What a Pervert! Biden Can’t Keep His Hands off Boris Johnson’s Wife

Biden’s perversions know no limits, do they? This man is incapable of keeping his hands to himself. Where his handler for this? This seems like something that “Dr. Jill” should be fixing. When these two arrived in Cornwall on Thursday to participate in the G7 summit, we never thought that things would get this ridiculous. […]

Biden Attacks Religious Education by Siding With Hateful Groups

Joe Biden shows how weak he is as he changes his mind when it comes to keeping a promise to defend freedom of religion in America. The Department of Justice made a quick change to some wording in a court report. They decided to remove the word “vigorously” from phrases that stated they would vigorously […]

NYT Journalist Claims That It’s “Disturbing” to See American Flags…In America

American flags are a way to be patriotic. Anyone can wave them, regardless of political affiliation. After all, we’re all Americans, right? Apparently not. Mara Gay of the New York Times finds it “disturbing” to see American flags on display. Gay recently joined “Morning Joe” on MSNBC to discuss a commission having to do with […]

MSNBC Labels Republican Politicians as Terrorists That Need to Be Destroyed

Liberals see the Republican Party as a bunch of people looking to destroy America and murder everyone who calls it home. They see conservatives as terrorists to progressive ideology. And would like nothing more than to be able to slaughter them every time they get in the way of liberals pressing their agenda on people. […]

Lesbian Kisses are Approved Family Friendly Entertainment

What’s considered family-friendly has changed dramatically over the years. In order to earn a “G” or “PG” rating years ago, there would have to be absolutely no sex, no violence, and no questionable morals. Now, it seems that Disney has stripped away all of its morals. What they play is considered family-friendly simply because of […]

The Great Liar Has Returned and He Looks Horrible in Tights

Anthony Fauci keeps taking to the airways with the hopes that he can regain the popularity that he lost when the COVID emails linked him to a scandal of epic proportions. The lying doctor did not know when to quit when he got his book deal, and he was living on top of the world. […]

Minneapolis Clears The Ruckus, Angering Rioters

George Floyd’s death shook the city of Minneapolis. It shook the entire country. Now, the anniversary of his death has come and gone. It’s time to clean things up and get back to law and order. For a full year, a memorial has been set up in the middle of the city. Protesters have called […]

No Hope Left for Floridian Who Hopes to Unseat Desantis After He Pops Her Balloon

There is nothing like watching a Democrat get dismantled one piece at a time by an informed Republican with an unbeatable record. Ron DeSantis is up for reelection next year, and the piranhas are already forming. Nikki Fried is the Florida Agriculture Commissioner, and she thought that she has enough popularity to unseat the mighty […]

Now Here’s a Vaccine Incentive We Can Support! West Virginia Hands out Free Guns in Vaccine Lottery

West Virginia is a state that marches to the beat of its own drum. There is no denying that. While they are not the first state to set up incentive systems that are designed to get citizens vaccinated, they have the most unique idea that we have seen so far. You won’t be able to […]

Democratic Movement Demands Republicans Stop Defending Themselves

Men like Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are the people that the media fears the most. They know that they cannot control them or force them to do things they know are wrong. Their only hope is to convince enough people that they are terrible people who do not deserve to be in positions of […]

Biden’s Budget Shows He’s Spending with No Regard to Deficit

Remember when we used to have presidents who were fiscally responsible? They knew that they couldn’t spend more than what the overall revenue was. It ensured that the U.S. wouldn’t end in a deficit. President Biden is pretending as though he’s never had a math class in his life. He’s had money for so long […]

Pelosi’s Retirement: When can we anticipate her departure?

Nancy Pelosi has spent entirely too long in Congress. She’s one of the reasons, at 80 years old, why many younger Republicans (and Democrats) are fighting for term limits. She’s proven that she’s not interested in negotiating and she’s more than proven that her ideas are too liberal for the average American. When can we […]

Fauci Panics Over Losing His Emergency Powers! Please Don’t Take My Emperor’s Clothes Away

Dr. Fauci has reached a point where people are going to be less and less likely to listen to a single word that he has to say. We are not even sure what his latest pile of gibberish means. He thinks that it is premature to start lifting the pandemic restrictions but we are pretty […]

Police Reform? Not if the Squad Has Any Say

The police is not going to be defunded. Although there are plenty of left-wing liberals who think that’s the only way to prove that the U.S. isn’t systemically racist, it will never happen. However, there is a need to conduct a reform. It’s critical that the police departments are playing fair – and that society […]

Oh the Hypocrisy! Twitter Can’t Find Anything Wrong With Liberal Activists Explicitly Threatening Rand Paul With Violence

Senator Rand Paul’s Kentucky home was under attack this past Monday, as an envelope full of white powder arrived on the premises. The FBI and Capitol Hill police were summoned for a full investigation, as they are going to be looking for any and all harmful substances that are involved. The package is also said […]

Alabama Tosses Skin in the Game by Fighting Back Against Vaccine Passports

Many GOP governors have been sitting back, letting the loudest states do all the work. You know the culprits – Texas, Florida, and South Carolina. They’ll get the job done. It’s nice when another GOP state jumps into the game, though. It makes it easier to prove that there’s a point. Alabama has finally jumped […]

Yet Another Asian Hate Crime Committed by Black Man and Biden Admin Stays Silent

Yet another Asian hate crime took place on Monday night, this time in Queens, New York. Can you believe that an Asian man was shoved onto the subway tracks by a black man? Of course, the mainstream media has not seen fit to cover this yet. This does not qualify as a hate crime worth […]

Biden Admin Confirms They Plan to Drop Iran Sanctions to Enable Iran to Fund More Terrorism

Secretary of State Antony Blinken says that Joe Biden is working tirelessly to lift sanctions against Iran. Of course, this is the part where we ask why. After all, Iran is one of the biggest bullies that the world has to offer. How anyone could expect anything good to come out of this is beyond […]

Biden Sending Billions to Iran, Iran Spends It on Rockets to Attack Israel

Netanyahu has spoken out about the drone that was intercepted, claiming that Iran is the real enemy in this war. As for the rest of us, we are saying the obvious…..no kidding! This is what we knew all along and it is sad that someone needed to come out and say it. Hamas may have […]

Mayor Lightfoot is Being Diverse, Wait, Racist with Interviews

Mayor Lightfoot of Chicago is being deliberate with her actions when it comes to who she will and will not give interviews to. She claims that she’s being diverse. What she’s really being is racist. The word “diverse” means showing variety. That means that if she wants to be diverse with who she gives interviews […]

Man with a Rifle Saves the Day

Guns are bad. Guns kill people. This is the constant argument that liberals want to have. Guns are used as a means to protect. People kill people. See how the argument can easily be changed? When the Second Amendment was written by the Founding Fathers, they believed the latter. We need our Second Amendment rights […]

Harris to Break some Awful Records

Vice President Kamala Harris might just reak some records yet as her time as Vice President of the United States is just getting going. According to a report at The Washington Examiner, the “border czar” might not be proud of this prize though. Harris is reportedly “shockingly unpopular” with 48% of voters considering Harris to be […]

Kamala Harris Proves Disinterest in Border Crisis with Decision Not to Visit

There’s a lot to be understood when Kamala Harris continues to refuse a visit to the southern border. Both an immigration crisis and a humanitarian crisis exist at the U.S.-Mexico border. Yet, the VP still refuses to visit – even when there’s a bipartisan push to do so. It’s been months since President Biden tasked […]

Fauci’s War on Children! Even After CDC Relaxes Guidelines Mask-Nazi Fauci Forces Children to Wear Masks

Dr. Fauci is like so many people in the Democrat orbit right now. It is easy to see that he is enjoying the 15 minutes of fame that he’s gotten by being an insane dictator. Even as he admits that we are at least in the “6th inning” of the pandemic, he still wants to […]

Joe Biden Scrambles to Keep up but Now He Is Only a Year Behind Everyone Else

The insane dialogue between liberal fear pushing and rational understanding is at the far ends of the spectrum. Joe Biden and his puppet doctor Anthony Fauci want people to continue to cover their faces, so they don’t have to smell bad breath. They cover their power-hungry demands by telling people that the virus is still […]

Biden Supports Iran Giving Rockets to Hamas to Destroy Israel

Israel is not just being attacked by terrorists and people that hate their existence. Their liberal allies are also attacking them within the Democratic Party. Joe Biden took his time to throw his support into the ring and claim that they have the right to defend themselves. He did so because of the pressure that […]

US Bishops Shame Biden and Call for Americans to Protect Life

It’s easy to say that Joe Biden is hardly the Catholic that he claims to be. At this point, it would be difficult for him to even claim that he’s Christian. After all, he seems to be letting the liberals strip him of any religious leanings that he has ever possessed. The U.S. Bishops’ Conference […]

Biden Still Believes Pipelines Are Dangerous After His Own Administration Admits They Are the Safest Way to Transport Gas

Joe Biden is stuck between a rock and a hard place. He has aligned himself with the progressive liberals and was working to shut down the natural resource industry. He has killed new pipeline construction because he believes it will destroy the environment if something happens. He has lied to the American people by telling […]

Welcome to 2020 Again, Just Swap Toilet Paper for Gas

Remember when we were supposed to be united by our current president? Joe Biden promised to unite the country and heal us. Yet, we’re back to 2020 antics all over again. When push comes to shove, many Americans look out for themselves. The stockpiling of toilet paper showed that people were looking out for their […]

“Catholic” Joe Biden Forgot to Mention God in Day of Prayer Address

Joe Biden ran on the platform that he was not only a Christian but a Catholic. It was supposed to put Americans at ease that he was a moderate Democrat. If he believes in God, how bad could he be? However, he’s proven time and again that he’s not your average Catholic. He believes that […]