Yes, Virginia, There Will Still Be Santa in the Pandemic

Kids have had a tough go of things throughout the pandemic. They’ve been schooled virtually, they’ve been distanced from their friends, and their birthday parties have been reduced to neighborhood drive-bys.

Kids and parents alike are desperate for a sense of normalcy. With Christmas just around the corner, millions of kids are going to be looking to sit on Santa’s lap.

Mall Santas have been a tradition for decades. Parents will drag their kids to the mall Santa, stand in line, and pay for photos. Kids get to sit next to Santa (and sometimes Mrs. Claus, too) and say what they want. Santa smiles, nods, and gives a cheerful Ho! Ho! Ho!

How in the world are kids supposed to visit with Santa when there’s a global pandemic plaguing the country? No one wants to take the chance of their kid (or themselves) getting COVID-19 from Jolly St. Nicholas.

It’s not pretty, but malls and other shopping areas have made some big changes to compensate for COVID-19.

In some instances, Santa is wearing a mask. It’s not a great fit over his beard as white as snow, but at least it’s a way for him to cover his mouth and nose.

In areas where there is no mask mandate (or Democratic leaders are being stubborn), Santa’s shop is set up a little differently. Santa might be set up behind a plexiglass wall. Kids will talk to Santa from a distance. Then, with a few creative camera angles, Santa is seated behind the plexiglass while the children are seated in front.

In other instances, there’s no plexiglass but there’s still a distance of at least 6 feet.

What about the kids and babies that are used to sitting on Santa’s lap? That’s not possible simply because of fear of spreading germs. So, mom or dad better plan on being in the picture this year in order to hold the kids in front of Santa.

Appointments are often required, too. This limits the number of people potentially standing in line to wait to see Santa.

All of the different photo companies and malls have had to get creative. It was necessary to have Santa around throughout the holidays. Kids have had to give up enough this year. Giving up Santa was simply not an option.

So, it was all about being creative. Modifications are made and life goes on.

There’s also the virtual Santa experience. This is a chance for kids to Zoom with Santa. They’ll be able to tell him all about what they want to see under the Christmas tree. Many visits are limited to five minutes, which is more than what a typical lap experience offers. A photo is taken during the chat, allowing parents to have something that they can share on social media or print on their own.

For kids who don’t want to see Santa but still want to get their list out to the big man in red, there’s the possibility of dropping off a list to the big red North Pole mailboxes in front of Macy’s or using websites like in order to send off an online message with a list of wanted items.

Santa is the once-a-year experience that many kids look forward to. Parents don’t have to feel as though they have to disappoint little ones. It’s a different experience, but it’s an experience, nonetheless. It means that parents can mask up their kids and head to the mall or follow stay-at-home orders with a virtual experience.

The Santa visits are just like anything else during the pandemic. It may not be the way it’s always been done, but those that learn to evolve and think outside of the box will continue to thrive. Plenty of creative options are out there, so there’s no reason to miss out on Santa just because of COVID-19.

Surprise! A Corrupt Family Brings in a Corrupt Cabinet

Corruption shows up on everything that Joe Biden touches. Despite claims that the former VP was helping his son and brother get rich with all sorts of back-alley deals, Democrats still voted for him. Their whole “vote blue no matter who” worked – and now they have to deal with the corruption that comes with voting for literally anyone who wasn’t Trump.

Biden is one of the most corrupt politicians to have ever walked the halls of Washington DC. He’s been a career politician for most of his life. Further, Hunter Biden has made a fortune thanks to who his daddy is.

It’s not surprising that a corrupt family would lead to a corrupt cabinet.

It’s all about who you know, not whether you’re qualified for the job.

As much as many thought that Biden would be choosing many of the Democratic primary frontrunners for cabinet positions, it seems he’s gone a different way. He wants to tout diversity, with many firsts showing that he’s nominating women and people of color.

That’s all well and great, but are any of them actually qualified?

Janet Yellen as the Treasury Secretary may be the only one capable of actually doing the job. Stocks have lifted just at the mere mention of her name. As an American economist and someone who has served as the Chair of the Federal Reserve, she may be the person needed to turn the economy around post-pandemic.

What about everyone else?

If you worked on Biden’s campaign, you were given a position. You may not get into the cabinet, but you could at least manage a position as chief of staff or an advisor.

Biden’s all about keeping those who are close to him closer to him to avoid any kind of scandal. He doesn’t want anyone who could leak any of his dirty secrets as an attempt to stab him in the back.

Many who have been working with him know just how cunning he can be. They’ve managed to protect him this far. He got into the White House even after it was identified that he blackmailed Ukrainian leaders into dropping the investigation against his son Hunter over shady deals being done at Burisma.

All of these individuals who know all about Biden and what he’s willing to do to make money on the side with business deals are filling his cabinet and entering the White House. It’s corruption at its best, and it’s happening under the noses of every American.

The U.S. Senate was even aware of Biden corruption. It wasn’t Russian disinformation. It’s a real concern, and the report they’ve created makes for quite an interesting read. Thanks to Tony Bobulinski, there are thousands of pages worth of evidence against Biden.

Perhaps out of everyone that Biden has chosen, the secretary of state pick is the one that should scare us the most – Antony Blinken

This is a man who has a long history with Biden. He was the national security adviser during Biden’s time as VP. Blinken was also part of the Clinton administration.

Blinken is a White House insider. He’s part of the DC corruption…part of the swamp. He’s also a foreign policy nightmare. He’s all about sending in the troops to do what needs to be done. He’s defended some of the wars that the U.S. has entered into – the same wars that Trump has been working to get us out of.

Many of the other cabinet picks are based on color and gender as opposed to actual abilities to hold the positions. Why? He’s allowing social justice warriors to bully him into certain picks. It is further evidence of his corruption because he allows himself to be pushed in one direction or another.

The corruption has already been seen and the cabinet choices only back it up. As long as the Senate can hold a majority, perhaps they can find some more hard evidence to lead to impeachment – though that would leave us with Kamala Harris as president, and that might not be any better.

China Turns Churches to Propaganda Centers

In China, the only one who can occupy the heavens is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

There is no room for God and religious beliefs, which would only compete with and undermine the CCP’s “preachings” (read: propaganda) and dictates regarding how the people of China should live their lives and OBEY the corrupt communist regime in charge.

Just how sensitive are the Chinese communist snowflakes to competing messaging, especially that of a sublime nature? You might find this shocking: Under Chinese law, it is ILLEGAL to bring Bibles or other printed religious material into the country if they are intended for distribution and used for purposes beyond personal use.

The Good Word is bad news for Red China. The corrupt Chinese communists know their pathetic system of oppression and lies could never compete with the transcendent power of Christianity.

While the message of Jesus teaches morality, humility, compassion, the beatitude of the Lord Almighty, the message of the Chinese communists is to shut up, sit down, and do as we say.

We can’t necessarily blame the people of China, however, for their godless overloads: China is home to a population of 1.4 billion people, with around 92 million of them official members of the CCP (equaling about 6.5-percent of the total Chinese population).

Many in China are hungry for a spiritual belief system greater than the empty and hollow platitudes of the militant atheists in charge with their boots on the necks of the bulk of the general population.

In 1949, there were 4 million Christians in China (3 million Catholics and 1 million Protestants). Since 1949, in fits and starts, Christianity has boomed in China and there are now about 67 million Chinese who practice Christianity in the country. Christianity is the fastest-growing religion in China with an average annual growth rate of 7-percent.

It’s only a matter of time before the Christian population in China outnumbers the ranks of CCP members.

It’s safe to say that these developments and the surging growth of Christianity in China are causing the CCP bosses to properly piss their pants in fear that they will soon be exposed as frauds and delegitimized.

The CCP is panicked and working overtime to not only shut down and raid churches but to seize church properties and convert them into propaganda centers to promote the communist party’s dystopian ideologies.

“Our Chairman, Xi Jinping, who art in Beijing, communist be thy name…”

Hundreds of churches and ancestral temples have been seized and converted into what the CCP is calling “Civilization Practice Stations for a New Era,” which is part of a nationwide mandate to promote Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics and strengthen the Party’s ideological propaganda work. In plain English, to shovel the CCP’s horse manure to Chinese peasants.

For instance, on November 6, over 100 government functionaries (read: hacks) attended the ribbon-cutting grand opening of a new propaganda center in the city of Putian (the name of the city, funnily enough, is spelled similarly to “Puritan,” the original colonists of America who were known for their hard-line views; except in the case of the Puritans they were adhering to the Word of God, not the word of Chairman Mao’s demented offspring) which was renovated out of a seized Christian house of worship.

The sparking newly renovated propaganda center was plastered with an excess of 168 posters about mass murdered Mao Zedong, along with current CCP Chairman (and Winnie the Pooh lookalike) Xi Jinping, and other past and present Chinese communist leaders.

The church pastor is now forced to integrate stories about the glorified butcher and lunatic Mao Zedong into his sermons, which has greatly disturbed and saddened the congregation.


“We do not dare to refuse these propaganda materials for fear that the government will ban our gatherings,” said a church member. “We’re powerless to challenge them.”

The fact is, Christians have been persecuted for millennia and yet in the face of extreme adversity Christianity has grown the largest religion in the world today with over 2.1 billion adherents totaling over 31-percent of the world’s 7.8 billion people.

The Chinese communist may try as they might to squash Christianity in China, shut down and seize churches, and shove their bankrupt propaganda down the throats of Chinese citizens. But if history is any teacher, they will fail and the message of Jesus will prevail.

Mandatory Gun Buybacks? Yeah, What Does That Look Like?

“We’re coming for your guns.” Remember that? It was one of the most infamous lines of the Democratic primaries. Beto O’Rourke was one of the loudest to say that he would come for guns.

Just because he didn’t win the Democratic primaries doesn’t mean that the idea is off the table. In fact, it’s probably more likely to happen with Biden coming into office and his choice for White House Deputy Chief of Staff.

Jennifer O’Malley Dillon is the one that Biden has chosen to fill the spot – and she’s the one bind managing Beto’s campaign, complete with pushing for the mandatory buybacks of certain firearms.

Beto thought it was entirely possible that the American government could perform mandatory gun buybacks of AR-15s, AK-47s, and any other rifles they felt were necessary to add to the list. Sure, Americans would get paid for them, but likely only a fraction of what they’re worth.

So, the argument that was around when Beto said this the first time around is back. How would the government know who owns such guns? Many were purchased illegally. Even when they were purchased legally, many have been handed down through the family over the years.

It would be impossible for the government to know who has these guns. They can ask people to turn them over, but they’ll only get a small percentage of what’s out there.

Are they going to knock on everyone’s door to find out if they have such a gun and to demand that it be turned over? Not only is that entirely time-consuming and dangerous, but it’s also a violation of our second amendment rights.

Kamala Harris likes the idea of the mandatory buyback program but hasn’t worked out the details on how it would work.

Anderson Cooper of CNN asked Biden if a Biden administration would mean that people have to worry about people coming for their guns. Biden responded with, “Bingo. You’re right if you have an assault weapon.” He went on to say that he felt that those should be illegal.

The problem is that there is no such category as an “assault” weapon. Most people have rifles or semi-automatic weapons but they’re for sport. People take them to the range.

If anyone’s using those weapons to kill, it doesn’t matter if the weapon is legal or not because the intended purpose is illegal. It’s illegal to kill people – so there’s no need to make the weapon illegal, too.

We’re back to the same argument as we’ve been to a million times before: guns don’t kill people, people do.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has estimated that there are approximately 434 million firearms owned by Americans and 19.8 million of these are categorized as Modern Sporting Rifles – which includes AR-15s, AK-47s, and similar rifle platforms.

The Biden-Harris administration better come up with a really good plan for how they’re planning on collecting nearly 20 million Modern Sporting Rifles from Americans across the country. They’ll likely start off by asking for a voluntary recall – and a very small percentage of Americans may participate. From there, they’ll have to deal with Supreme Court lawsuits as various gun and rifle associations sue because it’s an infringement on our rights to bear arms.

It’s laughable that both Biden and Harris think that they’ll be able to come to get our guns. No one will want to be tasked with the job of knocking on everyone’s door in America to find out if they have guns. And if someone says they don’t, are they going to get search warrants?

They may be able to ban the sale of such guns, but they’re never going to collect the ones that are out there. Even if they do figure out a way to pull it off, it won’t end violence. When there’s a will, there’s a way. Criminals are criminals. If they want to commit mass murder, getting their hands on a gun illegally is the least of their concerns.

Shocker! Sheriffs Aren’t Enforcing Coronavirus Curfews

Some of the curfews being thrown out by Democratic governors are ridiculous. And the sheriff departments know it better than anyone else.

So, will some of Governor Newsom’s latest coronavirus curfew regulations be enforced by the police? Absolutely not. They don’t want to turn law-abiding citizens into criminals just to humor the governor.

Quite a few counties have already come forward to say that they’re not going to enforce the curfews. These include Fresno, Kings, Madera, Merced, and Visalia.

The curfews don’t make a lot of sense. The stay-at-home orders have been extended. For nonessential workers, there’s a curfew between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. every Saturday. While most people are in their homes during those times anyway, there are plenty who aren’t. These can include people who want to go for a late-night run, an early morning jog, or simply people who are night owls and want to take a drive.

Margaret Mims, the Fresno Sheriff has no plans to penalize residents if they don’t follow Newsom’s curfew. The main reason is that they’re dealing with too many other important things – like saving children from predators and taking guns away from gang members. The city of Fresno has even released a statement to the public, requesting that residents “voluntarily comply” with the curfew.

How would it be possible to even identify if people are violating curfews? It would require setting up checkpoints or pulling people over to question them.

In a pandemic, most officers want to take a hands-off approach. They don’t want to know what a person is doing out on the roads at 11 p.m. It’s their business. Wear a mask and socially distance whenever you get to where you’re going. There’s no reason for the police to have to question anyone.

Dino Lawson, the Police Chief in Madera has the right idea. He says that they’re enforcing the curfew through encouraged compliance and education. Otherwise, it’s business as usual to protect the community.

What the police departments are doing is honoring American freedoms. However, whether they realize it or not, they’re also undermining Governor Newsom’s power in a big way.

Newsom can come up with all of the mandates and curfews that he wants. However, he has to depend on the police to carry them out. So, California may have some strict curfews in place, but there’s really nothing that will happen if someone violates them. This means that people can choose to do what they want. Following the curfews are voluntary.

This continues to be the Catch-22 all over the country. Dems yelled and hollered at Trump for not setting out mandates for the country in order to get the pandemic under control. Instead, he left it up to the individual states.

Considering that Newsom is a Democrat and the majority of residents in California are Democrats, shouldn’t the state of California be a shining example of how the pandemic can be handled?

It should be, but it’s not. It has nothing to do with the mandates being sent out by the federal or state government. Americans are used to certain freedoms – and if those freedoms are taken in any way, they’ll push back. It’s why there continue to be so many infections. People will choose to wear a mask or not. They’ll choose to social distance or they won’t.

Until rapid testing and a vaccine come out, America will continue to spiral out of control. As much as the Democratic Party wants to politicize it, it’s not a political issue. It’s an American issue. Newsom, Pelosi, and so many of the other Californian Dems are just as much to blame for the pandemic in the U.S. as Trump and the rest of his administration.

Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, but focus on doing what’s right for the country. As for the curfews, if the Dems can’t even listen to a fellow Dem, there’s really not much hope of them listening to Trump at this point, no matter what he might have to say.

Could We See Another Trump in DC Soon?

Trump has always been a powerful last name. It opens doors – and while the Dems are celebrating that they have been able to get rid of one Trump, another one may be showing up a lot sooner than they had anticipated.

Donald Trump isn’t the only one who has had political aspirations. Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, has her eye on a particular Republican seat – one that Richard Burr will be vacating in 2022.

Lara Trump, who is married to Eric Trump, has served as the campaign adviser to the president in both 2016 and 2020. She is considering running for Senate as a way to continue supporting the Republican Party.

Senator Richard Burr has already made it clear that he will not be seeking reelection in 2022. He has spent more than 15 years in office and would like to pursue other things.

With North Carolina being a relatively red state, there’s a good chance that the Senate seat will go to another Republican. And why not Lara Trump?

There’s no room for error, though. North Carolina dealt with a Senate race this year – and it’s been considered one of the most expensive Senate races in history. Thom Tillis was able to pull out the win against Cal Cunningham, but it was a win by only two percentage points. The two parties, combined, spent close to $300 million.

Considering that there’s only a 50-48 advantage for the Republicans at the moment while we wait on Georgia’s runoff race on January 5, there’s no way for the GOP to take a chance with anything. Every candidate that runs in 2022 needs to be able to come in with their A-game. Even if Georgia’s Senate races go red, it’s still not a significant lead.

So, is Lara Trump capable of getting a win in 2022?

Well, she is a local of North Carolina, so it’s not as if she’s moving in there just to jump into the Senate race. She’s from Wilmington and earned her bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University. She was heavily involved in the campaigns for her father-in-law for both election years and was heavily involved in the reelection rallies throughout North Carolina leading up to Election Day.

Is that enough to win? Maybe, maybe not. She was a TV producer for “Inside Edition” prior to starting a political career. There have been plenty of other politicians who started out with considerably less experience. If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can win a seat in the House with her only experience being an activist and a bartender, anything is possible.

Since Senator Barr has already identified that his seat will be open for the taking in 2022, Lara Trump isn’t the only one with her eye on it. The Dems will be looking to fill the seat, too – and they’ll be using as much money as they can to make it happen.

The good news is that Lara is a Trump – and there will be plenty of money behind her to ensure that she has a fighting chance on the ballot.

Trump won’t be the only one in the primary race for the GOP seat that Barr holds, though. Mark Meadows, the chief of staff, has his eye on the seat, too. Former governor Dan Forest may also want to try to grab the seat.

One thing is for sure – the GOP has to be cautious of who wins every primary. If the Senate ends up being a 50-50 split by the time all is said and done, VP Kamala Harris will be breaking the ties – and that means votes will be going in favor of the Democrats.

Lara Trump is definitely going to rile the feathers of every Democrat in the Senate because they won’t like her last name. That alone should be all the more reason to throw GOP support behind her.

Dems’ Full-Blown Panic: Trump Pledges to Bring Troops Home

Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of the Deep State howling from the rafters because President Trump is making good on his campaign promise to the American people to bring the troops home.

President Trump thinks 20 years in Afghanistan is long enough. Unfortunately, no war is too long for the professional warmongers in U.S. Congress, U.S. intelligence services, and the corporate military-industrial complex.

Upon the news of President Trump’s announcement of his planned move to withdraw the bulk of the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan and bring the troops home, the failed ghosts of U.S. foreign policy’s past stormed cable news to loudly condemn any attempt at ending any of America’s endless wars abroad.

Cue the usual suspects.

We know the war-hungry suits at military hardware makers such as Lockheed Martin. Boeing, Raytheon, and Northrop Grumman all blanched and choked on their coffee when President Trump announced the stunning troop withdrawal.

Never before in their lives, since President Dwight D. Eisenhower, has the military-industrial complex been told that can’t feed at the trough of endless wars.

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper objected to President Trump’s request to draw down the U.S. military troop presence in Afghanistan – so President Trump fired him, triggering an earthquake of Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) among cable news hacks and foreign policy failures from the last five presidential administrations.

Over in the intelligence agencies, President Trump’s announcement came as such a surprise it momentarily distracted the CIA and NSA from feeding the U.S. Constitution by the sheaf into a shredder.

The intel agencies had a good laugh given that they are already in a permanent state of war and enjoy ever-expanding surveillance that ever further encroaches on Americans’ liberties. First, came fingerprint scans, then retinal scans – but what comes have rectal scans?

Jumping to the hallowed halls of the U.S Congress where men are mice and the voice of reason goes to die, Rand Paul was the only hero backing the president’s move to bring the troops home.

On the Democratic side, the outrage was to be expected. The Democrats are outraged regardless of what President Trump does. They never miss out on an excuse to tear out their hair. The corporate-owned Democratic Party may play at being peaceniks, but they are puppets for the status quo policies that support America’s endless wars.

On the Republican side, cornball Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska piped up to say that a large troop withdrawal from Afghanistan would be a “retreat” and that it is “not grounded in reality.”

Funny that Sen. Sasse talks about “reality” when he lives in his own fantasyland where he thinks that he’s a constitutional law professor, not a U.S. senator and that his job is to give civics lessons to the president.

Or, as President Trump recently called Sen. Sasse, “obnoxious and boring!”

Ask Sen. Sasse a simple yes-or-no question and get a one-hour discourse about the U.S. Constitution.

President Trump called Sen. Sasse the most “useless” of the Republican senators – and he’s 100-percent right.

In his six years in the U.S. Senate, Sen. Sasse has NEVER sponsored and passed ANY major legislation. Maybe Sen. Sasse would benefit from taking the corn out of his ears and listening to President Trump’s lead on this one.

Of course, where would a chorus of outrage be without failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney chiming in? Sen. Romney took time out of his busy day of stabbing President Trump in the back to voice his displeasure about the planned troop movements.

Here is Sen. Romney response to President Trump’s troop withdrawal announcement:

“The decision to withdraw our troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and potentially elsewhere should not be based on a U.S. political calendar. The Administration has yet to explain why reducing troops in Afghanistan is a wise decision for our national security interests.”

The 1990s want their foreign policy back, Mittens.

Only President Trump had the courage to course-correct the failed U.S. foreign policy regime and consensus in effect since the fall of the Berlin Wall. President Trump wants to bring the troops home and end America’s endless wars? You bet they are going to holler and scream.

Newsom Teaches to ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’

There’s nothing quite like being told to “Do as I say, not as I do.” It’s the ultimate level of hypocrisy, and we shouldn’t even be surprised that it’s coming from a Democrat.

Governor Gavin Newsom of California has been going on and on about the restrictions. He’s told everyone to avoid gathering indoors because it can lead to spreading COVID-19. He claims that it’s the only way to get the curve to go down.

Well, why is it that he can’t seem to take his own advice?

It has just come out that Newsom attended a birthday party on November 6. It was held indoors, and at least a dozen people were in attendance. So, how is it that he’s able to attend these things while others cannot?

This is starting to sound a lot like Pelosi’s visit to the hair salon a few months ago. The entire state couldn’t go to hair salons, but she used her political position to get in – and then proceeded not to wear a mask.

At least Newsom apologized. He didn’t claim it was a setup like Pelosi had.

Newsom’s statement said that he and his family followed the health protocols of the restaurant but that they “should have modeled better behavior and not joined the dinner.”

Well, he’s right about that. He shouldn’t have.

In many states where there are crackdowns, most people wouldn’t even be able to get a restaurant to accommodate a table for 12. Many are limiting the seating to six – and even then, another table of six would be at least six feet away.

Apparently, if you’re the governor of the state, the rules don’t apply.

Countless people across California would have loved to go to a birthday party and be able to see people outside of their own household.

When Newsom attended the dinner, he violated at least two of the rules that he himself set in motion for the coronavirus – one, attending an indoor party (the venue for the birthday party was the French Laundry, a posh restaurant in wine country) and two, interacting with members outside of his household.

It must be good to be king.

An apology isn’t what people want to hear. They want to see a governor who is capable of leading by example. Californians are already stuck with a Representative who continues to break the state’s restrictions as she sees fit. Pelosi isn’t making any friends – and now it seems that Newsom has decided to follow her example.

If we’re going to improve the curve and we’re going to be faced with ridiculous restrictions on the way that we live our lives, is it too much to ask that the politicians follow their own rules?

The photos of the dinner party have surfaced, too. Close distances to chat and no masks in sight. Nice protocols in place…

Newsom’s representatives declined to identify how many households were represented at the party, but they didn’t dispute that there were more than the three specified in California COVID restrictions.

“I need to preach and practice, not just preach.”

Yes, you do. Meanwhile, 41 of the 51 counties across California have been placed on the strictest of the four-tier system based on the infection rates and cases that are present. The cases have doubled over the past two weeks – and that’s the fastest spread since COVID first showed up in the state last spring.

If the governor is incapable of setting an example, what hope do we have of anyone else following? It comes back to a clip where Dr. Fauci of the CDC says that he doesn’t really see Americans being able to follow the advice of anyone.

So, while countless Americans want to blame Trump for the way in which he handled the pandemic, many need to take a close look at what the Dems of California are doing. It’s hardly the example that needs to be set right now.

About That Student Loan Debt, Let’s See It Disappear

Anyone with student loan debt knows that it sits on your chest, making it difficult to ever see any kind of relief. However, it’s a burden that we have to deal with. Although the Democrats have long promised to make it go away, it’s not realistic. Who would pay for it? Would it even be fair for the debt to just disappear?

Now that there’s a Democrat in office, it’s time to see if the student loan debt promise will become a reality.

Biden hasn’t even been officially identified as the president-elect by the Electoral College and he’s already dealing with Dems in high positions demanding things of him.

The one in the front of the line? Chuck Schumer.

The Senate Minority Leader has called on Biden to use an executive order to cancel student loan debt.

We’re listening…

Schumer wants to see an FDR-style agenda within Biden’s first 100 days in the White House. In order to make that happen, Schumer is asking Biden to sidestep Congress on a major issue – canceling out billions of dollars in student loan debt.

Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren have been talking heavily about being able to cancel out student loan debt — $50,000 per borrower. Would that be enough to wipe out all student loan debt? No. But, it would certainly make an impact for many.

Is Biden interested? Probably not. He’s talked about forgiving $10,000 per borrower as part of a coronavirus relief package.

This is crazy that such an important thing as student loan debt would be done through executive order. If Trump had done such a thing, most of Congress would be up in arms.

The question really comes down to, is it legal?

With all of the legal prowess that Schumer and Warren have, it appears that he does have it. Schumer has said during the interview that, “We believe that Joe Biden can do that with the pen as opposed to legislation.”

Student loan debt is the largest amount of non-mortgage debt across the country. It has been estimated that one in six Americans owe on a federal student loan. The debt is somewhere around $1.7 trillion – and the debt has doubled over the past decade.

Many of the student loans can be placed into forbearance when times are tough – and that’s where they’re all sitting right now thanks to the coronavirus. However, there are also ways to reduce the payments. Income-driven plans allow people to pay on the loans at a rate that is comfortable given their income. The problem is that those payments often don’t even cover the interest that is being charged. People could be paying hundreds of dollars a month only to see the loan amount grow because of the interest.

Student loan debt is a bipartisan issue. Republicans and Democrats alike know that it is a major burden for Americans. It has to be addressed because many feel as though they’re being crushed by the loans. Particularly in households where two adults have loans, it can make it difficult to make payments and live comfortably.

So, what would it look like if Schumer and Warren get their way? If Biden were to take the pen to paper and make an executive order to wipe away $50,000 in student loans for every American, it could eliminate billions of dollars of debt.

Would it have an impact on the federal government’s budget? Absolutely. The government is the one responsible for providing most of the money. It’s why student loans are not discharged during a bankruptcy – and if someone defaults on their loans, it can lead to wage garnishment, impact Social Security benefits, and more.

Forgiving it is great, but should Biden have that kind of power? And how are billions forgiven going to affect federal spending budgets? It’s definitely the Dems wanting to flex their power early on and provide a gift to show just how amazing Biden is. It’s a bribe of the biggest kind.

Trump’s Top Lawyer Coming for Blood

The media is quick to downplay any victory that the president has concerning the election. They ignore the vast amount of evidence that is showing up, and they indeed are not reporting on the issue. Instead, they are trying to divert attention away from the fact that Joe Biden is about to be exposed as the world’s biggest cheat. The leftist media would have everyone believe that no evidence exists at all. But that is not what Rudy Giuliani is showing.

Trump’s personal lawyer was commissioned by the president to take the lead on the election fight. His mission is to expose the Democrats as being frauds and trying to steal the election of 2020. The media hates this man to the core because they know that he is going to get the job done.

Pennsylvania and Michigan are at the heart of the fight. On the night of the election, it was discovered that hundreds of thousands of votes all showed up at the counting centers with Biden’s name on them. Four different witnesses have come forward and testified that the stories are true. There were just enough ballots to turn the state of Michigan blue.

Giuliani stated that there are 632,000 illegal votes proven to exist in Pennsylvania’s count. All of these ballots were removed from the security envelopes before a Democrat and Republican could verify them at the same time.

The fight leader also has witnessed that he is preparing to speak when questioned about the Dominion software that was rigged to count Trump votes as Biden’s. This issue is so large that it needs to be solved now, or future elections are in jeopardy of being rigged.

Giuliani’s appointment comes on the backend of a few setbacks that Trump had. The idea of being nice in court was not going to make the difference. President Trump needed someone that could take the matter to the judge with force. Many of the setbacks happened by the pen of liberal judges.

Giuliani is a man that is used to going after mafia-style criminals. It stands to reason that he would be the favored choice to handle the terrorist left. Giuliani is the man that is going to put fear into the hearts of those involved in the fraud of 2020.

The media is attacking the man as he digs into the fraud pouring out of the wounds of the Democratic Party. When everything comes to an end, the people who orchestrated the attempted takeover of the American election will be discovered. And they will pay for their freedom.

CNN and the New York Times stated that “Giuliani’s now involvement has ‘vexed’ Trump campaign staffers and the White House.” And other secular media outlets reported without evidence or source that “As the group batted around options before the president, Giuliani interjected and derided them as insufficiently aggressive. Some in the room were taken aback.”

The sourceless attacks by the media are nothing new. They have been doing it against the president for the past four years. Their stories are full of facts that cannot be verified. And when questioned about their sources, the media will deem them as classified and private.

Every fake news media outlet pushes stories that no evidence exists. They tell people that no evidence has yet been found to prove fraud. They will be embarrassed again once the mountain of evidence is exposed, and the country is shown just how crooked the left has become.

There are several states that remain contested. It is in those critical states that the president is focusing his fight. Interestingly enough that these are the same states that stopped counting late into the night. These states had the fake ballots miraculously show up all with Biden’s names on them.

The American people deserve a fair election. The fraud and lies coming from the left will only continue if they are left to rule the White House. President Trump is doing the right thing by fighting for the rites of the people. After all, he was chosen in 2016 because he was a man that could be trusted.

Biden’s Shadow Presidency Oversteps Its Bounds…GSA Refuses to Fund His Illegal Activities

Joe Biden has taken it upon himself to play the role of President-Elect. He’s holding briefings that don’t count for anything, phoning world leaders like they’re old buds, and for the most part, running a shadow government behind Trump’s back. This is, of course, with Obama coaching him on what to say and do as #44 settles into his unofficial third term.

The law is clear. There is but one sitting president at any one given time. To undermine democracy with a shadow presidency is not only illegal, but it also disrupts the current administration’s policies and procedures, and it jeopardizes America’s credibility among its allies.

But the Democrats don’t care about this. They’re pushing ahead like they own the world. Ever since Harry Truman reigned supreme, briefings were given to incoming presidents-elect. JFK was the first president-elect to receive upfront funding to get the ball rolling. But privileges of this nature were only bestowed once they were officially declared the winners, and not one second prior.

As a reminder, it was the Democrats who blocked the Bush transition teams funding until late December, so the goose/gander thing is evident. With the shoe now being on the other foot, and with nowhere else to turn, the Dems are pressuring a poor civil-worker at the GSA, Emily Murphy, to release premature funds to the Biden team.

The New York Times’ printed the headline, “How Emily Murphy Stands Between Biden’s Team.” Bloomberg joined in with “Who Is the GSA’s Emily Murphy, Trump Appointee Holding Up Biden Transition.” And the notoriously fake Washington Post wrote, “Trump Appointee at GSA Declines to Sign Letter Authorizing Biden Transition.”

The media was responsible for setting off a barrage of lynch-mob type threats against Murphy. It was suddenly all this scapegoats fault. “She could release those funds if she really wanted to,” they shouted. It isn’t quite that easy.

It was David Barrom, a high-dollar donator to every Clinton campaign since 1992, who turned down funding for Bush/Cheney following the 2000 election when he served as the head of the GSA. Oddly, Barrom caught zero static as Bush went about funding his own transition. This is how it worked anyway until the Presidential Transition Act was passed in 1963. Bush shrugged it off and went old school.

The media recently contacted Barrom in hopes he would help talk some sense into the GSA, but he refused by saying,  “First off, all these media outlets who call the election have called it for Joe Biden, I think the winner is pretty clear.” He added, “With legal action being pursued by both sides, it is not apparent to me who the winner is. Congress made it perfectly clear that if there is ‘any question’ of who the winner is ‘in a close contest’ this determination should not be made.”

Beth Newberger, a GSA spokeswoman, made the GSA’s standing abundantly clear. “Until the results are clear, and as long as both sides are going to court, the results are not clear yet,” she stated.

Somehow, the American public has come to accept that media outlets choose presidents. They do not.

As is their hypocritical habit, this is the exact same media that arbitrarily suggested Florida had tossed every last Gore vote in the dumpster. They called Secretary of State Katherine Harris a racist and accused Jeb Bush of single-handily rigging the entire election for his brother. Yeah. Them.

My how things change. Now they’re firing their viewers up with lies about how this hubbub over voter fraud is fake, dangerous, and upsetting the constitutional exchange of power. There’s a coup going on. Trump’s about to claim his dictatorship. They’re all soaking it.

But in the words of Democrat Rep. Dante Fascell, who sponsored the Presidential Transition Act, “If the Administrator had any question in his mind, he simply would not make any designation in order to make the services available as provided by the Act. If as an intelligent human being and he has a doubt, he would not act until a decision has been made in the electoral college or in the Congress.”

So the Democrats choosing to verbally abuse the head of the GSA as if she’s part of some crazy political coup is ironically complaining about a law that they enacted. And the media is too stupid to see it.

Fascell said the Presidential Transition Act was abundantly clear. The GSA administrator will not take any personal initiative in a disputed election. There is to be no transition until all disputes surrounding a presidential election have been satisfied. Period.

Keep counting those votes…

Bulldog Elected Mayor of Tiny Kentucky Town

It’s official: it’s gone to the dogs.

The community of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, elected a bulldog as their next mayor.

I know what you’re thinking — other than are they crazy, what kind of bulldog? A French bulldog.

It’s safe to say that Rabbit Hash is really sick of their politicians. The community has elected a dog as mayor since 1998.

Monsieur Mayor-elect Wilbur cleaned up the Rabbit Hash mayoral race with 57-percent of the vote (earning 13,143 votes out of 22,985 total).

Wilbur the bulldog won the largest total number of votes ever as a candidate in Rabbit Hash mayoral history, according to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society.

Wilbur’s campaign also dusted the competition in the money hunt, raising $6,165 in his bid for mayor.

Scandal struck the Rabbit Hash mayoral race, however, in what is unanimously agreed upon by independent observes as what amounts to clear and rampant voter fraud.

Did Dominion Voting Systems conduct the vote tally?

Rabbit Hash is a census-designated place and an unincorporated community in Boone County, KY with a population of 426.

With 22,985 total votes cast in the Rabbit Hash mayoral election, it appears as though a whopper 22,559 of those votes are fraudulent, an amount equal to a Philadelphian wheelbarrow or a Chicago cemetery.

In Chicago, even the cemeteries vote twice.

Jack Rabbit, a beagle, placed second in the mayoral contest, followed by a golden retriever named Poppy who placed third.

At the time we went to press, neither of the runner-ups had issued statements, but were instead distracted by the complimentary Milk-Bone® chews in the city hall foyer.

Nevertheless, Monsieur Wilbur will be replacing current Mayor Brynneth Pawltro, a pit bull who has served since 2017 and whose name definitely isn’t a pun of Gwyneth Paltrow.

The incoming administration is already making its imprint, but Wilbur has signaled that he will retain members of the old regime, including keeping Lady Stone, a border collie, on as ambassador of Rabbit Hash.

While some have accused her of sniffing the throne, Lady Stone announced news of Wilbur’s win on her Facebook page.

Monsieur Wilbur reveled in the victory, declaring Rabbit Hash “the most magical place on Earth” on the night of his election win – but given that Rabbit Hash is essentially a dirt road with a general store that may have been the champagne talking.

The people of Rabbit Hash, when they’re not stuffing ballot boxes, choose their mayors “based on the candidates’ willingness to have their belly scratched” according to the community’s website. I know we don’t expect much of our politicians, but really!

Rabbit Hash first went to the dogs in 1998 when they elected their first canine mayor, a dog born of “unknown parentage” named Goofy Borneman. Goofy muscled through a bruising primary during which opponents alleged he had a tendency to poach chickens.

Rabbit Hash’s mayorship has been held by canines ever since.

It’s unclear what Mayor-elect Wilbur the bulldog’s paw-licy’s will be, but we can presume with relatively high confidence that there will be a significant focus on fire hydrants and playing fetch.

Not everyone has something to bark about: Biscuit the Scottish Terrier has run for the Rabbit Hash mayoral seat six times and come up short six times. When asked why voters haven’t voted him in after six tries, it was realized that Biscuit doesn’t speak English and the segment was abandoned.

Local Rabbit Hash resident Troy Chambliss said he didn’t care which way the mayoral race swung so long as Lady Stone, the border collie, was removed from her post as ambassador.

“We have our own deep state here in Rabbit Hash. We need term limits,” said Chambliss.

World Leaders Refuse to Acknowledge Biden Win

The votes are still being counted. The state of Georgia is conducting a recount. The results of the 2020 U.S. presidential election have yet to be certified.

But Ole Joe Biden, apparently, thinks he’s a winner. The mainstream media thinks it, too. They’re already coronated Joe Biden as the next president-elect.

Perhaps sensing a shift in the winds of fortune, or at long last a ripe opportunity for betrayal, even the supposedly conservative Fox News managed to plant the knife in President Trump’s back early and fast by recklessly declaring Arizona in Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory column well before the outcome was clear.

Et tu, Brute?

American Caesar Donald J. Trump isn’t ready to throw in the towel yet, however. President Trump’s agents are pursuing allegations of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and other contested states.

Fraud? In inner-city machine politics? No way!

In Chicago, the average voting age is 108. Even the dead people vote twice. The situation is no less corrupt in Philadelphia or Detroit.

President Trump shocked the Democrats with a historic Election Day turnout and ran up the score beyond their wildest dreams.

So it goes, the Republicans lead on Election Day until the absentee ballots, which tend to lean Democrat, are counted. The formula is set up so that any Republican lead just tells the Democrats how many ballots they need to “find” in order to catch up.

Biden down 50,000 votes in some Philly ward? They call in an ex-con named Smokey with a 1999 Saturn minivan who screeches up to a loading dock with a trunk full of ballots signed by dead people. Game changer!

It is possible that the degree of voter fraud is not enough to overturn the presumed results of the election and award President Trump a second term. This is the view of many world leaders at the moment, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Emanuel Macron, and black-face performance artist Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau all personally calling Joe Biden to acknowledge his status as the next president of the United States.

Even close President Trump allies British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (thanks, buddy!) have dropped their bromance with Trump and proclaimed Joe Biden the president-elect.

Even the mad man of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte, took time out of a busy day of executing drug dealers to congratulate Joe Biden on his perceived victory in the U.S. presidential contest.

Over in Russia, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said no statement of congratulations was to be offered because “there will be certain legal proceedings which were announced by the incumbent president.” Then again, Russia is just happy to have the U.S. in chaos regardless of who is president.

South of the border, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador – popularly known as AMLO – would like to avoid incurring President Trump’s wrath and has not sided one way or another on the election.

“With regard to the U.S. election, we are going to wait until all the legal matters have been resolved,” said AMLO at a press conference Saturday. “I can’t congratulate one candidate or the other. I want to wait until the electoral process is over.”

“President Trump has been very respectful of us, and we have reached very good agreements, and we thank him because he has not interfered and has respected us,” said AMLO.

Such kind words from the President of Mexico about President Trump you will never hear on CNN or MSNBC.

Farther south, in the land of white sand beaches, bananas, Carnival, samba, and military coups, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro – aka the Trump of South America – remains taciturn on the U.S. presidential election. Bolsonaro won the Brazilian presidency in 2018 by copying the Trump campaign playbook to a T, promising to “Make South America Great Again” and closely aligning himself with President Trump.

“I hope, God willing, to soon appear at the inauguration of President [Trump] in the United States,” Bolsonaro said late last month.

Jumping across the Pacific to the Hermit Kingdom, aka Hell on Earth, aka North Korea, dictator for life Kim Jong Un’s lips remain sealed. Probably because he fears getting bombed into oblivion.

Meanwhile, North Korea state media has stated that Joe Biden deserves “merciless punishment” for insulting the country’s dignity. Given that Kim Jong Un killed his own uncle with a flame thrower and 99-percent of the North Korean population lives in abject oppression and heart-breaking poverty, it is hard to take these statements seriously.

Last but not least, we travel across the North Korean border to Red China, where the tight-lipped communists have yet to render an official proclamation acknowledging a win to either camp.

Probably because they’re too busy ransacking Hong Kong at the moment while the U.S. is preoccupied with the election. Or as we say stateside, getting while the getting is good.

“I noticed that Mr. Biden has declared victory of the election,” China Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said on Monday. “We understand that the presidential election result will be determined following U.S. laws and procedures.”

Software Used in 28 States Accused of Intentionally Altering Election Results

A recent President Trump tweet might be the most important one of his entire presidency. The voter fraud that has been perpetuated through the usage of Dominion voting machines is finally being addressed. The “glitches” that have been taking place with these machines throughout the course of the election are always working in favor of the Democrats.

We have yet to see any votes being switched from a Democratic candidate. That’s what makes Trump’s tweet so important. “It attempted to alter our election and got caught?” he said in a quote tweet that referenced the voting machines. Now, things are finally going to start heating up in a whole new way.

The president has attempted to restore order throughout the entire year but those pleas have fallen on deaf ears. All of his requests to restore the rule of law in America have led to this. After a year of watching the liberals run amok, they have now stolen the election away, in plain sight. Luckily, there is a president who is not willing to allow such chicanery.

If the GOP thought that they were going to get away with this, they do not know what they are setting themselves up for. Donald Trump is not the kind of man who lets things go. He does not let sleeping dogs lie, he does not let bygones be bygones. This is just the beginning of a very long fight and we hope that Biden hasn’t sent out for change-of-address forms yet.

The Democrats should also be prepared for some serious litigation. If there is one thing that both sides already know about Trump, it’s that he is no stranger to a courtroom. He has already promised “tremendous litigation” as a result of the election theft. No one should be resting on their laurels just yet.

Independent studies are also on the way and concerned citizens have been taking these responsibilities into their own hands. What are the Democrats going to do when these studies reveal what we have known all along? Thousands (if not millions) of votes have been taken away from Donald Trump and if this was the Democrats?

They would be rioting in the street and encouraging their voting blocs to burn everything to the ground. That’s not how the GOP prefers to conduct themselves, though. Trump is not trying to round up his voters and incite them to violence. He only wants a fair and unbiased election. This should not be an unreasonable request for any candidate.

As for the Democrats, this whole situation is a scathing indictment of their ability to win an election on their own terms. If they had not been able to cheat for all of these votes, how bad would the loss have been for them? It’s hilarious to think about how much they have benefitted from their sneaky and underhanded strategies. Maybe they should have rigged the elections for the Senate and House, too.

They have stolen the presidency (for the moment) but the Senate runoff races are going to be the next big theft. Stacey Abrams and her cronies are already working overtime in Georgia to make sure that this happens. As we speak, the state is embarking on their own recount of the presidential vote, by hand. This should help to restore some order and bring some of Donald Trump’s votes back home to their rightful owner.

Other states are sure to follow suit once they see the results of Georgia’s very important recount. Any state that knows they were engaging in ballot fraud should take the time to admit to their wrongdoing now. Perhaps President Trump will be willing to go easy on them if they are ready to step up to the plate now. The longer these states wait to admit to their crimes, the worse it is going to be for them over the long haul.

Biden Campaign Calls for More Censorship of Conservatives as His Potential Win Slips Further Away

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has gotten on board with the media’s narrative that the election is now over, and he has won the presidency for the next four years. Sadly, part of what he claims he will enact when he takes over.

In addition to the potential compromise of international trade agreements, personally beneficial agreements with businesses overseas, and the legalization of policies that could be incredibly detrimental to Americans at home, according to a Biden campaign staffer, we might also be able to look forward to further suppression of information that is believed to be unacceptable by Democrats.

Bill Russo, deputy communications director for the Biden campaign, spoke out on Twitter with criticism of Facebook’s handling of information spreading, saying that they’re “shredding the fabric of our democracy”

Russo’s series of tweets from Monday went on to tell his tens of thousands of followers, “If you thought disinformation on Facebook was a problem during our election, just wait until you see how it is shredding the fabric of our democracy in the days after.

Russo asserted that “In the days after Election Day, Facebook is flooded with thousands of calls for violence. Some of them are taken down, but many are left up for hours, if not days.”

The Biden staffer placed blame on conservative media when he said that, “Unsurprisingly, Breitbart was an early amplifier and legitimizer of ‘voter fraud’ misinformation on Facebook, writing “The Steal is On” early Tuesday afternoon after citing numerous debunked conspiracy theories.”

The publication and it’s substantial reach and credibility seems to have nestled it’s way far beneath Russo’s skin because he didn’t sugar coat how he felt the conservative media should have been treated by their tech allies:

“Breitbart distribution should have been reduced on Facebook for multiple misinformation violations, but Facebook’s policy team intervened to remove misinformation strikes from its account,” Russo said.

“The result? Facebook-enabled mobilization of conspiracy theorists using ‘Stop the Steal’ groups ballooned to over 300k members, before finally being taken down under pressure.”

The communications officer cited the meteoric rise of the “stop the steal” group that amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and was then promptly removed from Facebook (though Russo didn’t seem to sit too long on the removal, just it’s organic reach on the social media platform.

“After Facebook removed the initial group, multiple new “stop the steal” groups formed and grew rapidly,” the seemingly angry Russo reported to his followers. “In its wake, Donald Trump voter fraud and election victory lies represented 17 of the top 20 posts on FB between 11/3-11/8. While Twitter disabled sharing of Trump’s election disinformation, Facebook continued to actively promote the posts in feeds.”

To be clear about the issue: Russo seems to be irate that a social media platform would allow Americans to share their thoughts, opinions, and yes, sometimes conspiracy theories, on a platform with free ingress and egress of potentially damaging information for the Biden campaign.

Essentially, Russo is pushing the notion that social media should be treated like a college classroom where only vetted and valid (aka, DNC approved) theories should be discussed, versus treating the platform like a utility company, such as a telephone provider.

Russo appears to believe that because Facebook is a private company they should exercise their right to refuse service to ideas that are considered “damaging.” The trouble for conservatives is that everything that doesn’t align with the Democrats party platform has been made into a moral atrocity, and actual moral atrocities are “rights.”

“It continues,” Russo said. “Today, a Team Trump ‘voter fraud’ disinformation press conference — so full of lies that Fox News had to cut away — ran unmediated on Facebook. After being prompted, Facebook added a woefully ineffective closable label to it.”

“We knew this would happen. We pleaded with Facebook for over a year to be serious about these problems. They have not.”

Russo ended his rant saying, dramatically, “Our democracy is on the line. We need answers.”

I think we can all agree with that; we do need answers. We also need to know that those answers weren’t prerecorded by a thoroughly biased organization like the Biden campaign.

And while we’re on the subject of things that people said would go badly, want to talk about mail-in voting? No? I get it, you might have to beg the internet provider to not assault your eyes with things you didn’t want to see, and, really, who has the time.

Trademark of the Democratic Party is to Cheat

The looting and violence that led up to the election was a prelude to what was to come on November 3. The theft of personal property by Democratic supporters during fake protests was just the start of liberals ripping off Americans. The lies and deliberate disrespect for fundamental human rights defined their actions.

The Democrats took a page out of that violent book and applied it to the election. America’s free population saw the election get stolen and hijacked by a group of liberals that could not stomach another four years of Republican leadership.

Liberals without power are crazy people. They foam at the mouth and look for prey to sink their teeth into. Once they are in power, it takes a lot of effort to get them out.

The cancer of liberalism floods the Democratic Party. Their teachings and rhetoric ring in the young’s ears as they are reprogrammed to do the bidding of their taskmasters.

Now that the election is well over, it is becoming clear just how crooked they have become. These liberal states and counties did not think twice about harvesting ballots to the point that the vote count would exceed that county’s entire population. One would think that the media would have pointed this out. But, it was a liberal state, so they hid the deception.

Had a Republican tried to cheat, the media would have reported it until the coming new year. They would have demanded that the politician resign. But no such luck on the side of the Democrats.

A trademark of the liberal party is to cheat and toss out ballots. Many counties reported finding ballots cast for President Trump tossed in the dumpster. Not to forget that the liberals pushed for mail-in voting so they could hide all their fake ballots.

The left is about control. If they can get people to do what they want, they can manipulate just about anything. All they have to do is twist just a little bit of truth into a lie, and the hook is set. All they need is for someone to bite.

The Democrats designed a black-market style of voting. They sent out ballots to people that had been dead for years. They fought so hard in Texas for multiple drop locations to hide the massive number of harvested ballots that they had in their hands.

All they needed was to get their illegal friends to fill them out and turn them in. Those ballots were then taken to critical states where the race would be close. They were stored in the backroom until they were needed.

The cheaters even had their paid poll workers keeping Republicans from having access to the counting centers. Magic software was designed to count Republican votes as Democrats in at least 40 different Michigan counties.

Thumb drives magically appeared after the counting was done with enough votes for Biden just to pull ahead of President Trump. The lies continue to mount from the liberals and the media.

The voting integrity of the country is at stake. The Democrats have sent a clear message that they do not care about votes since they can now get away with manufacturing their own.

The people of America should not stand for this kind of blatant disregard for the right to vote. Too many people have died to keep America free. They do not care about lives that died for freedom only shows that they hate the country.

The United States stands for people that love freedom. Anyone that wants to change that is free to leave. The violent theft of the election was done while everyone slept for the night.

If the cheating and the illegal practices employed by the Democratic Party are not stopped now, they will get away with much worse things in the coming years.

Law enforcement agencies everywhere should be looking into these accusations with a vengeance. These are the people that tried to defund them and do away with law and order. The Republican Party is the party of law and order, and that brings hope to the American people.

Veteran Discounts on Veterans’ Day: Slim Pickings During the Pandemic

Veterans across the country will be looking for deals come November 11. Veterans Day is usually one of the best days of the year for freebies and discounts as a way to honor those who have served. In the pandemic, however, the list of restaurants participating in Veterans Day specials has waned significantly.

Quite a few restaurants have had to close their doors during the pandemic – either because their business model wouldn’t hold up to social distancing or because the months where they were forced to close left them incapable of recovering financially. This means places like Sweet Tomatoes, Fuddruckers, and Steak ‘Shake are off the list.

Although there are restaurants off the list, there are still some participating. Many of these were restaurants that figured out how to remain open – or at least open as soon as some of the restrictions were lifted. Applebee’s is offering a free meal off of a limited menu, Starbucks is offering a free coffee, and Cracker Barrel is offering a free slice of their Double Fudge Cake. Other restaurants have done well with curbside and are willing to offer an even better deal – like a free craft burger at Bar Louie or a free Grand Slam at Denny’s. While it’s great that these restaurants are participating (and there are a few more, too), the list of restaurants used to go on for pages and pages.

USA Today talked about the restaurants that won’t be opening again – including many that are owned by critically acclaimed chefs. Chains such as Chuck E. Cheese and California Pizza Kitchen have gone forward with filing for bankruptcy – so these won’t be on a Veterans Day list any time in the near future.

As for getting a discount on a haircut, even that may not be possible in some states. Particularly as the number of positive cases skyrocket around the country, many states are choosing to reverse their rulings on the various establishments that can be open. This means that many veterans will have to plan on waiting until 2021 to take advantage of the many offerings. When states allow, it may still be possible to get a free or discounted haircut – places like Great Clips and Sports Clips are offering freebies to active duty personnel and veterans alike.

Universal Studios and Disney generally offer Veteran’s Day packages, too. You won’t see them in the same kind of fanfare as in years past. The simple reason for that is that the months-long closure has hurt them financially. Now that they’re open, they’re still limiting attendance.

Countless retail stores have bowed out this year, too. They’ve seen a major decline in sales. Although some are willing to offer a small discount to use online, many are simply hoping to wait until next year. Target, however, will be offering a 10 percent discount with verification in the form of a Target Circle offer. Other retailers willing to offer a discount include Samsung and Big Lots.

Military Times has been regularly updating the list of who is participating. Of course, it’s always a good idea to call the location ahead of time to ensure that they are participating. Although most of the programs are within national chains, local franchises may choose not to participate. It’s likely going to come down to how hard they were hit during the closures of the pandemic.

Although the offerings this year are dramatically lower than they were in years past, the good news is that there are still plenty of places that will offer a discount to veterans any day of the year. All it takes is the flash of a military ID in order to get 10 or even 20 percent off of the total purchase. It’s restaurants and retailers like this that are happy to offer a discount if it means that they can form some allegiance with customers.

Media Misses Big Time and Must Answer for It

Liberal media are coming to grips that they are not as truthful and popular that they think they are. Their inability to report a winner accurately puts them on a level of junior high reporting. They are supposed to the latest information and have the best avenues of reporting that information. But they have moved from honest reporting to favoring the liberals and working with them to destroy the country.

The great blue landslide victory they all hoped for never materialized. The liberal reporters were left holding their paralyzed tongues. They had to cancel their rhetoric victory speeches and start reporting that no one will know who will be the next president for a long time.

Many media reporters argued for months that Republicans were going to lose all of their seats. They were just convinced that the country was so angry with the president that they would vote Biden and send trump packing. But that has just not been the case.

Chris Cillizza was one of the biggest loudmouths that predicted a landslide. He was so arrogant that he posted that media personalities and pollsters had learned a lot from their utter failure in 2016. He went on to say that “Simply because election models missed the Trump phenomenon the first time around doesn’t mean we should ignore them entirely. The models are updated to reflect the realignment Trump set in motion in 2016. The likelihood, then, of missing some sort of hidden pro-Trump factors in the electorate is much less.”

He led people to think that “There is now a reasonable chance that we may be looking at a major landslide up and down the ballot in two weeks’ time.” Pride is devastating when a person embraces it and falls flat on their face. Cillizza is an embarrassment to his profession and his colleagues.

Nicholas Kristof also joined in the arrogant parade as he stated that “I think that it’s more likely that Joe Biden will win in a landslide, than that Trump will win at all.” He thought that Trump would not win anything. He called the election as “The Coming Biden Landslide.”

Peggy Noonan from the Wall Street Journal stated that “This is also the week that journalists and politicos in Washington began wondering about something they never expected to be thinking about this year.  are wondering if Nov. 3 won’t be a win for Joe Biden but a blowout, a landslide in a polarized country that doesn’t produce landslides anymore.”

The very notion that a landslide was to happen for old man Biden was wishful thinking. Unless a candidate can win over the barriers between parties, there will never be a landslide victory.

Ronald Reagan was able to win over the country during a time of instability and unrest. He brought the country back together. President Trump may not win landslide victories, but he wins where it counts. He brought the country back from the brink of destruction and saw it through a pandemic. His accomplishments are impressive and powerful.

Some of the liberal polls made statements that President Trump would on get 10 percent of the votes. But they were shocked to see him dominate in every state before the liberals started to cheat.

The liberal media continues to lie and promote their fake news to the American people. They continue to mislead people into believing things that are no longer true. Any information promoted by mainstream media can no longer be trusted or used as a reliable source.

They even tell stories that President Trump is a massive liar and cannot be trusted. But he is the only source of truth coming out of Washington these days. He continues to share the facts and information with the American people. He tells narratives that are correct in detail and does not try to make them look better than they really are.

The liberal media cannot be trusted to present simple facts. They put their own opinion into things and tell people what to believe. They need to learn that they are only to share facts and let the American people decide for themselves what the correct course of action should be taken.

Donkeys and Elephants…How Did They Become Political Party Symbols, and Why?

Donkeys and Elephants. Both creatures are emblematic of their respective political parties. Especially during election cycles, these characters appear in advertisements, cartoons, on bumper stickers, handbags, and even sometimes worn as really weird fashion statements.

Yet few people know how these animals became such well-known mascots of the red and the blue. Throughout the years they have simply become widely accepted and there doesn’t appear to have ever been any interest in making a change.

As odd it may sound, the symbols were created by one lone cartoonist who illustrated for Harper’s Weekly magazine between 1862 and 1886. His name was Thomas Nast and he was considered one of its harshest satirists of his time.

Citizens at the time of Nast’s employ with Harper’s joked how the word “nasty” was created from the man’s surname. He etched out controversial cartoons during the Civil War, the follies of Reconstruction, immigration, and every other political event of the time.

Historians agree that Nast, who resided in NYC in the 1840s and ’50s, was unmercifully bullied as a child based on his etchings. Throughout his career, there was a recurring theme of compassion for the victims of bullying, and a clear disdain for the bullies.

There was nothing simplistic or funny about his cartoons. They were meant as news. They were meant to be studied and analyzed to gain an accurate depiction of each one’s true meaning.

Nast was a proud supporter of the Lincoln Party. When Ulysses Grant considered running for a third term, which was still legal then, drew a donkey wearing a lions skin that was warning of a Grant dictatorship. The cartoon also included a goofy looking elephant rolling over a cliff. The elephant was referred to as the Republican vote.

But Nast was not the first person to portray Republicans as elephants. Nearly a complete decade earlier the GOP had advertised itself with the slogan “see the elephant.” The phrase was actually civil war lingo which meant “fight bravely.”

Nast wanted to portray politics as an out of control circus using animals as his subjects. And though he had no problems with ridiculing his own political party, he often portrayed the GOP as awkward bumbling elephants who were constantly wandering off in the wrong direction.

The donkey was used to portray the stubbornness of the Democrats and in every one of his political cartoons, the two sides are in the midst of chaos, which was indicative of the period.

In the 1880’s Nast was actually feared by both parties since they never knew from week to week what each new cartoon would present and which party would fall victim. They never knew whether it was going to simply poke fun or be serious.

But Nast’s reign of terror, for the most part, came to end in 1890 when he fell victim to a Ponzi scheme, losing every cent he had. He had spent a good portion of his career warning against such crooked activity before falling victim to it himself.

In an attempt to regain his fortune, Nast published an illustrated Christmas book, but by this time he had lost the creative edge he had gained while at Harper’s, and the book was a flop.

At this point, Nast drifted away into oblivion, but his donkey and elephant depictions remained as the symbols still used today by both parties. Why? Because nobody cares…

Meet the Republican That Has Taken Away AOC’s Primary Claim to Fame

Since the 2018 midterm elections rolled in, Americans have been collectively rolling their eyes and wondering how someone as illogical with such unsustainable ideas could have won a seat in the United States Congress. Her primary claim to fame seemed to be her penchant for socialism and her age.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was the youngest person to hold that position. She was just 28 years old when she won the Democratic nomination for her district and was lauded as a conquering hero when she entered the hallowed halls of Congress just months later.

However, that record was blown out of the water by a Republican newcomer and media darling in his own right, 25-year-old Madison Cawthorn. Not only is Cawthorn the youngest ever member of Congress, just barely crossing the threshold for the minimum age requirement, but he has also taken over the seat of now White House Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows, who left his North Carolina seat on March 30 to work for the Trump administration.

Cawthorn was once a staffer for Meadows and earned the former representatives endorsement first to attend the U.S. Naval Academy after winning a full-ride ROTC scholarship from the U.S. Marine Corps. “I was the No. 1 pick in the whole nation. I had it all,” the homeschool graduate said.

However, on April 3, 2014, all that came crashing down around him when a catastrophic car accident left him partially paralyzed at the age of 18, according to The Washington Examiner.

“When my accident happened, I had spent my entire life building my athletic ability, building my mental ability, making sure I could pass any tests I was ever given,” Cawthorn told the Washington Examiner.

“Everything was going great for me,” he continued. “I had a great family. I was extraordinarily healthy. Life couldn’t get much better for me.” Cawthorn then described his accident, saying he was riding back with his friend from a spring break trip to Florida.

“I’m asleep taking a nap, and I run into a wall at 70 miles per hour. My entire life was taken away from me.”

According to the Examiner,  the force of the impact snapped Cawthorn’s spine, shattered his ankle, broke his pelvis, and cost him a kidney, and burned him extensively. His internal organs were also pushed up into his chest, crushing his lungs.

 “Both my lungs collapsed, so I couldn’t speak for a very long time,” he said, recalling how he learned sign language to temporarily compensate for the injury.

Local news in Hendersonville, North Carolina had extensively reported on Cawthorn’s accident, but it was when he returned to the Chick-fil-a where he had worked since he was 14 that the media was [resent and able to report on the community support that the teen received from his friends and former co-workers. “ His former manager wept as he hugged him,” the examiner reported.

With a new inspiration to work in the protection of his country, Cawthorn moved toward the political arena and eventually defeated candidate Lynda Bennett in a runoff primary election in June, despite Trump’s support for Bennett.

In their profile on the wheelchair-bound Cawthorn, he admitted that he’s a dyed-in-the-wool conservative saying he believes there are too many conservatives that cared more about politics than culture.

“They said, ‘Oh, well, we don’t need to worry about culture. We don’t need to worry about what the sheep think.’” Cawthorn cited  Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw and congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna as great examples of those using all the social technology available to them to keep in touch with younger voters and show that t “the policies the Left wants to push are both morally and financially bankrupt.”

“I think a lot of people realize that there is a generational time bomb going off in the Republican Party,” Cawthorn said. “And if we don’t start defusing it right now, then 20, 30 years down the road, maybe even sooner, we’re going to lose every single election for the rest of time.”

Cawthorn said he believes the GOP must start reaching younger voters and passing the torch or else “it’s going to be very, very bad.”

New Hampshire Voting Reveals Americans Want Trump and Not Biden

The Democratic media wants people to believe that their liberal masters are more popular than they are. The polls that they put out are undeniably favorable to socialist Biden and Harris. Their stories are heavily in favor of liberal candidates and are full of lies regarding Republicans. The American people have stopped listening to the lies and are turning to more reliable sources for information about politics.

Voters are taking that reliable information to the polls and are voting Trump back into offices. That was first seen in two communities located in New Hampshire that are known to cast the day’s first votes. Those votes are then counted long before everyone in the nation wakes up.

Dixville Notch and Millsfield reported their results with predictive accuracy. There were votes for Biden and votes for President Trump. What was thought to be a Biden victory turned out to a Trump majority. The wake-up call is real. Joe Biden is not as popular as he thinks he is.

These two small communities all cast their votes for the Republican President. Liberals are going to see just how unpopular they have become in America by the end of election day. The liberals are going to see that their party is slowly becoming extinct.

President Trump is the favored hero of the nation. They love the fact that he has returned hope to politics. They love the fact that jobs have flooded back to American shores. And they love that the nation is more secure than it ever has been in the past decade.

The Democrats harmed America when Obama was the President. He took the nation to the brink of death by regulating things to the point that growth was suffocated. Obama pushed jobs to other countries and opened the nation to foreign threats.

These New Hampshire communities gave a picture of what is expected to be the expected outcome for the rest of the nation. There were 21 votes cast. Sixteen of those votes were for President Trump, and the other five were for Biden. The President clearly has a two-thirds majority in a state that typically goes blue every four years.

The communities are not always right, but they do give a glimpse of what people are thinking. Four years ago, the tiny towns wanted Hillary Clinton to win. But as the world knows, President Trump sent her back home to cry things out.

But now that they have seen the work of the President, those voters changed their minds. The ones that voted Democrat in 2016 turned their votes into Republican support in 2020. There is a noticeable shift in support for Republicans throughout the country.

The death of the Democratic Party is taking place. History books will record this moment in time as the time when liberals suffocated themselves to death. The Republican’s continuing to gain strength as more and more people speak out with their votes. People are tired of the lies and abuse at the hands of the liberals.

Joe Bien and Kamala Harris are not the favorite duos that they hoped they would be with people. These communities’ early votes give a great picture of the direction that the nation can expect for the next four years. People are voting for their freedoms.

President Trump has delivered on every one of those promises. The new ones that he has made are already starting to develop into realized gains. People love the freedom to choose their own destiny. They do not want to give up that right without a fight.

These tiny New Hampshire communities have been early voting for the past 60 years. Many times, they get it right, and only a few times are they shocked to learn that things did not turn out the way they thought it would. This time around, things are different.

Some of the voters that usually vote blue turned red. This is a clear indicator that people love what the President has done for them. He does not just do things for Republicans. He does things for all Americans because he believes that all legal citizens make America great. He just needed to empower them to realize their potential and then turn them loose.

Biden’s So Focused on the Red States He’s Forgetting About the Blue Ones

The Democrats are lying to themselves again. They believe that if Biden can win just one of the battleground states that he’ll clinch the entire presidency. Yet, just as they can’t balance a budget, their math on Electoral College votes aren’t adding up.

Biden’s trying to win Georgia, Florida, and Texas – states that have typically gone red. While he may very well win Georgia, that won’t be enough for him to win – especially when there’s a very good chance that he’ll lose some of the states that have been traditionally blue.

That’s the problem with the Dems. They forget to look at the big picture. Biden just wants to flip one of the states from red to blue. Meanwhile, Trump wants to flip all of the blue states to red ones and keep the red states red. Trump is a strategist and he knows how to play the game well.

Biden has a bigger ego than the liberal media wants to admit. He thinks that he’s got a lot of states in the bag already. Actually, he’s such an egotist that he thinks he’s got a chance at converting Texas, which will never happen. He assumes he’s got Pennsylvania in the bag…though that’s not necessarily the truth.

Nothing is guaranteed until all of the votes come in. The liberal media frenzy is telling everyone to watch for the counts coming in on Election Day – but we already know that it could take weeks to get accurate numbers.

Pennsylvania is responsible for providing 20 electoral votes. Biden’s not holding the major lead that he’s holding in other states. The state is also notorious for not being an early voting state. It means that people are still waiting to cast – and since Biden isn’t doing much campaigning, they could easily be swayed to cast a vote for Trump.

Pennsylvania is also one of the original colony states. They have a lot of history found across Philadelphia and beyond. They’ve watched Dems tear apart that history over the past year – and they’ve watched as Republicans have worked to preserve that history. If Biden doesn’t think that will affect him in the polls, he’s kidding himself and the entire Democratic Party.

There’s also a lot to be said about the integrity of the polls. They’ve been off for quite some time – showing impressive leads for Biden in states where that’s not going to happen. In Pennsylvania, the polls only show Biden leading by 4.9 percent. That’s not a dramatic lead – and one that could allow Trump to take the lead without much effort.

If Biden loses Pennsylvania but wins Georgia, it isn’t going to help him win the presidency. That’s the issue – Biden keeps saying that if he can win Georgia, he’s won the whole thing – and he’s wrong. If he loses Pennsylvania, he’s going to end up being the underdog. Georgia only has 16 electoral votes – four short of what he’d need just to stay even with the loss in Pennsylvania.

There’s another issue that Biden and the rest of the liberals keep forgetting about – the independent vote. Many of the polls provide a choice between Biden, Trump, and undecided. What about Jo Jorgensen? Kanye West? All of the other parties? While they’re not usually the ones to get a lot of votes, there are those voters who absolutely don’t want Trump but don’t want to blindly vote blue no matter who. It means that they’ll give their vote to Jorgensen or one of the other names on the ballot. And when those votes don’t go to Biden, it can be enough to ensure Trump keeps certain states red where they belong.

Biden’s relying too heavily on the polls instead of all of the other information. As he focuses on turning battleground states blue, other states are turning red as they’re tired and frustrated with Democratic leadership or the lack thereof.

Thousands vs. Hundreds…and Trump is Behind in the Polls?

The polls all across the country are showing that Biden is taking a lead – and in some states, it’s such an incredible lead that political analysts are left scratching their heads. The polls are wrong, and there’s really not much anyone can say to change minds.

The proof is found within the dueling events that Biden and Trump continue to have. In Florida, for example, both candidates were holding events on Thursday. Attendance levels varied dramatically. Thousands showed up to see Trump while only hundreds showed up to see Biden.

All over the country, such things are being seen. Trump can draw countless times more in the crowds than Biden can. So, if that’s the case, why isn’t it showing that in the polls?

There are a few reasons.

One, not everyone is being polled. When the polls are conducted, they’re often polling people on websites – and Republicans don’t spend a lot of time on sites like ABC News and MSNBC. Additionally, they’re not picking up the phone or responding to texts in order to be counted in the polls. So, if the pollsters reach a higher percentage of Democrats than Republicans, the polls will be skewed in their favor.

Two, there aren’t enough people who want to speak up about voting for Trump. It’s not the “popular” opinion. So, if people are polled when they’re around co-workers, friends, or anyone else, they’re not going to speak openly.

Everyone is starting to notice the polls and how unreliable they seem to be. Suddenly, states that are almost always red are starting to show that Biden is taking the lead? Texas and Georgia are now being shown as swing states – and it’s setting the Dems up perfectly to contest the election – just as they did in 2016.

Rogan O’Handley, a lawyer, journalist, and civil rights activist tweeted a photo of Trump’s event in Florida. He added a comment about how the fake polls show Biden winning Florida, but the rally in “blue Tampa says a lot different.”

When Trump is able to gather such impressive crowds, where do the polls get off saying that Biden is winning? The people showing up at a trump rally are there because they want to support. They’ll do that by attending the event, registering to vote, and casting their vote for Trump.

So, is it possible that the polls are even more off than they were in 2016? Clinton was showing quite an impressive lead over Trump, too – and that didn’t end so well for her. It appears that enough Republicans aren’t getting polled – and that means that neither candidate should be depending on the polls to see how they’re doing in a particular state.

Meanwhile, Biden doesn’t seem to know what state he needs to focus on. Earlier in the week, he stated that if he can just win Georgia, he’ll win the whole thing. Then, in Coconut Creek, FL, he told the crowd that “It’s up to you. You hold the key.” He also reminded them that if Florida goes blue, it’s over.

Biden may want to go ahead and plan for that. Florida voted blue in 2016 and they’ll do it again in 2020. And he shouldn’t get any big ideas about suddenly winning Texas, either. He’ll win the standard Democratic states like California and New York because they don’t know any better. But even in the states like Wisconsin and Michigan, there’s a good chance of those states turning blue because they’re disgusted and outraged by the choices made by Democratic leadership.

The polls are wrong, and the easiest way to figure that out is by looking at event attendance. Whenever Biden or Harris go anywhere, they get “tens” or “dozens” to show up, and if they’re lucky, they’ll get into the three digits. Meanwhile, Trump is getting thousands if not tens of thousands in some areas.

Voting red seems to be more popular than the Dems thought.

MSM Cover Up: Fake News Media Smears Voter Fraud Investigation

Voter fraud is real. But the Fake News Media will do anything to cover it up.

The conservative-leaning Washington Examiner is fighting back against a Fake News a hit job orchestrated by the failing New York Times. The radical left propaganda mandarins at the paper published a report claiming that the Washington Examiner is among several conservative news outlets pushing a “conspiracy theory” that rampant voter fraud will throw the 2020 election to the democrats.

The Mainstream Media is so dug into denial about voter fraud that they could witness with their own eyes a fraudster filling out a dead person’s ballot and deny the existence of voter fraud.

Frankly, when it comes to voter fraud – along with other serious topics that concern everyday Americans – the media is a joke and living in a distorted fantasyland of their own making. They are either lying or fully believe their own lies. Either way, they are undermining a sacred right of U.S. citizens one careless denial of voter fraud at a time.

The failing New York Times cited a fancy Harvard University research study that claimed these purportedly false accusations of voter fraud were circulated through a “propaganda feedback loop” in conservative media and that any “voter fraud theory” was thoroughly discredited.

Again, voter fraud is not a “theory,” it is real and proven. Organizations such as Project Veritas have repeatedly proven that voter fraud exists and influences elections.

The theory “has been repeatedly debunked by data,” wrote Tiffany Hsu, the New York Times reporter who authored the story. Spoken like a good Radical Left propaganda apparatchik.

Interestingly enough, Ms. Hsu failed to cite in any of the cases which details were incorrect in any of the Washington Examiner‘s published reports of voter fraud. For a newspaper that claims it runs “All the News Fit to Print” and supposedly prides itself on serving as the “newspaper of record” and having all the facts to the story, this episode once again proves that the New York Times has been reduced to a diminished rag of a publication that is less a source of information than it is a conveyance mechanism for Left Wing propaganda.

In one of the cases shoddily cited by Times writer Ms. Hsu, the Washington Examiner uncovered a voter fraud incident in Wisconsin where a local county sheriff’s office reported finding three trays of mail ballots thrown into a ditch. Sticking to the Democrat party line in the face of the facts, the New York Times falsely claimed that there were no mail ballots in the discarded heap of mail. Another casual lie from a lazy MSM reporter who is so deep in the Left Wing Kool-Aid that you’d need a deep-sea diver to retrieve her.

In another story, the New York Post quoted an unidentified Democratic operative who told the paper that he engaged in voter fraud for years and went on to detail the ways in which he conducted voter fraud. The Times reporter Ms. Hsu preposterously rejected the allegation out of hand without so much as researching the claim, triggered by her confrontation with reality. She provided ZERO evidence that the story was inaccurate.

“If this is all it takes for the Washington Examiner to be guilty of participation in a ‘disinformation campaign,’ then every newsroom in the world is guilty of the same,” wrote Becket Adams, a senior writer for the Examiner.

Danielle Rhoades Ha, a Times spokeswoman, said via email that the Examiner’s response found no errors in their story “because there are none.” Plain English translation: sit down and shut up because We Know Best©.

The Examiner’s editor-in-chief, Hugo Gurdon, responded to say that there have been documented cases of voter fraud and that concerns about voter fraud are bigger this year simply because of the “unprecedented number of people voting by mail,” Gurdon said.

“The opportunity for fraud will be that much greater,” he said.

“You can’t use the fact that something has been of limited importance in the past to debunk concerns that it will be more important in different circumstances,” Gurdon added.

Texas AG Opens Voter Fraud Investigation Against Democrats After Veritas Exposed Dems’ Operation

Texas Governor Greg Abbott shared a very interesting tidbit with the world yesterday. Unlike the liberal governors who are willing to tolerate all of the Democrat voter fraud, he is ready to stand up to these bullies. His office has since contacted the state Attorney General office to find out if more can be done about what has taken place.

“An investigation will determine if voter fraud has occurred. If so, it will be prosecuted,” Governor Abbott says. “Voter fraud won’t be tolerated in Texas,” he continued. This is music to the ears of all the real Texans who are tired of the drama. They want to know that their election is going to be on the up and up.

Isn’t that what any state should want, though? Unfortunately, the Democrats have poisoned the conversation to the point where it is unclear. People may just want to win so badly that they do not care if they have to cheat. Project Veritas caught one of the cheaters in action and it is a very sad clip. How people can be this silly is beyond us.

They caught a ballot chaser in the act of trying to rig the game in favor of Joe Biden. We have always believed that the only way for him to win is by cheating. This video proves our point. James O’Keefe shared the clip and his tweet was priceless. “BREAKING: TX “Republican” consultant & ‘Ballot Chaser’ ILLEGALLY pressures voter to change vote to Dem candidate with GIFT!” he warned.

The quotes in the clip itself are equally priceless. “If I go to prison, I do not look cute in stripes…I will hate you forever” is probably our favorite. “You know on here you chose a Rep, not a Dem right?” is another instant classic. These clips are hard to argue with. Democrat voters are admitting to cheating out in the open but there is little to no coverage on the matter.

These are the stories that should be leading off every newscast. It should be on the front of every newspaper. Let’s say that the story had involved Republican voters who were caught cheating the system. The mainstream media narrative would be quite different at the moment. Trump himself would stand accused of putting them up to whatever it is that they had done.

In fact, the news would have already made him the mastermind of the whole voting fraud movement within the hour. We all know that this is true and at the very least, we are about to see a narrative shift. It’s not like we expect the mainstream media to admit that they were wrong about Donald Trump the whole time. That’s not quite how this works, as anyone who lived through the Dubya era knows.

Dubya was the president who liberals loved to hate before Obama arrived. Now that everyone is further removed from the moment, you don’t see the same type of rhetoric. Even Michelle Obama saw fit to give him a piece of candy and only the most annoying leftists were all that worried about it. Trump will experience his own narrative flip once he’s out of the public eye for a bit.

Who knows, though? Even if he loses, he’s not the type who is going to go quietly into the night. At any rate, the Democrats should probably stop planning their victory parties. All of the talk about Texas going blue seems to have been premature, to say the least. Governor Greg Abbott is already on the case and that is more than they bargained for.

After a summer of watching their comrades tear the streets apart without any retribution, it’s no wonder that they thought they could openly steal an election without any sort of backlash from the authorities. Hopefully, there are plenty of other conservative governors who are ready to follow the lead of Abbott. He’s definitely got the right idea.

France’s Lockdown Proves US Isn’t the Only Country Struggling

The Democrats would love to continue lying about the pandemic. If they can blame the whole COVID-19 crisis on Trump, they feel like they’ve got a shot of getting Biden into office. The liberal media wants to make it seem as if the United States is the only one struggling with how to control the pandemic.

There’s a problem with that, though. Lies tend to catch up with people. And it’s catching up now as France announces that they’re dealing with a second wave of infection.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of France, has announced that there will be a new nationwide lockdown because, as he puts it, the “virus is circulating in France at a speed that even the most pessimistic forecast didn’t see.”

France has taken a lot of measures to prevent a second wave, including masks and social distancing. Yet, the pandemic still managed to take the country by surprise.

Isn’t it interesting that what’s happening in France is similar to what’s happening in the United States? Their daily infection rate doubled in the past two weeks. It’s as if this pandemic is a global crisis instead of one that is focused solely on the United States.

This is what Trump has been dealing with since March – explaining to people that this is a global crisis. No one has the right answer. No one knows how to eradicate the coronavirus so that it is no longer a threat. He’s been taking guidance from the CDC, even though the CDC has admittedly struggled with determining the right path to take, too.

The decision that France made was a hard one. The initial lockdown was lifted months ago, though the economy has been struggling to recover. Going into lockdown again is the last thing the economy needs – though the infection rate is too high to do anything else.

Europe isn’t recovering from the virus, economically speaking, as fast as the U.S. and Asia have.

This is the decision that the United States has to make – do we go into lockdown to keep everyone safe or do we open up the economy in order to recover financially? The Dems want to blame everything that’s happening on Trump – yet they can’t seem to understand that they can’t have it both ways. If we go into a major state of lockdown, closing restaurants and stores once again, the economy collapses. Yet, if we allow people to continue with the increased freedoms, it’s possible that the infection rate will double or even triple.

France is taking a similar approach as its neighboring country, Germany. Schools will remain open. However, bars and restaurants are being closed. Additionally, travel between regions will be banned. The government is recommending for people to remain home when possible and to work from home if permitted. Universities have moved to online-only instruction. Additionally, external borders are closed to anyone traveling outside of the Schengen Area.

Will this be the solution needed to fix the pandemic in France? There’s no telling.

In the United States, there have been plenty of lockdown procedures, though it hasn’t necessarily helped. Americans aren’t used to having their movement restricted, even if it is for the benefit of their health. Democratic cities and states have been the most authoritarian in their approach to deal with the pandemic only for people to rebel. California has spent most of the summer in lockdown only for them to have some of the highest infection rates.

The Dems have clearly lost their ability to blame the pandemic on Trump. There’s no right answer on how to deal with the coronavirus and ensure that people stay safe while keeping the economy alive and well. France has locked down the entire country, as has Germany and several other European countries.

If America really wants to see Trump respond to the pandemic in the way that European countries are handling it, they may not like what happens next.

Democrats Cry as They Lose to the Supreme Court

All over the nation, the Democrats are trying to cheat their way to more votes. Their attempts to sit back and harvest ballots after the election are being discovered at an alarming rate. There have been several centers discovered around the country where the liberals were sending ballots to dead people. These ballots were being harvested by liberals and filled out in the name of the deceased.

These are the kind of actions that the liberals are engaging in so that they can win power for the next four years. They cannot tolerate the Republicans or the police because they stand in their way. They want to defund the police so they can cripple them to the point that they cannot go after illegal and fraudulent voting schemes.

Conservatives have to be the voice of reason and fairness. Democrats only do what is in their interest. This is why they want an extended time in Wisconsin for people to be able to send in their ballots.

The Democrats wanted to extend the time for six days past the November 3 election. They were able to get a lower court to agree with them, and even an appeals court. The righteous Republicans had to take the matter to the Supreme Court, hoping to find a judgment that would be fair for all parties involved.

The liberals argue that COVID-19 has kept people from dropping off their ballots or mailing them in. But in all reality, people have been out living their lives even with the virus still being around. Their logic is based on the premise that most people are staying home, which is just not the case any longer.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-3 that the date could not be extended. This was a significant loss for the Democrats as they continue to cheat their way into the White House. The rhetoric that they use is based on shallow and fake truth.

The Democrats maintain that the flood of ballots going through the mail will overwhelm the mail service. But so far, that has not happened. The mail service is running on time without any delays. Every ballot will be delivered and counted on time as long as it is sent in ahead of the cutoff.

Wisconsin is a state that needs to be won by both candidates. It has enough pull to causes a win or a loss. Democrats in the state say that the pandemic and other issues are going to cause a delay and backlog. But so far, the virus has not been the helper the liberals had hoped it to be. It has become more of a nuisance than anything else to everyone.

Voters all over the country have had enough time to get their ballots in. There is no need to cater to the people that wait until the last minute. Democrats are lazy, good for nothing people that want the system to cater to them. They want to do things on their timetable and not have to live up to a set deadline.

The liberals are fighting dirty every chance that they can get. Anywhere in the country that they can get a liberal judge to do something in their favor is a fair game. The election is no longer about political issues or national issues. It is about them seeking any way possible to pad their vote count with fake votes.

President Trump is not letting them get away with cheating this time around. In 2016 they tried to illegally blame the president for things that he never did. The entire issue came back around and blew up in their faces. The Democrats are the dogs of the nation. They search around for trash and scraps that they can use to better their miserable existence.

President Trump promised to make America great in 2016, and he delivered on the promise. This time around, he stands for law and order and has promised to keep America great. All voters can know and expect him to continue to honor his word. And that is why many liberals have voted for Trump this time because they are sick of the lies coming from their Democrat leaders.

Barrett Gets Right to Work on First Case That Deals With Freedom

Amy Coney Barrett is one of those judges that surpasses all expectations. Her intellect and knowledge of the Constitution surpass that of every Democrat that sits in the House and Senate. Every one of the liberals that tried to stump her or get her to say things that would disqualify her from serving failed. And now Barrett sits with the legal elite ready to make things better for the United States.

Barrett is in a unique position. Many judges have to wait a long time before ever getting the chance to issue a ruling. But Barrett may have her chance in just a few days. The one case that she is getting ready to get involved with is a high-profile case that will have ramifications for years to come.

An overwhelming vote in the Senate confirmed Barrett. Her intellect will go along way into figuring out what to do regarding the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s ruling to allow mail-in ballots to be received by a future date after the election has ended. The state court ruled in favor of the liberals who wanted more time to fraudulently create more votes in a state vital to anyone winning the election.

The Supreme Court got involved when Republicans ask the high Court to prevent the liberal Court from extending a deadline that had already been set. Barrett comes into play because her vote would be the deciding factor.

The Supreme Court was split 4-4 on the issue. This kind of scenario is just what the Democrats want to see because it gives them more time to press their criminal matters. Barrett would be the tiebreaker. And she would be the thorn that would pop the liberals’ ego strutting around with pride because they got a lower court to agree with them.

The Republicans have asked that “With courts around the country weighing similar extensions of received-by deadlines that could push voting past Election Day in numerous states, the issues presented are important, recurring, and in need of this Court’s immediate resolution. This Court’s timely intervention could provide desperately needed clarity and help states avoid the sort of last-minute changes in election rules this Court has consistently warned against.”

They need a hearing as soon as possible since the election is only a week away. The Republicans need a vote in their favor in order to make the election fair in Pennsylvania. The longer the Democrats have to harvest their ballots, the more likely it will be that they will take the state.

Experts think that the ruling by Barrett would basically decide the outcome of the 2020 election. But many liberals would like her to rule in their favor so they can prove that she is not a Trump supporter. But that is not the way Barrett will rule. She will do what is right constitutionally regardless of who nominated her to the position.

One conservative judge on the Court of Appeals stated that “The question for Barrett, if it arises, will not be whether she personally believes she can be fair in deciding an election case but, rather, whether a reasonable person would conclude that her impartiality would be inescapably overborne by the flood of influences brought to bear on her.”

Many people hope that she will rule party lines so they can kill individual bills that the Democrats have put in place that are forcing people to do things that they do not want to do. Liberals are scared to death that she is going to kill the previous ruling, such as abortion and healthcare.

President Trump did not nominate her because she will vote Republican. He nominated her because she is fair and will make rulings based on what is right and not popular. His wisdom in choosing the past judges is beyond Democratic understanding.

The only reason so many Democrats are fighting his nominations is because they hate the man for beating Clinton in 2016. They have fought him for the past four years and have lost every battle. November 3 is looking more like a Republican sweep in all branches of government. The Democrats have squandered their time in the House to the point that the American people want the Democrats out of the way so America can be made great again.

These Are Some of the Almost Two Dozen False Claims Obama Made About Trump While Campaigning for Sleepy Joe

Former President Barack Obama did his part for the party that made him a household name on Saturday when he went out to campaign for his former Vice President Joe Biden. The former president had a few things to say in support of “Sleepy Joe,” unfortunately for anyone who put stock in the 44th president’s words, a lot of it was untrue.

According to a report by Breitbart News, there were 19 claims about President Donald Trump that were just plain not true, beginning with Obama’s claim that Trump “Doesn’t have a plan” for coronavirus. The truth of the matter is that the president had a plan which he called Operation Warp Speed which included his plan to develop and distribute a coronavirus vaccine at an unprecedented rate.

Claim number two was that Trump couldn’t answer Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes when asked, “What’s your priority in your second term?” In reality, the president replied that “The priority now is to get back to normal, get back to where we were, to have the economy rage and be great with jobs and everybody be happy. And that’s where we’re going and that’s where we’re heading.”

Obama and his fans may or may not have actually liked Trump’s answer, but the fact is that he did indeed answer. Obama went on to make a third claim of Trump that “He doesn’t even acknowledge that there’s a problem” concerning coronavirus, which would be contradicted by his quick action in banning travel, which many Democrats stood against, as well as his daily press briefings and rallying of national health experts to create solutions for those affected.

The former president also cited a conspiracy theory that the president advocated for those concerned about COVID-19 putting bleach on or in themselves. While the president did mention some experimental UV light therapy that increases the body’s immune response, he was sharply castigated by those who claimed that he also advocated for people injecting bleach.

“America created 1.5 million more jobs in the last year of the Obama-Biden administration than in the first three years of the Trump-Pence administration,” Obama said in his fifth claim. Breitbart responded to this claim saying that it “seems to be saying that more jobs were created in 2016 than in 2017, 2018, and 2019 combined, which is demonstrably untrue. New revisions earlier this year indicated that slightly more jobs were created in 2016 than in any particular subsequent year. However, seasonally adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that more people were employed in each of the first three years of Trump’s presidency than in Obama’s last. In addition, Trump faced a different task. It is arguably easier to add jobs in the early stages of a recovery than it is to add jobs during a recovery already eight years old. The Obama-Biden recovery was the slowest since the Second World War.”

Obama also claimed that Trump hasn’t affected change in Black unemployment, though those numbers did go down. He also said that “The only people truly better off than they were four years ago are the billionaires who got Trump tax cuts.” However, according to Breitbart, a Gallup poll found that “56% of registered voters said they were better off than they were four years ago, which is a record high.”

In addition to talking about the average Joe’s taxes (versus, of course, the Democratic Joe’s taxes) Obama took a jab at trump about him supposedly “barely” paying income taxes, and also claimed that Trump has  “secret Chinese bank accounts.”

The former president made more than one comment about Trump’s taxes, saying that “His first year in the White House he only paid $750 in federal income tax,” when in reality Trump paid over seven million dollars in taxes in 2017 and used a tax credit from an earlier year to pay much of it.

Will Bernie Sanders Be a Part of the Biden Cabinet?

Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed Democratic socialist. This means that he’s a socialist first and foremost. In the past, he ran on the independent ticket. He simply added the ‘Democratic’ in front to become more mainstream – and to be able to run in the Democratic Party. He has all sorts of ideas about minimum wage, universal health coverage, and higher taxes for all.

Even though he’s not a presidential candidate any longer, he is still on the political spectrum. When he stepped out of the primaries, he threw his support behind Biden. His top concern at the moment is to see Joe Biden become president. But, why?

Why else? Bernie Sanders wants a position within the Biden presidential cabinet.

More specifically, he has his sights on the labor secretary position. He’s already reached out to members of the Biden transition team to express his interest.

The last thing this country needs is a Democratic Socialist holding a top position within the cabinet. The labor secretary is responsible for such things as minimum wage, overtime rules, and more. Considering that Sanders is a huge proponent for the $15 minimum wage, it could send the economy into a tailspin.

Biden’s cabinet could be one of the most diverse in history. Part of this is because Biden has always prided himself on being able to work “across the aisle.” Several Republicans are being considered for different positions, including a former Arizona Senator and a former Ohio Governor.

No decisions will be made until after the election results are in. After all, naming Sanders into the cabinet beforehand could definitely scare enough voters away from Biden-Harris. There’s a reason why Sanders got out – he knew he couldn’t win. Even if he could have won the primaries, he wouldn’t have been able to win against Trump. The simple reason is the vast majority of the country wants nothing to do with socialism. They don’t want a socialist as president nor in the cabinet – and Biden should remember that if he does get elected, especially if he plans to run for a second term.

What’s interesting is that Sanders has really outdone himself by throwing his support behind Biden. He may have backed Hillary Clinton, too, but that was more in name than anything else. Sanders has already hosted several virtual events for Biden. He’s also been working with the Biden team to help shape a number of policy decisions. Some of the policies that Biden touts sound like they were directly copied from the Sanders campaign – and people have taken notice.

Faiz Shakir, the former campaign manager for Sanders has said, “It would be great to have a unity government that takes into account that progressives are a pretty healthy portion of the electorate.” The problem with that statement is that it’s not accurate. There aren’t nearly as many progressives as the liberal Democrats think they are. The progressives are simply louder at expressing their thoughts. It comes back to VP Mike Pence reminding politicians about the silent majority.

It’s the silent majority that isn’t showing up in the polls right now. It’s the silent majority that allowed Trump to win in 2016 even when the polls pointed to Clinton. It’s also the silent majority that would not want to see Sanders appointed to the cabinet – particularly into a position that would be in control of minimum wage.

The likelihood of him getting the position, according to a source close to Sanders, is “zero” because Sanders is a “Lone Ranger” in the way that he works with people. It would also leave Sanders’ Senate seat open until a special election could be held.

The easiest way to prevent Sanders from making it into the cabinet, however, is to ensure that Biden doesn’t get into the presidential seat. The Trump administration already has a great labor secretary – Eugene Scalia, so a vote for Trump means to keep everything right where it is. There’s no need to suddenly shift to the far left.