NYC Bans All Gatherings Except Violent BLM Riots and Looting of Course

Bill De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray recently decided to take part in the Black Lives Matter protests that are taking place in New York City. The beleaguered mayor has found himself in hot water over and over again ever since the riots began. That’s probably why he decided to partake in this event. […]

Watch: This Is What Teaching Will Look Like If Dems Get Their Way

If CDC guidelines are adhered to, parents all over the country are going to be struggling to teach their little ones. This should be obvious to anyone but the Democrats are still standing in the way. Conservative Mama is here to provide a much needed moment of levity during all of the serious discussions, though. […]

Ultimate Insult: NYC Dems Want Cops to Buy Their Own Liability Insurance or Get Fired

New York City has decided that they are going to slash their city’s police budget considerably. Since the money is going to be redistributed to various causes that are related to social justice, many are wondering how that deficit is going to be handled going forward. We are getting our first glimpse into the new […]

Toronto BLM Leader Calls White People “Subhuman” and “Genetically Defect”

Yusra Khogali is the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Toronto but she has found herself in the news for different reasons lately. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, she referred to white people as a “genetic defect of blackness”. If she felt so strongly about this, why did she […]

Democrats Oppose Resolution Condemning Mob Violence and Murder

Mike Lee decided to put his cards on the table recently. He has grown weary of the Democrats and elected to finally do something about it. They were dared to block woke riots’ denunciation. Can you believe that they actually did? Bob Menendez is the one who stepped up to the plate, though. He objected […]

Biden Confirms He Will Do Whatever the Mob Demands

Ever since Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic candidate, he has been on the warpath. He wants everyone to know that he is the antithesis of President Trump. Now, he is telling even more lies about the changes that will take place in this country if he is elected. He took to Twitter yesterday and […]

Signs of Things to Come in the US: China’s Crackdown on Freedom

Chinese President Xi Jinping decided to sign a new national security law that would lead to a major crackdown on Hong Kong. As expected, it has not taken long for the police to start going after all of the suspected violators. According to the police, at least 300 protesters have already been arrested on a […]

Report: Flynn Was Targeted Because He Knew Brennan and Co Were Spending Billions off Books

Sidney Powell paid a recent visit to Vicki McKenna’s radio show and she dropped a major bomb on listeners. Lifezette issued a report about the information as well. For those who are unfamiliar, Sidney Powell served as Michael Flynn’s attorney. As it turns out, Flynn was a deep state target and he knew too much. […]

(Video) BLM Publicly Announces Lynching Strategy for NYPD Officers

A Black Lives Matter protester took to the streets yesterday with a message that is sure to send chills down the spine of anyone who still considers themselves a supporter of the police. He relayed the message over a megaphone, so there is no doubt about what he was saying and why. “I wanna put […]

65 People Shot, 17 Murdered Including 3 Children and Democrats Don’t Care

The weekends have been incredibly violent in Chicago as of late. You would think that these types of stories would make the news but nope. The Democrats do not care and the mainstream media is sticking their collective heads in the sand, too. 100 people were shot in Chicago during the weekend before last alone. […]

Left Openly Threatens to Burn Down Restaurant Because It Caters to Police

This Tennessee restaurant decided to cancel a catering gig because they received threats from leftists. Shuford’s Smoke House is the business that was threatened because they had the audacity to accept an order from the boys in blue. According to Shuford’s, leftists told them that they were going to burn the business down if they […]

BLM Activist Is Directing Violent Mob to Archbishop’s Home

Radical leftists have been trying to corral the angry mobs to do their bidding since the protests first began a few weeks ago. Now, things are starting to get truly dire. Umar Lee is a radical Muslim leftist who is aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement and he is trying to rally the mob […]

(Video) Black Leaders Finally Waking up and Standing Against BLM Terror

A viral video has surfaced, depicting various superstar rappers speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement. As you would have expected, A$AP Rocky is leading the charge. While it may seem like it happened decades ago at this point, many of us remember his unfortunate incident in Sweden. Rocky was imprisoned in the nation […]

Yet Another Shooting in Chop – Mayor Still Does Nothing to Protect Residents

We are getting tired of seeing these stories on a daily basis. Anyone with half a brain could have predicted that things would go left in Seattle (no pun intended). Now that the shootings are starting to pile up in the CHOP zone, people want answers. The citizens of Seattle want to know why Mayor […]

(VIDEO) The Dem’s New World Order: Mob Throws Explosives at Sleeping Homeless Man

The angry mobs that are controlling many of the streets in our major cities at the moment are causing all sorts of undue stress to those who are just trying to live out their daily routines. While no one ever stops to think about the homeless during times like these, they are the ones who […]

Nothing but Lip Services From Pathetic Seattle Mayor After 19 Year Old Black Teenager Murdered in CHOP

The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (which was once known as CHAZ) has been the subject of some bad press as of late. As it turns out, turning over six blocks of your city to protesters and allowing them to run it how they see fit is not the best idea. There have been multiple shootings […]

Leftwing Lunacy: “Some White People May Have to Die for Black Communities Be Made Whole”

Irami Osei-Frampong is a teaching assistant and a graduate student at the University of Georgia. He made a statement that is sure to have everyone talking. Can you believe that he thinks some white people need to die in order for black Americans to be made whole again? The statement was originally made on Facebook. […]

Baltimore Admits That Most Murderers in the City Go Scot-Free

President Trump’s recent remarks on police reform, he used Baltimore, Maryland as a prime example of the issues that police departments are experiencing. He does not want to strip police departments of their funding. The president believes that the departments need more assistance and greater access to the necessary resources. One of the statistics that […]

Dem’s Cancel Culture: See Ya Later, Aunt Jemima

Racism isn’t anything new. However, people are insistent on finding it in the most random of places, including on the breakfast table. For people who love pancakes, Aunt Jemima has been synonymous with delicious syrup and pancake mix. That’s it. Quaker Oats has decided that Aunt Jemima has to go. The logo is reportedly based […]

Dems Wage War Against Blacks That Don’t Submit to Their Intimidation Campaign

We are not quite sure what to make of this but we can say with some certainty that it does not look great for the Democrats. Senator Tim Scott is trying to create a reform package that will tackle the very real issues that are taking place when it comes to policing. Of course, this […]

Leftwing Lunatic WA Mayor Kneels With Protesters Until His Own Home Is Vandalized by Protesters

A story like this one was never supposed to happen, not like this. Olympia, Washington has a very progressive mayor who is committed to standing with the Black Lives Matter protesters. If there was anyone who deserved to remain safe during these turbulent times, it was her. Cheryl Selby is a far-left mayor who has […]

Left’s Trying to Hide the Disastrous COVID-19 Effects Protests Are Having

You would think that a public health bureau would want every possible piece of information that they can get their hands on during a global pandemic. The more they know, the easier it becomes to protect the people. When hot spots develop, the bureau can act more quickly and provide everyone with the help that […]

Marika: “Black Lives Matter Only When Democrats Need Your Vote” (Video)

Samantha Marika is a well known political commentator who has a lot to say about the Democrats and how they are handling the current situation. She’s noticed some contradictions that she wants to address. She started by pointing out the hypocrisy when it comes to the George Floyd memorials that have been taking place all […]

Baltimore Fines Churches Holding Peaceful Services While Encouraging Violent Riots

This story unfolded in Dundalk, a Baltimore suburb. Pastor Stacey Shiflett found himself in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. When he received a cease and desist letter from the government, he did not listen. Instead, he stood at the lectern and tore it up. He wanted everyone who was at Calvary Baptist […]

Watch Biden Incoherently Stumbling Through Roundtable Discussion

Biden’s gaffes are usually hilarious but we can’t lie to you. This one was painful to sit through. It’s gotten to the point where we are wondering if someone is going to intervene. The Democrats can’t trotting him out there like this. It’s only a matter of time before he finally makes the mistake that […]

“Peaceful Protesters” Burn Down 70 COVID-19 Testing Sites

The riots are causing a number of media outlets to show their true colors. We have seen far more enthusiasm about what is taking place than we would like. There is only one entity that is happier about the riots than the mainstream media. COVID-19 is still a major threat and with each passing day, […]

Georgia “Peaceful Protesters” Follow Police Home and Throw Firebombs

Those who were dismayed by the idea of the Blue Lives Matter website being taken down are sure to be mad at this one. All it took was 24 hours of whining to remove the website from the internet entirely. This is what happens when the liberals are allowed to decide what is offensive and […]

Democrats Are Now Calling to Burn Books Written by White Folks

Juan Vidal is one of more well-known writers on the alt left. Anti Trump websites like Rolling Stone and The Daily Beast regularly hire him to provide his signature ramblings. The recent article that he decided to publish on the NPR website is quite the doozy. He thinks that white people should start to “decolonize” […]

Minneapolis City Council “We Don’t Know Who’ll Respond to Crime After We Disbanded Police”

Call us crazy but if we were going to disband the police force in our city, we would probably have some sort of backup plan in place. While we do not believe that the cities should have a full plan already, it would be nice if they could answer some of the questions that they […]

Barr Speaks up and Calls Violent Rioters for What They Are

The attorney general has an amazing knack for saying exactly what we are thinking. Many of us have been watching the protests and wondering why the rioters are being given a full pass for what they are doing. The media wants everyone to believe that the protests are all peaceful but this is not the […]