First Lady Off to Surgery After Hawaiian Trip Goes Wrong

The First Lady has been gallivanting around the United States on taxpayer dollars. It’s all under the ruse that she’s promoting the vaccine. Yet, she’s traveled to quite a few vacation hotspots along the way, too.

Her travels most recently brought her to Hawaii. This state is actually one where there’s not a problem of getting people vaccinated. It has one of the highest vaccine rates and lowest COVID transmission rates in the country. Surely, Hawaiians don’t need to hear Dr. Jill Biden tell them that they need to get vaccinated.

This sounds a lot more like the First Lady was ready for a vacation away from DC…and how nice for it to be paid for by the U.S. government.

However, in a quick bout of karma, it seems that everything wasn’t tropical flowers and luaus for the First Lady. She injured her foot while she was spending time on the beach – before the two official events she was there for took place.

Apparently, Dr. Biden stepped on an object on the beach. She participated in the events as scheduled and, then, promptly flew back home.

Now, she has to undergo a procedure at Walter Reed National Military Medical Hospital so that she can have this object removed.

The White House press seems to be rather hushed about all of this. What is it that the First Lady has lodged in her foot? It must not have been too bad if she was able to participate in the two scheduled events. Yet, it must be bad enough that she had to go to Walter Reed. Why not just have it taken care of while in Hawaii?

Nothing ever seems simple with the Biden family. They love to have all eyes on them. And if it sparks a bit of drama, all the better.

The White House press has released one piece of information – President Biden will be joining her at the hospital. Really? If this is all because of something that has lodged in her foot, there seems to be a lot going on. Perhaps Biden is being a dutiful husband. Or, the White House is being less than honest about what is really going on – and that would not shock anyone.

For months, Dr. Biden has been doing her husband’s dirty work. Instead of traveling around the U.S. on his own to encourage everyone to get vaccines, he’s sent his wife. There are suspicions that the First Lady went since she had “Doctor” in her title – even though she’s a Doctor of Education instead of Medicine. Yet, we’re not supposed to get hung up on the details. It’s only misinformation if the conservatives say it.

Meanwhile, as the First Lady’s trip around the U.S. has come to a halt because of her medical procedure, President Biden has delivered his own address about vaccines. He’s decided that it’s time to play hardball. He’s all but demanding that people get vaccinated.

Federal employees will be “required” to get vaccinated or undergo multiple tests a week. Additionally, Biden has announced that the government will reimburse small businesses for giving time off to employees so that they can get vaccinated.

There’s definitely a push for being vaccinated. However, Biden could have done all of this from DC. There was never a need to send Dr. Jill Biden anywhere. He could have saved the government a lot of money and she wouldn’t have gotten injured on the beaches of Hawaii.

DeSantis Set to Fight School Board as They Impose Mask Mandate in Florida

The Democrats have gone out of their way to push fear into the hearts of people. Their relentless attacks on the emotional strain of the pandemic on people have pushed many to their breaking point. And when things were getting ready to settle down, the Democrats opt for a nationwide mask mandate for vaccinated people and all public schools.

The fear is natural for a lot of people. And that is what drove the school board in Florida to adopt the liberal’s mask mandate nonsense. Broward County has decided to oppose the governor and force all students to wear masks when attending school. One report stated that the school board “voted to require indoor masking inside schools, social distancing protocol inside classrooms and seating capacity limits on school buses.”

Donna Korn claims that she does not want to draw any trouble to the school system. But her actions, along with the other board members, will draw a lot of attention and opposition. Parents are sick and tired of having their kids jerked around by a few paranoid liberals on a power trip.

Mask is harming kids, and they need to have their faces uncovered to function well. The parents that attended the school board meeting all spoke out against the idea. But good ole Donna Korn was deaf and would not listen to most people speaking out against their decision.

Lori Alhadeff is another board member that turned her back on the students and parents when she admitted her fear of the Delta variant. And yet, when the facts are checked, there are so few cases that it does not warrant the status that the liberals are trying to make it out to be. A few hundred cases statewide were far from the hundreds of thousands of cases a year ago.

DeSantis was hopeful that the school boards would ignore the terrible thoughts of the CDC. He noted that “We had hoped that all school boards would follow the science and decide to have a normal, mask-optional school year. It is disappointing that Broward School Board prioritized virtue-signaling over parental choice, kids’ well-being, and the science.”

The science does not support anything the liberals are claiming. Children are highly resistant to the strains of the virus.

Masks are hurting the student’s ability to learn. One report stated that “• Many kids, especially those with special needs like hearing loss, autism, and sensory issues, struggle to learn and engage in a classroom setting with masks.”

The liberals do not listen to the experts outside of their inner circle. The experts are telling people masks affect mental and emotional health. Masks have also been found to have massive amounts of bacteria in them at the end of the eight-hour school day.

DeSantis is not about to let this county get away with outward defiance. He has already promised a special session to deal with masks in schools.

The CDC is a liberal-run organization that seeks to force people into compliance. Failure to comply in liberal fun regions means stiff penalties or jail time. They have taken away freedom and replaced it with tyranny.

Christina Pushaw is DeSantis’ Press Secretary, and she stated, “It isn’t based in science. There is no indication that areas with mask mandates have performed any better than areas without mask mandates. In fact, this policy could actually backfire.”

The Democrats hope that constant exposure to mask mandates will develop a habit with people to comply with their wishes. They want to erode the foundations of free choice and keep people dependent on them for their survival.

But what the Democrats are going to find is that pushing things on people that they do not want to do will harm their faith in the ones doing the pushing.

DeSantis was clear “I think our fear is that seeing some of those rumblings, that there be an attempt from the federal level or even some of these organizations to try to push for mandatory masking of school children. And if he gets his way, masks will be banned in Florida. And so our view is that this should absolutely not be imposed. It should not be mandated.”

Biden’s Border Patrol Agents are Adding to the Spread of COVID

Quick, everyone mask up! The Biden administration is suddenly very upset about the recent outbreak of COVID cases in the U.S., particularly as the Delta variant makes its way stateside.

However, it is not the vaccinated Americans that Biden should be worried about. Instead, it is the disaster at the southern border that should be a concern. It turns out that the crisis that he should have dealt with months ago is actually one of the top causes for why COVID is spreading so rapidly throughout the country.

Reports have been flowing in from southern border cities about migrants being released by Border Patrol who have COVID-19.

The La Joya Police Department recently got a call from a Whataburger where a concerned citizen shared about a group of people who were inside. The group was not observing any of the health guidelines. They were not only maskless but also coughing and sneezing without attempting to cover themselves.

Once the police arrived on the scene, the manager said that the group should be removed.

It didn’t take long to learn that the group was migrants who had been apprehended by Border Patrol. However, the migrants said that they were “released because they were sick with COVID-19.”

Whoa. This is a big problem. A huge one.

Biden’s Border Patrol agents are not bothering to book and hold any of the migrants if they’re sick with COVID. And, rather than release them back into Mexico, they’re being released into the U.S.

The migrant group was staying at a hotel being paid for by a local charity, Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley. Authorities said that inside the hotel, there were approximately 30 migrants not wearing masks or bothering with any kind of other quarantine measures.

The police decided to contact Hidalgo County Health and Human Services Department to help address the issue going on.

The police department has since issued a variety of warnings to wear masks and observe various health practices to avoid being exposed to the virus.

There’s a bigger problem going on right now, though.

It seems that the Biden administration has decided that it will have two entirely different sets of rules when it comes to how to handle the pandemic. And, they are in conflict with one another.

Americans will need to get vaccinated. Even those with vaccinations will need to mask up.

Illegal immigrants, however, do not need to get vaccinated. And, they can be released into the interior of the U.S. without bothering to quarantine, mask up, or follow any of the other health practices to keep the population safe.

This is a dangerous precedent that the Biden administration is allowing. Ignoring the southern border has finally caught up to the administration. If they want to cut down on the infection rate, they will have no choice but to address the crisis once and for all.

Perhaps there can at least be some common sense applied. You want into the country? You’ll have to get vaccinated. After all, the Biden administration wants to mandate vaccines. It may not be something that can be pushed on Americans, but he should be able to push it on those who want to enter the country illegally, right?

As for Biden’s catch and release program where the illegal immigrants are being released into undisclosed areas of the U.S., there’s likely a correlation between where they’re being dropped and the spikes of COVID cases.

Now, if only there was a way to prevent that all from happening…

CDC Demands That All People Remask Under Certain Conditions

There was a time when the COVID-19 virus was said not to be a problem for young people. But the Democrats could not live with themselves if they did not try and exert some form of control over them. They have slowly lowered that age for required mask-wearing to nearly two years of age. And now that they have invented a new virus strain, they are now trying to force all students to wear masks in the classrooms across America.

The Center for Disease Control changes its mask regulations faster than Joe Biden can forget his name. The CDC is trying to force people to wear facial diapers again. This time is just the same as the last round of regulations. They are based on feeling rather than fact. Most of their speculations are based on what “might” or “could” happen if the Delta variant gets worse. But so far, there is no reason to believe that it will take off like the virus did last year.

The CDC wants vaccinated people to follow their wishes as well. They claim that the vaccine is not working against the Delta variant. Even though Democrats claim that people still need to get the vaccine to stay protected. The double standard is highly confusing and makes no sense at all.

One report came out and stated that “In May, the CDC announced that vaccinated individuals were not required to wear masks indoors or outdoors, or physically distance, while maintaining that unvaccinated individuals should continue to wear masks and socially distance.” And now here they are flip-flopping as bad Anthony Fauci on what people need to do.

The confusion is supposed to be for all people that want to sit indoors. Kids under the age of 12 who are still not vaccinated are supposed to wear a mask as well. But little good the vaccine will do them since they will still have to wear a mask. The key to the liberal’s rule is that they feel the need to force people to keep living through a compliance routine. It is their way of brainwashing people to stop thinking and start complying.

The liberal media claims that almost half the United States still has very high COVID-19 infection rates. They keep inventing new spins on an old issue. The pandemic will never be over as long as a liberal sits in charge.

The media stopped reporting on the success of the states with Republicans at the helm. The only states having trouble with the virus still are those run by Democrats. The liberals need the virus to continue to exercise their sadistic control over people. For them to stop pushing COVID-19 would spell disaster for them.

What the Democrats are not telling people is what they are basing their decisions on. The American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association are special interest groups that have swayed the CDC to change its rules. They will never admit their influence, but the similarity of the guidelines matches up with the Union’s demands.

The nasty liberals cannot decide which level of mask-wearing is suitable for their schedule. At one point, the unions would return to the classrooms if everyone was vaccinated. But they keep pushing to see how much they can get out of everyone before they get too far into trouble.

Rochelle Walensky, with the CDC, stated that “If you are not vaccinated, please take the delta very seriously. This virus has no incentive to let up and it remains in search of the next vulnerable person to infect. Please consider getting vaccinated and take precautions until you do.”

The liberals cannot get their facts straight about the virus. They keep pushing a vaccine that is said not to work against the Delta strain. But they go one step further and tell people that they need to bundle up their protection to protect themselves. They might as well wear those three masks and even wrap their faces in plastic to keep from having someone spit on them and transmitting the virus to them.

Democrats Woke up to the Truth That Their Actions Are Destroying Their Party From Within

For the longest time, the Democrats have been blinded to the staunch reality that there are consequences for every action taken. The power they have acquired through deceptive means has made them drunk with passion. They constantly seek to wield their power in any way that they can find so long as it meets their needs. They could care less about everyone else.

The liberals have put pressure on their members to convince each one of them that it is time to get rid of the filibuster. They are down to two people holding out and keeping them from making the worst mistake of their sorry existence.

The filibuster is the one thing that keeps the Senate from taking wild swings each time the winds of power change. It adds to a sense of stability and security to the nation as the people can live on without much adjustment to a political party change.

The filibuster is the last blockade aside from the Supreme Court that keeps the horrors of the White House from being unleashed on the people. Biden wants to take over all the state’s power to socialize the country into a failed communist state. And yet, he fails to recognize that California is the future of America if he bends the knee to his goddess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The filibuster keeps the Democrats from having a true majority. They need 60 votes in the Senate to pass bills. That means they are forced to work with the Republican Party. There was a time when the Republicans could have rid themselves of the filibuster, but they were wise enough to keep it in place. They realized that if they were ever to lose power, they would have set in motion large swings of chaos for the country.

But the Democrats do not believe that they will ever be out of power. They found a way to cheat their people into positions of power, and they intend to hold onto that method at all costs. That is why in many states, the liberals are dead against changing election laws because they would lose their ability to cheat.

But with the ever sadistic decision they make, there are consequences that they will have to face whether they want to or not. Ending the filibuster may give them free access to passing bills in the short term, but it will mean terror for them once the Republicans take over in 2022.

The Democrats continue to make decisions without thinking through the consequences. Nancy Pelosi ignored commonsense when she banned two Republicans from a committee set to investigate January 6 protests. And that led to all the Republicans being pulled because they were not going to be part of a sham investigation that would try and convict the conservatives of rebellion against the country.

The future that the liberals are trying to create is not as glamorous as they may think. All they have to do is look 100 miles south and see why the Cubans want to leave. Cubans have been subject to the evils of a brutal dictatorship. It is foolishness ever to think that it could not happen in America once socialism is adopted. It is the first step to having such an environment as is found in Cuba today.

And with all the nasty consequences that the liberals have been through, Mark Warner finally admitted for his party that he wished they would have never messed around with the notion of eliminating the filibuster. He is seeing that once it is gone, the possibility of bringing it back is next to zero.

The Democrats are the sorest losers in the world. Once the Republicans gain power, they are going to cling to the filibuster. They are going to want it left in place. But they continue to fail to see the predicament that they will put themselves into if they continue to move down the path of snatching up power at any cost. There will never again be a bipartisan bill to be voted on since there would be nothing left to push unity and cooperation between both parties.

Well-Paid Dems Want More to Vacay While Disappointing Voters

They’re treating their time in DC like a vacation. Meanwhile, they’re pissing off all of their voters – and asking the voters to pay for their vacay.

Let’s face it. The Texas Democrats are not doing their job. They’re the perfect example of spoiled liberals – and they’re setting a bad example for their entire party.

They want to call themselves “brave.” They think that they’re making some epic sacrifice. And, if you follow any of them on Twitter, they’ll actually try to make you feel sorry for them. After all, they’re living in hotel rooms and having to wash out their laundry in the bathroom sinks.

Well, they’ve insulted their Republican colleagues. They’ve angered voters. Oh, and let’s not forget that they brought COVID with them to DC.

These Democrats are still getting paid. Texas taxpayers have to keep paying for them, even though they’re not getting anything done. What’s worse is that above and beyond their very generous legislative salaries, they’re also being paid an extra $221 a day for the special session – even though they’re not showing up for it.

The vacation in DC has involved chartering a bus and a plane. They’re having Zoom meetings in luxury hotels. And, they’re getting pissy because President Biden won’t meet with them. Wow, life is so rough for these guys.

Well, the ridiculousness continues.

Beto O’Rourke is so excited that the Dems are taking a stand that he’s paying them MORE money to stay away until August 6. O’Rourke’s group, Powered by People, has given them $600,000. This will help them to pay for food and hotel rooms for a few more weeks.

Oh, but that’s not even all of it. The Democrats want to raise $1.5 million for their little political stunt. They actually expect Democratic voters to hand them money for leaving the state of Texas rather than doing their job.

Guess what? There are going to be times when you have to do your job even though it sucks. You can’t just run away from it – and make bank by doing so. These Dems are forgetting about the fact that the average American can’t do what they’re doing. They’re setting a bad example and they expect taxpayers to foot the bill and donate even more so that they can do it.

This is like a Go Fund Me campaign gone wrong.

The Dallas Democrats Twitter account also tweeted out that they had a message to share. The Dems in DC said, “they’d appreciate care packages from home.”

You have got to be kidding me. First of all, they haven’t been gone long enough to need any care. Second of all, they are out of the state on their own accord. If they miss Dr. Pepper, salsa, and other things so much, all they have to do is come home.

The Dallas Democrats have said that they’re also collecting travel toiletries, hair spray, hand sanitizers, first aid, and more to send up to the Democrats.

Let’s get one thing straight. Travel toiletries are provided at any basic hotel – and we know that the Democrats aren’t going to rough it – especially when O’Rourke just gave them $600,000. As for hair spray and other items, they have sufficient enough salaries that they can go to the store and buy it themselves.

These Dems want to play their cards as if their martyrs. Most people aren’t buying it – after all, it’s hard to beg for care packages when everyone saw the photos of them on the private plane.

Political Division Mark White House and the Senate as Biden and His Monkeys Cannot Find Common Ground

The Democrats want to eliminate this safeguard. It is one of the things that keep them from terrorizing the country. But now that the midterm elections are almost here, Joe Biden is scared that eliminating the filibuster will put his party between a rock and a hard place once the Republicans take command.

Biden has repeated what Mitch McConnell and others have stated when he claims that killing the filibuster will spell disaster for Congress. He is trying to make it sound like he is the hero of the filibuster. But for a long time, the Republicans have fought to keep his kind from destroying it.

The Democrats have it in their heads that they need to destroy the filibuster to preserve the country and save democracy. They willfully act as if they are the defenders of freedom when they are the destroyers of freedom.

The Democrats have constantly targeted freedom and speech and the right to bear arms. They need both of these freedoms to be destroyed because they want to instill socialism as a new form of government in America. Those two freedoms are absent from socialism because the dictators violently control the people, and without guns to fight back, the people have no hope of changing things.

Joe Biden contradicted himself when he stated that “the abuse of the filibuster is pretty overwhelming.” He thinks the Republicans use it as a means to stop things from becoming law. But what he is not saying is that the Democrats used it more when they were the minority.

But right in the middle of Biden’s lies, Don Lemon from CNN interrupted him and said, “If you hold the floor for a day or a year, what difference does it make? Why is protecting the filibuster, is that more important than protecting voting rights, especially for people who fought and died for that?”

Lemon is getting at that Biden has his priorities misplaced. There have been people who have died so Americans can live free. They have fought for the right to vote. And here is Biden trying to make an issue out of something small and has no real value to Americans except if his sorry party tries to do away with it.

Lemon shocked Biden, alluding that the only way the Democrats can get anything done is by eliminating the filibuster. But Biden still thinks that he can work with Republicans to make things happen. Except his actions continue to divide the country. He even has members of his party eliminating conservative positions on committees because Pelosi does not want to influence essential matters.

The fight over the filibuster within the liberal’s house is a mark that they are still divided. It is why the White House and Congress act independently of each other when they should be working together.

The liberals would love to eliminate the filibuster because they would need Kamala Harris to break the tie for every vote. The liberals would have free reign and would be able to pass anything they want.

Joe Biden is scared because he is feeling the pressure of conservatives. But people such as liberal Senator Chris Van Hollen arrogantly believe that the filibuster blocks the people’s will.

He thinks that the liberals will be in power forever, so he sees no need to keep the safeguard. But once his party loses, he will wish that he had it back. The Democrats are a short-sighted political party. They cannot see past their long noses to realize the filibuster is there to protect the voice of the minority in America and to make sure that the will of the people is protected.

Democratic Congress Kept in the Dark by Biden

Joe Biden is venturing out on his own and leaving the Congress behind. Both groups of liberals think they are in charge, and they are unwilling to work with each other.

The Democratic Party is fractured. They try and make people think that they are united, but they are a divided house. And they will not stand together when the time comes in 2022 to defend their seats. They are going to find out that their house of cards will come crashing down.

Biden’s latest independent move is trying to broker a deal with Russia into bullying Ukraine into allowing Russia to finish its pipeline. The crazy old man is willing to help an enemy with their energy needs but is not about to empower his own country to do the same. He is putting America last and the Russians first.

Congress is oblivious to Biden’s deal. One report noted that “The Biden administration will set aside Washington’s longstanding opposition to the pipeline, Nord Stream 2, in a reversal of U.S. policy, ending years of speculation over the fate of the project, which has come to dominate European energy-sector forecasts. Germany under the agreement will agree to assist Ukraine in energy-related projects and diplomacy.”

Biden has enlisted the help of Germany to oversee the cooperation of Ukraine, so they are not able to back out of the deal or try and manipulate it in any way. Germany will be the tattletale that will blow the whistle if they try anything.

Biden has also instructed Ukraine to keep their mouths shut during the operation of his plan. He does not want them spilling any information to the public about what is taking place behind the scenes.

The only information being released states that “The U.S. officials have indicated that going public with opposition to the forthcoming agreement could damage the Washington-Kyiv bilateral relationship, those sources said. The officials have also urged the Ukrainians not to discuss the U.S. and Germany’s potential plans with Congress. A senior administration official disputed this reporting, noting that the situation is more nuanced than that, but declined to share further details on U.S. officials’ talks with their Ukrainian counterparts. …”

Congress hates how Biden is off roaming independently, but they are doing the same to him. They keep pushing silly bills that Biden is unaware of and cannot give clear answers about what kind of information is in them. All he can do is stutter around while trying to act intelligently about things that do not make sense to him.

The president and Congress are not in agreement with how to deal with Eastern Europe. Biden has his philosophy, and Congress has its own. Neither of them talks to one another, so they continue to live divided lives.

The decision by Biden to go out on a limb by himself should be drawing media criticism. But so far, nothing has been stated over the traitorous move. Russia is the one pulling strings on this project, and Biden is the point man.

If Donald Trump had tried such a move, Congress and the media would have pulled their guns out and warned him to stop. But Biden is the baby that must be handled with glass gloves because he is a frail old man.

Ted Cruz noted and warned that “President Biden is defying U.S. law and has utterly surrendered to Putin. Decades from now, Russian dictators will still be reaping billions from Biden’s gift, and Europe will still be subject to Russian energy blackmail. We always knew Biden was in bed with Putin, now they’re spooning.”

Joe Biden’s plan is just one step in a long line of moves to bring America to its knees. He cannot admit that he hates the country, or he would be forced out as president. So, he must operate in secrecy and hope that no one finds out that he is working for the Russians as a spy. America is not safe in the hands of Biden. The Democrats are the villains trying to act like heroes defending America.

Today Show Longs for Yesterday…Dealing with Lowest Ratings in 30 Years

The Today Show may be longing for their popular yesterdays and worried about their tomorrows. A recent ratings analysis indicates that viewership for NBC’s flagship morning news and entertainment show has reached its lowest point in 30 years. A lot has changed since “Today” was hosted by TV mega-stars such as Bryant Gumbel, “America’s Sweetheart” Katie Couric and Matt Lauer (pre-scandal). Americans have more options and “Today” lacks the cultural relevancy it once possessed and rarely makes news as a result.

Lauer was the show’s biggest star until he was fired in 2017 at the height of the #MeToo movement. Current hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, along with the supporting cast of Craig Melvin, Carson Daly and Jenna Bush Hager, have not resonated with Americans the way those who came before them did.

Fox News has reported that all the network morning shows are in some trouble, but the Today Show has taken the lion’s share of the hit. They have lost 10% of their audience so far in 2021.

“[It] has averaged 3.2 million viewers in 2021, a 10-percent drop from its 2020 total viewership. ABC’s Good Morning America is also down nine percent but has averaged 3.4 million to edge Today for the most-watched morning show,” Fox News reported.

What makes this news surprising is that while both shows have declined, The Today Show used to top six million viewers on a regular basis. And the once popular show now is losing to Good Morning America in the key demographic of adults age 25-54 by its largest margin since the week of December 21, 2015.”

Drew Holden, a freelance media analyst, made the case that the NBC network is working to figure out what to do with the morning show now that they can no longer focus on former president Donald Trump. This shift is likely impacting most network TV news shows.

Holden provided this answer for the lagging viewership from NBC’s morning show, “For years, Today invested in ginning up political outrage to grab eyeballs, at the expense of trying to understand the storylines and topics that people are actually interested in. Non-stop political coverage may’ve helped juice the numbers for a while, but at the end of the day, it isn’t what people want from Today or most other shows like it.”

Someone from inside NBC revealed that the network’s executives are not very happy. “It’s a total fiasco,” the source told Fox News. “The show has lost its role [as a] cultural touchstone. There are obviously bigger industry trends at play but the show is a non-factor.”

What intensifies this loss for NBC is that right now they are gearing up for their traditional coverage of the Olympic games in Tokyo. In the past, TV networks leaned on profiles of athletes and other feel-good stories. Viewers loved them. But now the news is focusing on how the games have gone “woke,” and how athletes kneel to show support for Black Lives Matter. And then there are biological males competing in women’s sports, so audiences are proving less interested.

Zeta Global has shown through consumer research that viewers are not seeing the games as compelling as they did in the past. TV Technology has reported, “Based on responses from over 2000 respondents across the United States, [Zeta’s] survey found that enthusiasm for the Tokyo Olympics is low. The majority of U.S. consumers are not looking forward to the Olympics this year: 45.2% of U.S. consumers surveyed are not looking forward to the Olympics, while 17.5% are undecided.”

Zeta has predicted that the cultural controversies will likely lead to the 2021 Tokyo Games being “one of the lowest-watched Summer Olympic Games in the 21st century, to date.”

Here We Go Again! California’s Newsom Warns He’ll Shut Down the State and Schools Again if Californians Don’t Obey

He’s not making a direct threat here but the implication is very clear. No one wants to come out and make a definitive statement at the moment. Californians are being given a directive, though: get vaccinated or risk another lockdown. This statement also casts major doubt on school openings come fall. Small businesses could be forced to close down again.

This goes against everything that was said by the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics just a few short weeks ago. The children need to be back in the classroom as soon as possible because they cannot handle any more setbacks to their development. The children have to be masked up, spread out and kept in the classroom at all costs.

Newsom is not going to go along with this and it is time for the state of California to stand up for what is right. “We don’t have to worry about being back this fall for in-person instruction if we all get vaccinated,” Newsom said. It’s easy to see what he means by this. The only surefire protection against the variants is vaccination.

Once you take a closer look at the average in-person index that Burbio has come up with, you can see which states are the best at getting kids back to in-person learning and which states are allowing their little ones to suffer. We’ll give you three guesses as to which state found themselves at the bottom of that totem pole.

The party of science does not like to listen to the scientists when they go against their chosen beliefs. Children are a low-risk group and the odds of serious illness are also much lower for them. Red states have been following the science for some time now but they are still being treated as if they do not care about their populations. Meanwhile, Newsom is openly contemplating closing the schools again.

This is not a man who cares about science, unless it enhances the positions he already holds. What vaccination rate would he need before he is willing to proceed with in-person instruction? California is 12th out of 50 states when it comes to the percentage of their population that has already received one dose of vaccine.

Near as we can tell, there is no actual benchmark that any of these states are shooting for. Everyone is just going to live under a vague cloud of existential dread. While there is certainly a surge taking place with the Delta variant at the moment, California’s hospitalization numbers remain as low as they have been since the pandemic began. California parents need to be preparing themselves now.

Newsom is almost assuredly going to be closing the schools before too long. The only hope for Californians at the moment is that he is removed from his post by a September recall election. Now, a big debate has arisen among the powers that be on how to get the holdouts to get their jabs.

Some writers have tried to chide those who are berating or mocking the non vaccinated. Let’s be real here: no one who has been going without vaccination for this length of time is going to be persuaded by a stranger because they used the proper tone. The only way that they are going to come around at this point is if they are truly terrified of the variants or if a friend or family member is able to convince them.

At this point, all that is left is full FDA approval for the vaccines. They cannot rush this step of the process, though. Otherwise, the holdouts are going to be claiming that the approval was rushed for political reasons. Instead of closing everything back down, Newsom should be focusing on the approval process and issuing mandates to the necessary employees. It’s time to stop punishing the children for mistakes that the adults have made.

Catholic Senator Finds out He Cannot Take Communion Because He Supports Killing Babies

The Biden regime has renewed its attacks on the unborn by supporting abortion and pushing for its legalization everywhere. The liberals think that people have the right to kill unborn children just because they can. The right to live is a fundamental concept ingrained in every person. So, when the church steps up and supports life, they expect their followers to obey or have consequences.

The Catholic Church has stepped in defense of the babies and told anyone supporting abortion on the political level is in danger of losing the right to observe and taking communion. The issue is that practicing Catholics believe abortion is wrong, but politicians support it in the political world.

Their outward defiance towards the church and the right to live has prompted severe action against the liberal politicians that refuse to listen to their church leaders. A state senator out of New Mexico is upset. After all, his Catholic leader denied him the Eucharist because he supports abortion. The battle between political power and religious power occurs, and all the Democrats can do is whine about it.

Joe Cervantes is the senator under discipline by the Catholic Church. He stated on social media that “I was denied communion last night by the Catholic Bishop here in Las Cruces and based on my political office. My new parish priest has indicated he will do the same after the last was run off. Please pray for church authorities as Catholicism transitions under Pope Francis.”

Cervantes is praying that God will allow him to be able to take communion. He wants prayer that somehow Pope Francis will stop in and support his right to kill children. But for now, the murderous senator will have to live in exile and contemplate his belief system. He will have to decide if his eternal destiny is worth his political career.

The senator was speaking about Bishop Peter Baldacchino. Instead of speaking to his Bishop about the issue, he took the problem to social media and tried to stink about it. He wants to force the Bishop’s hand and make him feed communion to his pathetic mouth. Baldacchino has taken a stand for life and facing Democratic persecution for his stand.

One report stated the senator was refused communion on the eve of a discussion by bishops will do the same for Joe Biden. The lousy senator thinks that choice is the right way to think, while his church takes the opposite stance. Cervantes has sold his soul to the devil by adopting a stance contrary to life’s truth.

Cervantes stated that “There should be no laws which outlaw the private decisions regarding pregnancy.” He believes that people should be able to kill at will. The liberals have poisoned his mind. There must be laws that govern life, or humanity will seek to destroy and persecute life wherever they can.

The Catholic Church drafted a document that has become a contested piece of Catholic law. The document will effectively ban any politician communion that supports abortion. That goes for the president as well. He has denied his faith by publicly supporting abortion and refusing to denounce it as the sin that it is.

Notable Democrats have taken offense to the church’s stance and have publicly moved to speak out against it. Jared Huffman has already accused the Catholic Church of playing politics. He stated, “If they’re going to politically weaponize religion by ‘rebuking’ Democrats who support women’s reproductive choice, then a ‘rebuke’ of their tax-exempt status may be in order.”

Huffman thinks that the Catholic Church, which has been around for centuries, is going to care if they lose a tax-exemption status or not. His threatening words have already isolated him from other liberals. After all, they do not want to risk eternal damnation because they fought against the Catholic Church.

Joe Biden is the president that supports killing unborn children, and he is not afraid to risk eternity in the process. The Catholic Church is just one of many organizations willing to step out alone and support life. The Democrats think they can fight against God, but they will find out that it is not as easy as they think.

Defund the Police…But Wait…Cori Bush Wants Security

Liberals are really good at making demands of things that other people should give up…like security and peace of mind.

How is it that a U.S. Representative can spend months demanding that the police be defunded only to turn around spend close to $70,000 on private security?

Well, Cori Bush has managed to do exactly that.

The police are there to provide peace of mind. They are there to offer safety to communities. And without police presence, crime rates surge and people feel less safe within their communities.

We need the police – and it sounds like Cori Bush does, too. The only problem is that defunding the police is the latest and greatest focus for the left. So, she has to appear to want to defund while still doing what she can to feel safe.

The Democrat out of Missouri has been constantly pushing to defund the police as she believes that it would be a way to address systemic racism. Without the police, black people wouldn’t constantly be targeted.

She doesn’t seem to realize that without the police, people also won’t feel safe.

Though, she likely understands the concept of safety and security more than she leads on – especially with the spending that has been identified by Federal Election Commission records.

Bush’s campaign recently sent out payments from April 15 to June 28 for over $54,000 for “security services” to a company known as RS&T Security Consulting. Another $15,000 was paid to National Davis, also for “security services.”

That’s quite a bit of money. In fact, it’s approximately a third of her campaign’s spending for the second quarter. It’s also double what she spent on private security for the first quarter of 2021.

Is it that she’s not feeling so safe these days? Well, the country is a scary place. Crime is up in a number of major cities, too. Why is that? Oh, that’s right. Democrats like her have cut the funds from law enforcement agencies around the country.

This is where the hypocritical actions of the Democratic Party set in. Cori Bush can afford private security, so it doesn’t matter if the police departments get defunded or not. And, there are other progressives that make up “the Squad” on Capitol Hill that also spend thousands of dollars of campaign funds on private security.

It must be nice.

They demand that the country lose its law enforcement. They singlehandedly cause the crime rates to spike. Then, they hide behind their private security.

Cori Bush doesn’t seem to understand exactly what she’s doing, though. She’s calling for the police to be defunded – and then hiring them after they’ve been “let go” from the law enforcement agencies. RS&T Security has a Facebook Page that boasts photos of law enforcement officers, members of the military, and more.

Bush believes that defunding the police will keep people alive. After all, if the police aren’t there to make the arrests, criminals get to roam the streets. Bush isn’t looking to keep criminals from committing crimes, though. And she certainly doesn’t want to be a victim of the crime – which is why she has the level of private security that she does.

Hypocrisy is rearing its ugly head. Unsurprisingly, Bush’s office didn’t want to respond to the press about how much money she’s been spending on security. She’ll protect the criminals. As for American citizens, well, everyone will have to fend for themselves.

Biden Forced to Admit That His Utopia for America Is an Absolute Failure

Jenn Psaki is the spokesperson for the White House. She has to tell America everything that Biden commands her to speak. The nutty president’s secret plan for America is to get everyone to embrace communism with a heart that accepts it willingly. For years the Democrats have painted the picture that socialism is grand and wonderful. But now that Cuba has fallen into disarray, they have to admit that their vision of America would be an absolute failure.

Psaki was forced to admit that communism was a total failure. Every time a nation embraces its ideology, the country self-implodes and is brought to its knees. It has happened in every country in the world that has tried to make the failed system work.

Biden and his staff have tried to avoid talking about Cuba. They even lied about the root causes of why the people were protesting and revolting the streets. They tried to tell the world that it was because of COVID-19. And when that did not work out for them, Psaki tried to claim it was because of money.

Her quivery little voice stated that “I would say communism is a failed ideology and we certainly believe that. It has failed the people of Cuba. They deserve freedom. They deserve a government that supports them, whether that is making sure they have health and medical supplies, access to vaccines, or whether they have economic opportunity and prosperity.”

Psaki may claim that Biden believes these things, but they are just words from a hot air balloon. He just admitted that they need everything that America has going for itself right now. And the Democratic Party wants to tear down what American’s have and replace it with what the Cubans have been suffering with for decades.

She went on to claim that “And instead, this has been a government and authoritarian communist regime that has repressed its people and has failed the people of Cuba. Hence, we’re seeing them in the streets.” And it is about time that Biden catches up with the rest of the country. Now he needs to act on his words and show how freedom is better than a dictatorship.

Deep down inside his demented mind, he believes that a dictatorship led by Joe Biden would be the best thing for everyone. He would get the chance to tell everyone what to do and how to do it. He would even be able to force people to give him things that he would otherwise not be able to obtain. He would be the next Cuban leader.

Psaki tried to save face with her boss’s past statements by working them into her speech. She noted that the COVID and economic issues were pieces of the same ball. That might be true if Biden did not try and pass them off as the sole reason people revolted in Cuba.

The Cuban people have been subjected to unimaginable horrors of an ideology that has killed millions of people thought out the years. Communist countries steal from their people and staple their mouths shut when they try and speak out against the horrors they live with each day.

Communist China has tried to exterminate people that refuse to follow their evil ways. They have tried to sterilize people, so future generations killed off secretly. They have silenced their media and kicked international journalists out of the country.

The Cuban military has already been used to kill protestors in the streets. The evil dictatorship wanted to send a clear message to any person that would want to speak out against the regime. By killing people in broad daylight, he sends the message that the next person who opens their mouth will be next.

Communism is a selfish government that only looks out for the elite. And the Democratic Party has set itself up to appear to be the elite in America. It is curious how their political figures enter politics as poor people and come out two years later with millions of dollars to blow on trash.

The Cuban people are feeling the weight of their dictator’s thumb. He is trying to extinguish the people by silencing their voices. And unless they have help, there is a good chance that they will be defeated, and freedom will have slipped away for another generation.

Major Support for DeSantis as Internet to Cuba Idea Takes Shape

The people suffering in Cuba are looking for anyone willing to help them find freedom. They have tried to tell their stories by posting to social media only to have their internet cut off by their evil dictator.

The Cuban people have a lot of people that want to help them any way that they can. Many Americans from Cuba have taken to the streets requesting that Joe Biden help them out, but so far, all they have gotten is silence. Joe Biden has warned Cubans that they are not welcome on the shores of America and need to turn around and go back to their island. He has turned his back on hurting people.

But Joe Biden does not represent the American people. He represents a small minority of people that love communism and would love to see it spread to America. The vast majority of Americans want to help Cubans by assisting them in their struggle for freedom.

Ron DeSantis is the one that is leading the fight for a free Cuba. He has stepped up when Joe Biden has fallen flat on his old face. DeSantis had the idea of working with private internet companies to provide free internet access to all the people living in Cuba. His idea has caught the eye of the FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr and has been met with support.

DeSantis is pressing Biden to make the internet service available to Cuban people to communicate with the outside world. Their dictator has isolated the people by shutting off their ability to communicate and cracking down on protestors by arresting them and shooting them without cause. He is murdering his people.

Carr stated that “Governor DeSantis’s call for the Biden Administration to provide the necessary support for American businesses to deliver Internet service to the Cuban people is exactly right.” One would expect Joe Biden to jump on this idea, but so far, he has rejected the idea of helping Cubans find freedom.

DeSantis wants to see companies come together and provide Cubans with free internet service. Carr pointed out that “While Cuba’s communist regime is blocking Internet access in an effort to hide their brutal crackdown on freedom, American enterprises have the technical capability to beam connectivity to the Cuban people and help power their real and ongoing struggle for life and liberty. With the backing and authorization of the federal government, these private sector innovators can get to work immediately.”

Joe Biden does not want genuine asylum seekers coming to America. Because he knows that these people will vote against him once they can vote, Biden cannot afford to have a bunch of communist survivors moving into America because they will spoil his plans of bringing communism to America.

The terrible actions taking place in Cuba are a trademark action of communist nations. China censors its people and strictly monitors what is posted online and published around the world. North Korea and other nations do much of the same by blocking internet access and killing power so no one can access any communication devices or sources.

DeSantis sent a long letter to Joe Biden calling on him to step up and help suffering people find freedom. He wrote, “I write to urge you to assist in providing Internet access to the people of Cuba standing up against communist oppression and demanding a voice after decades of suffering under the yoke of a cruel dictatorship.”

But Biden and his followers believe that the United States is the reason why Cubans are suffering. Black Lives Matter is already spreading the idea that America has secretly been torturing the people in Cuba for decades by placing sanctions on their evil dictator. The pathetic attack by these people only proves that the Democrats are in league with communist leaders.

Many Floridians from Cuba have lost all contact with their loved ones on the island. They would love to know how they are faring through the tumultuous times. But that can only be done if DeSantis can rally corporations to come together to provide free internet service to the Cuban people.

New York Times Crosses the Line and Defends Teaching Porn to Kids

The insanity flooding the country because of Joe Biden is absurdity on display. The Democrats think they can do whatever they want with any person, no matter what their age might be. Parents are in an outrage at a school counselor who thought it would be good to teach little kids all about pornography and masturbation. Little kids do not want to know about such things because all they want to do is play on the playground and be a kid.

And of course, when the parents stood up to the counselor, the liberal New York Times took to the porno teacher’s defense. They wrote that “Pornography literacy classes are supposed to teach students how to critically assess what they see on the screen. But when a sex-positive educator taught her curriculum at two elite New York City schools recently, some parents were outraged.”

No parent who loves their first grader will permit their child to listen to material on how sexually arouse oneself. The counselor thought it would be a great idea to present a cartoon that showed a character getting it on with itself. The so-called cartoon had words that vividly described what each character was doing to itself.

Another report noted that “About 120 juniors, girls and boys, at Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School were subjected to Fonte’s class, called ‘Pornography Literacy: An intersectional focus on mainstream porn,’ which presented them with explicit material including slides.”

And the liberals wonder why parents and conservatives are distraught over some of the things they are trying to get away with. In many cases, the material is never brought up to the parents because it is shown to them without parental consent. The parents found out about the material because some of the students were watching on Zoom.

The New York Times also downplayed the problem by making it seem like much of what is being taught is commonplace. They made it sound like parents do not care and do not want to know what their kids are taught, which could not be farther from the truth. The schools keep parents in the dark because they do not want to be held accountable for teaching.

The porn counselor went on to say that “I equip them with a way that they can exercise body agency and consent, by knowing exactly what those parts are, what they are called, and how to take care of them.” As if stating the goal and method was a good enough excuse to justify the horrors the kids were going through.

The New York Times also defended the porn star by claiming the big words were never really used. But as they would write, “Fonte clearly showed 6- and 7-year-old children a video that described fondling their own genitals. Presumably, this kind of sophistry explains how so many reporters can insist K-12 schools don’t teach Critical Race Theory.”

The Times tried to make the porn teacher out to be the victim. They claimed that “Fonte weathered the recent attacks on her reputation, violent threats in her inbox and the experience of being doxed.” There are consequences for teaching things that are best left unsaid. No kid should ever be taught the things that are widely deemed as unacceptable by society.

The liberals are teaching things that land a lot of people in prison. Pornography is illegal, and when it involves kids, the consequences are life-changing and often lead to prison time for everyone involved.

The goal of the porn teacher is to remove all the modesty barriers. She wants to make sure that boys and girls and comfortable with each other because Joe Biden wants them all in the same bathroom together.

The dangerous material floating around the public school system is woke-based and is set to damage the minds of children of all ages. Parents have the right to be ticked off at people such as the porn teacher because they have no business teaching kids things that can potentially lead them to prison. Kids need to be left on the playground to run and have fun. They should not be subjected to the horrible doctrine of the liberal monsters looking for their next mind to ruin.

Ben Carson Blows CRT out of the Water Proving It’s Even Breaking Down the Democratic Agenda

If someone told you that an iconic and renowned neurosurgeon was finding new ways to save the world and particularly the most innocent among us, from damage and destruction, you’d probably brush my comments off, saying you don’t have time to read about your favorite television doctor (who by the way, never have to die, they’re just messing with us).

But the icon in question is very real, and he’s not had the kind of breathtaking rise to notoriety that could spark more than one epic novel, he’s also moved on to conquering politics as well, making headlines as a presidential candidate and eventually heading up the nation’s Housing and Urban Development. Dr. Ben Carson may be one of the least flashy individuals in politics today, but I would argue that he’s one of the most iconic, and uniquely equipped to warn about the evils of the critical race theory movement sweeping the nation.

For you see, CRT is based on the ideology that people of color should have special considerations because they’ve suffered injustice throughout their life. The people of color who stand up to that ideology are called a number of things, from “Uncle Tom” to brainwashed, to feeble to racist (against their own race, somehow).

Carson, however, who should have been the poster child for the victim complex being foisted upon children today, believes that the victim theology is so incredibly bad that it’s going to burn Democrats for even being associated with it.

The doctor-turned-political figure said of the left in an interview with Fox News’ personality Dana Perino that “This will sound funny, but I’m kind of glad they are doing it,” when referencing CRT in schools today according to Independent Journal Review.

“They’re pushing it so hard it is waking people up. We were sort of like the frog in the saucepan slowly being cooked and now they turned the burners up and people are saying ouch and getting active. That is going to help us as a nation.”

Carson’s positivity is matched only by his understanding of the grave nature of the problem facing American kids today. The good doctor cited a former communist leader saying, “Lenin said, ‘Give me your children to teach for four years and the seeds I plant will never be uprooted,’” Carson said. “What they are trying to do is actually indoctrinate the kids. This is not a new thing. This has been going on for a while.”

The man, a product of everything that progressives say is plaguing children of color today, bashed the product of a curriculum that holds no one responsible, such as the “1619 Project,” saying they’re the basis of so much harm making the rounds in the United States today:

“I think we saw the fruits of it last summer in Portland and Seattle. These are people who are coming to age who have been taught to hate the United States of America and a lot of it is based on slavery.

“The 1619 Project, many of the things and critical race theory. Everything looking at race and going back to race and making the children think that that’s the primary indicator for success or failure in their life.” The doctor then went on to get to the heart of the problem with ideologies such as CRT saying, “it is interesting because we are a Judeo-Christian foundation nation,” Carson said. “What does the Bible say? ‘Man looketh on outward appearance but the Lord looketh on the heart.’

Carson questioned, “Isn’t that the same thing that Dr. King was saying? Judge people on the basis of their character, not their external characteristics. So they are really turning a lot of our foundational beliefs on their head.”

Psaki Changes Story as to Why People Are Protesting in Cuba

Jenn Psaki is the latest liberal to stick her neck out on the chopping block daring someone to take a swing. First, it was Twitter that started the rumor that COVID-19 was the reason for all the unrest. But that story was soon debunked by videos circulated and was quickly removed by the communist regime. And then comes along Psaki pushing another fake story to get attention from the horrors of the type of government her boss wants for America.

The latest lie coming out of the White House describes Cuba’s unrest as being related to “economic mismanagement.” All of the starvation and oppression are related to lousy money skills, according to Psaki. According to her story, COVID-19 was not the real reason. It was because their government wrote a few bad checks, and now all-of-a-sudden people are starving and dying in the streets.

Nothing the White House announces makes any rational sense. People do not jump into starvation overnight. It takes time for things of society to get as bad as they are in Cuba. Psaki and her boss want to divert attention away from the real reason for all the horrors of living under communism.

History is full of examples of countries that fell because of their communist leaders. Russia’s past is full of communism, and when it fell, it lost much of the land it had acquired by force. And now Cuba is feeling the pressure of the evil they have lived under for decades.

Aside from the nastiness, Cubans have to live under, they are being rejected by a nation that should have already stepped up and supported the transition to freedom. But so far, the reaction from the White House is to lie about the root cause of why the protests are happening.

During a briefing, Psaki was addressed by a reporter demanding an explanation on where Biden stood on the issue. The world wants to know what the most powerful nation on the planet will do now that a minor communist power is seeking a democracy.

The changes that reporters want to know about are about how the country treats the communist country. Marco Rubio from Florida has already sent a letter to the president asking him to take a new direction and help the people. But given Biden’s past, he will play it safe and try to stay out of the issue altogether.

Psaki’s official response was, “Well, I will say first, and I meant to say this in response to Jonathan, but there’s every indication that yesterday’s protests were spontaneous expressions of people who were exhausted with the Cuban government’s economic mismanagement, and repression. And those, these are protests inspired by the harsh reality of everyday life in Cuba, not people in another country. I’m saying that because I think there have been a range of accusations out there, as you well know.”

Psaki acts like it is the people’s fault for the conditions under which they are forced to live. Her statement is full of lies and words full of fake information. The harsh reality of the life she speaks about is directly related to the evil dictator and the rash actions against his people.

The White House even bought into the fake narrative that the protests were because of COVID-19. And Psaki tried to play the stupid card by claiming that they were still trying to access the situation. The truth is that Biden and his staff are not actively collecting intelligence but relying on the news for their information.

Psaki and Biden believe that when the protestors are yelling for their freedom, they want out from under-rising COVID-19 cases. The Democrats have abused the virus so much that it lies at the heart of every issue in the world.

Nothing the Cubans are facing right now is related to the tiny virus. The hardships and turmoil they are forced to live under are because they live in a communist society. There is no chance for any of them to live prosperously when everything they have is taken from them the moment they receive it.

Progressives Worst Fear Coming out of Cuba Right Now

Bernie Sanders is the oldest progressive that America is cheering on the communist regime in Cuba. His socialist policies he spreads around America and campaigns with mirrors precisely what the Cubans are protesting about. Sanders and his Democratic lovers have been silent on the Cuban protests since they broke out over the weekend. The selfish liberals cannot believe that such a demonstration of reality is taking place that spells out precisely what they envision American being like.

The Cuban people waved the American flag as a symbol of what they want for their government. They want freedom because they are tired of living under oppressive rule. Many Cubans have fled to America in an attempt to escape the horrors of communism.

Cubans who settle in America never vote Democrat because they do not want to return to communist rule. The truth of what defines the liberals rings all too clear in their minds. They know that America is the last place on earth that they can go to live a free life.

The poverty that many of the Cubans live with is a direct result of the Cuban dictator’s greed. He is content to make people suffer so he can live in luxury.

Democrats have the same drive that the Cuban dictator has. They want people to live in terror so they can live in peace. They want high prices and inflation so people can no longer afford to put food on their table. The starvation of the people would give the liberals the fake allegiance that they so badly desire.

The Cuban people bring shame upon freedom-hating Americans destroying the flag. During their marches, they waved the American flag and chanted words such as “Liberty” and “Freedom.” These words make liberals go crazy. But this picture coming out of Cuba makes them hide their plan for America because they know that America will be a large version of the Cuban people once they have it in place.

The communist regime has taken down videos of the protests. They have shut down power to large portions of the city in an attempt to keep the truth from spreading. Big tech in America is spreading the COVID-19 lie in an attempt to aid the communist leader in controlling the truth from getting around.

But anyone that has seen the videos quickly can tell that COVID-19 has nothing to do with what they are demanding from their government. They want freedom at all costs and are willing to do anything to get it.

The Democratic nutjobs such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and crazy Bernie Sanders have fallen off the face of the map. Even Joe Biden is quiet because all three of them secretly support the communist dictator. They cannot come out and voice their support because it will mean the end of their sad political career.

One report had noted that Bernie Sanders Sanders “vacationed in Cuba and has praised the Cuban revolution saying he was excited to watch Dictator Fidel Castro’ rising up against the ugly rich people.’ Sen. Sanders praised Communist Cuba’s ‘value system’ while he was mayor of Burlington and even visited Cuba to meet with the dictator in 1989.”

These are the very people who sit in political seats in Washington, secretly supporting the horrors of dictatorships worldwide. They would love to throw their lot in with them, and vacation with them, much like Bernie Sanders has done for most of his career.

Sanders and his girlfriend supporters make light of the abuses under socialist rule. The staunch support that AOC gave Sanders is a precise, loving moment for the two. She worships at his stinky feet because she sees him as the best hope for getting her socialist plan pushed on Americans. But that was before she had to settle for Jos Biden.

The liberals need the media to silence the truth about the Cuban protests because they are the perfect picture of where they want to take America. Their only hope is that they have successfully silenced the truth and the brainwashing of the younger generation holds.

Terrorist Group Demands All Americans Stop Flying the Flag

The terrorist group Black Lives Matter is once again attacking people and the American way of life. They hate the idea that people that love America fly their flags in their private homes. They have taken to the media to voice their disgust about people that show their patriotism.

The BLM chapter in Utah is actively condemning people that love the American flag. They publically call the flag “a symbol of hatred.”

The terrorist organization stated that “When we Black Americans see this flag we know the person flying it is not safe to be around. When we see this flag we know the person flying it is a racist. When we see this flag we know that the person flying it lives in a different America than we do. When we see this flag, we question your intelligence. We know to avoid you. It is a symbol of hatred.”

At last check, America is the one country in the world where people of all cultural backgrounds could come and make a better life for themselves. The problem with the selfish BLM crowd is that they do not want to work for what they want in life. They would instead attack others and take what they have worked hard for.

BLM is a group of bullies. They parade themselves as a group that cares about social change and saving the lives of people. But every time they open their mouth, people get hurt, and a few have died by their supporters’ hands.

They call flag fliers racist, and they taunt them looking for a fight. In the post that they attacked people with, they responded by stating, “You will not be heard here. You will be blocked and your comments will be deleted. We will be donating $1 to AOC’s election campaign for every racist that we block. Thank you for contributing to the re-election of AOC. We will jot down your names and attribute each donation to you. Comment below to help her once again head to Washington.”

They have thrown their support behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has also made it clear that she hates Americans as well. But now that her masters support her, she is riding high on the pony express.

The Democratic Party refuses to cut ties with the group because they both have the same goals. The liberals have their hate groups, and the corrupt masters in politics control their moves. They used them to create trouble and disturb the peace during intense extremes or when they need to hide a damaging agenda.

BLM believes that American soil belongs to them. They wrote in hatred that they would never leave the country because their ancestors built it up. They called white ancestors lazy and worthless. But the problem with their belief is that they are not the first ones ever to set foot on American soil. And the founding of the country was by people of all nationalities. Not just the righteous few they claim are demons.

BLM is not the first hateful group to tread the path of flag trashing. Maxine Waters and old Cori Bush attacked white people enslaved black people, and no one was ever going to give a second thought. Except America was formed and shaped by people of all color and backgrounds.

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party want to divide America every chance that they can get. They tell people that certain holidays are for white people, and there are those for black people. But in America, the holidays are for everyone. They have the choice to celebrate them or not.

The claims that BLM and liberal politicians make are nothing but nonsense. Some people groups had the land before another, so it has been for all human history. America was founded and fought for by people of all backgrounds that wanted to create a place where people could be free. The Civil War was fought and won so slaves could be free. And it was people of all color that fought for that freedom much like it is done today.

Biden’s Fascist America! Biden Admin Tells American That Government Is Entitled to Know Medical Details of Every American

Republican vaccine holdouts are a thorn in the side of Democratic lawmakers at the moment. The argument that is being made here is counterproductive to whatever moment that the Democrats are trying to start, though. This is a man who has been on the left side of many California culture wars.

That makes him ill-suited to handling these types of concerns. We cannot think of a worse messenger here if we tried, outside of Dr. Fauci. Of course, conservative thinkers are going to be skeptical about the new door-to-door vaccination campaign that is taking place.

The point that is being made here is not something that is going to convince anyone who is on the fence about this idea, especially on the right side of the aisle. It comes off like he has spent his entire life speaking with those who reside in blue states and no one else. Public officials going door to door to provide vaccinations sounds like a good idea on paper but there are reservations that need to be addressed first.

Conservatives cannot be expected to go along with this one all willy nilly. They need to be told that it is the local officials that are going to be in charge and that these initiatives are not being run by the Washington, DC fat cats that they are so skeptical about. There are other concessions that need to be made as well.

For starters, why should the government have any access to people’s vaccination statuses? That is something that feels like a massive overreach from where we are sitting. Xavier Becerra decided to deflect on this and that’s where he starts to lose us. He claims that the federal government is only looking to fund and offer support to the local outreach efforts.

Local officials are said to have access to the information, so that they can find out which neighborhoods are not receiving enough vaccinations. They are swearing up and down that Uncle Sam does not have access to that information. Or at least they should be! Beccera is making no such promises. In fact, he is embracing the idea of the government having more of our information.

In his mind, the government has spent a lot of money to keep people protected and they should have access to the data, whether we want them to or not. “The federal government has spent trillions of dollars to keep Americans alive during this pandemic. So it is absolutely the government’s business,” these are his exact words. There is no mistaking them.

We would ask if this man has ever talked to a right-winger in his life but near as we can tell, he does not even speak with average Americans. This is what happens when you spend all of your time snuggled up in the deep state. You lose all touch with reality and how the average American feels about things. Since he’s from California, this should not come as a shocker to anyone. They love to argue the wrong side of these debates over and over again.

You would think that they would get tired of it but they do not! It is important to note that there are certain circumstances where the government can access your information. If you are traveling or trying to attend a secondary learning institution, these are situations where the info may be made available.

White House COVID czar Jeff Zients is taking a much wiser approach on the matter. He wants everyone to know that the federal government is not going to be involved and is taking great pains to make that as obvious as he can. Locals who are known and trusted in their communities will simply receive the federal backing they need. This actually makes a lot of sense. If they led with this instead, who knows what the reaction might have been? Alas….

Battled Fatigued Democrats Need ICE Gone to Continue Their Fight Against America

The country would be a better place if people such as Rashida Tlaib could not find it easy to spread their hatred for people. She is one of many Democrats that want to tear down the organizations that make America a safe and wonderful place to live. Her latest cries for attack call for the defunding and dismantlement of all immigration agencies in the country.

Tlaib decided that no one was paying attention to the northern border enough and attacking the way that border is handled. She claims that racial profiling is happening at the border. Somewhere in her diluted mind, she claims a military buildup between the United States and Canada. She fails to understand that the northern border is the most peaceful and open border in the world.

But one would think that the southern border should have better attention. Joe Biden has been putting pressure on people to use the little money available for the border. But the Democrats are great at developing conflict where there is not a problem.

The picture that Tlaib paints at the northern border does not exist. She wants to make it sound like the military actively searches and profiling people based on cultural background and skin color. She needs a reason to justify the defunding of ICE and other organizations within the country.

It was reported that the broken Tlaib was asked about Biden trying to push for more money to invest in modernizing ports of entry and the ability to detect things. Biden wants to see an increase in surveillance technology so he can spy on people trying to come in and out of the country.

The secret part behind Tlaib’s push is that she wants to make sure that nothing used at the border mirrors what Donald Trump has used at the southern border. They hate the man so much that they are unwilling to use his research into technology to defend the country from illegal invasion.

In an attempt to answer questions about her motives, she noted that “Look, the simple answer to that question is we must eliminate funding for [Customs and Border Protection], [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] and their parent organization, [Department of Homeland Security].”

Her weird idea is to defund the very organizations that make America secure. She has learned nothing from the failed attempts by her colleagues in large liberal regions to defund the police. Crime spiked, and people were being killed by thugs looking to prey upon the innocent. Those liberal leaders found out real fast that crime does pay when there is no law enforcement around.

She alluded that ICE and other immigration services are abusive and harmful to immigrants trying to illegally find their way into the country. They would have a better experience if they would just come legally.

The nutty congresswoman stated that “Time after time we have seen it as advocates on the ground, as human services agencies on the ground to continue to see over and over again, that these agencies are inept to humanely guiding migrants through our immigration system and… instead they further continue to terrorize migrant communities located within our communities.”

ICE would not have to come and find illegals if they obeyed the law and became legal citizens. They would be left in peace. But the facts dictate that the illegals are killing innocent Americans and getting away with it. She cries about human rights, but there is never any mention of the human rights of the victims of violent, illegal criminals.

The only answer the crazy woman has for fixing the country is to take apart its security forces. She does not understand what makes America the safest place in the world to live. The men and women that serve in law enforcement make the country a great place to live. They save lives and keep criminals from destroying the American dream for people that are working hard. Tlaib is a danger to the country and has already declared herself an enemy of the state because of the things she wants to do to America.

Oh The Priorities! Democrats Sing Down With Freedom and Willfully Ignore Chicago Murder Rate

The liberals running the show in Chicago have decided that limiting the Fourth of July celebrations is more important than protecting people from being murdered by criminals. The Democrats that are slowly destroying Chicago have taken their fight a step further. Their reluctance to support the nation that gives them freedom is a slap in the face of all those who have served or are serving in the military today.

The Fourth of July is strictly an American holiday that celebrates freedom and independence from tyranny. Instead of joining in on the celebration, the Democrats and liberal media took to the streets to attack anything that represents freedom or national patriotism.

The Democrats wanted to brand the national anthem and the Declaration of Independence as racial parts of America even though they both represent all the freedoms that every person of color gets to enjoy. The very entities they want to destroy guarantee that racism and other oppressive elements.

The liberals have a warped reality that seeks to destroy all that is great about America. They have never lived in oppression or under the thumb of an evil dictator. Their tune would be different if they would spend one week living under such evil rule. They would appreciate the country more and those that serve to keep everyone free.

The loony thinking of these people is found in a statement released by one of their favorite sources. National Geographic stated that “Scientists found that vulnerable people and communities of color are disproportionately exposed to air pollution from firework celebrations.” So, the smoke from the fireworks somehow makes the day a racial event.

The liberals paid someone to sit down and publish a piece of worthless trash so that they can attack freedom.

These are the same people wanting to educate children about a new version of history that claims the Fourth of July is about slavery. It could not get any more made up than what they are already trying to push on people.

The liberals are more interested in the amount of smoke released from a firecracker than doing something about the murder rate in Chicago. The Democrats are content to sit on their hands and do nothing to protect the people that they perceive as the guilty party behind the formation of the United States of America.

Each Democrat in Chicago wants to divide their city. They are more interested in keeping their neighbors from setting off fireworks than stopping the murderer from killing the teenager crossing the street. Chicago is a place where murder is commonplace because the Democrats refuse to support law enforcement enough to do their job.

Over the holiday weekend, 92 people got a bullet from the end of a gun in the city. Sixteen people were killed. And what do the liberal leaders want to do about it? Nothing. They are more interested in telling people that smoke is racist than protecting people from real murderers.

Some of the people that were shot were preschool-age children. And all the liberals can say about it is nothing. Law enforcement is also targeted to defend innocent people trying to enjoy the holiday season.

The fact is that the leaders in Chicago are just as bad as the gang members attacking random people. But in a city where leaders do not care about anyone but themselves, crime will rise, and people will die.

The Chicago landscape is full of violence. When an adult brutally shoots a one-month-old baby, and nothing is done, people cannot help but blame the Democrats. They have done things that have led to the massive crime rates being reported from the Windy City.

Joe Biden and his decisions to harm America by limiting law enforcement and defunding police departments. He wants a country divided because he hopes it will fall.

The Democrats running the show in Chicago have no clue what their job is related to the American people. For some reason, they feel that people should serve them, but they are supposed to serve others as elected officials.

Critical Race Theory is Trash, Listen to Ben Carson

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has to be one of the most divisive things to ever come out of DC. According to CRT, we have to be more racist if we’re going to become anti-racist. With this being shoved into everyone’s faces, we’re supposed to start judging everyone and every scenario based on skin color.

CRT is based on the idea that the entire country is racist.

Is it? No.

Ben Carson, a leading political mind and a Black American, has said that Critical Race Theory is “trash.”

This is an important comment. If the liberals want to push that the U.S. is inherently racist, shouldn’t every Black person agree? After all, every Black person should see that the country is racist, right? White supremacy is on display everywhere, according to the ultra-liberals.

Oh, but that’s where the flaw to CRT is exposed. Ben Carson and other Republican Black males are speaking out against this theory.

It’s time that we be realistic about what CRT is and isn’t.

The former Housing and Urban Development Department Secretary went on “Wake Up America” on Newsmax TV to talk about how CRT is “an attempt to use race as a mechanism for redefining our society.”

We have to be extremely careful about how far Critical Race Theory is allowed into our society – and that includes K-12 classrooms and executive boardrooms. It pretends to focus on anti-racism, yet Carson fears that it will only serve to divide our country further and destroy the U.S. from within.

Why is race the most important aspect of who we are? This is the question that Carson has for Americans – particularly the liberals who want to promote CRT. We cannot allow race to define us. Plenty of people have been able to succeed regardless of race. And, plenty of people have had to deal with hardships, regardless of race.

It cannot be about Black versus white. It has to do with taking advantage of opportunities, working hard, and setting goals. Plenty of Black people have gone on to become CEOs and politicians. Meanwhile, plenty of white people live on Welfare and require government handouts to survive.

CRT wants to focus on race alone to determine how it will impact a person and how it will affect the way that they are seen in society. Carson points out that it’s “a bunch of garbage.”

If all Black Americans don’t feel as though they’ve been wronged, it means that the country is not racist. The country is not being run by white supremacists. After all, there are simply too many people of color throughout all aspects of government for that to truly be the case.

The reality is that there are people of color who feel slighted. They have been turned down for a job, they didn’t get into the college that they wanted, or they’re not being paid as well as another person doing the same job. Rather than working hard to accomplish their goals, they blame it on race. And, they blame white people for everything that they have been unable to accomplish.

Are white people to blame? No. Are Black people getting slighted at every turn? Also, no.

Yet, we’re allowing Critical Race Theory to point the finger and blame white people for everything wrong that happens in the lives of Black people. It’s not fair and it has to come to an end.

We have to stop finger-pointing. We have to own our own issues. If there are people (of any color) who feel as though they’ve been wronged, they have to look at what’s really going on.

If we allow everything to be blamed on skin color, we as a country are doomed.

As Carson points out, our country is magnificent. The only way that it can be destroyed is from within. Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are our enemies. “The American people, are not enemies.”

Illegal Murders Dozens but No Death Sentence for Him

At what point did the criminal justice system turn in favor of illegal migrants? How we treat American citizens should be how we treat illegal immigrants, too. Yet, that’s not the game that the liberals want to play.

Anyone who is accused of murdering 24 people should get the death sentence. You don’t accidentally murder 24 senior citizens. It is calculated, and it is something you should have to pay for with your own life.

Oh, but the story is different with Billy Chemirmir, an illegal alien from Kenya. He’s being accused of murdering 24 elderly Americans in Texas from 2016 to 2018.

The Dallas County District Attorney, John Creuzot, has recently announced that the office will not be seeking the death penalty. Okay, well surely, they’re focusing on deportation, then, right?

Nope. The prosecutors will seek life in prison for Chemirmir. They’ll only be pursuing two of the 18 capital murder charges. All of the other charges are expected to be dismissed.

Creuzot has already spoken with the families of the victims to explain that the goal is to secure two convictions with two jury trials, both with automatic life in prison sentences. Those would be served consecutively. As the DA explains, “There will be no chance for Mr. Chemirmir to die anywhere except in a Texas prison.”

Is that really the acceptable solution, though?

According to Creuzot, the death penalty isn’t being used as often because society doesn’t accept it.

It’s a long list of victims, with all of them being female between the ages of 75 and 94-years-old.

It costs approximately $30,000 a year for a prisoner to be maintained. Life in prison is quite the expense – especially when the illegal alien could be deported back to Kenya. After all, why should the United States be responsible for paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain a prisoner that isn’t even one of our citizens?

Every year, people are subjected to the death penalty. It’s not a penalty that is issued often – and it’s carried out even less often. However, there are times when it is warranted. After allegedly killing over 20 elderly people, most of society would likely say that it is warranted.

Chemirmir is, essentially, a serial killer. However, he’s getting special treatment because he is an illegal alien – and the liberals can’t bear to give him the death sentence. So, they’ll put the financial burden of keeping him alive on the taxpayers.

Chemirmir is exactly why there are so many illegal immigrants that need to be deported. He overstayed a visa – and now he’s been here for entirely too many years. He’s a criminal, and he exploited the loopholes of the immigration system for his gain.

He arrived in 2003 on a tourist visa. He was supposed to be in the country temporarily. He overstayed and became an illegal alien eligible for deportation. He wasn’t deported, though. Instead, he married an American citizen in order to get approved for a green card, which happened in 2007.

Chemirmir also has a long criminal record that includes everything from drunk driving to obstructing a police officer.

He’s committed countless crimes even before he decided to go on a killing spree on the elderly population of Dallas. Yet, still, the liberals want to bleed for him. They want to protect him from being killed, yet he didn’t think twice when he killed dozens.

We have to stop treating illegal immigrants differently than we treat our own American citizens. If the case had been against a white male who was born and bred American, the DA’s office wouldn’t have thought twice about asking for a death penalty, regardless of what society thinks of such a sentence.

Biden Makes Most Pointless Statement of All Time

If there is one thing that the Democrats do well, they love to brag about themselves. They love to take credit from the people that did the work. Most of the time, their bragging attempts to make them look better than others around them because they love the spotlight. And they certainly are not willing to share the spotlight with anyone.

Joe Biden is no exception to that rule. He loves to brag about himself and even steal credit from his predecessors. He tried to take credit for the vaccine that Donald Trump developed. And it looks like he is going to try and do the same when the time comes for him to unmask the nation.

But his latest bragging moment has a lot of people questioning his mental state. Over his term, he has let inflation and prices for commodities skyrocket out of control. He is responsible for higher-than-normal interest rates and people losing their jobs because of his killing programs.

The cost of food, lumber, cars, and gas is all on the rise. People are already at the breaking point financially, and here comes Biden bragging about how he has helped prices fall over the past several months.

He stated, “Planning a cookout this year? Ketchup on the news. According to the Farm Bureau, the cost of a 4th of July BBQ is down from last year. It’s a fact you must-hear(d). Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working. And that’s something we can all relish.”

Aside from the terrible puns and inaccurate information Biden has got to be kidding. Prices are not falling. They are only on the rise. But according to Biden, the supplies for a cookout are about the only things that have not gone up.

He wants people to forget about the high price of gasoline and “relish” the fact that hotdog prices have stayed the same. And even that point of his brag is under contest because the food price has gone up a lot to the point that people cannot buy enough to feed their families in some households.

Prices are up all around the country. And where prices were already high, they are out of the world now. All anyone can do when Biden speaks is shake their head in disbelief. But this time around, his statement caused many people to hold their heads in their hands and wonder when the pain and suffering will be over.

Biden has inflated the overall cost of living by thousands of dollars, and all he can do is brag about saving a few pennies on a hotdog. People are fed up with the circus clown approach to politics. Most of the nation did not even vote for the man, and those that did were either dead or had twenty ballots sent to their homes.

The increase in prices is a direct result of the stimulus packages that Biden pushed through without stopping and thinking of what it will do to the cost of living in America. Many families are on the brink of disaster, and there is not much they can do about it. All they can do is sit back and hope that their jobs are not next on the chopping block. Because that penny they saved at the grill will not make a bit of difference in the long run.

Biden’s team is just trying to make people see a little ray of hope where there is no hope. For the past six months, Biden has only made things terrible in America. He is so far disconnected from the state of the country that he will never connect with what needs to be done to fix the agony he is putting people through.

But this is precisely what the progressives want for America. They want to see high prices and people losing their homes because it gives them the chance to control their lives. Big government will have to step in and help them. Then they will be able to brag that they were able to help the people they destroyed with policies designed to hurt people.

Ilhan Omar Against Bill to Replenish Iron Dome

Israel has long had to defend itself against the terrors that surround its people. Islamic terrorists and extremists make it their mission to attack and kill Jewish people every chance that they get. The installation and use of the Iron Dome have saved countless Jewish lives over the past few years. And Israel looks to the United States to provide the ammunition for the Iron Dome.

The Democrats have never been in favor of an Israeli state. They would like to see Israel having to bow before their enemies rather than defend their borders. But the Republicans love Israel and want to see the Iron Dome restocked so they can continue to defend their people.

The House Minority Leader is Kevin McCarthy, and he introduced a bill that would send new missiles to Israel so they could restock the Iron Dome. The bill is being introduced because Israel is set to request Biden over a billion dollars to get what they needed.

The Palestinians attacked Israel a few months ago, which has led to them needing the funds to buy Iron Dome defenses. The bill states that the money will be used for “the acquisition, enhancement, maintenance, and sustainment of the Iron Dome defense system to counter short-range rocket threats.”

There are several Republicans that favor sending the money to Israel, but there is one wicked little witch that would love to Israel bombed off the face of the earth. Ilhan Omar has once again opened her mouth and blamed Israel for their troubles.

Her remarks put Israel on a level of terrorists seeking to kill innocent people. But Israel has never once started a conflict in the past. Their troubles start when surrounding countries try to invade or bomb the people of Israel.

Omar tries to make her feelings sound like political interests. But they are nothing more than hatred against the Jewish people because of her Islamic heritage. She has verbally aligned herself with Islamic terrorists and even supports them when they attack targets in America and Israel.

Omar stated that “I’ve welcomed any time my colleagues [have] asked to have a conversation to learn from them, for them to learn from me.” But there is nothing to learn from the little drag queen. Her feeling about Democratic nations is apparent. She would rather see a failed socialist state in place so her Islamic brothers can invade and take over the land.

She went on to accuse the Republican supports of McCarthy’s bill as being shortsighted and unfair. She said that “I think it’s really important for these [House] members to realize that they haven’t been partners in justice. They haven’t been [equally] engaging in seeking justice around the world, and I think I will continue to do that. It is important for me as someone who knows what it feels like to experience injustice in ways that many of my colleagues don’t.”

Her anti-Semitic mouth continues to get her in trouble with Israel and other supporting entities. The only thing she has going for her is Nancy Pelosi. The old lady will not confront the drag queen when she speaks out of turn against Israel.

Joe Biden and his regime will take their time to help Israel. They are more concerned with pursuing things that could incriminate Donald Trump and helping their Black Lives Matter people build a more substantial base for future riots.

Nancy Pelosi certainly is not an Israeli fan. She would instead support her progressive Islamic sister than condemn her mouth. Omar does not represent the American people. She represents the interests of her Islamic faith. She wants to see America turned inside out and made into a territory of Islam.

The American people love Israel, and they want to support them. For the Democrats to resist supporting the Jewish people is for them to turn their backs on the people’s will. Israel needs the money to defend itself from the terrors that surround them. And the only way that can happen is if the United States gives them what they need.

Dems Find No Crimes to Charge Trump With

For nearly five years, the Democratic Party has tried to get a peek at Donald Trump’s tax returns. They tried every way possible to force him to hand them over. But it would take a court ruling to get him to release them to liberals. So they needed the tax returns to smear the man while he was president. And now that they finally have their pointy fingers on them, there is not much they can do to him.

The Democrats were drooling at the possibility of Donald Trump being charged with massive tax crimes. But that wish list all came crashing down when Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance that there are no charges that he can pin on Trump.

Democrats at all levels were sure that he paid out “hush money” payments or somehow doctored the numbers of his property values. But they could find no evidence that any of the illegal activity they thought was there was real.

Donald Trump’s attorney is Ronald Fischetti. He had called Cy Vance inquiring about what was going to come out of his office. And all he could come up with was some failure by executives to pay taxes on benefits they had received. And even those charges are in dispute as they do not know if they can bring them up on the executives.

In a report released, it was noted that Fischetti had inquired if any other charges were going to come, and there was nothing that could be said. Further, Vance had stated that Donald Trump would not face any charges.

Letitia James is the New York Attorney General. And she was all excited about having charges and taking Trump into custody. But her bubble was popped when she found out that Donald Trump is an honest man that takes care of his business.

James stated that “We have informed the Trump Organization that our investigation into the Organization is no longer purely civil in nature. We are now actively investigating the Trump Organization in a criminal capacity, along with the Manhattan DA. We have no additional comment.” But now, she has nothing to do but hide because she made exciting statements before ever having anything to report.

Fischetti stated that “It’s like the Shakespeare play Much Ado About Nothing. This is so small that I can’t believe I’m going to have to try a case like this.”

The Democrats have been going after Trump for half a decade. First, they wanted to investigate him for what they were calling “hush” payments to a person that claimed to have had an affair with Trump. But there was no proof found. The media and their fake sources did all that were circulated.

Donald Trump did not just sit back and let the Democrats attack him without a fight. He stated that James was pushing a fake investigation for political reasons. She saw an opportunity, and she tried to take it. She wanted to be the one that could claim she took down Donald Trump. Except she ended up with egg on her face.

James stated that she would “join with law enforcement and other Attorney Generals [sic] across this nation in removing this President from office. It’s important that everyone understand that the days of Donald Trump are coming to an end.” At the time, she was trying to get into the Attorney General’s office.

It was clear that James never really knew the facts of what she was trying to claim about Donald Trump. The former president stated that James’ actions were that of a corrupt nation. He noted that “If you can run for a prosecutor’s office pledging to take out your enemies, and be elected to that job by partisan voters who wish to enact political retribution, then we are no longer a free constitutional democracy.”

The Democrats want to turn America into a failed Democracy. They want to see freedom fall and people suffer. Under their rule, the country will be where the leaders abuse the people and walk all over the poor. James is the perfect example of the kind of corruption that sits at the core of the Democratic Party.

It’s Official! Pelosi Doubles Down on Stupid and Confirms “Compromise” Infrastructure Bill Is a Trap

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden think that they are geniuses who can play us all for fools. We see through their good cop/bad cop routine, though. This nonsense is as transparent as it gets. Biden’s got the good cop role down pat. He’s willing to work with the GOP and fancies himself as a man who is willing to compromise to get things done.

Pelosi, on the other hand, seems to pride herself on being one “tough” customer. In reality, she kicks and screams whenever she doesn’t get her way. She’s willing to blow up any deal as long as she is not getting what she wants. In this instance, she’s not going to sign off on an infrastructure bill unless she manages to slide a massive social welfare package through as well.

Progressives believe that they are going to get what they want by linking these bills. That’s how they are putting the screws to Joe Manchin. Manchin is supposed to jump when they say “how high?” because the infrastructure bill that he is so proud will go bye-bye if he does not play ball. In other words, the Democrats believe that they have all of the leverage at the moment.

There’s just one issue with this plan that they have neglected to take care of. Biden has lost his marbles and regularly seems to forget that he is supposed to be playing the good cop. His team is left to pick up the pieces and re-frame the conversation. The House Democrats were shaking their head over this, as they watched Biden’s handlers rush to fix his mistake.

One of them even referred to the whole situation as a “f—ing clown show”, which are some strong words but we can’t deny the level of truth here. Mitch McConnell is now trying to smooth the situation over by asking Biden to work on Pelosi. If she removes the link between the bills, this allows the GOP to continue to blame Biden….regardless of what ends up happening going forward.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Pelosi is not going to play ball. She is going to continue to make this as difficult as possible because that is her M.O. and we all know it. Pelosi relishes playing the bad cop and won’t give that up just because Mitch McConnell says so. The Hill has more:

“What the Speaker has said, and I totally agree with her, is that we’re not going to vote on one until the Senate sends us both,” Rep. John Yarmuth (D-Ky.), chairman of the House Budget Committee, told reporters after the meeting. “That’s not changed.”…

Pelosi … is standing her ground, supporting the liberals in her caucus who are wary that enacting the smaller infrastructure bill — which the Senate is shooting to pass before the August recess — would erode the momentum behind the larger partisan package, which Democrats intend to pass by reconciliation.

The liberals are demanding that the Senate pass the second measure before the House votes on either, and leadership appears to be well on board.”

How are the Republicans going to react and will they continue to play along? These are the questions that have to be answered now. Will Pelosi’s precious progressives play along, too? The younger members of the caucus are already signaling that they will but what about the moderates? These are the folks who have to be considered because they are less likely to play ball going forward.

Manchin is not likely to budge and we’ll leave you with a telling quote from one of the many centrist Democrats who have spoken out against this. “I think it’d be incredibly disappointing if there’s a bill from the Senate, waiting for our action, and we choose to delay it arbitrarily,” says Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA). No one wants to let the potentially historic infrastructure bill die on the vine….except Pelosi!

College Panders Baby Students Who Cannot Handle Adult Life

Students attending liberal-run universities are the biggest babies ever to seek higher education. Those that have bought into the Democratic mindset that the world somehow owes them something are spoiled to the core. Most of them would like to have their diploma handed to them without ever doing the work. And now that they have found an excuse, they might get their wish.

At the Goldsmith’s University of London, students are told that it is just fine that they have not turned in their assignments. They get to party all night and lay around all day. The liberal lazy bug has bitten, and the ones that are going to cry “racial trauma” will be the ones that will not have to turn things in on time.

Students who attend the little public college are told to apply for assignment extension if they have been through any stress related to racial profiling or abuse. And the part that makes no sense is that the school went along with the idea because the student union proposed it.

The students that are behind in school got the union to complain about their work not being done. And of course, the school does not want to hurt their feelings and make them cry, giving everyone extra time because someone looked at another student wrong.

The word trauma is used to refer to medical matters that were near-death experiences. But the liberals have taken the word and changed its meaning to refer to anything that makes a young person feel sad or offended. And when the word is left open to private interpretation, it can be abused and used for just about any purpose.

The students complaining about their schoolwork revealed that they did not do their assignments because they felt it was geared for “white” people. So now classroom work has become racist because lazy students did not want to do their homework.

These messed up students claim that “[W]hite students are able to enter higher education with a higher degree of representation from staffing to curriculum, spanning as wide as the Students’ Union. Where scarcely half of BME respondents believed that Goldsmiths Students’ Union prioritizes race equality and the needs of BME students.”

The problem is that some students feel that they are suffering because there are not enough people of color representing them and encouraging them to keep going. It is not enough that a white person encourages them as much as a person of color. They are essentially racist against white teachers that want to help them succeed as much as a colored teacher would.

They went on to claim that “The lack of relatable role models in a variety of roles within the institution can have a detrimental effect on the BME student experience, in which they are not able to relate with people in positions of authority and seniority.”

One student even went so far as to accuse teachers of sexual harassment. If that were the case, she should have pressed charges and had the teacher fired. Instead, she would cry racial abuse so that she can get her assignment deadline extended.

The report put out by the school went on to define the term microaggressions as the “brief and commonplace daily verbal, behavioral, or environmental indignities, whether international or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative racial slights and insults toward people of color.”

The school targets white people as being racist when in the vast majority of student interactions, everything is as fair as possible for every student. The difference between the students that finished their work and those that did not finish is effort. Every person had the same time frame and helped to finish their work.

The Democratic teachers are turning the next generation into a bunch of babies. They have led many of them to believe that white people are the cause of all their trouble. So, they favor them and treat white people like trash. But the Democrats are supposed to be that group that does not engage in racial profiling, which is something they do all the time.

Democrats Now Blame Republicans for Defunding Police in Liberal Cities

The Democratic Party seeks to destroy law enforcement agencies all around the country. Their demands to defund the police echoed through major liberal-controlled cities. And when the liberal city councils lacked the backbone to deny such requests, crime rates would rise to unfounded heights. People would cry for the funding of the police just so the criminals stop hurting the citizenry.

The defund the police movement has lost its popularity. People are demanding that the police be funded more, so there are officers available to keep the criminals from overrunning communities. The progressive liberals want the police dissolved, so there is no one to enforce the laws, allowing them to get away with terrible behavior.

But now that the movement is unpopular, the media is not pushing the issue, and the Democrats have put the matter at the bottom of their list. They will not push something that will not make them look like stars to their fan base.

Cedric Richmond is a senior advisor to the old president. He is the spokesman for the evil administration. He believes that the Republicans are to blame for the defunding of the police mess. They cannot accept responsibility for the increase in crime and the idea of defunding the police.

His statement is an attempt to pass off the mess that they created. Richmond was questioned about the cause for the rise in crime, and all he could do is blame the conservatives.

His statement has no support with facts. All of the areas that have experienced high crime rates are in Democratic-controlled cities. The city councils that it would be a good idea to listen to progressive ideas from violent crowds, and they paid the price. But they will never admit that their ignorant decisions were the real reason why crime went up. They would rather blame the Republicans and try to make them look like the offenders.

Richmond took to national television and tried to get the attention of the people responsible for the decision to fire the police. The idea that a lack of law enforcement would be suitable for humanity is beyond reason.

Richmond lied when he stated that “Part of it is the plethora of guns that are flooding the streets of this country, and that’s something that the president wants to deal with. He knows the toll that violence takes on families, and especially gun violence and what it’s doing over the last 18 months in this country.”

The insane mand thinks that removing guns will be how peace will come. His idea is just another attempt by the liberals to take away the significant freedom that Americans enjoy. The liberals cannot stand the right that people have to own guns. They need to remove that right to gain total control over the American people.

Richmond tried to pass off that the Democratic Party tried to fund the policy in the emergency relief bill that they tried to cram through Congress. He is not telling people that the bill was packed full of socialist demands, which the Republicans will never support.

Richmond stated that “Republicans are very good at staying on talking points of who says defund the police, but the truth is, they defunded the police. We funded crime intervention and a whole bunch of other things.”

The truth is that the Democrats want to fund other ideas of dealing with violent criminals. They want to send in counselors to try and talk the violent person out of committing the crime. But they fail to understand that these people will never listen.

The Democrats pushed the idea of defunding the police to get attention off of their true intent of taking over the country. They got their protestor terrorists through the streets into chaos, and the media blame the police for the violence.

Kevin McCarthy pointed out that the Democrats pushed the idea so hard they have fused themselves to the movement, and now they want to tear themselves from it. But they will never be able to rid themselves of the stigma of police haters.