Voter Fraud Underway as Mail-In Ballots Found in Back of Car

The state of California is in peril as the recall election gets closer. Gavin Newsom will have to do anything he can to stay alive for the rest of his term. Millions of people have signed his recall petition, and it looks like he will be recalled. His followers are worried because they know that […]

Pastor Warns That Enemy Is Now in the Open

Liberal nonsense is plaguing every nation around the world. The movement is the true pandemic on the world’s stage. The Democratic Party is the ringleader of the movement as they splurge their poison all around the country. They target children in an attempt to brainwash them into believing their tenacious ways are the norm. And […]

Stay at Home or Go to Prison Is New Message From Mississippi Leadership

The constant attack by the liberals regarding the COVID virus is worse than the infection itself. Liberal leaders in Mississippi tell people that if they test positive for the virus and refuse to isolate at their homes, they risk fines of $5,000 and prison time. They are willing to violate Constitutional freedoms all because the […]

Look at What the Taliban Has for Weapons Now

We have to be the most amazing country ever. Or the stupidest. When Biden decided that it was time to pull out of Afghanistan, we did so in such a way that it left the weapons we gave the Afghanistan army behind to be collected and used by the Taliban. We might as well have […]

U.S. Soldiers Step in to Try and Save an Afghan Brother-In-Arms Who Biden Left Behind…He Saved Countless Lives

Mohammad Khalid Wardak was a high-profile police officer in Kabul up until a few days ago when the Taliban marched into town. He made no bones about working side-by-side with U.S. special forces. His hate for the Taliban is so intense that he went on Afghanistan national television and challenged them to a fight. He […]

Parents Have the Right to Choose When to Mask Their Kids

The Democrats are doing everything they can to dismantle America and make it into a country of their liking. They want to see citizens in peril from threats and pointless mandates because it gives them thrills and joy to know they have screwed around with people. The latest attempt by liberals terrorizing in Tennessee was […]

Veterans May Find That the Promise of Being Buried at Arlington is a Big Fat Lie

Imagine fighting for your country. Imagine being able to live your life knowing that you have served your country well – and that you’ll ultimately be rewarded with a burial at Arlington National Cemetery. There are hundreds of retired veterans who have been living with this promise. They served for over 30 years of active […]

COVID and Drugs are on the Menu as Students Head Back to School

As if students returning to school didn’t have enough to worry about, there’s COVID-19. Depending on where a student goes to school, they might be forced to wear a mask…or they may have to show proof of vaccination. Though, there are also plenty of schools that aren’t requiring either. COVID isn’t even the biggest issue […]

Fort Jackson Will Require COVID Shots…and Not for the Enlisted

Apparently, no one can decide what’s right for themselves anymore. As Americans, we have to listen to the government. The whole “my body, my choice” argument is no longer what they want to chant. Instead, they want conformity. And conformity has reached new levels over at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Families will be looking to […]

CDC Pisses Mothers Off Everywhere by Insisting That Pregnant People Get Jabbed

The CDC has been pushing the vaccines hard for a while now. They’re pushing even harder for one specific segment of the population: those who are pregnant. Mothers are looking to be protective of themselves and the babies they’re carrying in their wombs. The FDA has not approved the vaccine. There has been minimal testing […]

Terrible Bill Set to Destroy America as It Passes the Senate

For almost a year, the terrible Democrats have been trying to pass a socialist-packed bill under the guise of an infrastructure bill. The problem with the bill is that they have redefined what constitutes infrastructure. When people hear that word, they immediately think of roads and rail. But the Democrats see something else when the […]

Academic Standards are Tossed to the Side in Oregon

Why are there educational standards in the first place? Oh, it’s this crazy way of making sure that kids are getting their educational needs met. After all, we can’t have students advancing to higher grades if they can’t read, write, or handle basic mathematical equations. Yet, none of that seems to matter in Oregon. Oregon […]

One Democrat Explains How Paying More for Everything is a Good Thing

All across the country, people are struggling with how to make ends meet. They’re faced with the inflation that the Biden administration has created. Suddenly, groceries are more expensive. Back-to-school supplies are more expensive. And the costs are adding up. Yet, when you’re making a salary of $174,000, it’s hard to see how inflation is […]

Now That a Police Officer Has Been Murdered, Chicago Mayor is Ready to Do Her Job

Lori Lightfoot really doesn’t like doing her job as Chicago mayor. Each week, it’s as if she’s trying to see just how many murders can be committed. Crime has increased significantly since she’s taken office – and yet she doesn’t seem to be doing anything about it. Wait, a police officer has been murdered. The […]

Media Takes Down Biden in an Attempt to Destroy DeSantis

If there is one thing that the media does exceptionally well is making themselves look foolish when they try and attack people of integrity. The media has made it a point to attack Ron DeSantis to smear his name before the 2024 election arrives. They fear that he will singlehandedly unite the nation against the […]

Family Court Judge in Texas Gives Full Custody to Mother Who Wants to Gender Transition Son

A family court in Texas ruled that a boy whose mother wants to raise him as a girl will be given temporary full custody. This is in spite of the fact that the boy’s father has protested. He will now only be given limited visitation rights. Mary Brown, the Texan judge, ruled against Jeffrey Younger. […]

Joe Biden Has Found the Fountain of Youth and It Starts With Sniffing Kids

The sniffing sound has become a synonym with the name of Joe Biden. Every time the word is used or the sound is made, people start looking around for Biden. The creepy old man cannot find it within himself to stop sniffing people. And his favorite target of choice is young girls. For some strange […]

Media Told to Ignore “Misinformation” About a Transgender Athlete’s “Unfair Advantage”

Apparently reporters at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were told to ignore reports of the “unfair advantage” transgender athletes might have against other opponents. It was suggested that any talk of advantage was “misinformation.” PA Media reported recently that “journalists attending the Tokyo International Forum for the event ‘were handed a 20-page guidebook prepared by three […]

Biden Ignores Vaccine Details as He Orders Pentagon to Consider Mandatory Vaccines

President Biden loves to make demands and order people around. He’s just not using any common sense when he does this. The reigning liberal has already announced that federal workers who are not vaccinated will be punished. They will be subject to not only masking and social distancing but also mandatory weekly testing. Now, Biden […]

Biden’s Claims of Unemployment are False as Job Openings Skyrocket

There are some problems with the Biden administration’s math. As much as they want to claim that unemployment is improving, the number of job openings doesn’t seem to agree. When there are times of high unemployment, there is also a high number of job openings. Low unemployment is achieved by filling all of the job […]

Meet Frank Kendall, the New Air Force Secretary…and His Dark Secrets That Kept Him from Being Confirmed for So Long

Frank Kendall has finally been approved as the new Air Force Secretary. So, why did it take so long for Congress to confirm his position? First, it’s important to look at what his position entails. As the Secretary, he would be overseeing the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Space Force. He’d be responsible for […]

First Lady Off to Surgery After Hawaiian Trip Goes Wrong

The First Lady has been gallivanting around the United States on taxpayer dollars. It’s all under the ruse that she’s promoting the vaccine. Yet, she’s traveled to quite a few vacation hotspots along the way, too. Her travels most recently brought her to Hawaii. This state is actually one where there’s not a problem of […]

DeSantis Set to Fight School Board as They Impose Mask Mandate in Florida

The Democrats have gone out of their way to push fear into the hearts of people. Their relentless attacks on the emotional strain of the pandemic on people have pushed many to their breaking point. And when things were getting ready to settle down, the Democrats opt for a nationwide mask mandate for vaccinated people […]

Biden’s Border Patrol Agents are Adding to the Spread of COVID

Quick, everyone mask up! The Biden administration is suddenly very upset about the recent outbreak of COVID cases in the U.S., particularly as the Delta variant makes its way stateside. However, it is not the vaccinated Americans that Biden should be worried about. Instead, it is the disaster at the southern border that should be […]

CDC Demands That All People Remask Under Certain Conditions

There was a time when the COVID-19 virus was said not to be a problem for young people. But the Democrats could not live with themselves if they did not try and exert some form of control over them. They have slowly lowered that age for required mask-wearing to nearly two years of age. And […]

Democrats Woke up to the Truth That Their Actions Are Destroying Their Party From Within

For the longest time, the Democrats have been blinded to the staunch reality that there are consequences for every action taken. The power they have acquired through deceptive means has made them drunk with passion. They constantly seek to wield their power in any way that they can find so long as it meets their […]

Well-Paid Dems Want More to Vacay While Disappointing Voters

Some members of the Democratic Party really don’t know how to pretend as though they’re like the average Americans that vote for them. The Texas Democrats that fled the state to hide in DC are proving that they have lost all grip on reality. They’re treating their time in DC like a vacation. Meanwhile, they’re […]

Political Division Mark White House and the Senate as Biden and His Monkeys Cannot Find Common Ground

For the longest time, it has been the Republicans that have fought to keep the filibuster in place so one political party cannot overrun the minority in the Senate. The filibuster is a set buffer that keeps things fair in government. One political party must have 60 votes to advance specific bills. It has also […]

Democratic Congress Kept in the Dark by Biden

Joe Biden is venturing out on his own and leaving the Congress behind. Both groups of liberals think they are in charge, and they are unwilling to work with each other. The Democratic Party is fractured. They try and make people think that they are united, but they are a divided house. And they will […]

Today Show Longs for Yesterday…Dealing with Lowest Ratings in 30 Years

The Today Show may be longing for their popular yesterdays and worried about their tomorrows. A recent ratings analysis indicates that viewership for NBC’s flagship morning news and entertainment show has reached its lowest point in 30 years. A lot has changed since “Today” was hosted by TV mega-stars such as Bryant Gumbel, “America’s Sweetheart” […]