Pennsylvania Biden Voter Complains About Sea of Trump Flag

Joe Biden events tend to be pretty awkward in nature. His gaffes and screw ups have kept us laughing over the past few months, though. For once, this awkward moment is not his fault. He and Anderson Cooper of CNN were the hosts for the event. It did not take long for the event to devolve into a complete circus.

Biden was only there to answer questions that had already been approved. We all know that he only does well when he’s given slow pitch softballs. Otherwise, he turns into a stuttering and stammering mess. A Pennsylvania Democrat had a question that was really more of a complaint but at least we got a good chuckle.

We’re not even sure what the question was supposed to be, in all honesty. Near as we can tell, this was a big worry that she needed to get off her chest. Who better to confide in than Joe Biden? If they end up swiping that as a campaign slogan, we demand swift compensation. All jokes aside, it’s a moment that is well worth your time.

When she said that her neighborhood was a “sea of Trump flags and yard signs”, Biden looked like someone had just told him that his best friend was dead. The gut punch that he took when he was given this information is too funny to watch. Remember the episode of The Simpsons, when Ralph Wiggum tries to make Lisa Simpson his Valentine, only to have his heart ripped out on live television?

That’s what this reminded us of. The look on his face is one of pure pain. This goes against the narratives that the Democrats have been hatching as of late. They want everyone to believe that the election is already over and all they need to do is mail in their vote. The idea that the Trump supporter is an endangered species has become a very popular one as of late.

We’re not sure why that would be the case when the leftists were already taught this very hard lesson during the last election. Oh, how they rejoiced at the polls! The precious polls told them that the orange man was bad and that Hillary would save them from him. Of course, they did not retain the lesson and now you have Biden on television looking like a sad puppy dog.

Barack Obama may have told him that he has nothing to worry about but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. If he loses this election, the embarrassment that Hillary Clinton went through will seem like small potatoes. He’s been acting like the election is won and refusing to leave his basement for months. Kamala Harris cannot save him from every public event, as this video clearly shows.

Everything has been handed to Biden, as the Democrats strive to make this campaign as easy as possible for him. Meanwhile, the sitting president has been working tirelessly to handle everything that still needs to be done. The winner is not resting on their laurels but Biden seems to think that being a former vice president holds more weight than it actually does.

Election night is sure to come as a major shock to Biden. We are issuing our predictions now. We believe that Trump will be declared the winner but only on a provisional basis. From there, you will see the swindle play out in real time. They are going to claim that there are still other states that need to be counted and that’s how they are going to try to make sure that Biden wins.

If we’re wrong, we’re wrong. That’s just our gut feeling at the moment. One thing is for sure: Biden was not ready for what this woman had to say and he’d better get it together. If the sight of a few Trump flags shakes him up, he’s in for a tough time going forward.

Good Job Joe! Biden’s Mostly Peaceful Protests Caused Over 2 Billion in Damages Mostly To Minorities

While the Washington Post has decided to highlight a recent report about the protests remaining mostly peaceful, there is still much to be done. Yes, their report claimed that 93 percent of the protests have been peaceful. It’s the 7 percent that is worrying the rest of the country right now. The civil disorder that the nation is experiencing is getting very, very expensive.

Property Claim Services has tracked every insurance claim that is related to forms of civil unrest since 1950. Any insured loss damages over $25 million are classified as a “catastrophe”. 2020 is going to cost insurance companies more than any other in our nation’s history. The number may reach $2 billion before the year is out.

Insurance Information Institute corroborates the figure. They compile information that is provided by Property Claim Services and other companies that gather such data. “It’s not just happening in one city or state — it’s all over the country,” says Loretta L. Worters. As a member of the Insurance Information Institute, she has never seen anything quite like this.

She believes that the losses could continue to rise, since the protests seem to be far from over. As a point of comparison, we took a look at the damages caused by the Rodney King riots back in the ’90s. When you adjust the numbers for inflation, these totals reach roughly $1.4 billion. It’s safe to say that these riots are already much worse than that.

One of the best ways to truly understand the damages is by comparing it to a natural disaster. This year’s wildfires have caused $1.5 billion in damages thus far but in past years, these damages have reached up to $18 billion. Hurricane Isaias, a category 1 hurricane, caused damages that range somewhere between $3 billion and $5 billion.

So, there you have it. These protests are less costly than the most expensive wildfires but more costly than this year’s wildfires. It’s not over yet and that is the most nerve-wracking part for those who are paying close attention to the news. For starters, there is a great deal of speculation about what may happen if Trump is able to win re-election.

There were plenty of riots and protests following the 2016 election and this one could be more of the same. The damages that are already taking place are substantial enough. Kenosha’s fire chief has been dealing with the aftermath of the riots that broke out after the Jacob Blake shooting. According to Fire Chief Charles Leipzig, he says that the damages have already exceeded $11 million.

“It’s been a very difficult past month,” says Leipzig. “We have a record fire loss and some injuries as a result of the current events. … You’re looking at $11 million in fire loss. To put into context, that’s three years of fire loss for us in the span of about a week. And we also sent some people to the hospital. It has not been a very pleasant month.”

This begs the question: when can we expect things to go back to normal? Biden seems to think that he has a chance to turn things around. The leftists might be a bit happier if Trump is out of office but that is not going to change things by itself. On the other hand, the anti-war movement seemed to vanish pretty quickly once Barack Obama had the chance to become president.

There is also a chance that a coronavirus vaccine could be ready for the general public before the year is out. This is Trump’s great hope at the moment and he is putting a lot of pressure on Pfizer to get it done. If the vaccine is released to the public, this could help put a stop to all of civil unrest that we have been seeing.

In the meantime, the far left is going to continue to put pressure on local district attorneys. So far, these DAs have been slow to bring charges against protesters. All of that could change once these cities are forced to start paying off the damages that have taken place during this long, strange summer.

Dems’ New Normal! Biden’s Private Militia, BLM, Now Attacking Trump Supporters at Their Homes

Milwaukee Black Lives Matter militants are no longer content to have their riots in the streets anymore. They have decided that they are going to start bringing their grievances directly to the front doors of Trump supporters. On Tuesday night, one of the Trump supporters was arrested for the crime of protecting their own home from these far-left protesters.

This is not the first time that these angry mobs have showed up at the homes of random individuals. These arrivals have nothing to do with the protests. They are all about intimidation. There is a Facebook page entitled “Justice Tour 2020” and it outlines all of these plans. Vaun L. Mayes believes that he is Milwaukee’s answer to Malcolm X (his words, not ours) and he is sharing all sorts of personal information.

Trump supporters are watching in horror as all of their information is being presented to the rest of the world without anyone bothering to intervene. The page is chock full of addresses and phone numbers. Those who are listed are going to be treated to many unwanted visitors. Mayes refers to the illegal gatherings as “protest parties”.

Former Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales has also been the target of this harassment. The group is said to have already held numerous “protest parties” at his home. He was once the chief but he has since been demoted back to captain for the usage of pepper spray and tear gas against the protesters.

Ald. Nikiya Dodd does not like what she is seeing. As a representative of the 5th District (where Morales resides), she believes that the protests are causing more harm than good. The threats that they are causing to public safety need to be addressed immediately. As for Mayes, the doxing and terrorism that he engages in is enough to keep the PayPal donations rolling in on his Facebook page.

The Tuesday “party” took place at the home of a man who was believed to be racist. The mob used the existence of a Confederate flag to justify their visit. While we did not see any evidence of this flag in this video, the man was flying a Trump flag and an American flag. Once he held a gun up in the window to try and scare the rioters away, they called the police on him.

The irony of the anti-police crowd using the police as a cudgel to attack people they don’t like shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Abolish the police, indeed. The police arrived and took the man away, setting off a chorus of cheers from the same crowd that had been menacing him earlier. They called him “Probation Pete” and treated his arrest like one big party.

The group that was involved in this clear antagonism even included children, which is one of the most disturbing aspects of this whole thing. Various outlets have reached out to Facebook and PayPal about the potential violations of their service agreements that are currently taking place. No one has been given any reassurances at the moment.

This is a powder keg that is waiting to explode. What happens when one of these homeowners is not in the mood to merely brandishing a gun? When someone finally decides to open fire on the “party” as soon as they arrive, the mainstream media will pretend that this is an isolated incident. They are going to ignore the history of these visits and treat the person who finally loses their temper as if they are a criminal.

Since the local authorities are not being given the tools that they need to put a stop to these behaviors, we won’t be surprised when we keep hearing about these stories. It’s only a matter of time before these “parties” turn ugly and we hope that someone intervenes soon. These stories are going to start to take a tragic turn before too long.

State Dept Docs Confirm Ukraine’s Burisma Paid $7 Million Bribe After Hunter Biden Joined Board

According to State Department documents that have recently been unearthed after an extended period of time, Hunter Biden was closely involved in the payment of a massive bribe. Burisma, the company that provided Joe Biden’s son with a seat on their board, is found to be responsible for the payout. They doled out a whopping $7 million to local authorities who were investigating corruption at the firm.

These findings turned up a mere eight months after Hunter Biden first joined the board. United States officials who are stationed in Kiev developed the evidence. Local prosecutors were investigating the firm but as you might have expected, all of the problems went away quickly. A $7 million payment has a way of doing that.

The bribe is alleged to have been paid out sometime in 2014, between the months of May and December. At least one prosecutor has been willing to confirm this. The prosecution for this case referred to the bribe as a “gross miscarriage of justice that undermined months of US assistance”. The FBI was alerted about these concerns.

No one seems to know if the allegations were ever investigated in a more aggressive manner, either. That seems strange when you stop to consider the amount of money that is supposed to have changed hands here. An anecdote that is this explosive should not have been buried in older files. The conflict of interest taking place here needed to be discussed long before now.

Whenever the Biden family is involved, the mainstream media doesn’t seem too willing to ask questions. The corruption in Ukraine was pervasive but yet, the government was willing to spend a sizable amount of time and money on a Trump investigation in the region. Biden’s corruption is staring us right in the face but the United States government continues to play stupid about it.

Joe Biden even visited the country to speak out about the corruption. He demanded that a prosecutor take the time to look into the issues going on at Burisma. Was this a joke of some kind? He had to have known that his son was involved by this point in time. That’s probably why he demanded that the prosecutor be fired for the role that they played.

Remember when Trump stood accused of potentially withholding aid from the Ukraine until they were willing to play ball with him? It’s a nasty bit of political theater that happens on a regular basis. If this was such a problem for the left, why aren’t they complaining about Biden, though? It’s almost like they don’t care unless they think Trump can be placed in some form of trouble.

Scratch the ‘almost’ part. That’s exactly how they think. If Trump is accused, it’s definitely true. If Biden is accused, all of a sudden everyone wants a “nuanced” conversation. Biden is so sure of his ability to get away with this sort of behavior, he actually brags about it in his interviews. This is a man who knows that he is untouchable, as far as the Democrats are concerned.

One day, his luck is sure to run out but he does not seem to think so. He believes that the election is already his and he is operating under that assumption. Biden wants to be able to hide in the basement for the next six weeks and still win. Trump and his campaign need to start hammering away at all of the vulnerabilities that he keeps presenting. There’s a wealth of material to choose from.

Senator Ron Johnson is asking for answers about this matter and he wants them as soon as possible. American corruption has made it so no one knows what to expect. We are not looking forward to receiving any confirmation about this corruption. It’s just the reality of the world that we are currently living in. The Democrats want us to do as they say, not as they do.

Unbelievable! Latinos Come Out Big Time in Support for Trump

The running joke used to be that the weekends were for cracking open a cold eye with the boys. Now, weekends are made for Trump boat parades and Trump caravans. On Sunday, the Latinos for Trump group came out in full force. Their caravan got underway at Doral Central Park in Miami. Ariel Martinez from the Cubans4Trump group organized this special event.

Over 4,000 vehicles gathered for the caravan. The Direct and Uncensored group on Facebook was also closely involved in the planning process, as well as other social media groups. Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguans participated in this sizable caravan as a means of showing their support for President Trump.

The liberal mainstream media is not going to cover these sorts of events because they do not align with their chosen narrative. In their minds, only white supremacists are voting for Trump. Biden’s already questioned the blackness of any African-American who dares not to vote for him. How long do the Latinos have before they are facing the same “scrutiny” from Sleepy Joe?

“We don’t want Socialism in the USA!” tweeted a proud resident of this region. Cuban-Americans who have lived through the Castro regime are sounding off the alarm bells. These people seem a bit more qualified to comment on the pros and cons of a socialist government than the leftists who are filling the airwaves, that is for sure. Why listen to them, though? It’s not like they have been through it before or anything.

All it takes is one look at all of these vehicles to see how serious these people are about their support. The enthusiasm for Trump in this state is at an all time high. The mainstream media wants everyone to believe that Biden is going to win the election going away. It’s not over until it is over and this is something that Trump strongly believes in.

Remember when there was a popular liberal narrative about Trump not actually wanting to win the election in the first place? He doesn’t want to live in the White House, they said. He’d rather spend all of his time in Trump Tower, they said. Now, the narrative has been flipped on its ear. Trump will do whatever it takes to win and if he loses?

They are claiming that he will refuse to leave the White House now. It’s hilarious to watch them flip flop back and forth on this one. He’s trying his best to address the Latino voters in South Florida who feel neglected by the Biden campaign, while the man himself sits in the basement and tries to run the clock out.

He does not have anything substantial to say to the voters who are terrified of a return to socialism. They came to this country in hopes of a better life and they are not getting a fair chance to pursue it. Imagine how frustrating it would be to immigrate to a new nation, in hopes of escaping socialism and communism…..only to have a presidential candidate in this country offer to implement it all over again.

It’s the stuff nightmares are made of. Equis Research, a Democrat Latino research and data firm, has conducted a new poll on the matter. Biden is said to have a 16 point lead over President Trump with Hispanics between the ages of 37 and 53. This may sound sufficient but bear in mind, Hillary had a much larger lead in the same demographic and still managed to lose the state.

The same polls also show that President Trump is currently trending ahead of his performance with this demographic in 2016. This is definitely cause for concern for the Democrats or else they would not have sent Kamala Harris to the area to try and calm things down. Bernie Sanders is suggesting that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be sent down to speak to the people but we highly doubt that they want to hear from another budding socialist at the moment.

Bloomberg Writes Big Check To Buy Florida Election for Biden

Michael Bloomberg, former New York City mayor, is perhaps best remembered for his willingness to buy the upcoming election. While this strategy did not work as well as he may have hoped, he is now trying to use his considerable bankroll to assist someone else. With Florida still hanging in the balance, he’s decided to pour $100 million into the state.

These funds are supposed to improve Joe Biden’s chances of being able to become president. The buy will be taking place through the Independence USA PAC. Bloomberg is hoping that his big spending will allow the Democrats to focus on other states that still need to be won. “Voting starts on Sept. 24 in Florida so the need to inject real capital in that state quickly is an urgent need,” says Kevin Sheekey, a Bloomberg adviser.

“Mike believes that by investing in Florida it will allow campaign resources and other Democratic resources to be used in other states, in particular the state of Pennsylvania,” Sheekey continued. The main concern for Biden in Florida? All of the Latino voters who have remained wholly unconvinced by all of the promises that he is currently making.

Biden does have double digit support but the Democrats are especially worried about this election. Bernie Sanders is even griping about the matter. He believes that the campaign needs to reach out to New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. AOC is supposed to be the magic bullet that will assuage all of the fears of the Latino community in Florida.

Meanwhile, those who have actually engaged with the Latino population in the region know that they are very concerned about the Democratic party’s turn to socialism. We are not sure what Ocasio-Cortez could do to ease these fears when she is the one who is leading the charge. Biden and company probably realize that sending her down there is a fool’s errand at best.

Bloomberg is being brought into the equation as a means of avoiding those sorts of uncomfortable conversations. Since both parties have already spent well over $300 million on advertisements in this state, what’s another $100 million or so. At this point, all of the television advertisements that Floridians are seeing have to do with Biden or Trump.

Thanks to this announcement, the Trump campaign and the GOP can now focus on their own fundraising efforts. In fact, Trump has already spoken openly about the prospect of donating his own money to help with his re-election campaign. He could easily negate the $100 million that Bloomberg has put up without even thinking twice.

When it comes to gaining Latino support in the state of Florida, Bloomberg is probably not the best messenger that the Democrats could have chosen. He has supported the type of measures that are “tough on crime” and Latinos have been punished in an indiscriminate manner as a direct result. These voters have longer memories than the Democrats are willing to give them credit for.

“As mayor of New York City, Bloomberg used stop and frisk to unlawfully stop and harass black and Latino people,” says Raphael Agosto-Miranda. Agosto-Miranda works with an advocacy group that fights tirelessly on Latinos’ behalf. “The most affected Latin group were Puerto Ricans as they are the largest Latin American group in the city. Bloomberg has never voiced concern for the island of Puerto Rico or the politics on the island,” read an e-mail from the New York Boricua Resistance.

This is the hypocrisy that the Democrats are currently engaging in and no one seems to be willing to point it out. As usual, they believe that they can fix the problem by sending in a celebrity of sorts to mollify the people they claim to be helping. Even if they are able to send in Ocasio-Cortez, there’s not much that she can do to convince the Latino population that she is not a socialist. Money can’t cure all of these ills.

United States Revokes Over 1,000 Visas for Chinese Nationals With Ties To the Chinese Military

This decision is not going to fix the problems that we are experiencing entirely but guess what? It’s a wonderful place to start. The State Department has now decided to revoke 1,000 visas that were once granted to Chinese nationals. Presidential Proclamation 10043 was issued by President Trump at the end of May, going into effect on June 1.

The proclamation states that China is “engaged in a wide‑ranging and heavily resourced campaign to acquire sensitive United States technologies and intellectual property, in part to bolster the modernization and capability of its military, the People’s Liberation Army.” Chinese graduate students are targeted by the program and researchers believe that there are strong ties to the Chinese military.

This decision was long overdue. The State Department is revoking the visas because this decision “safeguards US national security by limiting the PRC’s ability to leverage Chinese graduate students and researchers in the United States to steal United States technologies, intellectual property, and information to develop advanced military capabilities.”

“China has leveraged every aspect of its country including its economy, its military, and its diplomatic power, demonstrating a rejection of western liberal democracy and continually renewing its commitment to remake the world order in its own authoritarian image,” says Chad Wolf. As the acting US Secretary of Homeland Security, he is doing everything in his power to keep the nation safe.

It’s been a problem for a long time and this is not the first time that it has been discussed on a wider scale. Chinese nationals regularly receive visas that allow them to study in America, without disclosing any ties that they have to the military. In many instances, they are in violation of government rules because they are swiping medical research or intellectual property on the Chinese government’s behalf.

The State Department is not deluded about this decision. They know that this number represents only a small portion of the total number of Chinese nationals who are currently studying in America. Over 300,000 students are still able to study in the United States but many of them have been forced to put school on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We continue to welcome legitimate students and scholars from China who do not further the Chinese Communist Party’s goals of military dominance,” says the State Department. American universities cannot afford to start turning these students away. They are a major source of income for many of our colleges and universities.

Without international students, many colleges and universities would struggle to make up the financial shortfall. The Chinese response to the State Department was not positive. Their statement “strongly condemns any calculated politicization and stigmatization of normal academic exchanges.” If we had to guess, the average American probably “strongly condemns” the idea of Chinese intellectual property theft.

This is not the first time that the Chinese have issued a retaliation like this. When the State Department ordered a shutdown of the Chinese consulate in Houston, they closed the United States mission that is located in Chengdu. China and the United States have placed all sorts of new restrictions on any diplomats or journalists who spend time in their countries.

According to Chinese students, this decision was a mistake. The students believe that they are being singled out because the high school they attended has an affiliation with the People’s Liberation Army. They claim that this is a “loose” affiliation but this seems like a dubious claim. There’s really no such thing as a loose affiliation when it comes to the Chinese army but we digress.

The Trump administration is being accused of making a “blunder” by Foreign Policy editor James Palmer, which should come as no big surprise. They didn’t make the xenophobia accusation that usually comes out in these sorts of instances but we are sure that’s coming any day now. In order to weed out all of the spies, there are difficult decisions to be made.

Embarrassing! Biden Reads Prepared Staff Responses From Teleprompter During Media Press Conference

When the far-left group AFL-CIO had a recent virtual event, Joe Biden was invited to join. The event took place on Monday and exposed Biden’s level of incompetence. He was clearly struggling to speak. The man was very out of breath for some reason, too. It’s getting to the point where it is kind of concerning. This is who the Democrats wanted in their corner, though.

They chose Biden out of all the other candidates, under the misguided belief that he was the best man for the job. The worst part of all is that he seemed to be struggling to read, too. He couldn’t make out what was on the teleprompter and asked a staffer to move it up for him. This is the same man who is supposed to be debating Donald Trump in the next few weeks.

While Trump was undoubtedly excited to tear into Bloomberg or Sanders, he will definitely have a lot of fun with Biden. It’s probably a tie between him and Elizabeth Warren for most entertaining potential debate. Trump would have never let Warren hear the end of it. This man cannot even get through his scripted notes without having a brain freeze.

How on Earth is he supposed to get through a debate under these circumstances? Trump is not going to give him time to check his notes. Biden will need to be able to speak off the cuff. When Trump sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity, he was not about to let Biden’s poor performance slide.

Everyone knew that he couldn’t wait to start making fun of old Sleepy Joe and this interview did not let anyone down. The president noticed how weak and frail Biden looked. As someone who knows the importance of projecting a tough public image, these are the types of things that worry him. He let Hannity know about it, under no uncertain terms.

“Well the media in terms of what they’re doing is actually worse than what you’re saying because it looks to me like they’re asking him a question and then he’s reading an answer off the teleprompter. Now that would mean like your friend over there, Donna Brazile. It looks to me like he’s been given the questions and he’s reading the answers. That would mean to me that the media is giving him the questions. They never gave me the questions. I’ll tell you that. It’s obvious that Joe is reading the answers off the teleprompter,” said Trump.

It’s hard to argue with this assessment. Trump is not ever going to let a slight like this one go without bringing it up to anyone who will listen. This is one of the many reasons why his Twitter account is such an endless source of entertainment. Trump has zero filters and Biden is going to feel his wrath soon enough. The debates may not happen in person this year but that does not mean that Biden is going to be safe for much longer.

He’s probably already looking into what it would take to have Kamala Harris handle the debates on his behalf. Biden has sent her to handle a few speaking engagements and we suspect that this would happen a lot if he were able to win the presidency. “Sorry, everyone, Kamala will be providing the address this evening, Joe was very tired and needed a nap,” they’ll say. We are already laughing just thinking about it.

Joe Biden is the student who can’t pass the test, even when you provide him with a cheat sheet beforehand. The Democrats have done everything in their power to spoon-feed the election to him. There’s even been a global pandemic that has given him all the excuse he needs to hide out in his basement for the remainder of the campaign. It won’t be long before all of this luck starts to run out, though.

Biden’s Shameless Lies: Blames Trump for Defund the Police Movement (Video)

Now that Joe Biden’s polling numbers have started to dwindle, he has decided to start lying to Americans more directly. The man is nothing if not an experienced gaslighter. He loves to tell Americans one thing and then tell them that he actually said another. When it comes to the topic of police reform, he loves to engage in this highly questionable tactic.

On Monday, he pulled out his biggest whopper yet. He told the world that President Trump is the one who is all about stripping the police of their funding, not him. A reporter confronted him on the matter and instead of being truthful, he decided to pull out yet another lie. “The only person calling to defund the police is Donald Trump,” said Sleepy Joe.

He even referred to the president as a “pathological” liar. Those are harsh words coming from someone who is caught in a lie every time they open their mouth. “I’m the one calling for $300M more for local police, for community policing … The only person calling to defund the police is Donald Trump. Look at his budget. He calls for cutting police funding for local — state and local help by $400 million. Once again, he’s pathological,” Biden claimed.

Biden is only trying to change his story now because the heat is on. The anti police sentiment simply isn’t as popular as it was a few weeks ago. People are beyond tired of seeing riots every time they turn on their television sets. The same Biden who claimed to be ready to strip the police of their funding recently is now singing an entirely different tune.

His campaign has even run ads that attack the police more directly but still, he persists. No one can remember a single time that the current president attacked the police in such a way. This is a clear attempt at muddying the waters by painting the law and order candidate as a scofflaw. Biden’s latest ads are claiming that he will “condition federal funds” and create a national system of reform.

That sounds an awful lot like redirecting funding away from the police to us but what do we know? We just have functional eyes and ears. The Democratic delegates who spoke during the party’s convention also said that they were in favor of defunding the police. “We’re talking about abolishing the police, we’re talking about abolishing ICE, and we’re talking about abolishing prisons,” these are the exact words that they spoke.

Kamala Harris and Biden have both been vocal about their support for the Black Lives Matter movement as well. How can someone voice their support for this movement and then claim to be in favor of more funding for the police in the same breath? That’s classic Joe Biden. He simply says whatever he thinks will get people on his side in that particular moment and lets the rest take care of itself at a later date. If people call him out, he just lies about what he said.

It’s a pretty foolproof system, if you happen to be a fool yourself. The flip flopping is at an all time high and we still have a couple months to go. Now that polls show that Americans are nervous about turning over their nation’s policing to social workers, Biden has decided that he is a friend of the police again. He has less than zero shame and we are going to see how that works out for him come election time.

The police union is going to be standing with Trump. This has to sting Biden just a bit. He’s got a fragile ego and we knew this as soon as we saw him yelling at his own supporters. Anyone who questions him on anything might as well vote for Trump, or at least that’s what he tells them. He is about to find out the hard way that there are more than a few people ready to take him up on that.

Must See! Man Gets Detained by Police and Then This Happens…

This is the story of a man named Griffin. He was walking down the street one day when he was approached by police officers. Griffin was worried that he was in some kind of trouble, just like anyone else would be that in that situation. The officer was quick to let him know that he was not in any trouble at all.

He simply fit the description of someone else that they happened to be looking for at the time. “Hey buddy. You’re not in any trouble or anything. There is a burglary that happened. You kinda fit that description. Let me just make sure you’re not him. OK?” the officer asked. “I’m a veteran. I have my ID,” Griffin replied.

“Literally, they said white tank top, black shorts. And they said that you had a beard. All right. So I’m not saying if you, but it was a black male. Again, not saying it to you, buddy,” the officer continued. This is where the situation could have gotten very tense. After all, this man has served his country and he may have gotten offended by the line of questioning.

He did not lose his cool, too. Perhaps his days in the service have taught him how to handle these types of inconveniences. “Alright, buddy. Listen. Just bear with me, OK? Cause you fit the description. I’m not saying you’re guilty, but my Sergeant is telling me to detain you. That’s my sergeant,” replied the officer.

Griffin calmly let the officer know that he was going to be recorded. He had just brought a daughter into the world two days before and he did not want anything to happen. “I just had a daughter born two days ago. So I just have this on live,” he said, placing his phone in the air. The officer asked if he would be willing to put it down.

“It’s live? Do you mind setting it down here?” he asked. At this time, he let Griffin know that he was being detained but no arrest was being made. He asked him what he was doing in the area and the vet gave him a very honest answer. “One of my homes, I own a couple homes down here,” he replied to the officer.

“Again, like I told you, you’re not. We’re not saying it’s you, but you fit the description. That’s why I’m detaining you. If it’s not you, we’re gonna cut you loose and you’re free to go. OK. But I just want you to see through us why, you know, literally, they stole something right now, and we just want to verify it’s not you. OK?” he reassured Griffin.

“Seven cop cars going, hey, everything going on it’s just a little bit scary,” Griffin said. The officer let him know that it was a “wrong place, wrong time” type of thing. Once the officers received the all clear, they let Griffin know that he was very cooperative and they let him know how appreciative they were.

“I just want to say thank you for keeping a cool, good demeanor. We just got the picture finally from the witness. And I get why they went out with you for sure. Clearly not you. But the clothing description, everything matched. So obviously, these guys didn’t have that to go-. And so they just had a description, and that’s pretty good. Once we finally got the picture from the video surveillance stuff. Like that’s not him, get him out of here,” said another officer on the scene.

From there, he was offered a job! It remains to be seen as to whether he accepted or not. One thing is for sure, these officers were very impressed by Griffin’s ability to remain cool under pressure. The man may have been detained but he did not allow himself to become irate. Hopefully, this man thinks long and hard about accepting the position.

Dems’ Hypocrisy! California City Gyms Open While Private Gyms Ordered Shut

When it comes to the COVID-19 related shutdowns, it often seems as if we are living by two different sets of rules. If a Democrat is involved, every excuse in the world is made for their inability to follow the rules that they are setting. For example, Nancy Pelosi decided to visit a hair salon and she was not wearing a mask at the time.

This goes against the rules that the Democrats are making for everyone else. To make matters worse, those who own private gyms in San Francisco are still being told that they cannot open their doors. If the gym is owned by the government, on the other hand? Those have been open for at least two months now. Sounds like a bit of a double standard to us.

These private businesses are struggling to survive, while government operated gyms are doing just fine. City employees are able to use the gyms that are owned by San Francisco, which puts a huge damper in the amount of business that these owners are able to enjoy. “It’s shocking, it’s infuriating,” says Crossfit Golden Gate’s Danielle Rabkin.

“Even though they’re getting exposed, there are no repercussions, no ramifications? It’s shocking,” she continued. Rabkin has even asked police officers in her region if they are in need of a place to work out. She heard that the gym at their station was reportedly closed. According to a text message exchange, this is not entirely true.

The officers have maintained access to a gym at the SFPD Northern District Police Station, which is located on Fillmore Street. The police have established the necessary cleaning protocols and have set an occupancy limit for their gyms. MX3 Fitness in the Castro owner Dave Karakker is not pleased with the current situation either.

“It just demonstrates that there seems to be some kind of a double standard between what city employees are allowed to do and what the residents of San Francisco are allowed to do,” says Karakker and it is hard to argue with that assessment. This is the sort of tyranny that makes people wonder if Democrats are able to be trusted. So far, it seems like they only have their best interests at heart (and no one else’s).

Rules are supposed to be followed by everyone but the Democrats do not live by this sort of creed. In their mind, this crisis is a chance to keep everyone else at home and they can simply continue to live their life as normal. The virus had led to the sort of unprecedented interruption to public life that few of us have ever seen but these interruptions only apply to the activities Democrats do not agree with.

Perhaps everything should have remained closed and all of this confusion could have been avoided? That would have been too easy, though. The Democrat leaders were not about to practice what they preach. To be fair, expecting everyone to stay at home until a vaccine is ready for mass distribution was probably not wise. That does not mean that double standards were necessary.

That’s why so many people are convinced that the virus is only being used as an excuse to shut down the bustling economy that President Trump had established. Now that they have their opportunity to grind everything to a screeching halt, they are not going to let it go anytime soon. In fact, there are already rumors circulating that the nation will not be reopened until after the election has already taken place.

The fix is in and people are starting to feel powerless to do anything about it. Small businesses are shriveling up and dying. People don’t know where their next paycheck (or even their next meal) is coming from. The unrest is rising and Biden is not the one who will be able to steer the ship back in the right direction.


Will Zuckerberg Decide the Final Outcome of the Election?

Right or wrong, people depend on what they read on social media to determine how they’re going to vote. As such, candidates use social media as one of their main outlets for posting ads. TV ads may or may not be seen since so many people choose to use streaming sites.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, has decided that it’s his place to play interference with the elections. The CEO wants to play favorites with the candidates. Rather than allowing social media to be what it is supposed to be, he wants to start playing some very dangerous games.

Facebook has made the decision to block new political ads in the final week leading up to the US presidential election. Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is already responsible for running the largest voting information campaign, with a goal to help 4 million people register and vote. In three days, they saw 24 million clicks toward voter registration websites. He also acknowledged that he, personally, donated $300 million to nonpartisan organizations to support the voting infrastructure.

The US elections are just two months away, and with Covid-19 affecting communities across the country, I'm concerned…

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday, September 3, 2020

In his effort to explain why he is doing what he is doing, he tweeted out that he is trying to fight misinformation and connect people with “authoritative information.” This includes placing authoritative information from their voting information Center at the top of both Facebook and Instagram daily until the general election.

While what he is saying is a valiant effort to help, there are some questions as to where his authoritative information is actually coming from. He has also stated that, “we are going to block new political and issue ads during the final week of the campaign.” The reason for this is because he believes that there might not “be enough time to contest new claims.”

The question really becomes whether he is going to make sure that Facebook does what he says he is going to do. Blocking new political and issue ads would need to happen for both Republican and Democratic candidates. In the past, Facebook has had a reputation for pulling GOP ads while leaving Democratic ads in place. He has continuously said that he takes a nonpartisan approach only to side with the Democrats in the end.

Now, what he does say is that advertisers have the ability to continue running ads started prior to the final week. There is also the ability to adjust the target audience for those ads. It ensures that those ads remain within the Ads Library, published transparently. It ensures that journalists, fact-checkers, and others have the ability to scrutinize what’s being said.

While Zuckerberg makes this comment, he states everything in such a matter-of-fact way that it appears that he’s giving all of the information when he’s not. Where will the information be coming from that will be posted at the top of Facebook and Instagram?

Further, he goes on to explain that there will be new rules regarding threats related to COVID-19 to discourage voting. Although with one bullet point, he states that there are “many ways to vote safely” he also states that “since the pandemic means that many of us will be voting by mail, and since some states may still be counting valid ballots after election day, many experts are predicting that we may not have a final result on election night.”

Pushing the ballots by mail is a very Democratic approach – and not having a final result on election night is dangerous. It’s why the Republicans have been fighting such a thing. It’s not so much that people can’t vote by mail but that it would result in ballots not being counted in time.

Zuckerberg is right when he says that the results of the election is going to result in a significant amount of heat. The problem is that he wants to interfere with all of it instead of allowing people to take a truly democratic approach. He wants to control what people see and did not see instead of allowing people to deduce the truth on their own. It’s dangerous, and while he claims to be neutral, he is far from it – means that he will be force-feeding his opinion on millions of people around the United States.

Trump’s Taking Action Against Dem Run Cities Supporting Riots and Violence

Federal agencies received a signed memo from the president on Wednesday, as he looks to put a stop to the violence that is engulfing many major American cities. If these cities are going to defund the police, Trump wants to beat them to the punch. These cities that are not willing to play ball are going to be stripped of their funding.

This is the only language that many of these cities speak. They would have been ready to let their cities continue burning but once the money is threatened? Mayors and governors start to think differently of the liberal, progressive messages that they have been sending. Portland, Seattle and New York are the main cities that are being targeted. Washington, D.C. is also in the mix.

“My Administration will do everything in its power to prevent weak mayors and lawless cities from taking Federal dollars while they let anarchists harm people, burn buildings, and ruin lives and businesses. We’re putting them on notice today,” read the president’s tweet about the matter. He is giving the rioters and the mayors who are coddling them fair warning.

The federal government has been ordered to begin the process of stripping funding from the aforementioned cities. Officials who are allowing these lawless protests need to be held accountable somehow. As violent crime continues to rise, more and more people are being told that we do not need police officers.

As a president who puts a major amount of emphasis on “law and order”, Trump is not going to sit idly by and allow any of this to happen. The five page memo that he signed orders the federal agencies to send detailed reports about the cities in danger. These reports will be sent to the White House Office of Management and Budget, where they can examine any funds that are able to be redirected.

The four cities are just his initial targets and there are more memos to come, for sure. “My Administration will not allow Federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones,” the memo reads. New York City mayor Bill de Blasio is mentioned by name twice during the memo, in case there is any confusion about who is responsible.

These liberal mayors and governors who have let these protests go on for too long are about to start changing their tune. We have already seen it in Portland and Washington, D.C. as of late. Mayors that were once happy to march with the people and issue BLM murals are now turning against the movement. Everyone knew that their support was probably going to be fleeting at best.

The Democrats do not care about police brutality or the conditions that lead to such problems. They only care about using the issue as a means of promoting themselves. Their whole message at the moment is basically “we are kind and considerate, the Republicans are big meanies, the choice is yours”. How can they explain away the lack of support that the mayors will be offering going forward?

Even Seattle seems to be slowly calming down. Mayor Jenny Durkan already watched her police chief resign and she’s finally put a stop to the autonomous zone. Trump is providing the handbook for fighting back against these budding socialists and now it is time for the rest of us to follow it. The reign of terror that has currently left all of these liberal cities in the clutches of hysterical progressives is finally being lifted.

None of the Republicans In Name Only were willing to step up and the Democrats view the protests as a political boon. That left the president all alone on this key issue. His voters are sure to remember the effort that he put in during the course of this long, hot summer. He’s done everything that he possibly can to restore law and order.

That’s How It’s Done! Oregon State Troopers Deputized by DOJ To Enable Federal Arrests

This story has a number of moving parts so we are going to do our best to recap things. Since George Floyd’s death, Portland has been protesting for the past 95 days. 25 of these protests were declared riots. Mayor Ted Wheeler was allowing it all to happen initially but now he is getting more upset about the violence. In recent days, he has been more willing to condemn the rioters.

The mob was not about to tolerate that and Wheeler’s home was targeted as a result. The mayor has experienced all sorts of issues since his declarations, including vandalism and arson. Now, the mayor is being forced to move for his own safety. When a Trump supporter was murdered by a member of Antifa over the weekend, the governor of Oregon had finally had enough.

In order to stop the violence, the governor asked police officers in nearby suburbs to help out. The sheriffs in these locations were not going for it and they turned him down. They cited the current lack of support for police officers. The county’s new District Attorney, Mike Schmidt, also played a key role. He has said that he will not be pursuing any charges against protesters unless they are involved in acts of arson or assault.

If you are resisting arrest or anything of that nature, you are immediately released. No wonder these officers weren’t exactly raring to help. That brings us to the present day. The federal police have since left Portland and the local officers in the area have been asked to help. State Troopers are now being given the chance to assist the federal officers who are trying to gain control of the city.

The county DA has made his position known but thanks to this measure, his words may not matter. The State Troopers have deputized by the feds, which means that they can file federal charges and bypass any edicts that have been issued by the more progressive District Attorney. Protesters who are arrested could be affected by the cross deputization.

The Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office might be bypassed entirely, if these officers have their way. KGW reporter Pat Dooris also believes that these changes could be significant to those who are continuing to riot in Portland. If we were protesting in this city, we would be listening to the following words very carefully.

“This is basically the ground changing under the feet of the protesters. because when the state police come in and are cross-deputized by the [U.S. Marshals], they’re able to make arrests under the federal law. And I’m told there is something similar to interfering with a police officer under the federal law. [Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt] will not prosecute someone for that charge, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office has been much more aggressive at holding people accountable and prosecuting for all kinds of charges. So, I think you’re going to see a lot more of that start to happen as soon as these officers arrive,” said Dooris.

The Oregon State Police are doing their best to let the District Attorney know that they are not going to be stepping on his toes. “OSP is not criticizing any officials and we respect the authority of the [Multnomah County] District Attorney, but to meet the Governor’s charge of bringing violence to an end we will use all lawful methods at our disposal,” read a statement from one of their spokespeople.

The rioters have not been discouraged yet but hopefully, it is only a matter of time at this point. Those who are causing chaos on a nightly basis will need to seriously reconsider their actions. Otherwise, they might not be treated with the same kid gloves that the district attorney has promised. It’s definitely food for thought, for both the protesters and the citizens of this city who are being affected on an everyday basis.

Dem Run NYC Passes Sad Milestone With More Than 1000 Shootings in 2020

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio loves referring to his city as the safest big city that this country has to offer. Whether you agree with this assessment or not is another story. One NYPD officer who spoke to the New York Post says that it is time to put this myth to rest for good. The city is about to reach a very grim milestone and it is disturbing to say the least.

New York City has seen at least 1,000 shootings so far this year and 2020 is nowhere near over. This is a dismal trend that has a wide range of contributing factors. Whenever you are crossing these sorts of milestones, there is bound to be more than one reason. City Hall does not seem too concerned and they are paying lip service to these numbers.

New York residents are now fleeing the city in droves. The local U-Haul centers are absolutely overwhelmed with requests. If you are looking to move anytime soon, you may need to take a number. Moving companies have reported that this is one of their busiest summers yet. The city is losing at least 10 people a day to gun violence but the powers that be do not want to do anything about it.

If they actually take the time to acknowledge the problem and address it, this means that they would be admitting that the issue exists in the first place. That’s just not the way this mayor does things. He spreads the blame around to everyone else, in hopes that he will be able to get away with his latest doublespeak. The city is about to eclipse their previous record high for gun violence and it won’t even take the rest of the year.

Do you need additional context for this number? In 2019, the city experienced 772 shootings over the course of the whole year. 2019 was a tough year for the city and it was nothing to write home about. The fact that this year is even worse is causing many New York residents to reassess things. Why would they stay in a city that has made it clear as day that they do not care?

Mayor de Blasio is not about to start changing course now. Meanwhile, there are those who are going to point out the old days of New York City. Gotham used to see thousands of shootings each year before the city has finally cleaned up. The bottom of the barrel has yet to be reached but that does not mean that the city can’t try. There are another four months to go before we have the final numbers.

The police are making the necessary adjustments when they can but their ability to put a stop to the violence has been limited. The same mayor who was claiming that he would strip the police of their funding is now increasing the number of patrolmen on the streets. This is all well and good but the police force has had enough. They are not looking to save the day.

Instead, they are retiring in record numbers. When de Blasio continues to brag about the level of safety in New York City, he leaves out a lot of context. He inherited a city that had already been cleaned up by the people who came before him. Does he ever credit his predecessors? No, he takes all of the credit and expects everyone else to fall in line.

As businesses and residents flee the city like mice escaping a sinking ship, he is going to be hard pressed to explain this away. The trends are now headed in the wrong direction and de Blasio is the man to blame. By the time they are able to elect a brand new mayor that actually cares about the welfare of NYC residents, the city is going to look vastly different than it does today

Trump on Track To Win Record-Breaking Percentage of Black Votes With Real Action Not Empty Promises

Emerson College’s latest post has provided some very interesting findings about Donald Trump’s campaign for re-election. While the mainstream media is telling anyone who will listen that the race is over, this post shows otherwise. The race is tightening. Trump is making inroads with the one group that he needs to shore up his standing with: African-Americans.

This goes against the ramblings of Joe “you ain’t black!” Biden but here we are. According to the poll, Trump is now winning at least 19 percent of the black vote. If these polls are true (and we have no reason to believe that they are not), Trump is going to be able to win the election more easily than most may have realized.

Many of the projects that have Biden beating Trump with ease do not acknowledge these polls. The mainstream media is still telling everyone that they have no reason to worry. The numbers that Trump is putting up are not considered to be an outlier. Rasmussen’s most recent poll shows that Trump is actually receiving 36 percent of the black vote. Maybe black people are tired of being treated as a monolith by smarmy liberals like Joe Biden?

It’s just a thought. Leo Terrell is offering up some major predictions for the upcoming election. He’s a former Democrat who also happens to be an attorney. When he speaks about these matters, people listen. He is predicting that Trump will take home the highest percentage of the black vote in the history of the Republican party.

As long as a lifelong Democrat can see that this party is no longer worth supporting, we can’t understand why other people are so up in arms. Terrell is not going to be tricked into voting for Biden. Now, he is actively working to make sure that no one else is lured into the same mistake. President Trump has more support with this community than the mainstream media will ever admit to.

They are doing everything in their power to convince everyone that all MAGA voters are white racists. What about the racists on the Democrat side? Are people really going to pretend that these voters all have the best interests of non white people at heart? Of course they don’t. Terrell is trying his best to let people know the truth but he is being silenced by people who do not want to face facts.

It’s easier for them to pretend that they are on the right side of history because they are criticizing the Republicans at the moment. As President Trump continues to flip more and more Democrats over to the right side of the aisle, no one is going to be able to contain the truth any longer. There are also those who are pointing out the obvious when it comes to the polling realities that November will present.

Trump voters are simply far more likely to brave the pandemic in order to vote for their candidate. While there are cases that can be made for Joe Biden, one thing is for sure. His supporters are not about to wear face masks and stand in line for hours. Trump voters are going to make up for any shortcomings in the polls with their dedication to their president.

The liberals are making the same mistakes all over again. They want everyone to think that the election is in the bag. Mail in voting fraud is not going to swing this election in the manner that they think. President Trump is already taking care of these concerns. He’s just doing his best to make sure that the election goes off without a hitch.

It’s hard to get anything accomplished when the Democrats are blocking our path to freedom. They have made their position obvious here. The party does not believe that they can win the election without cheating and they are broadcasting their desperation. Best of luck to them!

Smart Money Literally Betting on Trump Comeback

We are unsure what to think of this latest development. Are people trying their best to grasp at straws or is this information more meaningful than that? It’s hard to tell at the current moment. While there is part of us that expects a Biden victory come November, it’s hard to count Trump out. According to the information on hand, a major shift could take place at any time.

Betting markets are not always the best indicator when it comes to political races. King Banaian feels differently. He defends their usage and believes that they are valuable indicators. RealClearPolitics has an aggregation that will provide Trump supporters everywhere with some much needed hope. Democrats may want to start hitting the panic button now.

Tim Pool is a journalist who believes that the Democrats are going to be undone by the protests but its hard to see that coming to fruition. Voters are not going to be inclined to blame these issues on the president who is coming in or the president that was in office before. Trump is banking on his voters’ willingness to do just that, though.

The wager markets all have Biden in the lead right now but his lead is not as commanding as the mainstream media reports would suggest. Pool and other journalists want to pin the shift on the the protesters but that doesn’t make much sense. The polls show that this did not make a difference to anyone as recently as last week.

For much of the year, bettors were of the belief that the incumbent president would win. In most instances, this is the safest possible bet. Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush are the only elected presidents of the past 50 years who were unable to gain re-election. The wage markets weren’t even rattled by the COVID-19 pandemic. Once the protests erupted, these markets saw a shift.

The meltdowns led to a severe reversal of Donald Trump’s fortunes. The COVID-19 crisis is also here to stay and will be a part of our lives for years to come. Anyone who is looking for a return to normalcy is not going to believe in the current president. Even during the best of times, he is not exactly known for being calm and peaceful.

Bettor perceptions have changed and its time to reckon with them. If we had to guess, COVID-19 has a lot to do with it. Americans are getting used to the idea that there will be long term ramifications. At first, it seemed like the pandemic might come and go but the summer we just experienced laid waste to that idea. The Democrats didn’t even bother to touch on the riots at their national convention.

Anyone who wants the riots to be the problem is engaging in wishful thinking. Trump’s insistence on “law and order” might be helping his polling numbers, however. The Republican national convention also allowed the party to provide more in depth policy explanations. This is where the Democrats were lacking in their messaging.

If you’re going to bet at the moment, you have a decision to make. Are you betting with America or against it? The betting markets are starting to grasp the stakes here and of course, the American people have as well. The election is the leftists’ left chance to avoid an eight year Trump presidency. Meanwhile, the right is worried about Biden drifting further to the left if he is elected.

Each side has their concerns and the terms of engagement have been set. Everyone is retreating into their ideological corners. The Biden voters seem to grasp the simple lesson that they should have learned during the last election: it is not over until it is over. The amount of pre-election gloating that is taking place this time around seems to have decreased significantly. Perhaps Trump will still have a chance to rally after all? Only time will tell.

China Stepping up “Re-Education”, Builds 268 New Concentration Camps

With the usage of satellite imagery, Buzzfeed has conducted an extensive investigation of the Chinese Communist Party. In the western province of Xinjiang, a massive number of re-education camps are being built. The camps themselves are also rather sizable, holding up to 10,000 people. Over 260 structures like these have been constructed since 2017.

They have all of the hallmarks of any fortified detention compound. In this region, there is at least one camp in every county. These systems are used for the incarceration and detention of various minorities. Uighurs, Kazakhs, and other Muslim minorities are targeted by the Chinese. The large scale detention of ethnic and religious minorities has not been seen on this scale since World War II.

The Muslim communities have been being re-educated since 2018. Initially, the re-education took place at schools that had been repurposed. Now, China has constructed hundreds of structures that are designed to look like a prison. The early sites did not look nearly as foreboding as these, which have already been compared to a prison site.

The structures are believed to be similar to the high security prisons that exist in other areas of China. The cavernous layouts allow for very little light to enter the buildings and each structure contains long networks of corridors that house a number of cells. Buzzfeed was able to obtain information about the layouts by taking photos of buildings without roofs.

They also relied on historical satellite photos that were taken during the construction process. In order to deduce the scale of these buildings, the researchers carefully counted the windows and measured each of them. One of these camps is believed to be large enough to hold 40,000 people. This is the same size as the town of Niagara Falls.

China’s official line on these camps was a predictable one, for sure. They are not going to come right out and say what they are doing. There’s no real reason to at the moment. If the world is looking in their direction at all, they are more worried about the global pandemic that they are responsible for. That’s one of the many reasons why this project has gone under the radar entirely.

They are being referred to as “vocational centers” and China is claiming that they are looking to rehabilitate those with violent ideas. In all reality, the people who are sent to these camps are shipped off for a number of different reasons. China does not really have to explain themselves here if they do not want to. Those who are held in these locations are given a list of 70 crimes to choose from.

After that, a “trial” takes place and they are always found guilty. Anyone who refuses to confess their “crime” is told that they are never going to leave until they make a decision. If you would like to learn more about these conditions, you’ll want to check out the Buzzfeed report in full. Part one focuses on all of the basic information.

Part two is where things start to get truly chilling. This is when Buzzfeed took the time to speak with various residents of these camps who were able to escape. They were all indoctrinated while they were there and fed all sorts of communist propaganda. These are things that we have already known for years but apparently, there are still some people out there who needed to be told. The truly worrisome part is that China is looking to make these camps permanent.

Of course, the Chinese media outlets are working overtime to make sure no one gets too worried. They have even released a clip from a man who spent time in one of these facilities. He claims that this time there was very helpful, as he was able to mend his ways and stop committing acts of terrorism. It all seems a bit too convenient to us but you’ll just have to read the report and watch the video for yourself.

Minneapolis Protests Turn Into Shooting Gallery. More Than Two Dozen Shots Fired

Minneapolis has seen untold amounts of death and destruction since the death of George Floyd. The rioting has not stopped since. There have been breaks in the action but they never seem to last very long. Unfortunately, a false report led to mass outrage and people reacted before they had a chance to hear the correction.

What was originally reported as a fatal police shooting was actually a suicide. That did not stop people from taking to the streets anyway. Police were approaching a resident when he happened to pull out a gun and end his own life. A tragic situation, of course, but no reason to start rioting once again.

The police were immediately blamed. No one bothered to track down any more information about the shooting. It was assumed that the officers had murdered the man. All it takes is a false rumor to lead to widespread rioting and looting at this point. It’s terrifying, to say the least. The Minneapolis Police Department did not exactly help matters, either.

In order to clear their own names, they released a video of what had taken place. While we understand where they were coming from, there’s never really a good time to release a clip of someone else’s suicide. Local newspapers have already realized the error of this decision, taking the video down and issuing the necessary warnings about public safety.

Later in the evening, things somehow went from bad to worse. Over two dozen shots were fired by the protesters. The initial reports claimed that the shots had been fired directly at police officers but there was no confirmation. There is precious little information being offered about the shooting at the moment.

The anti government militia groups were on the scene, as the Boogaloo Boys threatened to take decisive action if the officers harmed any of the protesters. Many businesses in the city have been looted and destroyed. The police have also announced that they are no longer able to assist those who are in need of help in this area.

Anyone who was injured as a result of these protests will be brought to the hospital, instead of receiving assistance from the authorities. The situation is ongoing and more updates will be provided as we receive them. With any luck, the true story is going to be given a chance to circulate and things are going to calm down a bit.

This provides little solace to the business owners and residents of Minneapolis who are not involved in the riots. Whenever these incidents happen, cities are being torn apart before anyone even has a chance to learn more about the facts. This story offers a chilling glimpse into what can happen when false rumors are accepted as fact.

We always knew that it would come to this one day. Someone would spread a false rumor online about officers targeting an innocent civilian and things would be burned to the ground before anyone had a chance to find out what was really going on. What truly worries us is that this is the beginning of the end. No one is ever going to want the real facts when they can allow their emotions to carry the day.

None of these people are going to be offering any apologies for what took place. They are not going to be there to help the business owners pick up the pieces or assist those who have been displaced by the fires. It’s all a big game to them. These folks have been protesting for three months now, causing damages that will never be repaired and creating scars that simply won’t heal.

The mainstream media did not offer any reports on this story because the liberals overreacted and that doesn’t make for good ratings. If they can’t tell people what they want to hear, they don’t speak at all. Minneapolis is continuing to suffer because of this liberal bias.

Must See! Trump Pardons Hope for Prisoners Founder To Honor His Amazing Redemption

A full presidential pardon was issued to Jon Ponder before President Trump made his most recent appearance at the Republican National Convention. The man who was pardoned by Trump has been through a lot and he’s got an amazing story to tell. Ponder was convicted of a bank robbery but he was able to turn his life around while he was in prison.

He spent lots of time reading the Bible. Ponder also became a Billy Graham acolyte. As a New York resident, he got mixed up in the world of gangs when he was just a teenager. He was arrested for armed robbery at the tender age of 16 and he spent the next two decades in a wide range of different jails.

Ponder was able to overcome the obstacles that had been placed in his path and successfully founded a nonprofit program called Hope For Prisoners. The Republican National Convention provided him with the perfect opportunity to show the world how far he has come. Can you believe that he spoke with the FBI agent who arrested him standing right next to him?

“Two years ago I was honored to tell Jon Ponder’s story of transformation in the Rose Garden on the National Day of Prayer,” said the president. “Today, I am thrilled to welcome him back to the White House,” he continued. He also noted the fact that Ponder had decided to devote his life to the Lord while he was in prison.

“Jon’s life is a beautiful testament to the power of redemption,” Trump said and we cannot agree more. This is a party that is portrayed as being overly tough on crime but these events give them the chance to showcase their softer side. Trump is also very proud of everything that Ponder was able to accomplish while he was incarcerated.

“He has created one of the most successful reentry programs, Hope For Prisoners, in Las Vegas. Hope For Prisoners is a movement that began as a dream, in a tiny prison cell, and is now making a difference in the lives of thousands, truly bringing hope that there is an opportunity and a community that is waiting and willing to offer them a second chance,” the president correctly noted.

Ponder is not allowing this opportunity to pass him by. He knows how fortunate that he is to be on this stage. There are so many convicts who are never given a second chance like this one. While he worked hard for it, hard work alone does not guarantee a presidential pardon. That’s what makes this moment such a special one.

It’s not every day that you get to see a convicted felon getting this type of a second chance. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have the opportunity to speak here today. Not so long ago, my life was running from the police, fearing the police, and avoiding the police,” Ponder shared. He is living proof that you can always make something of your life as long as you are willing to work for it.

“Today, praise God. I am filled with hope,” Ponder implored. “I am a proud American citizen who has been given a second chance. My transformation began in a prison cell,” he finished. Moments like these go a long way towards changing the national perception about President Trump. This is a man who wants to see everyone doing well and he’s willing to step up to the plate for anyone who needs help.

Ponder has been provided with the tools that he needed to make a better life for himself. He also worked hard to position himself to take advantage of his opportunity. There’s something to be said for creating your own luck in this life and its a lesson that Ponder has been able to learn. Hopefully, the rest of the nation was finally able to sit up and take notice.

Dems’ New Normal! Seattle Protesters Sealed Precinct Doors With Concrete Before Setting Fire With Officers Inside

This group may not be the most competent but their willingness to engage in acts of pure evil knows no bounds. Last night, a group of Seattle protesters decided that it was time to set a police precinct on fire. Before doing so, they attempted to seal all of the doors, so that the officers would be trapped inside and burned alive.

The attacks began at Cal Anderson Park, where a large group of protesters had already assembled. Their march took them to the western precinct when it first began and they would later make their way to the eastern precinct. The West Precinct was surrounded with cement barricades by the city over the summer, as a means of protecting the autonomous zone that was established there.

The Seattle Police Department was spray painted with “burn me” messages, the crowd threw various objects at the building and surveillance cameras were damaged. According to various reports, an empty Seattle Police Department was set on fire. By the time the bus was found, it was smoldering and the windows appeared to have been shattered.

The protests took place without a visible police presence. As soon as the fires started in the precinct, the police sprung into action. The crowd was ordered to disperse, as the officers arrived in armored vehicles. “This is no longer a peaceful protest. You are endangering people’s lives,” an officer warned the crowd. The videos are terrifying to watch.

We can’t imagine how citizens who were not involved in the protests must have felt. As the fire was being set, the protesters were taking a batch of concrete and using it to seal the doors shut. The police did not have to worry, though. The crowd was too incompetent to get the job done. They are said to have combined water and cement mix in a bucket but the mixture was too runny to actually work.

They also destroyed the electronic key card entrance in the doorway. The officers who were inside at the time were able to escape the burning building and disperse the protesters. If the protesters were a bit less dim, this could have been a truly tragic situation for the officers inside. The photo of the door says it all. How could they have possibly expected this to work?

One arrest was already made on suspicion of arson. If we had to guess, we would have to assume that the authorities will be asking them if they know who is responsible for sealing the door with concrete. They had better pray that their accomplices live by the “snitches get stitches” ethos or things could get very ugly for the protesters very quickly.

Meanwhile, in Portland, their protesters are receiving “warnings” from their liberal mayor about these types of actions. The rioters were told that they should not engage in arson (or attempt to seal officers inside). Ted Wheeler let them know that this would lead to an attempted murder change. While his intentions were not pure, that’s better than nothing.

And nothing is what Mayor Jenny Durkan has done up to this point. She encouraged the autonomous zone and that ended badly. Her city’s police chief has already resigned, leaving her to deal with this horrific mess by herself. She doesn’t seem too worried about it. Is she going to say the same to her city’s citizens or is she going to remain silent?

It’s a question that definitely needs to be answered as soon as possible. Seattle and other liberal cities do not want the federal assistance that the president has to offer. If they are unable to get the violence under control, it won’t be long before the choice is no longer theirs. The protesters are no longer looking to spread the word about their chosen causes. They are out for blood and it is only a matter of time before they are met with similar violence.

Must See! Parkland School Shooting Victim’s Father Holds Emotional Speech at RNC Convention

The mainstream media likes to pretend that they are giving a voice to the voiceless. That’s their M.O. at the moment. Of course, you shouldn’t tell that to anyone with a message that the mainstream media does not agree with. They will ignore anyone who is not saying what the liberal media wants them to say. Take the Parkland school shooting, for instance.

Did the media ever decide to give a voice to any of the conservative parents who were affected by the tragedy? Of course not. They were too busy shoving a microphone in the face of any leftist student that had something to say. Andrew Pollack is one of the parents who the media saw fit to silence. President Trump did not go along with this narrative, though.

He wanted to make sure that all of the parents at this school were given the chance to speak their minds. That’s more than most outlets are willing to do these days. Pollack shared his concerns and sorrows with the president. In turn, President Trump tried to make the changes that would keep parents like Pollack from ever having to go through the same things again.

Andrew Pollack did not let us down when he was given his chance to speak. He spoke to the United States about the relationship that he has built with the current president. He is also angry with the Democrats for placing his child in severe danger. Pollack did not mince words and any parent can feel his fury during a time like this.

If not for parents like Pollack, so many stories would never be told. When a tragedy like this one occurs, the mainstream media goes right into agenda mode. They do not care about the people who are affected. The conservation goes right to gun control and if you’re not willing to participate? The liberal media has absolutely no use for you.

This man has the sort of courage that we wish we had ourselves. It takes a lot to be able to speak publicly about a loss this tragic. Many parents would never have the guts to get on stage at an important event like this and speak their truth. Andrew Pollack is a special parent and we hope that he is able to find some solace in the fact that he is now helping others.

Until we saw this speech, we had no idea what his daughter’s final moments on the planet were like. Pollack is filling in these important blanks for an audience that does not always have the chance to hear their stories being told on the biggest of stages. Instead, they are shunted off to the side and given the impression that their stories are not truly important to the rest of the country.

Thanks to President Trump, parents like Pollack finally have the chance that they have been waiting for. This school failed the Pollack family horribly and the Democrats want the blame to be shifted elsewhere. That’s how this party does things. They point the finger at everyone but themselves and then wonder why no one takes them seriously.

The grief that this parent is feeling should be felt by everyone, whether you identify as a leftist or a conservative (or even somewhere in between). This is the worst tragedy that a parent will ever have to face. No parent should ever have to bury their child because of a tragedy that was this avoidable. Pollack’s courage is commendable.

Our hearts are breaking for this family and we are grateful to the president for giving Pollack the chance to speak. There are not a lot of presidents who would make this kind of decision. It’s a nice break from the nonsensical yammering that the Democratic party had to offer us during their convention. Maybe they should be taking notes in the meantime, so that their next convention goes a bit more smoothly.

Biden/Harris Urge Voters To Ignore What They Heard at DNC Primary

Pardon us for being old fogies but the period between the selection of a presidential candidate’s running mate and the start of convention season is a magical time. This is a time when political parties look to wave their magic wand and make people forget everything that they thought they knew. These parties develop a serious case of amnesia, expecting everyone else to do the same.

The primaries tend to become heated, leading to any number of unwanted confrontations. This is when things to be the most tense. Both parties are still trying their best to make a new name for themselves. During the heat of the moment, lots of things are said that are probably better left unsaid. The attacks that take place are tough for the recipients to get past but that’s our national tradition.

It happens every four years, like the Olympics (this year’s notwithstanding). Now that general election season is about to start, all of these attacks are supposed to be forgotten entirely. It’s all water under the bridge now and even if members of the same party were attacking each other before, they’re supposed to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya”.

This perfectly describes the dynamic between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the moment. These two launched all sorts of attacks against each other during the primaries. There were even moments when it looked like Biden might not win the nomination after all. Harris landed some fairly strong blows against the former vice president as well.

She was willing to point out many of his flaws when others were not. Now, they are doing joint interviews and pretending that none of these clashes every took place. They sat down with ABC News on Sunday to discuss the ins and outs of their campaign. To ABC’s credit, they were not about to ignore the elephant in the room. They wanted to know more about Harris and Biden’s relationship after the contentiousness of the primaries.

Harris’ sharp commentary on his voting record? That’s all forgotten now. At this point, discussions about such things are only a “distraction” and it is time for people to start moving on. According to Harris, any talks of these issues at the moment is “a distraction from what we need to accomplish right now and what we need to do.”

It all sounds so good, you forget how heated the earlier discussions were. Harris and Biden are great at this sort of thing. Anyone who wants to ask valid questions about statements from the past is just trying to offer up a distraction. Some may also remember that Harris offered up her endorsement of the Bernie Sanders Medicare For All plan. That’s all over with now, too.

“I signed on to that. I signed on to a number of bills that were about great ideas to fix the problem,” Harris said. She might as well be telling people that they shouldn’t even bother having their own memories and opinions. They can simply let the Democrats tell them what to think and feel. This is the same woman who stood in solidarity with Tara Reade when she made credible sexual assault allegations against Biden.

Reade wants an explanation as well but she’s not likely to get one anytime soon. Harris said that she believed Reade and that she wanted her voice to be heard. All of that went right out the window as soon as she was given the chance to serve as Biden’s running mate. And let’s be very honest here, her motivations go much deeper than that.

She has a chance to become vice president and there’s a nonzero chance that she’ll have her chance to sit in the big seat soon enough. If Biden wins, he has not shown much interest in serving beyond one term. Everything Harris said during the primaries was a lie and we are now seeing her true colors.

Learning From Mistakes? Biden’s Taking Center for Granted by Placating the Left

Allow us to take you back to the year of 2012. The Republicans were trying to broaden their base, nominating a Massachusetts governor who had been deemed too liberal by certain circles of the party. When the party was pushed about this, they decided to bring in a conservative type who was known to make his staffers read Ayn Rand.

It seems like all of this happened so long ago now. The GOP had a simple theory at the time: the conservative choice would balance out the liberal and keep their voters happy. Of course, seasoned observers remember that the conservative wonk was not nearly as conservative as he seemed. As for the liberal governor, he did everything that he could to appeal to the more conservative voter.

He opposed gay marriage, promised to strip Planned Parenthood of their funding and pandered to the center right. We don’t have to tell you that this strategy did not end well. The Democrats won with ease and controlled the White House for another four years. Let’s take a moment to fast forward to the present day now.

The Democrats have presented a presidential nominee who is considered to be a centrist. Their solution to this problem? They’ve chosen a progressive California senator to balance him out. Harris has already done a good job of attacking the president during the primary and the Democrats believe that she can change the minds of their progressive voters.

They are apparently supposed to be neglecting her past record when it comes to justice reform. The policies she was responsible for during her stint as California Attorney General are being swept under the rug. The convention offered up a mixture of center left voters, progressives and former Republicans who are looking to remove the unpopular current president.

The party is clearly still worried about progressives heading elsewhere. It shows when you hear the recent commentary from Barack Obama. “If you look at Joe Biden’s goals and Bernie Sanders’s goals, they’re not that different, from a forty-thousand-foot level,” the former president said. The party desperately wants to convince people that Sanders and Biden are one and the same.

Since Biden wants the same things as Sanders and he’s decided that incremental process is no longer acceptable, the Democrats are all set, right? The New Yorker spoke with Obama about the campaign but they are not convinced. Biden started off by sprinting to the center and now he is trying to shore up his leftist bonafides.

The strategy might work but it depends on the percentage of the electorate that is currently at stake. Biden is even hammering away at the Republicans who are doing everything in their power to paint the party as a group of socialists. Now that Biden is starting to move to the left, the Republicans believe that they can use it to their advantage.

There is a major potential flaw in the Democrat campaign and we wonder if Biden is even aware of it. It’s understandable that he would look for votes from those who are disgusted with Trump. The problem is a simple one. Biden is not doing anything to galvanize the voting base because he is not saying anything deeper than “Democrats are good and Trump is bad”.

He’s got to be able to draw people into his candidacy without resorting to “well, at least I’m not Trump”. There are two questions that still need to be answered. First of all, are there Republicans out there who are not going to want to vote for Trump OR Biden? What happens if there are Republicans who are still willing to vote for Trump because they do not care for Biden’s stances?

These are questions that the former vice president needs to find answers for and quickly. He can’t make the mistake of assuming that the election is already sewn up. As the election season drags on, Biden must make sure to avoid complacency. The polls do not always tell the full story.

Obama Disses Trump’s Maturity Calling Administration a ‘Reality Show’

Former President Barack Obama took the stage at the Democratic National Convention to once again address his loyal supporters, encouraging the nation to vote against President Donald Trump in November.

Obama spoke in support of his running mate, former Vice President Joe Biden, who has won the Democratic nomination for president this election season. However, his former running mate’s speech took on a familiar theme that has been seen in many Democrats support of their candidate: Vote for Biden, at least he’s not Trump.

“Look, I understand why many Americans are down on government,” Obama said, in a folksy down to earth approach that drew so many to him in 2008 and 2012. The former Oval Office occupant offered examples of those he feels might be disenfranchised, going to say, “Well, here’s the point: this president and those in power – those who benefit from keeping things the way they are – they are counting on your cynicism … Do not let them take away your power. Do not let them take away your democracy.”

The former president’s lofty statements then took a dark turn. He said that while he didn’t ever expect his successor to pick up where he left off he did, however, think Donald Trump might show some interest in taking the job seriously; that he might come to feel the weight of the office and discover some reverence for the democracy that had been placed in his care.

“But he never did,” Obama said. “He’s shown no interest in putting in the work; no interest in finding common ground; no interest in using the awesome power of his office to help anyone but himself and his friends; no interest in treating the presidency as anything but one more reality show that he can use to get the attention he craves.”

The former president didn’t hold back, sharing his disdain for the current Commander-in-chief’s execution of his office. However, he also didn’t make a compelling case for why anyone should vote for his vice president except, again, that he’s not Donald Trump.

Liberals’ frustration with the president has grown to an alarming height, something that Democrats have blamed the president for, extensively. While on the one hand, they have encouraged their voters to do whatever it takes to stand up to the current president, they’ve also blamed Trump for the civil unrest.

Some conservatives have questioned whether the longtime Washington insider Biden is who ultra progressives want in the office at all, or if they’re just looking to spruce up an otherwise progressive ticket with a known quantity like the former vice president.

Biden’s recently announced running mate, Kamala Harris, is a much more progressive politician, hailing from California and offering something for those the far left might consider a compelling inducement. However, Biden’s advanced age has many asking whether this is just Democrats way of attempting to make sure they put up some sort of fight in a race that they know they’re likely to lose to an incumbent, with a fringe benefit of having a solidly far-left VP, should Biden manage to secure his position behind the resolute desk.

Regardless of Biden’s viability going into the November election, there are still many who are left with the question as to why the party backed someone as unstable as Biden as their nationwide face in the upcoming election. Will he win? Will he forget to show up for the inauguration? Will he become “mysteriously ill” for the upcoming debates with Trump? No one knows just yet, but we do know one thing, liberals have signaled that they’re willing to take extreme measures to get Biden into the White House.

Why? Oh, that’s right, he’s not Trump

Smart Move? Denver Decides Against Replacing Police Force With Peace Force

Residents of the city of Denver, Colorado have watched their City Council go back and forth about a very unusual proposition. Councilwoman Candi Cedebaca is responsible for the bizarre proposal. If she had her way, the police force would have been replaced with a Peace Force. These officers would not be provided with firearms and would function as more of a counseling service.

Armed and trained officers would be kept on hand in case emergencies arose. The proposal had a number of detractors initially but that did not stop the city from proceeding with a vote. The proposal has now officially failed, providing the citizens of Denver with a much needed respite. This may go down in history as one of their biggest close calls of all time.

The Councilwoman is the only one who decided to vote in favor of the proposal. This probably came as no surprise to those who were watching this vote closely. Even the leftists were probably a bit nervous about the idea of swapping out all of their armed officers for “Peace Officers” who are unable to handle the same duties.

The vote failed by an 11-1 count. There are also two other proposals that have been put on hold, both of which were designed to cap the power of the city’s police force. Had the proposal been allowed to pass, it would have taken the policy one step closer to becoming a law come November. The citizens of Denver have to be breathing a major sigh of relief.

Denver City Council voted to suspend a proposal thaCandi Cedebacat aims to to replace the Denver Police Department with a “peace force.” The 11-1 nay vote came during the council’s Monday night meeting.

The vote put the proposal on hold along with two other bills that would have limited power in other city offices.

Only the bill’s sponsor Councilwoman Candi Cedebaca voted in favor of the proposal to replace the police, had it passed it would have been once step closer to becoming a ballot measure this November.

This may be a temporary reprieve for the city, though. From the looks of it, those who voted against the Peace Force are not 100 percent opposed to it. The idea could resurface in a different format. Multiple Council members said that they voted “no” because the idea felt rushed, not because they were against it entirely.

They want more time to develop a proposal that is truly thoughtful. Council President Stacie Gilmore is hedging her bets, claiming that she wants to provide her constituents with the time that they need to make a proper decision. Michael Hancock is the mayor of Denver and he opposed the plan, calling it “reckless and irresponsible.” As long as he is mayor, the plan won’t be enacted.

We’ll see if he sticks to his guns but this has to be somewhat reassuring to Denver residents. The policy is not just reckless, it is insane for a city this size. Sure, some might point to the British policies that allow for unarmed citizens to conduct basic police duty. When their officers require armed backup, they can call for it. But there’s just one issue with this policy, when it comes to America.

There are simply too many guns that have fallen into the hands of maniacs. Denver’s policy would have left unarmed citizens to fend for themselves during traffic stops. What happens when someone is pulled over and they have a firearm? If they know that they are not going to face any real opposition, they are not going to hesitate to use it.

The average British officer is not going to have to deal with the type of weaponry that is present in America. Their criminals are typically armed with knives and the like. The same people who were all for this idea will be the first ones on television crying when the first Peace Officer is murdered by a carjacker who believes that they have nothing left to lose.

Over 3,000 assaults have taken place in Denver this year alone. Over 700 rapes and at least 65 murders have occurred as well. Does this sound like a city that needs to disarm and disband their police force? From the looks of this vote, it seems that cooler heads prevailed for the moment. It remains to be seen as to whether this city is willing to leave this proposal on the drawing board where it belonged.

Must See: Black Republican Nails What’s Really Wrong With Democrat-Led Cities

Democratic Representative Kweisi Mfume defeated Kimberly Klacik in a special election for the 7th district of Maryland earlier this year. While this defeat was a momentary setback, Klacik has decided to run for a seat in the house now. Her recent campaign ads get straight to the heart of the current situation and we are grateful to her for speaking the truth.

“Do you care about Black lives? The people that run Baltimore don’t. I can prove it. Walk with me. They don’t want you to see this. I’m Kim Klacik. This is Baltimore, the real Baltimore. This is a reality for black people every single day. Crumbling infrastructure, abandoned homes, poverty, and crime. Baltimore’s been run by the Democrat Party for 53 years. What is the result of their decades of leadership? Baltimore is one of the top five most dangerous cities in America,” her most recent campaign ad states.

Klacik was not done there. She wants to ask the tough questions that are eluding many Democrats. Kimberly is not the type who is going to sit idly by and wait for things to happen. She is looking to be proactive, not reactive. That’s one of the bigger problems in Baltimore at the moment. People are looking for some sort of solution to present itself. They are not going out to actively search for it.

“Do you believe black lives matter? I do. The vast majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated against Black people who make up 60 percent of the population. So why do we care about our communities? The Democrat Party have betrayed the Black people of Baltimore. If the politicians walked the streets like I do, they would see exactly how their policies and corruption affect them. But they don’t want to see it, they don’t want you to see this,” Klacik continued.

It’s hard to argue with what she’s saying. Anyone who is willing to remain at least a little logical about this stuff is going to side with her. It will be funny to watch the Democrats act like she’s a liar, though. How long do you think she has before Joe Biden shows up and starts revoking her black card? That’s a joke but we are half serious when we bring it up.

To further drive the point home, Klacik took to the streets of Baltimore. She decided to ask some of the city’s citizens if they were in favor of police defunding. “I had three sons killed in Baltimore City. And I think if we defund the police officers, it’s going to be worser than that. So, no, I’m opposed to that,” said one resident.

These are the people who are affected when wealthy liberals start acting like we don’t need the police anymore. Klacik doesn’t just talk the talk, either. Her Potential Me nonprofit assists minority women who are currently seeking employment. It’s hard to find fault with anything that she is saying. She tells it like it is and the Democrats are going to continue to feed everyone fibs.

Let’s face the facts here. The Democrats have not done a single thing to help the community in question here. They show up for election season, talk a big game, name drop the latest viral dance craze and take off before anyone has a chance to call them out. Their level of comfort in these communities is bewildering when you stop to think about what they have actually been able to accomplish.

Biden and the Democrats do not want candidates like Klacik to expose them for the charlatans that they are. The sensitive leftists out there may not want to hear her message but as a black woman who has actually spent time in the community that she speaks of, she’s well qualified. Maybe she’ll actually be able to help the citizens of Baltimore instead of paying lip service to the idea.

Cuomo’s Corona Response: Over 11,000 Senior Citizens Left To Die in Nursing Homes

Back in July, New York governor Andrew Cuomo was already patting himself on the back for the state’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. He had a press conference and released a poster that was supposed to commemorate the great job that he did. Pardon us while we do everything in our power to stifle a laugh.

New York state was the coronavirus epicenter for quite some time, so we are not sure what he thinks he’s celebrating. This is a state that takes time out to mourn the 9/11 attacks each year. Nearly 3,000 people died that day. Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck New York, over 30,000 people have died. That’s over 10 times the death toll, with a fraction of the hand wringing.

The Cuomo poster was topped with a statement that is sure to inspire a lot of laughter. “Wake Up America! Forget the Politics, Get Smart!” is the slogan that he is going with. Some might be wondering why the map does not include all of the nursing homes that Cuomo has allowed to decay but why let facts get in the way of a little bragging?

Group homes for those with disabilities were also adversely affected by the governor’s lack of foresight. The statements that have been made by Cuomo are absolutely outrageous when you stop to think of the level of death and destruction that has taken place in his state. The state of New York is suffering through some of the worst coronavirus numbers of any location in the world.

New York City is currently experiencing 1,692 deaths per 1,000,000 residents. New Jersey is the only state with worse numbers at the moment so its probably not time to get too cocky, Mr. Cuomo. Can you believe that the country that comes closest to the New York City mortality rate is Peru? These are the countries that Cuomo is competing with and it would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

The facts are in and the numbers speak for themselves. If New York City was its own country, they have done a worse job than any other country on the planet. That has not stopped Cuomo from taking the time to slander Trump during his speeches. The whole thing is just one big game to him. We are convinced that the only reason New York has maintained even the slightest amount is because Trump was encouraging a full scale reopening.

If Trump had wanted everyone to stay indoors, Cuomo would have been the first one telling everyone to go outside. Cuomo allowed over 10,000 nursing home residents to die and his hubris has caused the sort of damage that most citizens never thought possible. There are no commemorations or remembrances for the fallen New York City residents, though.

We can’t wait to see what happens on 9/11 this year. New York City cannot continue to act as if this is the biggest tragedy that has ever taken place. If they are dumb enough to proceed with the 9/11 memorials like this is any other year, they are going to feel a wrath unlike anything else that they have ever experienced.

Can you imagine expecting citizens to sit down and mourn the fallen from nearly two decades ago when the city is crumbling right now? Cuomo and his cronies had better take their time and think this one through. The governor is already celebrating as if the virus has been beaten and this is par for the course for the state of New York.

Cuomo wants everyone to think that he has done his best but we are sure that those who have relatives who are living in this state’s assisted living facilities are thinking differently. Why would anyone be willing to give him props for a job well done when he has performed this badly by any objective measure? The governor does not need to be celebrated by the liberal media, he needs to be investigated.

It’s Official! Dems Dismissal of Smollett Case Was Abuse of Prosecutorial Discretion

It seems like it happened a decade ago but last year’s Jussie Smollett case led to some very heated discussions between those who believe in the truth and those who follow nonsensical media-driven narratives. It won’t shock anyone to learn that the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office already let him off the hook for his attempt to smear all Trump supporters.

The actor was re-charged earlier this year, though. He claimed that he had been attacked by vicious Trump supporters who were armed with a noose. The story never made sense from the beginning and we knew it. Of course, it didn’t stop the mainstream media from acting like everyone who didn’t believe the story is homophobic.

Kim Foxx is the corrupt State’s Attorney who tried her best to keep this hoax going. Her text messages showed that she remained in contact with Smollett after recusing herself from the case. Why would she keep intervening in a case that was clearly never viable from day one? Chicago reporter Charlie De Mar got his hands on the messages and shared them with his Twitter followers.

It did not take long for the messages to start traveling around. People are getting tired of hearing about this case and there is too much going on in the world for anyone to still care. Foxx may not have said nice things about Smollett in the texts, referring to her as a “washed-up celeb” but from where we are sitting?

We are of the belief that she was playing both sides against the middle. She was telling her bosses one thing and she was telling Jussie another. A special prosecutor in Illinois has decided to start investigating the matter on their own. They want to know more about how Kim Foxx carried out her investigation and the results are rather interesting.

The special prosecutor has reason to believe that “substantial abuses of discretion” have taken place and Foxx is responsible for them. It’s easy to see why this conclusion was drawn. A relatively prominent person claims that they were beaten and attacked with bleach by Trump supporters and the claim ends up being false.

At that point, they need to be placed in jail or given a massive fine, so that they are discouraged from pulling the same kinds of stunts in the future. When Foxx dismissed the case and dropped all of the charges against him, she decided to place herself on the chopping block….whether she realizes it or not. She was in such a rush to release him, she didn’t know how it would look to the average law enforcement official.

Or perhaps she knew and did not care? That’s always a possibility as well. Dan Webb is the lead investigator of Foxx’s case. He does not believe that any laws were broken during the investigation but he did note that many of her actions were rather dubious. That should not be up for debate. He was able to prove that she lied about ceasing her communications with the actor once it became known that he would be charged with a crime.

Foxx also contacted his sister, Jurnee Smollett, discussing the case with her (even after claiming that she was no longer in contact with Jussie’s family). The claims that she made about recusing herself from the case were found to be legally suspect. In other words, it did not take long for Dan Webb to slice her claims into ribbons.

False statements were issued to the press by Foxx, which only served to make matters even worse. His investigation has uncovered certain facts that we already knew and confirmed a number of hunches that we had. As it turns out, some law enforcement officials cannot resist the urge to remain in contact with celebrities who are charged with crimes, even if they are considered to be washed up at the time.

Dems New Normal: Watch This Prominent Democrat Attack and Berate Teenage Child of Primary Opponent

In an incident that has become par for the course for the Democrats, Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz now stands accused of assaulting a child. Early voting has just started but the Democrats are already launching various attacks. Wasserman Schultz’s primary opponent, Jen Perelman, addressed the situation with a timely tweet.

“Debbie physically shoved one of my volunteers handing out palm cards and then verbally accosted her for calling out her record on the environment. This will not be tolerated,” said Perelman. “I’m only going to say this once: If you want to put your hands on anyone, try it with me. Don’t you EVER touch my volunteer,” she continued.

Wasserman Schultz has been put on notice. This thuggish behavior is not going to fly during the election cycle. While this election cycle promises to be the most violent to date, no one knows what is going to happen next. The alleged victim is a 16-year-old named Martina Velazquez and she described the harrowing experience in a recent TikTok video.

“When I was handing out palm cards to voters and explaining how Debbie was not endorsed by any climate activists other than the Sierra Club….she ended up shoving me more than once and calling me a liar to my face,” Martina says. Unless this child is a liar (and what motivation does she have to do so?), this is a ridiculous turn of events.

Children should never be attacked for political reasons and this is something that we never thought that we would have to say. If the police decide to get involved and start investigating, it’s easy to see why Wasserman Schulz might start to sweat a little. Getting removed from the race because you decided to put your hands on a child is a fairly embarrassing way to go out.

It won’t be long before the lies start to roll in. We wouldn’t even be surprised if the Democrats decided to dig up some dirt on the child. This is not a party that does well when it comes time to accept responsibility for their actions. They love to blame others and they need to be investigated for all of the plots that they are currently launching.

An election that is sure to be hotly contested will lead to all kinds of confrontations and that is understandable to a certain extent. Politics and religion are two topics that are sure to have people all hopped up but that does not excuse anyone who decides to take it to the next level. What would the Democrats have had to say if the child had decided to protect herself?

The whole conversation would have shifted and become something else entirely. As it is, Wasserman Schultz has a lot of explaining to do at the moment. She’s not going to be able to come up with a good enough excuse, so we eagerly await the inevitable deflection that is about to take place. “This incident does not reflect who I am as a person, blah blah blah.”

We have heard it all before and it’s not going to work anymore. It’s time to start holding politicians who behave like thugs accountable. Wasserman Schultz has been watching a few too many mob movies if she thinks that she is going to be able to bully their way through the primaries. The Democrats will do whatever it takes to cover up this crime and we are sure that the mainstream media won’t cover it.

No one that we have talked to has seen any meaningful coverage of the assault. Unless you are the type of person who spends a decent amount of time on Twitter and you’re firmly entrenched in the political conversation on there? You probably had no idea that it even happened. That’s the leftist way. If this took place in a Republican setting, it would have been a front page headline.