Yes, Virginia, There Will Still Be Santa in the Pandemic

Kids have had a tough go of things throughout the pandemic. They’ve been schooled virtually, they’ve been distanced from their friends, and their birthday parties have been reduced to neighborhood drive-bys. Kids and parents alike are desperate for a sense of normalcy. With Christmas just around the corner, millions of kids are going to be […]

Surprise! A Corrupt Family Brings in a Corrupt Cabinet

Corruption shows up on everything that Joe Biden touches. Despite claims that the former VP was helping his son and brother get rich with all sorts of back-alley deals, Democrats still voted for him. Their whole “vote blue no matter who” worked – and now they have to deal with the corruption that comes with […]

China Turns Churches to Propaganda Centers

In China, the only one who can occupy the heavens is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). There is no room for God and religious beliefs, which would only compete with and undermine the CCP’s “preachings” (read: propaganda) and dictates regarding how the people of China should live their lives and OBEY the corrupt communist regime […]

Mandatory Gun Buybacks? Yeah, What Does That Look Like?

“We’re coming for your guns.” Remember that? It was one of the most infamous lines of the Democratic primaries. Beto O’Rourke was one of the loudest to say that he would come for guns. Just because he didn’t win the Democratic primaries doesn’t mean that the idea is off the table. In fact, it’s probably […]

Shocker! Sheriffs Aren’t Enforcing Coronavirus Curfews

Some of the curfews being thrown out by Democratic governors are ridiculous. And the sheriff departments know it better than anyone else. So, will some of Governor Newsom’s latest coronavirus curfew regulations be enforced by the police? Absolutely not. They don’t want to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals just to humor the governor. Quite a […]

Could We See Another Trump in DC Soon?

Trump has always been a powerful last name. It opens doors – and while the Dems are celebrating that they have been able to get rid of one Trump, another one may be showing up a lot sooner than they had anticipated. Donald Trump isn’t the only one who has had political aspirations. Lara Trump, […]

Dems’ Full-Blown Panic: Trump Pledges to Bring Troops Home

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the Deep State howling from the rafters because President Trump is making good on his campaign promise to the American people to bring the troops home. President Trump thinks 20 years in Afghanistan is long enough. Unfortunately, no war is too long for the professional warmongers in […]

Newsom Teaches to ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’

There’s nothing quite like being told to “Do as I say, not as I do.” It’s the ultimate level of hypocrisy, and we shouldn’t even be surprised that it’s coming from a Democrat. Governor Gavin Newsom of California has been going on and on about the restrictions. He’s told everyone to avoid gathering indoors because […]

About That Student Loan Debt, Let’s See It Disappear

Anyone with student loan debt knows that it sits on your chest, making it difficult to ever see any kind of relief. However, it’s a burden that we have to deal with. Although the Democrats have long promised to make it go away, it’s not realistic. Who would pay for it? Would it even be […]

Trump’s Top Lawyer Coming for Blood

The media is quick to downplay any victory that the president has concerning the election. They ignore the vast amount of evidence that is showing up, and they indeed are not reporting on the issue. Instead, they are trying to divert attention away from the fact that Joe Biden is about to be exposed as […]

Biden’s Shadow Presidency Oversteps Its Bounds…GSA Refuses to Fund His Illegal Activities

Joe Biden has taken it upon himself to play the role of President-Elect. He’s holding briefings that don’t count for anything, phoning world leaders like they’re old buds, and for the most part, running a shadow government behind Trump’s back. This is, of course, with Obama coaching him on what to say and do as […]

Bulldog Elected Mayor of Tiny Kentucky Town

It’s official: it’s gone to the dogs. The community of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elected a bulldog as their next mayor. I know what you’re thinking — other than are they crazy, what kind of bulldog? A French bulldog. It’s safe to say that Rabbit Hash is really sick of their politicians. The community has elected […]

World Leaders Refuse to Acknowledge Biden Win

The votes are still being counted. The state of Georgia is conducting a recount. The results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election have yet to be certified. But Ole Joe Biden, apparently, thinks he’s a winner. The mainstream media thinks it, too. They’re already coronated Joe Biden as the next president-elect. Perhaps sensing a shift […]

Software Used in 28 States Accused of Intentionally Altering Election Results

A recent President Trump tweet might be the most important one of his entire presidency. The voter fraud that has been perpetuated through the usage of Dominion voting machines is finally being addressed. The “glitches” that have been taking place with these machines throughout the course of the election are always working in favor of […]

Biden Campaign Calls for More Censorship of Conservatives as His Potential Win Slips Further Away

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has gotten on board with the media’s narrative that the election is now over, and he has won the presidency for the next four years. Sadly, part of what he claims he will enact when he takes over. In addition to the potential compromise of international trade agreements, personally beneficial […]

Trademark of the Democratic Party is to Cheat

The looting and violence that led up to the election was a prelude to what was to come on November 3. The theft of personal property by Democratic supporters during fake protests was just the start of liberals ripping off Americans. The lies and deliberate disrespect for fundamental human rights defined their actions. The Democrats […]

Veteran Discounts on Veterans’ Day: Slim Pickings During the Pandemic

Veterans across the country will be looking for deals come November 11. Veterans Day is usually one of the best days of the year for freebies and discounts as a way to honor those who have served. In the pandemic, however, the list of restaurants participating in Veterans Day specials has waned significantly. Quite a […]

Media Misses Big Time and Must Answer for It

Liberal media are coming to grips that they are not as truthful and popular that they think they are. Their inability to report a winner accurately puts them on a level of junior high reporting. They are supposed to the latest information and have the best avenues of reporting that information. But they have moved […]

Donkeys and Elephants…How Did They Become Political Party Symbols, and Why?

Donkeys and Elephants. Both creatures are emblematic of their respective political parties. Especially during election cycles, these characters appear in advertisements, cartoons, on bumper stickers, handbags, and even sometimes worn as really weird fashion statements. Yet few people know how these animals became such well-known mascots of the red and the blue. Throughout the years […]

Meet the Republican That Has Taken Away AOC’s Primary Claim to Fame

Since the 2018 midterm elections rolled in, Americans have been collectively rolling their eyes and wondering how someone as illogical with such unsustainable ideas could have won a seat in the United States Congress. Her primary claim to fame seemed to be her penchant for socialism and her age. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the youngest […]

New Hampshire Voting Reveals Americans Want Trump and Not Biden

The Democratic media wants people to believe that their liberal masters are more popular than they are. The polls that they put out are undeniably favorable to socialist Biden and Harris. Their stories are heavily in favor of liberal candidates and are full of lies regarding Republicans. The American people have stopped listening to the […]

Biden’s So Focused on the Red States He’s Forgetting About the Blue Ones

The Democrats are lying to themselves again. They believe that if Biden can win just one of the battleground states that he’ll clinch the entire presidency. Yet, just as they can’t balance a budget, their math on Electoral College votes aren’t adding up. Biden’s trying to win Georgia, Florida, and Texas – states that have […]

Thousands vs. Hundreds…and Trump is Behind in the Polls?

The polls all across the country are showing that Biden is taking a lead – and in some states, it’s such an incredible lead that political analysts are left scratching their heads. The polls are wrong, and there’s really not much anyone can say to change minds. The proof is found within the dueling events […]

MSM Cover Up: Fake News Media Smears Voter Fraud Investigation

Voter fraud is real. But the Fake News Media will do anything to cover it up. The conservative-leaning Washington Examiner is fighting back against a Fake News a hit job orchestrated by the failing New York Times. The radical left propaganda mandarins at the paper published a report claiming that the Washington Examiner is among several conservative news outlets pushing […]

Texas AG Opens Voter Fraud Investigation Against Democrats After Veritas Exposed Dems’ Operation

Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared a very interesting tidbit with the world yesterday. Unlike the liberal governors who are willing to tolerate all of the Democrat voter fraud, he is ready to stand up to these bullies. His office has since contacted the state Attorney General office to find out if more can be done […]

France’s Lockdown Proves US Isn’t the Only Country Struggling

The Democrats would love to continue lying about the pandemic. If they can blame the whole COVID-19 crisis on Trump, they feel like they’ve got a shot of getting Biden into office. The liberal media wants to make it seem as if the United States is the only one struggling with how to control the […]

Democrats Cry as They Lose to the Supreme Court

All over the nation, the Democrats are trying to cheat their way to more votes. Their attempts to sit back and harvest ballots after the election are being discovered at an alarming rate. There have been several centers discovered around the country where the liberals were sending ballots to dead people. These ballots were being […]

Barrett Gets Right to Work on First Case That Deals With Freedom

Amy Coney Barrett is one of those judges that surpasses all expectations. Her intellect and knowledge of the Constitution surpass that of every Democrat that sits in the House and Senate. Every one of the liberals that tried to stump her or get her to say things that would disqualify her from serving failed. And […]

These Are Some of the Almost Two Dozen False Claims Obama Made About Trump While Campaigning for Sleepy Joe

Former President Barack Obama did his part for the party that made him a household name on Saturday when he went out to campaign for his former Vice President Joe Biden. The former president had a few things to say in support of “Sleepy Joe,” unfortunately for anyone who put stock in the 44th president’s […]

Will Bernie Sanders Be a Part of the Biden Cabinet?

Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist. This means that he’s a socialist first and foremost. In the past, he ran on the independent ticket. He simply added the ‘Democratic’ in front to become more mainstream – and to be able to run in the Democratic Party. He has all sorts of ideas about minimum […]