is filthy, we clean it. When our underwear is filthy, we wash it. Unfortunately, politics has some of those stains that just don’t come out. This is fact, and we reckon with it because the political process is an inseparable and important part of our representative democratic republic.

Was there widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election? It depends on your definition of “widespread.” There is voter fraud in our elections, but President Trump’s crack team of lawyers were unable to produce concrete evidence in any court of law when they contested the election results.

Listen: Howling on cable news is not evidence.

I liked the My Pillow Guy. It is not often that you have a Christian business owner who is so publicly open about their faith. He was selling Jesus AND pillows. But, boy, did he go off the deep end. He has good intentions, and he wants justice in our elections, but has made himself look foolish in defending President Trump’s position.

There is another category of individuals, however, who do not deserve any sympathy whatsoever. They may not be from the The Swamp, but they would like to build little “swamplets” of their own. These are the con artists: Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Sebastian Gorka.

They will tell you whatever you want to hear. More, they will tell you fabulous lies that paint a reality that is EVEN WORSE than your worst nightmares. It is a game of one-upmanship.

Listen: If you want to believe lies, that is your choice. But that makes you no better than the Democrats, who live by lies.

The is a special place in hell for Lin Wood and company. They are shameless and they prey on patriotic Americans who just want to do the right thing. Not everyone has time to follow the minutiae of politics. We have jobs, families, and lives to live and lead.

Most Americans have integrity, and are concerned about the integrity of our elections. The hucksters who cater to our worst fear just want to make a buck.

It is about time we got to the man himself: Donald J. Trump.

Jump in a Learjet with me and we will coast over to Mar-a-Lago, where our president-in-exile pouts, steams, and rants in his gilded cage. Every now and then, he will post a happy picture of him smiling, thumbs up. We like that Trump.

Listen: Was there anything more badass than when Trump ordered the assassination of General Soleimani?

For a person that people claim is superficial, the substance of Trump’s policies were successful. The pivot against China, lower taxes, a pro-American workers jobs agenda, and energy independence — the list goes on.

We know that Trump’s policies were popular because Joe Biden is stealing most of them and claiming them as his own.

What wasn’t successful? Trump’s personality and “management style,” or lack thereof.

Trump is very talented and smart, but you cannot improvise solutions to every issue. Some issues are extremely complicated, and in order to solve them it requires in-depth engagement. President Trump’s flitting attention prevented even greater conservative victories from happening.

As a businessman and builder, President Trump had a historic opportunity to rebuild America’s infrastructure. This is one of the great what-ifs of his presidency.

Listen: Biden won the 2020 election by an even slimmer margin than what Trump won by in 2016. It was a squeaker.

Trump lost because of his personality, which veers from pleasant, charming, and funny to petty, frantic, and unhinged.

The media did all they could to sabotage President Trump, who also did all he could to sabotage himself. As conservatives, the media will always do all they can to sabotage us. This is a fact of life. We must be better, smarter, stronger. It is that simple.

If we are honest with ourselves, Trump is abusive. He abuses people with words. He humiliates. Sometimes this is funny, oftentimes it is inappropriate. Trump’s abusive personality cost him the election. People thought that President Trump did not care about them, and that he only cared about himself.

Listen: The Republican Party is in an abusive relationship with Donald Trump.

How did we get to point where Arizona Republicans are hunting for bamboo ballots? I am actually not even that upset about this. Let the process play out. In my opinion, more election security is a good thing.

At some point, Republicans are going to have to let go of the myth that the election was stolen. And if Trump himself will not give it up, they will have to give up Trump.

Listen: You need to make a choice about what you value, America or one man.

I will tell you what is holding conservatives back: When conservatives nominated Trump, they sent the Republican Party that they wanted change. The American people want to clean up Washington. Now that Trump is out of power, some conservatives are still holding on. They are waiting for their champion to emerge.

Listen: It was an abusive relationship, but it worked for awhile.

President Trump is now in Mar-a-Lago almost pleading for attention. He is a sight for sore eyes. Conservatives, in general, are loyal and feel a degree of loyalty to their 45th president. But at what cost?

Conservatives now have a historic take back the government at all levels. Newsflash: Trump does not care. I am not saying that he is not generous or does not have a capacity for kindness, but he only really cares about himself. This is well documented, and if you are honest with yourself you will agree.

Trump wants attention. Fine, give him attention. But at the price of a new conservative majority across this nation? Never.

Listen: America First has become Trump First and it is putting America last.

Conservatives are better and stronger than this. Maybe it is a little frightening: Trump gone, the Swamp back, and radical socialists in Congress and the White House.

What does it all mean? It means that you, dear reader, are being called to action. Action requires courage. Have conservatives lost their courage? It is not easy, and it never will be. It requires the courage to be honest with ourselves, open to change, and do the hard work needed to take back our government.

In summary, the answer to whether or not President Trump will run for office in 2024 is no, and the above reasons are why. Instead, conservatives like you are being called to step up and carry the torch of freedom forward. As a conservative, this is your moment. Will you have the courage to seize it?

CDC Back to Making Wild Claims About the Past and COVID-19

The Democrats are seething with lust as the CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has been promoting the idea of forced vaccination through peer pressure. The CDC has stated that people no longer need to wear a mask if they have been vaccinated. The intrusion into personal health is a clear violation of HIPPA laws and the latest attempt by liberals to take more control of people.

The thought that only the people that have taken the shot can remove their masks is devilish to the core. The CDC is in league with the Democrats, and their pandemic fear pushing tactics. Joe Biden wants people to take the shot so he can take credit for everyone getting vaccinated. And there is no better way to entice people by letting them take off their facial diapers.

But Walensky’s statements regarding mask-wearing were not the shocking part. She revealed a subtle lie that skeptics had long thought regarding the number of people who died from the virus versus those who died of other causes. The incredible part is that most other causes of death have all but disappeared as if by a miracle.

Some of the deaths from COVID were people that died after they received their vaccination. Walensky stated that “Not all of those 223 caseThe virus s who had Covid actually died of Covid. They may have had mild disease but died, for example, of a heart attack.”

The virus may not be the killing machine that people think that it is. But it is enough to cause the body to be overwhelmed with too many repairs, so it just gives up, and the person passes away.

The lie that the Democrats and their liberal scientists have been pushing is that every death over the past year has been from COVID. But now that Walensky has stated the truth, there is no rational person who will be willing to listen to the CDC or want to follow their guidelines.

People deserve to know the truth about what is happening around them. The vast majority of people who died from COVID had died with the virus in their bodies. But when a hospital gets more money from a COVID death than a flu death, they will report it as a viral death for the extra dollars that they will end up getting.

Walensky also was interviewed by Martha Raddatz with ABC, and she stated that “It was just Tuesday when you sat before a Senate committee, and you were adamant then that masking and social distancing should remain in place. But The Washington Post is reporting you had already approved the decision to change the guidance. When it was finally announced on Thursday, it came as a huge surprise, and left some administration officials, doctors, businesses, off-guard. So, why so suddenly, and why did you not tell the Senate panel what you had decided?”

One of the issues with her announcement is that there is no communication being given to governors. Some of them had found out about the changes from the local news long before Biden ever gave them an update.

Walensky was not about to answer the questions from her satanic reporter truthfully. All she could mumble were cold words of wanting to celebrate the moment that people were now dying of other causes, and they would no longer need to wear the facial mask.

Walensky went on to confuse people by saying that “Cases have been coming down more than a third just in the last two weeks. We have vaccine now across this country widely available for anyone who wants it. And we now have science that has really just evolved even in the last two weeks that demonstrates that these vaccines are safe, they are effective, they are working in the population, just as they did in the clinical trials, that they are working against our variants that we have here circulating in the United States, and that, if you were to develop an infection, while — even if you got vaccinated, that you can’t transmit that infection to other people. Some of that science was really evolving as late as last Thursday.” But in the end, Biden will continue to spout a different story.

The Least Transparent Administration in US History! Biden Secretly Destroys More of Trump’s Achievements

During the early days of the Biden presidency, he was signing executive orders into law on a seemingly daily basis. These photo ops were supposed to prove that Biden had the right idea about how to run this country. In reality, these were just attempts at stroking the egos of the far-left Democrats who voted for him.

They had to see results and they had to see them right away….or else! All they would have done is their usual whining on social media but we digress! As a career politician, Biden knew that he could not enact a full leftist agenda, though. At least half of the American people would have been furious with him if he had tried.

In order to pass these initiatives and policies, the only way to do so is by executive order. He went around Congress, so that he could successfully scrap any Trump achievement possible. The level of petty that was on display here was off the charts. These are the same people who refused to move into the White House until it had been professionally cleaned.

Now, Biden is throwing a few more Trump achievements on the fire. He is not content to merely get rid of a few of his advancements. No, folks, he wants to remove all of them. The orange man is bad and he wants to make sure that everyone knows this. Biden’s whole campaign seemed to be built around that idea.

If you didn’t like him, that meant that you simply needed to go ahead and vote for Trump. No legitimate concerns could be raised because he would wave them away. Biden is now setting his sights on squashing the rights of conservatives and he will be adding a side of further humiliation for those who care deeply about public monuments.

For starters, Biden is getting rid of the Garden of American Heroes. This was an order that was signed by Trump, in hopes of creating space for monuments. Trump knew that this would upset the far left. As you can probably recall, they spent a decent chunk of last year running around and ripping them all down.

Any monument that they deem unworthy has to come down and that is that. They do not want to listen to reason and they do not care about the rule of law. Thanks to Biden, we are going to be right back at square one. Last year, on the 4th of July, Trump signed the Building and Rebuilding Monuments to American Heroes order into law. No location was specified for the garden at the time, though.

The Department of Interior was supposed to find the right location. Trump wanted to include Kobe Bryant, Walt Disney, and Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek in the monument. “America owes its present greatness to its past sacrifices,” Trump said at the time. “Because the past is always at risk of being forgotten, monuments will always be needed to honor those who came before,” he continued.

Biden’s getting rid of the “Protecting American Monuments, Memorials, and Statues and Combating Recent Criminal Violence” order, too. This order was signed in the wake of all the destruction that took place last year, as leftists took to the streets and destroyed a wide range of Confederate monuments. “Individuals and organizations have the right to peacefully advocate for either the removal or the construction of any monument. But no individual or group has the right to damage, deface or remove any monument by use of force,” Trump wrote in the order.

Last but not least, Biden’s also gotten rid of the ‘Preventing Online Censorship’ order. “Twitter now selectively decides to place a warning label on certain tweets in a manner that clearly reflects political bias. As has been reported, Twitter seems never to have placed such a label on another politician’s tweet. As recently as last week, Representative Adam Schiff was continuing to mislead his followers by peddling the long-disproved Russian Collusion Hoax, and Twitter did not flag those tweets. Unsurprisingly, its officer in charge of so-called ‘Site Integrity’ has flaunted his political bias in his own tweets,” Trump wrote at the time.

Stop the madness, Joe!

CDC Releases New Mask Updates…Liberal Cities Must Listen Carefully

Liberals have fought long and hard to keep people masked and socially distanced from one another. They’ve allowed Dr. Fauci to fear-monger across the airwaves, scaring Americans into submission.

Now, the CDC has decided that it’s time to let science rule.

Mask mandates have been lifted for those who have been fully vaccinated.

We can finally breathe. And, we’re given an actual incentive to be vaccinated instead of being told that masks will still exist.

Dr. Rochelle Walensky announced on Thursday that “Anyone who is fully vaccinated can participate in indoor and outdoor activities large or small without wearing a mask or physical distancing.”

Does that mean that we’re in the clear and that life all across the country returns to normal? Not quite.

The mask mandates are still in place for those who have not been vaccinated. Unvaccinated people will still need to socially distance and wear a mask.

Who is to say whether a person has been vaccinated or not? While some places may ask to see proof, it’s based entirely on a person’s ability to be honest.

Further, there are still liberal cities that want to control what people do. They don’t want to listen to science. They’ve been fear-mongering for so long that they don’t know how to comprehend the science being used by the CDC.

The lifting of the mask mandate for those who are vaccinated is also the White House’s way of encouraging people to go out and get vaccinated. The numbers have dropped as those who were eager to get vaccinated have now gotten the shot. Now, states are dealing with those who are a bit more pessimistic.

Some states and cities have bribed people with free drinks, free fishing licenses, and more. And once people interested in the bribes got vaccinated, the interest has once again waned.

Still, it’s good news…and Walensky echoes what we’ve all been thinking…”We have all longed for this moment…”

It’s encouraging, but the liberals have to make sure that they honor what the CDC has released.

Although federal health officials have given the green light to lift mask mandates for the vaccinated, many states are choosing caution over compliance.

Most of the states and cities showing hesitancy are Democrats. Much of that has to do with the fact that many Republican areas have already lifted mask mandates.

Governors in Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts are taking the information under advisement. This means that, regardless of whether people have been vaccinated, they’re still forced to wear a mask until the governors decide that science has to be acknowledged.

The CDC doesn’t trump state and local authorities, unfortunately. They can only make the announcements and the recommendations.

The CDC has told vaccinated people to pay close attention to the laws in the areas where they live and frequent. This includes not only local authorities but also workplaces and businesses.

Of course, there are always liberals who can’t see eye to eye. Mayor de Blasio of New York City said that the CDC message is clear and that it’s the “way to bring our city, our lives, back.”

Meanwhile, the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, is a bit more skeptical. He wants to review the federal guidelines before he makes any official decisions. He has said that the state “always relief on the facts and the science” regarding the pandemic. Not really…he ignored a significant amount of science early on, which is why New York was one of the hardest and fastest hit by COVID-19.

Even Los Angeles can’t bring itself to pay attention to the CDC yet. They won’t lift the outdoor mask mandates until June 15, which is when they had planned to do so anyway. As for indoor mask mandates, who knows. They want to keep everyone masked – and the CDC lifted outdoor mask mandates months ago.

The liberals seem to know what’s best – yet it’s now clear that they’re not listening to science or the CDC. And, they wonder why so many residents are moving out of California and New York and heading to more conservative states like Texas and Florida.

Reversing the Nonsense and Setting People Free

The pathetic liberal pandemic has seen innocent people being branded as felons because of their reactions to Democratic power abuses. People were forced to stay in their homes and not report to work for the better part of a year because their liberal leaders lied about the severity of the virus and what it would take to keep it under control. And as a result of their power abuse, some people were treated like criminals and arrested for living.

Consumers and Business owners are the victims in these cases.

One such couple was Michael and Jillian Carnevale. These two people were victims of local rules imposed on people because of the fear that the liberals were pushing. Their business is located in Plantation, Florida. They were told that they could open their business because of COVID lockdowns.

Carnevale’s livelihood is based on their business. For them, not being able to open for business would mean their ruin financially. Their failure to obey the mandates would mean that they would be arrested three different times. They had their private business seized, and they were thrown into jail.

They were treated horribly because they were not able to enforce the rules on their customers. The liberals had branded them as responsible for the actions of other adults that were too lazy to obey the rules themselves.

The report of their alleged crime stated that “A gym owner from Plantation was in Broward County Court Thursday where he was facing charges from this past summer when he did not enforce mask-wearing at his fitness center. Mike Carnevale, the former owner of Fitness 1400 in Plantation, said he was not backing down after being arrested three times and charged with failure to comply with an emergency order.”

A mask mandate was forced on the people, and they were told that they had to wear one when trying to exercise. The problem that came up is that no one could breathe because their airways were being restricted. So Carnevale decided not to enforce the ordinance because it was causing more issues than it was correcting.

The fear of the virus caused a lot of pain and needless suffering for people. The Carnevale family were law-abiding people looking to keep their business open. But when they refused, the officials took their business away from them. Which, in many instances, is illegal because it was not the cities to take.

Business owners are sick and tired of being forced to shut down. The Carnevale’s made their stand and were willing to do what was needed to prevent others from suffering their fate.

When a media outlet interviewed the couple, everyone was shocked to see that Ron DeSantis had come with them.

The host of the show asked the governor what he was going to do for them. His reply is epic. He stated that “It’s a total overreach Laura, this is exactly what we ordered against last Summer, many, many months ago. I was just recently briefed on this case, and we looked at it. And, so I’m glad you have Mike and Jillian on, and I’m glad to be on to say, effective tomorrow morning, I am going to sign a reprieve under my constitutional authority. So that will delay the case for 60 days against both of them. And then when our clemency board meets in the coming weeks, we’ll issue pardons not only for Mike and Jillian, but for any Floridian that may have outstanding infractions for things like masks and social distancing.”

DeSantis is the one governor that is making a difference for the people. He is putting the state of Florida back together one family at a time. The pandemic will be a parenthesis that stopped everyday life. But DeSantis is making life better after the pandemic by allowing things to resume like it never happened.

One fan of DeSantis stated very well that “While others feel the love, this is sure to fuel the legacy media’s hate. What is interesting is that the truly horrible governors and their horrible acts continue to be ignored, while the media overturns every rock to find something on DeSantis.” And yet, it has not phased him one bit from doing what is right.

Biden Turns “Remain in Mexico” on Its Head to Welcome Immigrants

Thousands of migrants are entering the United States – and why? Because President Biden has made sure to roll out the welcome mat.

There was a “Remain in Mexico” treaty under the Trump administration. It is what helped to stifle the flow of immigrants. It at least provided time for the Border Patrol Agents to process all of the individuals, ensure that they were allowed into the U.S., and provide them with court dates.

Biden got rid of that program within minutes of getting into office – and now he only has himself to blame for the immigration and humanitarian crisis that the country is faced with.

There were more than 8300 migrants enrolled in the “Remain in Mexico” program. Yet, the Biden administration has decided to not let them remain in Mexico. They’ve welcomed them into the U.S. with work permits.

Americans need to get back to work. They need the work in order to fuel the American economy. Yet again, though, the Biden administration has decided to prioritize illegal immigrants. They’ll get work permits to take the jobs away from American citizens. And then, they’ll wonder why so many Americans are still looking for jobs and depending on unemployment and/or Welfare.

Biden and the rest of the liberal administration have argued that it’s necessary to help those who want to claim asylum. The problem is that with over 70,000 asylum cases heard under “Remain in Mexico,” less than one percent of them have a legitimate claim.

Since they don’t have a legitimate claim, it would make sense that these migrants enrolled in the program would be deported back to whatever Central American country they came from.

Nope. In Biden’s America, common sense takes a backseat. He worked with his Department of Homeland Security to ensure that tens of thousands of migrants would be released into the U.S. interior. This includes cities such as El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California.

Of course, there’s no room for these migrants. And, many don’t speak the language or have any kind of college degree. They’ll put a financial drain on the public education system and take the entry-level jobs away from young Americans looking to enter the workforce.

And, those in the “Remain in Mexico” program are only a portion of the migrants entering the country, courtesy of the liberal Biden administration. The federal government has also been working with Catholic Charities to fly thousands of border crossers into the United States. Flying them in! They’re arriving in on commercial domestic flights. The bonus is that they’re bypassing photo identification and negative COVID test results – which means that they could be convicted felons AND have COVID.

Why is it that migrants are getting free passes when even law-abiding Americans have to prove a negative COVID test and have to succumb to a photo ID verification when flying? Biden wants to let the migrants in because it will provide more liberal voters down the way. And, when he can screw the economy up beyond all recognition, it places Americans in a dependent situation.

Suddenly, it’s hello socialism!

The liberals want to paint this entire situation as a humanitarian way to deal with migrants. Yet, no other country in the world is putting migrants above their own citizens. It’s dangerous and it doesn’t make sense. And, is it really fair to call the migration crisis a humanitarian one when none of them can even make a rational asylum claim?

Many wanted to call Biden the next Obama. Only, Obama actually deported migrants. Biden is simply being influenced by the left-wing liberals he has in his administration, starting with Kamala Harris.

If the migration issue doesn’t get fixed, there won’t be a United States to repair once Biden gets out of office in four years. We need programs to stop the flow of migration now – or the economy may be forever damaged.

Public Displays of Affection Are Not Welcome With Rashida Tliab

Israel stands alone in the world with Joe Biden sitting in the White House. He has yet to condemn Hamas for their actions, and he still needs to offer support to Israel. Hamas waited until Biden got situated in office before attacking. They know that many within his party secretly and openly support them in their violence against Israel.

The worst politician that hates Israel is Rashida Tlaib. Her outspoken lies and support for Hamas fly in the face of the support that Israel needs to have from her allies. The liberal showed up at a rally that took place demanding the extermination of Israel and the regathering of Palestinians to the land.

As she spoke at the rally, the people chanted, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free. From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” She is a very outspoken Jew-hater. When her name is mentioned in public, people think of Hitler and his disdain for the Jews. She is not afraid to voice it in public.

Jonathan Greenblatt is the left-wing Anti-Defamation League CEO. He was shocked to hear what she was saying. He stated that “when protesters chant ‘Palestine will be free from the river to the sea,’ it is appropriately interpreted by most people as a call for the erasure of Israel – and it is anti-Semitic.”

Even the American Jewish Committee came out and noted that the chant Tliab encouraged is a known phrase that means Israel must die. They noted that “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free” is a common call-to-arms for pro-Palestinian activists. It calls for establishing the State of Palestine from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, erasing the State of Israel and its people. It is also a rallying cry for terrorist groups and their sympathizers, from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) to Hamas, which called for Israel’s destruction in its original governing charter in 1988.”

Hamas and other terrorist groups believe that the land belongs to them. They go to great lengths to hide and destroy any proof that Israel was there before moving into the region.

The Palestinian groups that attack Israel have secret coding that is used to communicate what their intentions are. For them to call for the death of every last Jewish person is purely sadistic.

Tlaib is a woman that is publicly calling for the death of all Jews. She is pro-ethnic cleansing. She would support the eradication of every Jew in the Palestinian region.

The rally started once the rockets were fired into Israel. Hundreds of Jew-killing bombs were lobbed into the air with the hopes of killing any and everyone in the path. Hamas kills civilians without thought. They just do not care about life.

Israel systematically targeted terrorist leaders. One report in Israel pointed out that “Intense Arab rioting broke out in the central Israeli city of Lod late Tuesday, with three synagogues and numerous shops reportedly set on fire, and dozens of cars set alight. Some residents reported power was cut in their homes and petrol bombs were thrown through their windows.”

The acts of Hamas are similar to what the Nazis did to them during World War II. The Nazis took people and murdered them in cold blood. They burned their homes and burned their synagogues to the ground.

The issues that affect the United States include Biden’s response and support of Israel. He has yet to condemn Tlaib’s mouth and the hate that she has publicly thrown their way. But so far, he has only said things that make so sense at all. He has not publicly denounced Hamas.

Donald Trump would have already been in the face of the terrorist group and putting a stop to the terror and death that they are pouring on the Jewish people. But Joe Biden is not a person that is willing to take a stand on anything because he does not have the spine to take aggressive action. He is content to sit back and rock himself to sleep in his Oval Office rocking chair.

Fauci Turns Aggressive When Confronted With His Involvement in the Development of COVID-19

The Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee had a very important hearing on Tuesday, as they are working tirelessly to combat the continued spread of COVID-19. Senator Rand Paul had some strong words for Dr. Fauci during the meeting. He wanted to know about Fauci’s funding of the Wuhan lab in question.

Since last year, the Gateway Pundit has been working overtime to provide evidence of Dr. Fauci’s lab funding. The lab workers were clearly able to isolate the virus and they worked hard to make sure that they learned as much as possible about species to species transmissions. It’s hard to ignore these facts. This is what had Paul so upset.

No one likes it when you spit on their cupcake and tell them that its frosting. In 2017, we had access to solid intelligence on this matter. A viral leak took place in a high-security Chinese virology center and that is how the SARS virus was able to escape. Many were harmed but this could not be discussed then.

By May of last year, the Gateway Pundit had made additional discoveries. They found out that Dr. Fauci was funding the lab but of course, this was treated as a lie by the mainstream media. It should have been on the front page of every single newspaper and been the primary headline on all of the cable news shows.

The fact that it was not should tell you everything that you need to know here. Washington Post columnist Josh Rogan is one of the few who has been willing to speak out about this, as he is telling the world that Dr. Fauci needs to be held accountable for what he has done. We could not agree more.

“Dr. Fauci and the National Institutes of Health were responsible for using taxpayer dollars for gain of function research, to weaponize viruses to make them more contagious and more deadly,” he says. We cannot make it any plainer to those who are reading. This man is a menace and needs to be stopped.

Rand Paul just might be the man for the job. “Dr. Fauci, do you still support funding of the NIH funding of the lab in Wuhan?” he asked. As you would have expected, Dr. Fauci was very displeased by this line of questioning and he wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, his entire demeanor shifted and he showed some raw aggression.

“Senator Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect that the NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain of function research in the Wuhan institute,” he replied. You can tell that the implication upsets him. If he could have, he probably would have peppered this response with a fair amount of profanity.

Luckily for us, the last thing that Rand Paul was going to do here is back down. He got under the doctor’s skin and it is clear as day to see that. Anyone who thought that Paul was ready to let him off the hook does not know him too well. The video is a great watch and it makes us wish that we could have been a fly on the wall for this exchange.

Dr. Fauci does not do well with having to answer direct questions about what he is supposed to be doing. He thinks that he is supposed to be above reproach and anyone who does not see that is treated as if they are somehow dumber than he is. The aggression that he displayed here is emblematic of his entire mindset.

As for those who see it differently than this? We just feel sorry for you at this point. Rand Paul has exposed the nonsense once and for all. If there was any justice, we would all have the chance to rip into Dr. Fauci in a public setting. In the meantime, we will simply have to settle for Rand Paul doing it!

Supposed Social Justice Warriors Harm the Innocent in Woke America

We’re supposed to sit back and watch as protesters continue with their violent streaks. As much as the liberals want to claim that the protesters are “innocent” and “peaceful,” the reality is a stark contrast.

Why is it that innocent people are getting beaten up any time that social justice warriors want to push an issue?

Black Lives Matter protesters are heavily armed – and they’ll harass anyone and everyone who stands in their way.

All over the country, protesters are prepared to stop motorists who are on their way to school and work. Why? Are the motorists the problem? Are they the ones that are not woke enough for the protesters? Nope. The motorists simply turned onto the wrong road because they didn’t know about the protest.

If social justice warriors were focused on all lives, they could do a lot of things.

They could invite the drivers to participate in the protest.

They could educate the drivers about the reason for the protest.

They could even show the drivers how to turn around so that they’re not intruding into the protest grounds.

Yet, the BLM and Antifa protesters don’t want to be civilized. They want to harass – and that means harming innocent people.

Such an instance happened last week in Portland. A handyman by the name of Joseph Hall made the unfortunate choice to turn onto a street where a protest was being held. He was on his way home from a job and was cut off by a moped. The moped followed him and it wasn’t long before BLM protesters cut off his truck.

The BLM protesters were armed, the handyman was not.

Why are BLM protesters armed if they are supposed to be peacefully protesting?

This is the question that the media won’t answer – and that’s because liberal politicians don’t want to answer. It puts them into a conundrum because they want to take away second amendment rights yet they want to allow the BLM protesters to continue doing what they’re doing.

Yikes, so is it that only liberal protesters can carry guns? Apparently so.

Hall explained how quickly the protesters turned on him. They trapped him in so that he couldn’t go forward or around the protest. “They’re screaming and yelling at me, claiming I was out there trying to run people over.”

BLM protesters shoved him around. He pulled a gun as a final way to protect himself. That’s when a rifle was shoved into his face. He was jumped from behind and, then, several jumped on him.

The protesters took Hall’s fun. He ended up with a broken collar bone, head trauma, five broken ribs, a partially collapsed lung, and other injuries.

Unfortunately, stories like Joseph Hall’s are all too common. The protesters harass anyone that stands in their way of having a “peaceful” protest. And Hall has said that he’s had enough of Portland.

The police don’t want to stop the behavior because they’re just as terrified of the rioters as everyone else. And, they’ve been defunded to the point that it’s difficult to work effectively.

Meanwhile, the politicians stand behind the protesters because they want to appear as though they care about the issues. Failure to support the protesters means risking being called racist.

On the day that Hall was harassed, plenty of others were being harassed, too. 911 calls were made numerous times – people had broken vehicle windows, damaged tires, and more.

And, this is happening around the country because liberals are failing to put an end to it all.

There’s no way that this is a peaceful protest when they are holding rifles. These protesters don’t want peace. If they did, they’d allow innocent motorists to turn around and leave them alone. They want division. They want to be the ones holding all the cards when it’s all over.

Many are leaving liberal cities because of such things – and if the liberals aren’t careful, they’ll start to see not only a mass exodus but also even more seats being lost in Congress.