NYC Bans All Gatherings Except Violent BLM Riots and Looting of Course

Bill De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray recently decided to take part in the Black Lives Matter protests that are taking place in New York City. The beleaguered mayor has found himself in hot water over and over again ever since the riots began. That’s probably why he decided to partake in this event.

Activists painted “Black Lives Matter” on one of the streets in front of Trump Tower. This is fairly tone deaf when citizens are wondering when businesses will actually open and violence is soaring throughout the city. It makes them wonder if the mayor is actually on their side or if he is looking for another photo op.

This Communist mayor was more than happy with his decision and he headed to CNN’s airwaves to crow about it. He told Wolf Blitzer that all large gatherings are going to be banned in New York City going forward. Of course, this does not include the protests or riots. These folks can still gather in the streets on an everyday basis, if they so choose.

Concerts, fairs and parades are going to be canceled through the month of September. To his credit, De Blasio is putting together a plan to get kids back into schools, albeit on a more limited basis. New York City’s summer has effectively been canceled. The Black Lives Matter protesters are the only ones who have rights in New York City.

Everyone else is stuck fending for themselves. If this sounds like a recipe for disaster, that’s because it is. Wolf Blitzer did not seem to worried, either. His big concern was centered around the US Open. He’s just hoping to see one of his favorite tennis tournaments and this is symbolic. No one seems to mind what is happening in New York City because it does not actually affect their day to day.

New York City residents are going to start leaving in droves, if they haven’t already. Why would anyone want to live in a city that does not take their basic rights seriously? If mass gatherings are okay for the rioters, why should anyone else be forced to stay indoors? When the counter protests start again and people want to know why they can’t have the same rights as the folks who are smashing up the city, De Blasio will be the first to cry foul.

The liberal leadership in cities like these are biting far more than they can chew. Sure, it may look nice to see a mayor standing in solidarity with Black Lives Matter protesters but it is purely a political move. De Blasio will backtrack on everything that he is saying at the first sign of push back from his voting base.

Right now, he’s playing a deadly game of chicken with the local police officers. On one hand, he wants to make sure that the city remains safe. On the other, he is telling the police to stand down. These are opposing goals that cannot both be met and De Blasio knows it deep down. That’s why he is doing whatever he can to buy himself some time and keep the anti police contingent off his back.

New York City is being turned into a Democratic utopia (translation: hell hole) right before our very eyes. De Blasio seems far more concerned with pandering to the leftists who are tearing up his streets than the people who are being displaced by the rioters. He’s putting all of his eggs in the liberal basket and we will see how that strategy serves him when the next election rolls around.

By then, he will be doing whatever he can to walk back his latest comments. He’ll want to make sure that he can appeal to both sides of the aisle, as this is something that any self respecting politician cares deeply about. We wish the mayor the best of luck with that endeavor. He is certainly going to need it.

Watch: This Is What Teaching Will Look Like If Dems Get Their Way

If CDC guidelines are adhered to, parents all over the country are going to be struggling to teach their little ones. This should be obvious to anyone but the Democrats are still standing in the way. Conservative Mama is here to provide a much needed moment of levity during all of the serious discussions, though. The clip is designed to show us what teaching is going to look like if the Democrats are able to get their way.

She’s such a gifted performer, it’s a shame that her clips are limited to the Internet. With any luck, she’ll get her own TV show when this is all said and done. The fall schedule is probably going to be pretty barren anyway. We could use some new shows to watch once we are done binge watching all of our old favorites, that is for sure.

All jokes aside, this clip offers a fascinating glimpse into what the nation’s school systems will look like if the CDC guidelines are followed to the letter. Our children need to get back to school and they need to learn in an environment that is safe and clean. If they are unable to do so, who knows what type of effect a prolonged delay will have on their development?

This is not a question that parents are willing to find out more about. That’s why Conservative Mama’s video has struck such a nerve. Parents all over the world are waiting and hoping that they can send their kids back in school. Americans are especially concerned because the coronavirus is far from under control.

Since there is not going to be a vaccine that is readily available by the time September rolls around, schools and parents are going to have to be creative to keep their children safe. While Conservative Mama’s video is meant to be a joke, it underscores the challenges that educators are going to face. It is already tough enough to keep kids focused and on task when they are in school.

Now, teachers are being asked to contend with a whole new set of issues. Children are not going to want to wear their masks and masks also provide ample opportunity for mischief. Teachers should not have to deal with these concerns. It’s not like any of the parents who are dying to get their children back out of the house are going to want to pay more for the privilege.

Teachers weren’t paid enough before the pandemic took place and they certainly aren’t going to be paid enough to worry about all of these CDC guidelines. We hope that the video shows people the futility of trying to make children follow such rules. Many parents are probably going to opt to home school their children if they are too afraid to send them to school.

As for the schools themselves, they are being threatened by President Trump if they do not open their doors. They will have their federal funding taken away from them in these instances. It remains to be seen if Trump can actually go through with this threat or if schools are going to give into the pressure to open. We suppose that the situations will vary from state to state.

For example, Montana students and parents will probably feel a bit safer than students who are being asked to go back to school in one of the COVID-19 hot spots. Florida and Texas students and parents are probably a bit more worried than parents who reside in other states and it is hard to blame them.

Over the next month or so, the debate about trying to send children back to school will continue to rage on. Be sure to follow Conservative Mommy on Twitter, so that you can check out more of her hilarious videos. She’s one of our favorite Twitter accounts and she always has us in stitches.

Ultimate Insult: NYC Dems Want Cops to Buy Their Own Liability Insurance or Get Fired

New York City has decided that they are going to slash their city’s police budget considerably. Since the money is going to be redistributed to various causes that are related to social justice, many are wondering how that deficit is going to be handled going forward. We are getting our first glimpse into the new world order and it is not pleasant.

Once the crime rates in New York City start to skyrocket, we do not want to hear any complaining from the peanut gallery. This is what they are asking for and this is what they are going to get. City Hall has decided that they are standing with the folks who believe that the police need to lose their funding.

People are going to get very litigious once they are forced to deal with the insanity that will take place. The worst part of all is that the budget cuts will lead to all sorts of issues for the police. Can you believe that they are going to be asked to obtain their own liability insurance going forward? We all knew that the money had to come from somewhere but this is a bizarre turn of events.

State lawmakers are churning out more proposed laws to hold cops accountable for misconduct.

A bill introduced by state Sen. Alessandra Biaggi (D-Bronx) would require police officers to obtain personal liability insurance to cover civil lawsuits filed against them for excessive force and other abuses as a way to deter misconduct.

Under current law, cops who are sued are represented by the city law department and taxpayers foot the bill for any verdict or settlement.

Biaggi’s proposal would require each officer to obtain individual liability insurance. The city or other local governments would still be required to cover the basic insurance policy to cover tort litigation costs.

This is how the elders believe things should go, so here we are. On one hand, we believe that the city may be onto something. Since no one is going to be kept safe anymore and the lawsuits are sure to start pouring in, the city will need all of the money that they saved to deal with them. While the idea has not been locked into place as of yet, the New York state legislative representatives are already looking into it.

Police officers should be held accountable for any and all misconduct that takes place while they are in the line of duty. That does not mean that they should be left without any protection at all, though. If this legislature is added to the docket in New York state, officers would essentially be left to fend for themselves. Anyone and everyone could accuse them of misconduct and their personal liability insurance policies would only continue to skyrocket.

Tort litigation costs would still be covered by the state government in these instances, which allows the police officers to breathe a very small sigh of relief. The idea of forcing the police to deal with the financial consequences that are associated with misconduct is one of those ideas that sounds much better on paper than it does in execution.

What happens when the first office is immediately bankrupted by a series of false allegations? People would have the ability to unfairly target officers that they do not like and that should not be the goal of police reform. When the unfounded claims against police officers start to pile up and destroy the justice system as we know it, the same people who were all for this will change their tunes rather quickly.

There are also those who believe that police officers are being treated like second class citizens. The initiative that is being discussed right now is going to cause way more problems than it solves. There are other bills like this one being put on the table all over the country, which should scare anyone who truly believes in the rule of law. That does not mean that we are willing to excuse the actions of officers who murder in cold blood.

They need to be held responsible for their actions and that is all there is to it. Does that mean that we support the idea of offering people an incentive to lie about the actions of various police officers? No. Anyone with half a brain can probably tell how this one is going to work. When New York City officials are up to their necks in frivolous lawsuits, they will wonder why they did not listen to the people who expressed their alarm.

Toronto BLM Leader Calls White People “Subhuman” and “Genetically Defect”

Yusra Khogali is the co-founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Toronto but she has found herself in the news for different reasons lately. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, she referred to white people as a “genetic defect of blackness”. If she felt so strongly about this, why did she delete the post once she started to feel the heat on social media?

In another Facebook post, Khogali went on to call white skin subhuman. She even called white people “recessive genetic defects”. Khogali believes that black people could simply use their dominant genes to wipe out the white race, if it comes to that. We wonder who taught her about genetics but that is another story for another time.

This would be scientists went on to say that white people’s “higher concentration of enzyme inhibitors” were to blame for their suppressed melanin production. She believes that melanin is linked to better bone structure, hearing and vision. Khogali was not content to stop there. She also said that melanin directly communicates with cosmic energies.

Her rants about white people were not limited to Facebook, either. The Twitter universe was also treated to a diatribe about her desire to kill white people. She even asked for the strength of Allah to keep her from doing so. Many of these posts are from 2016, which implies that she may be thinking a bit differently now.

Regular Twitter users know that this is not how the game works, though. If you are found to have had opinions that people do not agree with, it does not matter if the tweet has been deleted or if the person has evolved when it comes to their viewpoints. They are raked over the coals as if it just happened yesterday and threatened with the loss of their career.

That’s the way that the liberals have wanted to play it for a long time now. As soon as these actions work against them, they are the first to cry foul. Khogali knew that these tweets would come back to haunt her one day and she even penned a column for the Toronto Star. “Somehow a tweet I wrote out of anger months before our protest began has become a bigger media story than our protest’s many and profound accomplishments,” she said at the time.

The noise that surrounded her tweet was enough to drown out the positive effects of the protests, or so she claimed. The New York chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement has also found themselves in hot water over recent comments that were deemed to be a terrorist threat. The mainstream media is completely controlled by the Democrats and no one seems willing to call these people out.

Anyone who criticizes anything that is done by a Black Lives Matter protester is called a racist. The leftists are terrified of these accusations and that’s why they hide their feelings. They feel like they should just go along with whatever is being said so that they can fit in. As a result, no one ever says what they really think. Instead, they are more willing to go with the flow and never question anything.

The nation is in a dangerous place and in a small way, it is almost comforting to see that these issues have such a profound effect on the rest of the world. Americans are often led to believe that the rest of the world has achieved racial utopia. We are told that everyone else is so much more advanced on these topics than we are.

Canadians are often fond of acting like they have solved racism but they clearly have a long way to go if these are the kinds of fights that they are having. Hopefully, Khogali has realized that her words have more power than she may have realized. After all, the reactions would be much different if the situations were reversed.

Democrats Oppose Resolution Condemning Mob Violence and Murder

Mike Lee decided to put his cards on the table recently. He has grown weary of the Democrats and elected to finally do something about it. They were dared to block woke riots’ denunciation. Can you believe that they actually did? Bob Menendez is the one who stepped up to the plate, though. He objected and kept them from having to face the consequences that they have created. That kept them from actually having to get their own hands dirty in the process.

The rest of the caucus is not going to want to touch this one with a ten foot pole. If you would like to read Lee’s entire resolution, it is well worth your time. A Provo, Utah driver was attacked during a Black Lives Matter protest, which did not sit well with Lee. He wants to make sure that the looters and rioters are considered separately from the good, honest folks who are merely exercising their constitutional right to protest.

That should have made it easier for the Democrats to offer their support. After all, this is exactly what they wanted. They claimed that they merely wanted to protect the constitutional rights of those who are protesting. From where we are sitting, it seems like they are merely trying to cover for their enjoyment of the violence.

So why did Menendez feel the need to come forward and object to it? No one seems to know what his actual problem was. One of his complaints was centered around slavery era concerns. He believes that these concerns are not being properly addressed. Menendez also wanted to make sure that Trump was held accountable for violence that is taking place.

Whereas America’s law enforcement officers do an extremely difficult job extremely well, and despite the inexcusable misconduct of some, the overwhelming majority of such officers are honest, courageous, patriotic, and rightfully honored public servants

In his mind, the president is inciting violence and he wanted to include a provision that would make the voting process as painful as possible for the GOP. Lee was not willing to go along with this, claiming that it is very difficult for public officials to be criticized. Menendez and the Democrats probably tossed their cookies when they got to the part that Lee added about law enforcement officials.

Most leftists would have probably issued a generic condemnation of the mob violence, just to make things look good. Biden has already done so and his approval rating has not dipped at all. The leftists seem to have a pretty good understanding of who is saying what and why they are saying it. However, agreeing with a resolution that was written by the GOP is a probably a bridge too far for them.

Progressives are currently trying their best to push the defund narrative and police departments cannot be praised on their watch. If they signed something that was written by the GOP in praise of the police, they would probably never hear the end of it from their base. The Democrats are not about to participate in anything that would be considered a form of cancel culture, that is for sure.

The “woke” party has decided to opt against the idea of coming right out and saying that riots are wrong and bad. This is where we have landed as a country. One side is doing everything in their power to put a stop to the violence, while the other side does everything that they can to make sure that the issues continue taking place.

Menendez was not content to stand in the way of Lee’s resolution, he took it a step further by asking for a formal reprimand. Of course, that was never going to happen but you can’t blame the guy for being ready to try anything. The Democrats will throw everything at the wall, in hopes that something will actually stick. We wish them the best of luck with that.

That way, they can do their Weekend At Bernie’s routine with Joe Biden and act like he is the magical elixir for all of this nation’s issues.

Biden Confirms He Will Do Whatever the Mob Demands

Ever since Joe Biden became the presumptive Democratic candidate, he has been on the warpath. He wants everyone to know that he is the antithesis of President Trump. Now, he is telling even more lies about the changes that will take place in this country if he is elected. He took to Twitter yesterday and promised to “transform” the country if he was given the chance to do so.

This summer has already been a tumultuous one for America as is. Black Lives Matters protesters are trying their best to “transform” America, in addition to Antifa. The protests have led to riots and now shootings and looting have become a common occurrence. Law enforcement officials are no longer safe and even statues are coming down at an alarming rate.

Biden’s tweet was the usual political rah rah. He’s going to beat Trump and when he does, the nation will be magically transformed. As with most Biden proclamations, he was not willing to go in further detail. Tim Murtaugh is a Trump campaign official who decided to try and engage Biden. He posted a picture of the liberal mobs laying waste to our cities and asked if that would be part of the transformation.

Senator Tammy Duckworth is a potential Biden running mate and she is supporting the anti statue initiative. She went to CNN to let everyone know that it is okay to tear down statues of George Washington. The liberals did not need anyone’s approval but it is good to know that they have it. Biden’s campaign may be selling a return to normalcy but that is not what is going to happen.

There are many who fear that Biden would essentially function as a puppet president of sorts. Instead of being ready to take charge, he would be delegating many of his biggest decisions to his cabinet. His tweet about transforming the nation should be seen as a threat. The Democrats love their loud rhetoric but they never have any actual ideas as to how things will change.

The left should never be allowed to define what is normal and what is not. Biden has struggled to speak in a coherent manner throughout the entirety of his campaign. Can you imagine how much worse it would be if he had to give speeches in public on a regular basis? He is one of the only candidates on written record that could honestly say that they benefited from the global pandemic is keeping everyone indoors.

At this point, Biden is going to have no choice but to remind everyone of his connection to the Barack Obama administration at every turn. It’s the only card he’s got left to play. Maybe it will matter to the protesters but we doubt that the average American is going to be impressed. Barack clearly pulled the strings to get Senile Joe the nomination in the first place and the admissions about potential cabinet positions from candidates like Andrew Yang were fairly damning.

The same man who needed to cheat his way to the top of the Democratic candidate heap now wants everyone to believe that he can transform the nation. Take a good look at your surroundings, Joe. That is already happening. Do you think that Americans are going to be reassured by what you are saying? If anything, these words will be taken as a threat by those who have had enough of the looting and shooting.

We’re well into July and Biden has yet to even pick a running mate. He wants the woke points that come with promising a female VP without actually making a decision. To be fair, there is a good chance that he may have forgotten about the choice entirely. His mind is not exactly a steel trap these days. Someone tell him that he’s not allowed to pick Barack. If he could pick Michelle, he already would have.

Signs of Things to Come in the US: China’s Crackdown on Freedom

Chinese President Xi Jinping decided to sign a new national security law that would lead to a major crackdown on Hong Kong. As expected, it has not taken long for the police to start going after all of the suspected violators. According to the police, at least 300 protesters have already been arrested on a variety of charges. Most of the charges were filed because the people who were involved said things that Beijing did not want to hear.

If Hong Kong’s independence is promoted in any way, they waste no time going after these folks, too. Believe it or not, the protesters were not being subjected to the whims of the Chinese security forces or anything so severe. In fact, the arrests were made because of Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam. Lam sent the local police to do his bidding and praised China’s decision-making process.

He claims to be happy about the new law and we are stunned. Hong Kong’s own citizens are being sold down the river and no one seems to care. Everyone is so consumed with all of the issues currently taking place in the world. It can be hard to find the emotional bandwidth to look into the things that are going on in other regions.

Right now, the Hong Kong citizens are dealing with their own form of police brutality. They are protesting the new laws and being met by pepper pellets and tear gas. No one should have to face this kind of treatment for speaking out about what they believe in. Anyone who possessed items that advocated for the independence of Hong Kong were detained by the police as well.

Lam claims that the law needed to be signed because Hong Kong’s stability was at stake. This seems like a rather dubious claim. All it takes is one look at the photos of the protests to show how silly it is. These are not people who are going to causing any sort of problem. They are concerned citizens who want to know why their government has failed them this badly.

The protesters took the brunt of the police’s abuse and many of them were beaten with batons. CNN reporters also found themselves stranded in the fray. Their lives were also placed in serious danger by the Hong Kong police force. Hong Kong’s internal legislature has failed miserably. The people are tired of their lack of transparency and efforts geared towards increasing it have not worked very well.

Hong Kong police made their first arrests Wednesday under a new national security law imposed a day earlier by China’s central government, as thousands of people defied tear gas and pepper pellets to protest against it.

Police said nine people were arrested under the law, including a man with a Hong Kong independence flag and a woman holding a sign displaying the British flag and calling for Hong Kong’s independence. Others were detained for possessing items advocating independence. Further details were not immediately available.

Hong Kong police said on Facebook that they arrested more than 300 people on various charges, including unlawful assembly, possession of weapons and violating the national security law.

Beijing will sniff out any attempt at reform and do away with it before anyone even has a chance to know what hits them. China’s elections are also a complete and total sham. If they do not like the results, they have the “winner” replaced right away. Those who are not in Xi Jinping’s back pocket at all times need not apply. You must be willing to do the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party if you are going to be elected.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s display was absolutely shameful. Where is the backbone here? Beijing needs to know that they cannot push people around like this. The United States is not about to step in any time soon, so someone will need to step up to the plate. This is the fall of Hong Kong and it is happening in real-time. We wish that we were being dramatic but that is the furthest thing from the truth.

The crackdown on freedom has us wondering if the United States is in similar trouble. There are a lot of parallels at the moment, especially since we are experiencing widespread protests and a sizable amount of social upheaval. Hong Kong’s situation could be very informative for the rest of us, providing our leaders with a handbook of things not to do. When Chinese troops and tanks start patrolling the streets of Hong Kong, we are not going to be surprised.

Report: Flynn Was Targeted Because He Knew Brennan and Co Were Spending Billions off Books

Sidney Powell paid a recent visit to Vicki McKenna’s radio show and she dropped a major bomb on listeners. Lifezette issued a report about the information as well. For those who are unfamiliar, Sidney Powell served as Michael Flynn’s attorney. As it turns out, Flynn was a deep state target and he knew too much. That’s why he needed to be silenced.

According to Powell, things go even deeper than that. Flynn was on the verge of auditing intelligence agencies because he was well aware of the billions that had been siphoned off by Brennan and company. John Brennan was the CIA director at the time and he was engaged in all sorts of shady dealings. Allow us to find our surprised faces.

“He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

When Powell first took over the Flynn case, she noticed a few things that were rather troubling and egregious. The government had yet to inform him about what had been disclosed to his defense team before he issued his plea. The government was also not willing to disclose the true facts associated with the case. In other words, the entire thing was made up and as soon as a legal representative who wasn’t compromised got the chance to take a look at it, this became obvious.

One – he was not properly informed of what the government had even disclosed to his defense lawyers prior to the plea.

Secondly, the government didn’t disclose a fraction of what it should have disclosed (i.e. the whole case was made up).

And three, he was prosecuted and threatened with the prosecution of his son.  That’s how they coerced the guilty plea.  It was just unconscionable conduct to threaten to indict him and his son the very next day and give them the Manafort treatment if he didn’t enter his plea right then, and I’m convinced it’s because they knew right then the press was going to explode with the Strzok-Page text messages and everything.

Flynn’s prosecution was also paired with a horrific threat. His son was going to be prosecuted if he did not cooperate. That’s how they were able to garner the guilty plea. It’s unconscionable for the government to coerce a defendant in this manner. Who wouldn’t say whatever they had to say to save their child from a cumbersome legal procedure that was initiated by someone who did not have their best interests at heart?

It’s a decision that any parent would make and anyone who says that they would have left their child to fend for themselves is a liar. Powell’s revelation makes a lot of sense. It is easy to see why the government was interested in silencing someone who would be willing to expose the corrupt actions of an acting CIA director.

Brennan is just like any other Democrats. Sure, he may say all of the right things about law and order but they are all lies. He can pretend that he on the side of justice but in reality, he’s just looking to line his own politics. Since Flynn was willing to blow the whistle on the whole thing, he had to be silenced. It’s not like Powell has much motivation to lie here.

For the Democrats, this is yet another example of their willingness to use the legal system to benefit themselves. They are only interested in dealing with crimes when they feel like there is a direct benefit to be enjoyed. How is Brennan still walking free, by the way? You would think that the Democrats would have had the same energy for Brennan that they had for Flynn but of course, that was not the case.

Sidney Powell would have never made this sort of allegation if she was unable to prove it. There’s no reason for her to risk her ability to practice law just so that she can stick it to the Democrats. That’s why she went ahead and let the whole world know about what took place. If she was not willing to allow the Democrats to run roughshod over the legal process and she was ready to risk her own reputation to share the news, what does that tell you?

The leftists are going to do everything in their power to speak ill of her but that’s to be expected. It’s par for the course at this point. Flynn is going to need some serious protection going forward. He is going against some of the most dangerous people in the world and if he does not already have a personal security detail, he needs to be obtaining one as quickly as possible….for his own good.

(Video) BLM Publicly Announces Lynching Strategy for NYPD Officers

A Black Lives Matter protester took to the streets yesterday with a message that is sure to send chills down the spine of anyone who still considers themselves a supporter of the police. He relayed the message over a megaphone, so there is no doubt about what he was saying and why. “I wanna put my foot on his f—ing neck like he do us,” the man said.

We are still in a state of lockdown and many children have no idea if they are going to be able to attend school in the fall. All of that is fine, though, as long as the progressives are able to take to the streets and demand the murder of police officers. This is Marxism run amok. The Department of Justice needs to get involved before the inevitable happens.

Is the DOJ going to sit on their hands and wait for an officer to be murdered before they finally decide to do something? We hope that’s not the case but it is hard to figure out what their strategy would be otherwise. The rule of law has gone out the window. Left wing terrorists are roaming the streets with absolute impunity.

Social distancing does not matter anyone, apparently. Just a few weeks ago, anyone who was willing to gather in a large crowd was a big old meanie who did not care about potentially killing off someone’s grandparents. It’s funny how all of those rules and stipulations melted away once the liberals decided that they needed to take to the streets.

Sure, there are some who will say that their reasoning is just and that they are not looking to party. They are fighting against inequalities. But if this is the case, when does it end? The people who wanted to argue against the stay at home orders are wrong but those who are willing to fight for different causes are right. That’s what the rest of the nation is being told at the moment.

This mentality has created an environment where people see no problem with taking to the streets to shout about lynching the police. It’s terrifying to anyone with a pulse and those who are not worried need to remove their heads from their sphincters. Liberals have a strange way of acting like the problems that affect society as a whole are not theirs to worry about.

Seattle has already taught them a serious lesson. The liberal leaders there have allowed their city to be taken over by the progressives and wouldn’t you know it? Shootings are now taking place on a regular basis inside of their autonomous zone. Sure, their mayor may have finally gotten up off her duff to do something about it but not until multiple people have been shot and killed.

People who are looking to get back to work are facing jail time and fines. What about those who are marching in the streets, demanding the death of police officers? No one seems to care if these people are reprimanded at all. The videos that we have been seeing are quite chilling and we hope that everyone is able to remain safe during this nationwide free for all.

Anyone who wants to yell anti police slogans through a megaphone is free to do so. Anyone who wants to run around and tear down statues is also free to do so. Meanwhile, anyone who is looking to earn some money or regain a semblance of normalcy is treated like a leper. It’s truly an upside down world that we are living in these days.

The man in this clip said what he wanted to say, with no fear whatsoever. Free speech is great but people also have the ability to respond to what you say in the way that they see fit. This is definitely something that has been lost on the liberals as of late.

65 People Shot, 17 Murdered Including 3 Children and Democrats Don’t Care

The weekends have been incredibly violent in Chicago as of late. You would think that these types of stories would make the news but nope. The Democrats do not care and the mainstream media is sticking their collective heads in the sand, too. 100 people were shot in Chicago during the weekend before last alone.

Unfortunately, the violence is only going to continue. This past weekend, 65 people were shot and 17 of them passed away. Saddest of all, three of the victims were children. It is always a tragedy when someone’s life is cut short by gun violence but seeing children slain like this is truly heartbreaking. This past weekend’s youngest victim was all of one year old.

The baby was riding in a car with their mother when gunfire erupted. Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller spoke out about the incident. According to Waller, someone pulled up alongside of the family while the mother was driving and opened fire on their vehicle. How on earth could someone do that to a mother and her child?

Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller said shortly after 2 p.m. Saturday, the mother of the 20-month-old boy was driving south on Halsted Street near 60th Street, on the way home from the laundromat, with the toddler in a child seat in the back of the car. Another car pulled up alongside them, and someone inside started shooting.

The boy was shot once in the chest, and a bullet grazed the mother’s head, according to Chicago Police Chief of Operations Fred Waller. The boy was identified as Sincere Gaston.

There’s nothing that we can say that ease the pain of a parent who has been forced to bury their child. No platitude in the world is going to make anyone feel better when a situation is this dire. Parents all over Chicago now have to wonder if their child is going to be next. This is the sort of stress that no parent should ever have to go through.

Just before 10 p.m. Saturday night, a stray bullet came through the window of an apartment on the 3500 block of Dickens Avenue in Logan Square and struck Lena Nunez in the head. Police believe two groups were firing at each other outside the apartment, when Lena was hit by a stray bullet.

Children are dying all over this city and their stories are not being told. If you take the time to look into it, you will find that stories like the one mentioned above are not that uncommon. We wish that they were the exception but they are the rule. Lena Nunez was a fourth grader who was killed when a stray bullet went through her window. Amaria Jones was all of 13 when her life was also cut short by a bullet that came through her window.

When young and innocent victims are continuously caught in the crossfire like this, people are sure to be angry. We just wish that the mainstream media shared our outrage about this. Since the killings do not fit the narrative that they have chosen, they are more than willing to ignore them. At least the local business groups in Chicago are doing everything in their power to apprehend the parties who are responsible for what is taking place.

One such group is already offering up $25,000 rewards to anyone who has information about the killings of 1 year old Sincere Gaston and 3 year old Mekhi James. Early Walker is the philanthropist who is spearheading the initiative and we wish him the best of luck. $25,000 is a lot of money and we just hope that it is enough to put a stop to the anti “snitching” ethos that keeps so many people from coming forward.

To be fair, many of the people who come forward in instances like this one are merely afraid for their own lives. Once the killers become aware that they have been informed on, they are usually out for blood. That’s what makes it so hard for people to confess to what they have seen. It’s a tough balancing act and we are tired of seeing it.

The business groups that are looking to help out are also against the idea of stripping the police of their funding. There’s no way to be in favor of such a plan at the moment without looking a bit crazy. There are lots of voices that are not being represented and these rational business leaders are chief among them.

If no one is willing to be honest about the violence that is taking place, we are powerless to stop it. The citizens of Chicago deserve so much better. The mainstream media and the Democrats might be willing to ignore what is going on but we will not. The blood from these casualties is on their hands.

Left Openly Threatens to Burn Down Restaurant Because It Caters to Police

This Tennessee restaurant decided to cancel a catering gig because they received threats from leftists. Shuford’s Smoke House is the business that was threatened because they had the audacity to accept an order from the boys in blue. According to Shuford’s, leftists told them that they were going to burn the business down if they filled the order.

The angry mobs have won again and this is the sort of nonsense that keeps us wondering where things are going to go from here. WDEF is the Chattanooga CBS affiliate who is reporting on this developing story. The restaurant claims that they are being falsely accused of making a political statement.

They were merely looking to provide food for the Back The Blue rally. In the current climate, restaurants are not really able to pick and choose who they provide service for. There are too many folks out there who are in need of employment for restaurants to play fast and loose like this. To play a bit of devil’s advocate, we would not be surprised if the restaurant had staffers that agreed with the protesters.

Owners of Shuford’s smoke house say organizers of today’s Back the Blue contacted them to order food for the event.

Shuford’s says they accepted the job because they believed it was another opportunity to offer their catering services.

Once it was publicly known they took the job , the business says they have been harassed and threatened on social media.

“It was not donated . It was not a reflection of our opinions -our political views” said Co-owner Madison Davis.

“It was literally just a business transaction and I think that’s where the misunderstanding comes in. We’ve never discriminated on what jobs we take. If someone comes to us with money wanting to buy food, we’re not going to turn away money because we are a business and that’s what we’re trying to run.”

Shuford’s says they cancelled the order because of threats to burn down their business.

That’s probably not too big of a leap to make. It’s not crazy to think that an entire restaurant staff would be comprised of folks with different points of view. We are also willing to bet that they were willing to overlook those views to keep the business running in the proper manner. That’s how life works, especially when so many companies are struggling to keep the lights on.

No one has the luxury of only catering to the businesses or groups that align with their chosen point of view. Sadly, this restaurant was not even able to make the choice for themselves because they were threatened with a fiery attack by leftists. As soon as their acceptance of the job became public, they were subjected to horrific treatment.

Madison Davis is the co-owner of the restaurant and she is speaking out about what took place. The restaurant was merely trying to carry out a business transaction. Davis said that the order was not meant to serve as an extension of their political views. This should have been obvious to everyone but the leftists are never satisfied with these types of explanations.

They believe that their outrage needs to be catered to, every step of the way. It’s gotten to the point where they are now ready to take the food out of people’s mouths if they do not agree with them. As if this were not bad enough, they are now looking to destroy the livelihood of any business that is not willing to play ball with them.

Madison believes that the whole thing is just a misunderstanding and is hoping that the leftists see it her way. If you ask us, she is being much nicer about this than we would have been. We would have dared the leftists to try us and let the chips fall where they may. Obviously, it is better when cooler heads prevail but we are just being honest!

Davis went on to say that she is willing to fill anyone’s order, as long as they are ready to pay. That’s how it should be. Anyone who is looking for restaurants to turn into virtue signaling types are in for a long wait. No establishment can survive with that sort of mentality. Shuford’s may have been forced to cancel this order but other restaurants may not be so accommodating in the future.

What happens if a different restaurant is not scared by the threats? It’s a showdown that is bound to happen sooner or later, regardless of our wishes. There are sure to be a number of confrontations like this in the coming months, as more and more people decide to stand up to the anti police sentiment that continues to spread across the country as we speak.

BLM Activist Is Directing Violent Mob to Archbishop’s Home

Radical leftists have been trying to corral the angry mobs to do their bidding since the protests first began a few weeks ago. Now, things are starting to get truly dire. Umar Lee is a radical Muslim leftist who is aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement and he is trying to rally the mob in a disgusting way. He wants to attack the home of an archbishop.

Archbishop Mitchell Rozanski is the target of his ire. There’s even an event page for the “visit” and these cowards are actually planning on showing up in the middle of the night. The mob is planning on arriving at the archbishop’s house at 1 AM. Lee is essentially advertising his own demise but that’s another story for another time.

This country has definitely made things way too comfortable for the wannabe anarchists of the world. Could you imagine openly promoting a crime this heinous before you have even had the chance to pull it off? Things have gotten so much different these days. It’s like the rule of law has stopped mattering a long time ago.

In case you are wondering, this is the man who is responsible for the violence that erupted at a prayer rally over the weekend. Christians were trying to say a rosary at the King Louis IX statue but the angry mob was not having it. These folks were attacked and brutally beaten by the rioters, for the mere crime of gathering to pray.

Lee cannot seem to get people to visit his pages but crowds are still arriving for the events. Perhaps some of his acolytes are a bit smarter than he is when it comes to keeping their names and identities offline. His disdain for Christians is leading him into some very dangerous places. He is even accusing them of being in cahoots with white supremacists.

We are not sure where this narrative is stemming for but it is terrifying for anyone to consider, whether you are someone who considers themselves religious or not. No one should want to see folks being attacked for practicing their religious beliefs in an innocent manner. It goes against everything that this country was built upon.

Even if you do not agree with someone’s point of view, that does not mean that you get to organize an attack against them in the middle of the night. Could you imagine the outcry if a bunch of far right activists decided to get together to trash a leftist’s house in the middle of the night? The mainstream media would get their hands on that story so fast and we would never hear the end of it.

Coordinated attacks cannot be allowed on American soil but no one seems to know where we can even go from here. Leftist mayors are throwing up their hands and allowing the mobs to take over. Those who lean to the right are finding it very hard to make their voices heard over the current crowds. For many of us, it can feel like society has reached a total standstill.

Umar Lee and his ilk do not realize that they are doing more to worsen the current divisions than anyone else. His actions are designed to continuously inflame the tensions that are keeping America from reaching its full potential. We just hope that the archbishop is kept safe and that he is given the necessary advance warnings that will allow him to protect his living space.

No one deserves to have their peace of mind threatened like this. If an archbishop does not deserve a place of peace, who does? Good and decent Americans are starting to worry about what will happen if things are not cleaned up. The nation is currently on the brink of a civil war. Only time will tell if we are able to collectively avoid this sort of unwanted long term conflict.

(Video) Black Leaders Finally Waking up and Standing Against BLM Terror

A viral video has surfaced, depicting various superstar rappers speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement. As you would have expected, A$AP Rocky is leading the charge. While it may seem like it happened decades ago at this point, many of us remember his unfortunate incident in Sweden.

Rocky was imprisoned in the nation of Sweden because he got into a minor street fight. Video surfaced that showed he was not in the wrong. President Trump worked tirelessly to get him released from this jail and he is grateful for his efforts. He’s not down with the Black Lives Matter movement and points out all of the black on black crime taking place.

The rapper is quick to note that these crimes are happening more frequently in cities that are controlled by Democrats, as well. It’s something that seems to be lost on the liberals who are constantly trying to signal their virtue to people who do not even care about what they have to say.

He’s not the only one who is speaking out against the movement in the rap community. The Game and Kevin Gates are also vocal on the topic. Gates has spoken in the past about his encounters with police officers and he is regretful about his actions. He’s not someone who is looking to drum up sympathy by pretending that he had nothing to do with the altercations he was having with the officers in his city.

Most would think that every rapper is on board with BLM but nothing could be further from the truth. Ever since the Ferguson riots took place, more and more rappers find themselves being asked to speak on the riot. It seems kind of condescending, to be honest. Well meaning white people probably think that they are doing something good by asking these questions but we do not agree.

Why should a rapper be asked to think and feel a certain way because of their race? White rappers are the ones who should be answering the questions about Black Lives Matter. After all, they are the ones who are guests in a predominantly black art form. Why aren’t they being taken to task for what they are (or aren’t doing) to help the movement?

It’s happened in the past. Those who have watched Breakfast Club for some time now can probably remember a confrontation that Charlamagne tha God had with Post Malone. Post’s music borrows heavily from rap & R&B, so Charlamagne wanted to know what he was doing for the movement. Post was obviously flustered by the question and it became a teachable moment.

We are just waiting for Joe Biden to show up and claim that these rappers have lost their black card. The A$AP Rocky “diss” song to Biden would be one for the ages. The liberals are tiptoeing right past these types of statements because they know that they would be trashed for haranguing people who actually live the black experience, day in and day out.

White leftists are always sure to keep their complaints about these types of statements to a minimum, which is funny. If you are willing to shoot your mouth off at any white person who does not offer the support you deem necessary, you should be just as willing to say it to A$AP Rocky or Kevin Gates. They are reasonable guys who are simply sharing an opinion that exists slightly outside of the expected norm.

Isn’t that what America is built on? We are a cultural melting pot, filled with people with all sorts of different mindsets. When the leftists overreach and try to demonize people for thinking differently, that’s where we start to lose our way. Hopefully, people are able to allow others to speak their minds without trying to twist their words and turn them into something that they are not. It’s not too much to ask.

Yet Another Shooting in Chop – Mayor Still Does Nothing to Protect Residents

We are getting tired of seeing these stories on a daily basis. Anyone with half a brain could have predicted that things would go left in Seattle (no pun intended). Now that the shootings are starting to pile up in the CHOP zone, people want answers. The citizens of Seattle want to know why Mayor Jenny Durkan is sitting on her hands as the violence continues.

The latest shooting took place at Cal Anderson Park, in the north end. Seattle’s police department made the announcement earlier today. Some are trying to say that the park is not ‘technically’ inside of the CHOP zone but it is adjacent. While the shooting may not have taken place in the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, questions still remain.

When a shooting takes place this close to an area where citizens are being allowed to carry firearms with impunity, no one is going to accept the first explanation that they are given. This city has all of the incentive in the world to pin the shootings on other residents. Durkan and her ilk do not want to look like idiots for allowing the CHOP zone to continue in its current incarnation.

The police are not willing to confirm the location of the shooting, either. They are probably rather annoyed that they are forced to remain outside of the zone. The CHOP residents are only willing to contact the police when it is time to pick up the latest body. Those who are injured or killed inside of the zone have no recourse available to them.

When emergency personnel are contacted, they are not even able to head into the zone without being forced to head to a designated waiting area. How is someone whose life is in danger supposed to receive proper assistance when these are the rules that are being made? Fortunately, the victim of the latest shooting is said to be recuperating and does not have any injuries that are considered to be life threatening.

This is good news but the next person may not be so lucky. There are no other details to offer at this time because that’s the way the city likes it. If their stupid experiment goes horribly awry (even more so than it already has), they can feign ignorance. “Oh, that shooting didn’t actually take place inside of CHOP, this is just the right wingers trying to stir up trouble,” they will say.

Mayor Jenny Durkan said it wouldn’t be effective to have authorities clear out the roughly six-block area in the city’s Capitol Hill section. Officials are working with Black-led organizations and “partners in de-escalation” to get the hundreds of people who have occupied the area to leave, she said.

“It’s time for people to go home,” she said, adding that it was time “to restore order and eliminate the violence on Capitol Hill.”…

[Police Chief] Best said the shootings were among crimes that have been reported within the protest zone. She said there had also been a rape, an assault, a burglary, arson and property destruction.

Durkan is claiming that it is time for these folks to go home but she is not trying too hard to make that happen. She could have the authorities clear the place out pretty quickly but of course, Durkan does not want to do that. Instead, she is essentially hoping that they will leave if she asks nicely enough. The city’s officials are now working in conjunction with black led organizations to remedy the current situation.

It’s almost like they should have put a stop to this before people started getting hurt! The sudden about face that Durkan has tried to pull off here is hilarious. She went from actively working to protect the protesters to asking them if they could go home, pretty please. Durkan was calling CHOP not that long ago, too.

MSNBC and CNN were not willing to cover her latest remarks because they go against the “peaceful protesters” narrative that they are both so invested in. They will continue to turn a blind eye to what is going on in the world around them, as long as it aligns with their usual viewpoints. CNN ignoring the news during their prime time programming is especially irresponsible.

News broke during the 7 p.m. ET hour on Monday that Seattle’s mayor said the violence was distracting from changes sought by thousands of protesters seeking to address racial inequity and police brutality – but CNN’s 7 p.m. program, “Erin Burnett Outfront” did not mention the news as it unfolded.

CNN continued to ignore the news during its primetime programming, as there was no coverage on back-to-back editions of “Anderson Cooper 360” from 8-10 p.m. ET or during Don Lemon’s “CNN Tonight,” which aired from 10-midnight ET.

“Most mainstream media outlets have bent over backwards to portray the civil unrest as peaceful actions supporting the general aims of justice. That narrative gets largely disrupted if those news organizations now focus on the chaos in places like Seattle,” DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News.

“Thus, they ignore or downplay recent acts of lawlessness so as to not have to backtrack or explain away the simplistic manner in which they have covered events of recent weeks,” McCall said.

The reports on the latest shooting are alarming and our hearts go out to all of the Seattle residents who are being affected. It is hard not to take some shots at these protesters ourselves. No taxpaying citizen should be forced to live in fear because of a liberal mayor who needed to sit down and leave this to the adults in the room a long time ago.

(VIDEO) The Dem’s New World Order: Mob Throws Explosives at Sleeping Homeless Man

The angry mobs that are controlling many of the streets in our major cities at the moment are causing all sorts of undue stress to those who are just trying to live out their daily routines. While no one ever stops to think about the homeless during times like these, they are the ones who are suffering from the lack of direction in the streets.

In most scenarios, they are going to be left to fend for themselves. The horrifying incident in this story is proof of that. We cannot believe the level of cruelty that human beings are capable of at times. According to local police sources, a lit firework was tossed at a homeless man who was not harming anyone at the time.

No one is sure where the incident took place, in an exact sense. Reportedly, the homeless man was attacked on Lenox Avenue in Harlem. The cities that are allowing their protesters to run wild are experiencing all sorts of issues. The ones that are not do not have these sorts of problems to contend with. It’s almost as if lawlessness should not be encouraged under any circumstances.

Too many people have used the protests as their excuse to act like a bunch of jerks. It is safe to say that throwing fireworks at the homeless is not going to do much to preserve the memory of those who have been killed by police brutality. All this does is provide ammunition to all of the folks who could not care less about the protests and are looking for any reason to shut them down entirely.

Politicians are adding to the madness, with their willingness to pander to the protesters. They want all of the Black Lives Matter protesters to know that they are on their side. This is what they have created with their unwillingness to put their foot down when it comes to these unruly mobs. They are not the ones who should be calling the shots but what do we know?

We are not nearly as intelligent as all of these liberal mayors who are allowing their cities to be reduced to rubble, that is for sure. All jokes aside, we empathize with this homeless man. He’s all alone in the world and maybe he even viewed the protesters as kindred spirits. After all, this is one of the many people that America seems to have left behind.

Instead, he is little more than the target of a cruel joke. De Blasio and his ilk need to take a long, hard look at the world that they are creating and decide whether they want to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. How much longer can these supposedly intelligent public officials continue to pander to the protesters so nakedly?

The worst part of this entire video is when there is someone off-camera who can be heard laughing it up about the whole thing. You would think that someone would have intervened and told these folks what an awful idea this is. These are the “allies” who supposedly have everyone’s best interests at heart. In reality, they are little more than a mob that is ruled by their worst impulses.

This is what happens when groupthink is allowed to flourish like this. People start to believe that their worst ideas are worth acting on. We hope that the people who are responsible for what took place here are willing to accept the consequences of their actions. It’s childish behavior at best and potentially fatal at worst.

How would they have felt if something had happened to the homeless man as a result of the fireworks attack? Judging from this video, they would not have cared too much. They are more interested in trying to have some ill advised fun at someone else’s expense. It’s a horrifying watch, for sure.

Nothing but Lip Services From Pathetic Seattle Mayor After 19 Year Old Black Teenager Murdered in CHOP

The Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (which was once known as CHAZ) has been the subject of some bad press as of late. As it turns out, turning over six blocks of your city to protesters and allowing them to run it how they see fit is not the best idea. There have been multiple shootings inside of the CHOP zone and we cannot believe that it is still allowed to continue.

Three shootings have taken place over the past few days and one man is dead. Is anyone even responding to these attacks? According to the national media, the protesters are taking care of these issues themselves. One of the shooting victims was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle. They are now in serious condition, says Susan Gregg.

As the Harborview Medical Center spokesperson, she is trying her best to remain neutral. The first responders who would have normally been on the scene tried their best. When the fire department first arrived, the CHOP residents had directed them to a staging area instead. By the time they were actually able to help, the shooting victim had already been taken away from the scene.

We feel sorry for any law abiding citizens who find themselves stranded inside of the CHOP zone right now. How are they supposed to feel safe when emergency personnel cannot even access the area without being sent off to a “staging area”? Basically, these people want us to believe that they can shoot each other and simply drive one another to the hospital without any sort of interference.

This is all well and good until someone bleeds to death all over the backseat of a private vehicle. Paramedics should never be blocked from offering the necessary treatment and stories like this one should make any reasonable American uneasy. The next question that we have is also very simple. Where the heck is Mayor Jenny Durkan while all of this mayhem is going on?

How long can she allow this to go on before intervening? Domestic terrorism and violence are taking place because of this zone that she has allowed to exist. There are some who are tired of waiting for the mayor to intervene and they are calling upon Governor Inslee to do something about it. Neither of these public officials seems all that concerned at the moment, though.

CNN and MSNBC are more than happy to keep worshiping their liberal heroes but the local news is able to provide the real story. KOMO News has been tracking the latest development. Even they are more willing to take the government to task than the mainstream media. They called out the city leaders for remaining silent as CHAZ residents have turned violent.

The mayor’s office has finally provided some input but the statements will come as little solace to those who are being affected. All you need to do is take a closer look at the statement that was provided, if you’re looking for a good laugh. It looks like a parody of what a typical liberal mayor would say. We could not come up with something this ridiculous if we tried.

Working with Chief Scoggins, Chief Best, and other City departments, the City will continue to make changes on Capitol Hill in partnership with Black-led community organizations, demonstrators, small businesses, residents, and trusted messengers who will center de-escalation. In the coming days, I believe together we can create a Capitol Hill environment that allows for peaceful demonstrations at Cal Anderson, quality of life for residents, and take concrete steps towards a new vision for policing in our City.

We will continue to focus on the systemic changes demanded by this time in history. We must hear the voices raised in protest, admit and dismantle the systemic perpetuation of racism, and invest broadly in the health and wealth of our communities of color, particularly our Black community.

Seattle is now more concerned with offending their domestic terrorists than protecting their taxpayers. It’s the type of thing that would be shocking if we had not seen it coming. As soon as the protests and riots broke out, we all knew that the liberal mayors and cities would do everything in their power to show that they are down with the movement.

There’s no problem with that, as long as the rest of the population isn’t being forced to fend for themselves. KOMO News spoke to a couple of the affected citizens, who were too scared to provide their real identities. This doesn’t sound like a peaceful protest anymore. Hopefully, Durkan comes to her senses before it is too late. Blood is already on her hands.

Leftwing Lunacy: “Some White People May Have to Die for Black Communities Be Made Whole”

Irami Osei-Frampong is a teaching assistant and a graduate student at the University of Georgia. He made a statement that is sure to have everyone talking. Can you believe that he thinks some white people need to die in order for black Americans to be made whole again? The statement was originally made on Facebook.

Of course, this man does not understand why people are furious about what he is saying. We think that this is called gaslighting. For those who are not familiar with the term that has been gaining major traction on social media, gaslighting refers to the practice of telling people something that is insane and then acting like THEY are the ones who have lost their minds.

Osei-Frampong speaks out about equality related issues regularly but this is the most inflammatory thing that he has said thus far. Some believe that he has crossed the line this time. In addition to these quotes, his social media is also full of “gems”. The man claims that fighting white people is a skill? We are not sure who is going to pay him to do that but alright.

Tony Thomas of Channel 2 interviewed Irami and he is doubling down on the “I’m so confused” defense. While he is not calling for violence at the moment, he believes that it should remain an option. These are the double standards that we are forced to live with now that the liberals have established their stronghold.

Many have noticed that the same type of commentary would get any white person fired from their job. If it’s not alright to advocate for people’s deaths for one race, why should it be acceptable for another? If anything, Irami should have to debate these points and explain himself. The mainstream media is too scared to investigate this, though.

We now live in a time where even questioning a black person’s own words is enough to get you called a racist. It’s easy to see why people are nervous about stepping up to the plate at the moment. At this moment in time, it feels like a lose/lose proposition. No one wants to be forced to defend their own beliefs just for disagreeing with one statement.

Worst of all, this man is allowed to continue working at one of the more well known colleges in the south. What happens if people start to show up at the University of Georgia, seeking answers for what he is saying? No one is condoning any form of violence and we strongly believe in the importance of free speech.

That’s a far cry from how the liberals tend to handle things, though. If anyone says anything that is remotely critical of the Black Lives Matter campaign, they are relieved of their duties almost immediately. We have reached a point where social media activists have made a sport out of it. Anyone who has spent any meaningful amount of time on Twitter has probably seen it happen in real time before.

The University of Georgia should also start preparing themselves for the inevitable lawsuits that are going to start raining down on them because of this man’s continued employment. What happens if a white student at the university decides that they do not feel safe while they are learning on this campus? It’s a concern that is bound to come up before too long and they need to be ready.

What happens if someone sees him on the street and decides that they want to preemptively want to protect themselves? These are questions that the university is not prepared to answer. They are too busy pretending that they did not hear about these truly ridiculous statements. Let’s hope that no one decides to take Irami up on what he is saying. Things could definitely get ugly pretty quickly if someone decides that he is truly putting their lives in danger.

Baltimore Admits That Most Murderers in the City Go Scot-Free

President Trump’s recent remarks on police reform, he used Baltimore, Maryland as a prime example of the issues that police departments are experiencing. He does not want to strip police departments of their funding. The president believes that the departments need more assistance and greater access to the necessary resources.

One of the statistics that he cited was an alarming one. Of all the murders that took place in Baltimore last year, no arrests were being made. In most instances, the mainstream media will race to fact check the president when he makes claims like these. If you have noticed, they were not as quick to jump all over his case this time around.

CBS Baltimore issued a follow up report and once they took the time to check in on the Baltimore Police Department, they found that the president was telling the truth. Baltimore set a new record this past year for most murders, per capita. Like the president said, these murders are going unsolved in the majority of instances.

Their homicide clearance rate rests at just 31 percent. Because of these failures, the Baltimore police department has decided to invest more of their assets into these investigations. The homicide unit now has 14 brand new investigators. By taking the time to look more closely at their current failings, they are hoping to reduce the number of cases that are still open.

Baltimore City police confirmed the president’s statistic Tuesday saying they had a 31% homicide clearance rate, or rate of closing cases, in 2019.

A spokesperson said since Commissioner Michael Harrison arrived in 2019, the department has re-assessed assets and invested into the homicide unit, including 14 new investigators.

Now, the department is focusing on staffing and reduction in caseloads for homicide.

Additionally, the department is investing into accountability tools being put into place and the unit is building on Consent Decree policies and training.

Their efforts have been somewhat successful thus far. Through the first five months of the year, the clearance rate for homicide cases in the city has risen to 45 percent. It’s a major improvement over the 31 percent figure from before but there is so much more that needs to be done. It’s a dismal mark that still needs to be improved upon considerably.

The murder rate also tends to rise once the weather warms up and this must be taken into account. There are also those who wish to point out the factors that do not have anything to do with the police. If a murder takes place in a more sparsely populated area, it is easier for the police to narrow down the list of suspects. The more they can learn about a case that occurs in a more rural area, the better their chances of establishing a motive.

As for the murders that take place within city limits? Those are much tougher to find a motive for. If you cannot find out anything meaningful about the victim or the killer’s motivations, it’s hard to solve a murder case. The police can be handed all of the funding and resources in the world but it does not make a difference.

Police departments can track down information on their own but in many instances, they are only as effective as their informants. If there is no one who is willing to step up to the plate to offer the necessary information, the police can be limited in their ability to fight crime. The “stop snitching” mentality can cause any number of investigations to be stopped in their tracks.

Those who have spent enough time watching shows like HBO’s The Wire are sure to remember the retaliation that took place when citizens were willing to testify against the murderers responsible for polluting the streets with violence. The Baltimore police department is overwhelmed at the moment and the solutions are not as easy as anyone would like to think. President Trump is doing his best to understand the situation.

That’s the most that we can ask from any president. Baltimore will simply have to hope that their new mayor is able to get things under control. He’s vowing to be tougher on crime and for the sake of this city’s residents, we hope that he is right. With any luck, he will get the help that he needs from his federal government. We’re not going to be getting our hopes up anytime soon.

Dem’s Cancel Culture: See Ya Later, Aunt Jemima

Racism isn’t anything new. However, people are insistent on finding it in the most random of places, including on the breakfast table. For people who love pancakes, Aunt Jemima has been synonymous with delicious syrup and pancake mix. That’s it.

Quaker Oats has decided that Aunt Jemima has to go. The logo is reportedly based on a song of “Old Aunt Jemima,” which was sung by slaves. The logo has been in place since 1890, and on the website, it tells of a story of Nancy Green who was a “storyteller, cook and missionary worker.” There was no mention of her being a slave.

She’s black, however, so it’s only assumed that she was a slave. That, in itself, is a racist thought.

So, rather than allowing the black character to continue serving up breakfast, Quaker Oats has decided that they need to be “appropriate and respectful” when updating the brand. Years ago, they modernized the brand to get rid of the “mammy” kerchief.

They even stopped running their “racist” ads decades ago, where actresses personified the “mammy” stereotype.

What’s going to happen to the brand? The same product will continue to be manufactured. However, both the name of Aunt Jemima and her likeness will be removed. That should make Black Lives Matter. Or, perhaps, it will incite even more riots because, if black lives mattered, shouldn’t they want to have Aunt Jemima immortalized on breakfast syrup forever?

Aunt Jemima’s appearance has evolved over time. The brand’s origin and logo is based off the song “Old Aunt Jemima” from a minstrel show performer and reportedly sung by slaves. The company’s website said the logo started in 1890 and was based on Nancy Green, a “storyteller, cook and missionary worker.” However, the website fails to mention Green was born into slavery.

Richardson said the Aunt Jemima logo is based on a “‘mammy,’ a devoted and submissive servant who eagerly nurtured the children of her white master and mistress while neglecting her own.” A statue of a slave mammy stereotype was approved by the US Senate in 1923, but it was never built.

The company also ran racist ads for several decades, with actresses personifying the mammy stereotype. It evolved the logo over the years, and even hired singer Gladys Knight as a spokeswoman in the 1990s.

Quaker Oats has already announced that they will be working to redesign the brand. What it will be called or what the logo will contain is unknown right now. It’s simply said that the new branding will be out around the fourth quarter of this year.

As for what’s on the shelves, it’s the last of the last. And, people who have already heard that the brand is going away is making a run for it. After all, it could be at least a few months before the syrup makes it back onto the shelves – and if Aunt Jemima’s motherly smiling face isn’t on the bottle, is it really going to taste the same.

While breakfast foodies prepare to say goodbye to Aunt Jemima forever, there are a few other pantry items that are going away because of cultural inappropriation, too.

If you haven’t heard, Land O’ Lakes Butter is doing away with the Indian on the front. Because…we can’t have a logo that contains a bit of history without making it out to be the very worst. Except, Native Indians weren’t offended. Where were their riots in the street to see the butter label addressed? Wait…they didn’t care.

Uncle Ben is next. And you know Mrs. Butterworth can’t stay around for too much longer, either.

Between Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben, they were our favorite aunt and uncle. They were extended family. They’ve graced the table for decades. Now, it’s going to hurt a bit to see them go. It’s as if we need a funeral to say our proper goodbyes. They came for our statues and we stayed silent. Now, they’re coming for our breakfast syrup and our rice pilaf…and we’re still not supposed to say anything? When will this end?

Oh, but the Aunt Jemima brand has made sure that they’re being as appropriate as possible while they work to find a new logo. They’re also donating $5 million towards engaging with the black community. Meanwhile, The Onion has suggested a logo change of a “black female lawyer who enjoys pancakes sometimes.”

It might be time to give up on pancakes. With both Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth on the chopping block, what’s left? Log Cabin? Yeah, like that will get to stay around much longer. Those were probably built by slaves, so it’s only a year or two before they come for that brand. Breakfast burritos might be the safer option at this point. So long, Aunt Jemima, and thanks for the memories.

Dems Wage War Against Blacks That Don’t Submit to Their Intimidation Campaign

We are not quite sure what to make of this but we can say with some certainty that it does not look great for the Democrats. Senator Tim Scott is trying to create a reform package that will tackle the very real issues that are taking place when it comes to policing. Of course, this is not good enough for the Democrats and they are using racially charged language to communicate that point.

Dick Durbin is the Democratic senator who made the remark. He called the bill a “token” effort and while we do not see much wrong with his choice of words, we all know how this would go if a Republican said it. They would be referred to as a racist and people want them removed from their post immediately.

Guy Benson is in the same boat that we are. He is not about to jump down Durbin’s throat and call him a racist. However, he recognizes the double standards that are at work here. Everyone knows that this remark would have been treated like the end of the world if it had not come from a Democrat. This is a party that likes to act like they have solved all of their racism.

You can’t ever accuse any of them of any sort of misstep when it comes to race. That’s blasphemy to the Democrats. These are the same people who came to work dressed like they were headed to the Black Panther premier night and thought that they were doing something to combat systemic racism.

Benson believes that the comment was tone deaf at best and actively harmful at worst. The benefit of the doubt is hard to come by but some of us are still willing to offer it from time to time. The Democrats might like to try it, instead of lunging at any and every opportunity to refer to someone else as a racist.

Conservatives are constantly accused of working racist terminology into our statements when we are merely trying to get a point across. That’s why we can take the time to understand where Durbin is coming from. He should have thought twice before he used that particular word but we are not here to assassinate his character.

Tim Scott had the last laugh, anyway. As most of you already know, this conversation spilled out into Twitter land. Scott was not about to let the opportunity pass him by, so he took the opportunity to mock Durbin for the aforementioned kente cloth stunt that was pulled. It’s definitely one of the more ridiculous things that the Democrats have done recently.

That’s why they are the last party that needs to be talking any form of tokenism. Are they actually willing to do anything for black people outside of the superficial gestures? Sure, let’s name a few streets after the Black Lives Matter movement. That will show the racists. It worked so well when all of the streets were named after Martin Luther King Jr.

Durbin will probably never step in it this badly again and that’s all that really needs to be said. In the future, maybe Democrats will see how quickly certain things can be flipped back on them when they are not careful. All of the kente cloth in the world is not going to save them from being called racists when they say and do things that are not received well.

If they want to apply these same types of standards to the liberals who think that they are above it all, fine by us. Make Durbin answer for what he said. Perhaps getting a taste of their own medicine will cause them to think long and hard about the crap that they pull on everyone else. In the meantime, we are definitely going to be laughing at Scott’s response and showing it to all of our friends and loved ones.

Leftwing Lunatic WA Mayor Kneels With Protesters Until His Own Home Is Vandalized by Protesters

A story like this one was never supposed to happen, not like this. Olympia, Washington has a very progressive mayor who is committed to standing with the Black Lives Matter protesters. If there was anyone who deserved to remain safe during these turbulent times, it was her. Cheryl Selby is a far-left mayor who has taken quite a bit of flack in the past but her heart was certainly in the right place here.

She was even willing to take a knee with various protesters just a few short weeks ago. Why would a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement be treated so poorly? Now, the movement has one less supporter because people wanted to trash this woman’s house for no good reason. She’s referring to it as domestic terrorism and she’s right.

People who are doing their absolute best to understand the message and give back to their communities are being treated like garbage. How is a movement supposed to gain any traction when people are ready to act like this at a moment’s notice? It’s an honest question that needs to be answered. Selby needs to know why this happened to her.

The issues took place on Friday night. Two different groups set up shop in downtown Olympia and it did not take long before the destruction began. Flags were burnt, buildings were burned and Selby’s house took some major damage. A group that was dressed in all black made their way through the Capitol Hill region. From there, they headed into South Capitol and that’s when Selby’s house was trashed.

Once they arrived on the scene, chants of “abolish the police” started to break out. Selby’s door and front porch were vandalized. “BLM” was spray painted on the home, as if she was already not a supporter. There was even a man who was carrying a device that looked like a paddle, encouraging the police to move it along.

The officers were even threatened if they didn’t! This is the liberal enclave that was willing to support the movement and even they are being treated like redheaded stepchildren. What hope does the rest of the country have if this is how a leftist mayor is being treated? Fortunately for Selby and her loved ones, they were not home that night. They did not know what was happening to their residence until they started to receive frightened text messages from neighbors.

Selby also referred to what took place at her home as being “unfair” and that’s not even the half of it. The liberals are now being forced to stew in the mess that they have made and they do not like it. While our heart does go out to her during this trying time, she is the one who was perfectly fine with all of the protests until they started to work against her.

On Friday night, two groups converged in downtown Olympia, and some became destructive, burning flags, smashing windows, and spray painting businesses and Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby’s home.

The black-clad group eventually marched up Capitol Way and into the South Capitol neighborhood to Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby’s house. There, the group chanted “abolish the police,” and a person spray painted her front porch and door with “BLM.” A man with a flat, metal paddle-like object who was backed up by a line of cars told the group to leave, threatening them if they didn’t.

Selby and her family were not home last night, but her neighbors began texting her when the protesters arrived at her house.

“I’m really trying to process this,” she told The Olympian over the phone Saturday. “It’s like domestic terrorism. It’s unfair.

Someone needs to be willing to take responsibility for the mess that the liberals have decided to create. As soon as things go awry, they decide to turn around and play the victim. It’s like they think everyone is going to regret that they were all supporting the movement on social media for weeks now. They bank on everyone else having short memories and feeling bad for them.

What did Selby think was going to happen? If she was smart, she never would have encouraged these protesters in the first place. Now, they have grown too powerful for her to destroy on her own. We give it about a week before the liberals are begging for the military to show up and save their butts from this awful mess.

Far leftists are always going to struggle in situations that require any form of nuance. They may excel in scenarios where everything is kept simple for them but anything outside of that is always going to be outside of their chosen wheelhouse (or echo chamber).

Left’s Trying to Hide the Disastrous COVID-19 Effects Protests Are Having

You would think that a public health bureau would want every possible piece of information that they can get their hands on during a global pandemic. The more they know, the easier it becomes to protect the people. When hot spots develop, the bureau can act more quickly and provide everyone with the help that they need.

However, this is not what is happening. In fact, the public health bureau and the elected officials who are responsible for relaying their message are both behaving in mysterious ways. Left-wing politicians who were on everyone’s case about any sort of mass gathering have started to change their tune.

They have a strange idea of which gatherings are allowed and which ones aren’t. The cynical types out there have already taken note of these behaviors in the wake of the anti-racist protests that are taking over many major American cities. From where we are sitting, it seems like people on the left are ready to blame all of the current virus spreading on businesses that are reopening.

The hundreds of contact tracing workers hired by the city under de Blasio’s new “test and trace” campaign have been instructed not to ask anyone who’s tested positive for COVID-19 whether they recently attended a demonstration, City Hall confirmed to THE CITY.

“No person will be asked proactively if they attended a protest,” Avery Cohen, a spokesperson for de Blasio, wrote in an emailed response to questions by THE CITY…

There’s no direct effort to resolve a question both de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo have asked repeatedly since the demonstrations against police brutality erupted following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police: Are the protests helping spread the virus?

“That’s the one variable in this equation that we’re not sure of: We don’t know what the effect of those protests are,” Cuomo said last week.

Of course, these folks are not looking to examine the role that the protests are playing. Contact tracers are not bothering to gather the necessary information about these protesters. They would much rather place the blame anywhere else. Those who support the protests are worried about any information being provided to the general public that might cause a backlash.

Cities are now being forced to choose between scientific evidence and political posturing. NYC has already drawn their line in the sand and their contract tracers are not being asked to monitor those who are attending protests. City Hall has confirmed that no one is being asked by the contact tracers whether they have been attending protests anytime recently.

This would seem like an important question that needs to be asked but leave it to NYC to shrug it off entirely. Avery Cohen is one of the de Blasio spokespeople who has confirmed that no questions about protests are being asked. The protests have to be causing the virus to spread but this is not something that anyone is willing to reckon with.

For his part, Cuomo is claiming that this is a variable they are not currently aware of. To be fair, that is probably true to a certain extent. The incubation period for COVID-19 takes some time. At the moment, it is a blind spot of sorts. That does not mean that the city should be willing to ignore it entirely. It may win them some political brownie points but it is not the safest route to take.

City officials have noted that those who are attending protests are free to volunteer the information to contact tracers if they choose to. Unfortunately, authorities are not able to assist those who are part of protest transmission chains because they are not being the data that they need. Protest attendees are also likely to be skeptical of the motives of city officials who are asking such questions.

There is a fear of reprisal that cannot be neglected. Right or wrong, there is very little trust between the general public and city authority figures. It’s not an argument that is worth rehashing here but it’s something that needs to be monitored. We are sure that many people are going to tell the truth. They understand the risks and the photos that we have seen at protests show lots of people wearing their masks.

We must also take free will into account. If residents in states that are reopening do not have any issue with taking the risk (even after being told that infections are on the rise), protesters probably deserve the same courtesy. One thing is for sure: people have decided that the pandemic is over and they are going to take to the streets for whatever reason suits them…..whether they’re splitting a 2 for $20 from Applebee’s or protesting racial bias.

Marika: “Black Lives Matter Only When Democrats Need Your Vote” (Video)

Samantha Marika is a well known political commentator who has a lot to say about the Democrats and how they are handling the current situation. She’s noticed some contradictions that she wants to address. She started by pointing out the hypocrisy when it comes to the George Floyd memorials that have been taking place all over the country.

Marika wants to know why the same people who were being told that they could not have a funeral for their own family members are now watching memorial service after memorial service on television. The same politicians who were telling everyone to stay inside because of COVID-19 are now heading outside for photo ops.

The video that she uploaded came with a very powerful conclusion. She asked the Democrats a very simple question. Do they really care about the Black Lives Matter movement or is this just something that they say to get the votes they need? It’s a very real question and one that needs to be answered as quickly as possible.

People are finally starting to see all of the convenient political tactics. The Democrats could not care less about public safety OR structural racism. Malika’s observation is quite astute. We are not sure how anyone could look at this party and think that they have the right answers when it comes to racism but they have done a good job pulling the wool over everyone else’s eyes.

That’s because they have found a way to re-frame the conversation that benefits them. It’s never Democrats vs. racism. It’s always some form of “kind and liberal Democrats who love everyone” vs. “mean, angry Republicans who hate everyone”. In their defense, it’s a fairly adept argumentative tactic. If you turn everyone against the other party, they are never taking the time to examine your misdeeds.

At this point, we don’t think that the Democrats really have a leg to stand on when it comes to racism. They have done nothing to dismantle the systems that they claim are harmful. Barack Obama has decided to wade into the current media cycle and act like he has all of the answers. The way that he talks is so funny. It’s like he’s forgotten that he had eight years to put a dent in the same problems that he talks about now.

It’s easier for the Democrats to pretend like they care by using a different political party to juxtapose their actions. Marika notices this issue and she is not willing to stay silent. The last thing that the Democrats want is for people to start actually looking at their actions, instead of being swayed by a bunch of flowery words. They may start to notice all of the horrific things that Barack Obama did while he was president.

This is the same man who was willing to bomb foreign countries into the Stone Age and deport citizens at an alarming rate. However, the Democrats have succeeded when it comes to making everyone forget that. That’s the issue at the heart that Samantha is trying to get to the heart of. We just hope that everyone else has their awakening, too.

It’s never too late to realize that you have been hoodwinked for all of these years. The COVID-19 lockdown was never about keeping Americans safe, it was about giving the Democrats a chance to stand in opposition to Trump. If Trump had been the one who was telling everyone that they needed to stay indoors, the Democrats would have been the first ones to encourage everyone to head outside.

If Trump says white, they say black. If he said that the sky was blue, they would probably find a way to counter that claim as well. At least we only have to endure the Democrats’ nonsense for a few more months. Once their delusion of winning back the White House has been shattered, they are definitely going to get a lot quieter.

Baltimore Fines Churches Holding Peaceful Services While Encouraging Violent Riots

This story unfolded in Dundalk, a Baltimore suburb. Pastor Stacey Shiflett found himself in the headlines for all of the wrong reasons. When he received a cease and desist letter from the government, he did not listen. Instead, he stood at the lectern and tore it up. He wanted everyone who was at Calvary Baptist Church that day to see his defiance.

If Wal-Mart can be open, the church can be open. That’s how the pastor feels and he’s got plenty of people standing behind. America’s religious right are tired of the persecution. He is making sure that his flock is staying out of harm’s way, though. Temperature checks take place before anyone can come inside and the proper social distancing measures are adhered to.

The government was not about to take this laying down. They came for the pastor as soon as it became obvious that he was not going to listen to their orders. Fortunately for the pastor, a Maryland Congressman has decided to intervene. He wants the fine rescinded by Tuesday or there are going to be problems.

At long last, someone is willing to stand up for those who are simply looking to worship in peace. The Department of Justice is being asked to investigate the matter and we cannot wait to hear more about their findings. Republican Congressman Andy Harris is on the case and he has been very vocal when it comes to his feelings about the way that this poor pastor was treated by his own government.

The Department of Justice investigation can be avoided if the fine is rescinded and the line in the sand has been drawn. The county has made their orders but the pastor is not going to budge. We are sure that this will not be the only case of its type around the country. Churches are being told to stay closed while stores and restaurants open their doors to anyone who wants to come.

What type of message does that send to the true believers out there? They are being told that they need to stay home but if they wanted to go to Wal-Mart and spend some money? That would be A-OK. In our humble opinion, a trip to a superstore is probably much more dangerous than a trip to church but don’t tell our government that. They are too busy attacking pastors for trying to spread the Good Word.

We are not sure what the Department of Justice would be able to do in this situation but we definitely want to find out. As more and more churches are unfairly being told to keep their doors closed, cases like these will only become more common. The federal government is not going to have an easy time when it comes time to do battle with local governments that have already put their own rules into place, though.

Unfortunately, this is a side effect of allowing states to handle the pandemic on their own. President Trump wanted to empower each state to make their own decisions, so that there were no wide ranging federal regulations. Can you imagine how angry Americans would have been if Trump had issued federal guidelines that everyone had to follow? Perhaps allowing the state governments to take the lead was for the best.

The hypocrisy that is being placed on full display here cannot be ignored any longer, guidelines or no guidelines. The protesters have been filling the Baltimore streets for weeks. No one seems too concerned with them. Meanwhile, religious worshipers are being as if they are common criminals.

Somethings needs to be done and it needs to be done now. Kudos to this Congressman for being willing to stand beside the Christian community. They are finding it hard to locate anyone who still has their backs anymore. That’s just the America that we are living in these days, we suppose. Perhaps a church based riot will get their attention? Food for thought…

Watch Biden Incoherently Stumbling Through Roundtable Discussion

Biden’s gaffes are usually hilarious but we can’t lie to you. This one was painful to sit through. It’s gotten to the point where we are wondering if someone is going to intervene. The Democrats can’t trotting him out there like this. It’s only a matter of time before he finally makes the mistake that puts an official end to this doomed campaign.

No wonder the establishment Democrats want Biden to stay in his basement. All it took was one trip outside of his home to expose how ill equipped he is to handle this moment in time. The objective here was a simple one: Biden wanted to have a round table discussion about the ins and outs of reopening the economy.

It should have been an easy task but with Biden at the helm, nothing is ever as simple as it should be. The best part is when Biden manages to lose his entire train of thought while he is reading from the carefully prepared notes that he was given to prevent such a thing from happening. It’s like he’s actively trying to make everyone laugh at this point.

At least those who do not identify as Democrats or leftists are able to laugh. We can’t imagine that these clips are very funny to those who are depending on Biden to remove Trump from office come November. The establishment Democrats who worked so hard behind the scenes to make sure that Biden didn’t actually have to beat anyone else out for the nomination must be proud.

They knew that their guy could not win unless they rigged the game in his favor. No matter how many Democrats are willing to put their thumbs on the scale, it is not going to change the reality of the situation. Biden does not even know what Juneteenth is and this is the same man who was willing to revoke everyone’s black card not that long ago.

The bizarre discussion went in all sorts of directions, as Biden also tried his best to launch yet another feeble attack against the current president. This did not go very well. Biden’s mask was also dangling from his ear at a certain point. Does he even know that the mask is sliding off his head or is he blissfully unaware? Biden supporters may be able to play off the stuttering and stammering but this is next level buffoonery.

The brain freezes are only getting worse and worse as the election draws nearer. How can any of the Democrats feel good about this? They want to win so badly that they are willing to ignore all of the most obvious signs about his lack of cognitive ability. The party can only continue to neglect these types of clips for so long. Right now, they are benefiting immensely from the sheer volume of news that is attracting everyone’s attention.

In a quote-unquote ‘normal’ news cycle, a clip like this one would stay in the news for a long time. Biden would have to answer serious questions about his capabilities. Remember the good old days when the mainstream media could not stop speculating about President Trump’s mental capacities? If he was the one who couldn’t complete a full sentence on live television, they would have had a field day.

When it comes to Biden, they are all as quiet as church mice because they secretly harbor hope that he could win the election. That was the whole point of the Democratic party taking the time to kneecap every other viable candidate. They rigged the race in his favor and he is still unable to truly seize control.

Sleepy Joe is just bumbling about, killing time until he inevitably loses the election and is forced to crawl back into his basement. Obama may have done everything that he could to help him but these efforts are futile at this point. Maybe next time, they’ll let their presidential nomination be won by the best candidate….not the one who is considered “electable”.

“Peaceful Protesters” Burn Down 70 COVID-19 Testing Sites

The riots are causing a number of media outlets to show their true colors. We have seen far more enthusiasm about what is taking place than we would like. There is only one entity that is happier about the riots than the mainstream media. COVID-19 is still a major threat and with each passing day, it becomes more and more apparent that the second wave is going to be a nasty one.

President Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator Deborah Birx is warning the rioters about their actions in a newly leaked conference call. The protesters might be wearing masks but they are negating these benefits by burning down various COVID-19 testing sites. The virus is only going to continue to spread when we do not have access to the necessary testing.

Birx is advising governors to take the proper steps now, so that they can replace these tests before it is too late. The mass gatherings that are taking place at the moment are causing problems for citizens all over the world. The protests are allowing the virus to continue spreading and the destruction is removing valuable testing sites from the equation entirely.

Speaking via conference call, a recording of which The Daily Beast obtained, Deborah Birx, Trump’s coronavirus response coordinator, relayed fears that the yelling by protesters could potentially negate the health benefits of wearing a mask, and that the destruction of testing sites at those protests would set back efforts to contain the virus’ spread. Birx said 70 such sites had been destroyed, which had already resulted in an appreciable drop in testing rates there. She advised governors to “scramble now to make sure there is testing available in urban areas.”

While Birx offered some reassurance by saying that she had not seen evidence that the Memorial Day parties had caused an increased spread, she did go on to say that renewed community spread was taking place in various states. North Carolina, Arizona and California are among the states that are currently enduring an increased spread.

Birx noted that while all states had dramatically increased testing, three states—California, Arizona, and North Carolina—had seen positive test results rise at the same time; an ominous sign about the virus’ trajectory. “That makes us quite concerned,” Birx said. Pointing specifically to increased cases in Phoenix, Charlotte, and in Salt Lake City, she said it was her belief that “there is active community spread in California, North Carolina, Utah, and Arizona.”

Birx noted, in particular, that her team had seen data that showed community spread in “metro Hispanic neighborhoods,” and she urged governors to ensure that the communities there knew that “there are tests, and tests are free.”

Birx wants governors to test in all of the urban areas that are currently in trouble. Nate Silver has noted that these outbreaks do not appear to be as horrific as the initial spread that took place back in March and April. Multiple states are over the 1.0 mark when it comes to their transmission rate but not by much. These numbers give us hope that we are not going to slide backwards into a full scale lockdown.

This is not the time to panic but it is time to be concerned. People may want to believe that the worst is over. It’s understandable. Folks want to get back to their normal lives and wearing masks outside during the summertime is hardly comfortable. The red states should be especially concerned. These are the states that were looking to open the earliest and out of the 12 states with a 1.0 transmission rate, 10 are red.

Arizona and Texas wanted to open on Memorial Day and from the looks of these numbers? They are now paying the price. This is not a coincidence. There’s been an uptick in hospitalizations in many of the states that decided to let their citizens enjoy some much needed socialization. At the moment, it would be hard to attribute this uptick to the protests. The current information aligns with the COVID-19 incubation period.

In a few weeks, the story could be vastly different and only time will tell if the protesters’ masks were able to protect them. The national attention span has drifted away from the virus recently and that is definitely going to change in the weeks to come. Birx’s claim about a noticeable drop in testing rates in the area with destroyed testing centers is also not passing the smell test at the moment.

Only time will tell how much damage the protesters have done when it comes to the spread of the virus. People are clearly nervous at the moment but all we can do is keep doing what we were doing. It makes us wonder how many facilities were “ruined” and how many simply needed a day or two to clean up minor damages.

As for the White House, the president seems to have moved on. He’s already looking to hold a rally and is reportedly having one in Tulsa next Friday. We cannot wait to see what Birx has to say about these rallies (which will be held indoors, unlike the protests). We’re sure that the tune is going to change.

Georgia “Peaceful Protesters” Follow Police Home and Throw Firebombs

Those who were dismayed by the idea of the Blue Lives Matter website being taken down are sure to be mad at this one. All it took was 24 hours of whining to remove the website from the internet entirely. This is what happens when the liberals are allowed to decide what is offensive and what is not. If you click any links that are associated with the website, they will take you to a page where it is explained that the site is “retooling”.

The loss of this site is unfortunate. However, we were able to get our hands on one of the stories that they were providing and it is grim. Gwinnett County, Georgia protesters were found to have behaved in an abominable manner but that should not come as a surprise to anyone at this point. The protesters are using these demonstrations as an excuse to act on their most destructive impulses.

Three of these folks decided to track down the officers who were working at the protests. Two of them had already been arrested for their behavior at other George Floyd protests. From the looks of things, they did not learn their lesson. They elected to travel to the homes of the officers, so that they could attack them in person. Their squad cars were destroyed with Molotov cocktails and the destruction was vile.

Three people tracked two Georgia law enforcement officers to their homes and set their patrol vehicles on fire using Molotov cocktails on Thursday night.

The first incident occurred outside a home in Duluth sometime after 10 p.m., WSB reported.

Police received a 911 call that a Gwinnett County Police Department car was on fire at that location, but it had successfully been extinguished by the time officers arrived.

Witnesses told police they spotted three black males running away from the scene, WXIA reported.

Since when are police officers no longer safe in their own homes? This is not a part of protesting. This is stalking and its dangerously close to organized crime. We would expect this sort of behavior in the midst of a mob war, not a supposedly peaceful protest against the police. If not for the brave witnesses who were willing to testify against the attackers, who knows what might have happened next?

Had the officers decided to return the favor by opening fire or throwing their own Molotov cocktails, they would have been treated as domestic terrorists. These are the stories that fall by the wayside when everyone else is too concerned about signaling their virtue to the leftists. The police were able to arrest all of the suspects who were accused of these diabolical actions, so at least one corner of America is still somewhat safe.

There was an initial report about three black males running away from the scene of the crime but eventually, authorities learned that a female was involved. They have since been arrested on a litany of charges. Felony charges will be filed against the attackers, as they are presumed guilty of firebombing a government vehicle. This is not what the protests were supposed to be about.

That’s why so many folks are skeptical about what is going on. It’s one thing to be upset with police officers who are not upholding the values that are associated with their line of work. These are the officers who need to be relieved of their duties immediately. It’s quite another to go after officers at their own homes and force them to fear for their lives. Violent offenders should not be following officers to their residences.

It’s sad that we have reached a point where this even needs to be said. You would think that protesters would have some small level of common sense when it comes to matters like these. By all means, peacefully protest the officers who have done wrong. That’s the constitutional right of any American citizen. Launching violent attacks like this one? That’s going too far and we think that any sane citizen would agree.

What happens when one of these attacks manages to seriously injure or kill a non police officer? Are the people who are responsible going to be there to provide financial assistance to their next of kin? It’s hard to believe that they would. Let’s just hope that attacks like these don’t become the norm in America. The nation is already going through enough right now.

Democrats Are Now Calling to Burn Books Written by White Folks

Juan Vidal is one of more well-known writers on the alt left. Anti Trump websites like Rolling Stone and The Daily Beast regularly hire him to provide his signature ramblings. The recent article that he decided to publish on the NPR website is quite the doozy. He thinks that white people should start to “decolonize” their own bookshelves.

And how would a white person go about this task? It’s a natural question to ask when it comes to a request of this nature. Vidal’s answer is a simple one. The books that are written by white people need to be removed from your shelves and replaced by books that are written by minority authors. He offers no further explanation as to what you are even supposed to be doing with them.

It’s one of those things that probably sounds great as a pull quote but it does not make much sense in theory. The idea of removing and/or burning books that are associated with one ethnic group evokes obvious comparisons to the actions of Hitler. Any book that was determined to be of “un-German” origins was torched. Is this what the modern day left wants to emulate or are they willing to take a step back?

At this point, its an open question. Those who identify as white and only read white authors are being taken to task and these conversations are not going away anytime soon. White people are also being told that they need to silence their own voices. Vidal does not explain how any of this is actually going to happen. He just wants the cool points that come from this type of virtue signaling behavior.

Vidal: If you are white, take a moment to examine your bookshelf. What do you see? What books and authors have you allowed to influence your worldview, and how you process the issues of racism and prejudice toward the disenfranchised? Have you considered that, if you identify as white and read only the work of white authors, you are in some ways listening to an extension of your own voice on repeat?

The modern left will say anything that gets them attention. They do not care if they are making any level of sense. If they are able to come up with any sort of plan that offers them a larger level of control over the American people, that’s all that matters to them. We often find ourselves wondering if they believe half of the stuff that they are saying.

Once people are being told that they need to get rid of any book that was written by a white person, we are on the other side of the looking glass. While there are great conversations to be had about minority authors that are creating beautiful work, no one wants to get specific about any of it. As long as they can vaguely gesture towards some sort of anti white sentiment, that’s all they care about.

The nation is already in the throes of a Civil War, whether people realize it yet or not. The left and the right are on completely opposing sides of the current conversation. It is starting to look like the fundamental disagreements are going to tear us apart at the seams. When a white citizen is not able to read a book that was written by a white author without fear of reprisal, that is when things have gone too far.

Revolutions that are genuine stop at no boundaries. No area must remain untouched. Just as it revolutionizes people it also revolutionizes things. “Therefore, you are doing the right thing as you, at this midnight hour, surrender to the flames the evil spirit of the past. There the intellectual basis of the November Republic is crushed to the ground. But from the rubble will arise victoriously the Phoenix of a new spirit, a spirit that we carry forth, that we nourish and to which we give decisive weight.

Did Vidal even care to recommend books that were written by authors of color? Of course he didn’t. It wasn’t about helping others or increasing their access to the knowledge that he claims to have. It was about getting some likes and shares on social media with the same old rhetoric. This is just the latest salvo in the never ending social media war between the liberals and those who identify as conservative.

“Where they burn books, they will also ultimately burn people.”

There’s a way to recommend good authors that the average white person wouldn’t be aware of and this isn’t it. This is all about Vidal’s feelings and his desire to establish himself at the top of some sort of social order that he has decided on in his head. We just hope that the white people he was pandering to were impressed with what he had to say. That’s the only audience that was paying attention to him.

Minneapolis City Council “We Don’t Know Who’ll Respond to Crime After We Disbanded Police”

Call us crazy but if we were going to disband the police force in our city, we would probably have some sort of backup plan in place. While we do not believe that the cities should have a full plan already, it would be nice if they could answer some of the questions that they are being asked. If you’re going to dissolve law enforcement, you might want to be able to provide some sort of concrete response.

Minneapolis did not get that memo. They have given in to the angry mob and gotten rid of their police force before they were able to come up with a decent replacement. CNN anchors have been asking these officials about their plan repeatedly over the past 24 hours or so. If there was ever a network that would be sympathetic to these concerns, it would be them.

Even they seem like they are reaching the limit of what they will deal with and it hasn’t even taken that long. A city of 400,000 people needs answers and they are not being given anything to work with. At least Lisa Bender was willing to admit that she had no clue what she was talking about. Her initial response was severely lacking.

“Calling 911 is a form of white privilege” might sound great to the protesters but it comes as little solace to those who are going to have to figure out their lives all over again now. Imagine how frustrating it would be to live in a major city, only to have them get rid of their police force entirely. Are these local officials going to be shelling out for everyone’s moving costs when they inevitably flee?

Of course they won’t. The Democratic establishment is now left to pick up the pieces and these bleeding hearts on City Council are not going to be able to offer any assistance. The radical rhetoric that has been allowed to take root in this country is finally creating real consequences that no one in power wants to deal with. It won’t be long before city officials are renouncing everything that they said in the past.

Keisha Bottoms has found herself in the VP race, as Biden looks to tap an African-American female for the role. Whether he chooses her, Stacey Abrams, Condoleezza Rice or Cardi B, he is going to need to choose someone who can stay on message. Bottoms is among those who believes that the police forces of our major cities cannot be dismantled. Biden himself is backpedaling on the radical mumbo jumbo, too.

The Democrats have not even been able to mount a serious challenge for the presidency yet and they are already retreating into their usual moderate behavior. Maybe if they stayed in this lane, they would not have so much damage control to take care of right now. What good is the whole “defund the police” idea if the primary Democrats who are at the head of the table do not even agree with the idea?

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris is also making sure that she gets herself in the news for opining on what should be done next. Like many other moderates, she is campaigning for funding to be redirected as needed. Instead of disbanding the entire police force, she would like to see additional funding offered for mental health agencies and social services. She’s not about to put much emphasis on the disbanding idea (unless it proves to be more politically viable, of course).

That’s all this comes down to at the end of the day. The leftists are going to say whatever they think will get the most people on their side and they will change their minds as soon as the wind starts to blow in a different direction. Anyone who believes that politicians truly care about the struggles that minority groups experience in America has been sold a bill of goods.

Barr Speaks up and Calls Violent Rioters for What They Are

The attorney general has an amazing knack for saying exactly what we are thinking. Many of us have been watching the protests and wondering why the rioters are being given a full pass for what they are doing. The media wants everyone to believe that the protests are all peaceful but this is not the truth.

The violence and destruction that is taking place around the country has received a sizable amount of attention but no one seems to be willing to call what it is. That’s what makes voices like Attorney General Barr’s so important. Small business owners have been left to pick up the pieces and no one seems to care about any of their concerns.

No one is talking about the deaths and hospitalizations that are taking place because of the protests, either. When Attorney General Barr sat down for an interview on Face The Nation, he had a lot of things to get off his chest. Margaret Brennan provided him with the necessary forum to speak on everything that has been taking place over the past few weeks.

He denied the Lafayette Park story that has been circulating. For those who might have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, Barr was accused of ordering the release of tear gas, so that a path could be cleared for a Trump photo op at a nearby church. Barr also denies signing off on the deployment of active military in the city.

According to the attorney general, he had no idea that the president was planning on taking a walk on this fateful day. It was a decision that he came to all on his own. Barr did admit that they wanted the federal troops to remain close by, in case they were needed. As long as the resources that they had on hand were sufficient, there were no plans to deploy any military might to move the protesters.

They were not peaceful protesters. And that’s one of the big lies that the- the media is- seems to be perpetuating at this point.

There were three warnings given. But let’s get back to why we took that action. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, OK, there were violent riots in- at Lafayette Park where the park police were under constant attack at the- behind their bike rack fences. On Sunday, things reached a crescendo. The officers were pummeled with bricks. Crowbars were used to pry up the pavers at the park and they were hurled at police. There were fires set in not only St. John’s Church, but a historic building at Lafayette was burned down.

Brennan tried her best to get Barr to admit to the tear-gassing of innocent protesters but he was not willing to bite. He was prepared for the questions that were asked of him and offered thoughtful responses. The 82nd Airborne military police may have been in the area but that does not mean that there were any immediate plans for deployment. This goes against the narratives that have been circulating.

General Milley and Defense Secretary Mark Esper were on the same page. Neither of these men wanted to use any military force, if they could possibly help it. The president does have the ability to overrule state governments if needed. He is able to use military force when necessary but it depends on the circumstances.

Barr also sent some shots at the media for not being willing to tell the whole story about the protests. The Treasury Department was broken into, which was not mentioned in many of the reports. Barr went on to claim that tear gas was not used to displace the protesters. Pepper balls were used instead. Three warnings were provided to the crowd to disperse before they were fired. The protesters were not willing to listen.

Brennan even seemed to learn about the break-in that took place at the Treasury Department. There’s no real journalism at the moment. Everyone already has their preferred narrative in mind and they are not going to budge from it. There’s a glut of footage circulating right now, which makes it even easier to bury your head in the sand.

That’s what the left does when they are confronted with evidence of other narratives that do not align with their own. Hopefully, this interview is able to clear up any misconceptions about what has taken place in the nation’s capital as of late. 2020 has been an insane year and we are still trying our best to wrap our minds around everything that has been happening so far.